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Audrina is Making Dreams Come True

Audrina Patridge’s collaboration with YOBI.tv’s new Michigan-produced online web series Dream Maker is finally on the air. The 13 episode series features Audrina- who appears alongside YOBI contest winners from across the world – playing a talent scout from Los Angeles who decides to relocate her agency to the Motor City with hopes of finding the next big thing in Detroit.

Audrina could not be happier with the series, saying, “I have been working with YOBI for two years, and ‘Dream Maker’ is not just a great opportunity for me but it’s a really cool way to showcase the talent and passion of the contest winners while they get some real experience.”

One of the contest winners, Tal Haring, an aspiring filmmaker from Tel Aviv, Israel, could not believe he had won.  “I’ve been to New York once before, but to be here now, this is absolutely amazing,” Tal said. “Winning the YOBI contest just proves that an everyday person, no matter where they’re from, has a chance to showcase what they do to the world.”

You can catch each new episode of Dream Maker on YOBI.tv between 9-10 p.m every Tuesday.

Audrina Causes Fans to Hyperventilate


Back from her stint filming in Detroit, Audrina took time out to beautify, having her nails done at a salon in Toluca Lake, California on Wednesday, June 8.

Audrina looked Cali-cool in a pair of white skinny jeans, black sandals and a layered black, white and neutral top.

The next day, Thursday, June 9, Audrina and Corey took her adorable dog Lady for a walk in West Hollywood.  Audrina kept up the casual-theme with a coral t-shirt dress and flip flops.

While filming her show Dream Maker for YOBI.tv in Detroit, Audrina talked about her life since theHills ended.  Speaking to the press between scenes, Audrina said, “A few years ago, I never would have imagined that I would have had all of these opportunities that I’ve had.  It’s been so amazing. I’m very blessed. I’ve been very busy with work. My dreams are coming true.”

She admits to always having time for her fans too, saying, “I love talking to people and hearing their stories.  I’m not the type to run from fans. I’ll take pictures and sign things and talk to them.”

In Detroit it sounds like Audrina certainly wasn’t short on fans.  When a group of prom-going teens ran into the reality star at a bakery in Greektown, she explains one of the girls seemed a little overwhelmed, saying, “This one girl in particular came up to me and she started hyperventilating. . Just seeing that, it’s like, ‘Wow,’ A lot of people, they think they already know me.”  Who knew Audrina had enough star power to make fans hyperventilate?

Audrina also talked about her return to reality, with her self-titled show, saying “after The Hills finished”, she “kind of forgot how you have to re-live everything, sometimes through the editor’s point of view. It’s hard, for my family especially. But it’s been really fun. We’ll see if we get a second season. We don’t know yet.”

Even if Audrina the show isn’t renewed, which it very well may not be considering the low ratingsAudrina is looking to the future, musing that “In five years, I’ll be 31. Gosh. Hopefully, I’ll be married and starting a family, and I really would love to start my own line, whether it be a bikini line, or something that I’m passionate about, be creative with. I’d love to do another movie or more hosting jobs and traveling the world. I just live day by day and see what comes.”

Audrina’s Cover Girl Turn

Audrina Patridge

As a former Maxim cover girl, we know she can do sexy shoots, but Audrina is now moving more into the fashion arena as the cover girl for Runway Magazine’s Spring 2011 issue.

Here’s what the magazine had to say about Miss ‘Drina:

It feels like 25-year-old Audrina Patridge has been a regular fixture on the L.A. scene forever. In actuality, it was just over five years ago when the 5’7” stunner started making a name for herself. Like a modern Hollywood fairytale, sometimes a chance poolside spotting can truly catapult a girl to household-name status.

Audiences first met Audrina when she was introduced as Lauren Conrad’s wide-eyed roommate on MTV’s The Hills in 2006. Since her “role” on the popular reality show, fans have watched her morph into one of Hollywood’s most graceful, and refreshingly tolerable, crossover entertainers.

After Audrina appeared in more episodes than any other series regular on The Hills, immersed herself in YOBI.tv’s international web talent search, and waltzed with Tony Dovolani on season 11 of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, we were thrilled to get word of her latest collaboration with Mark Burnett and VH1. Set to premiere Sunday, April 17th at 9:00 PM ET/PT on VH1, Audrina will give viewers a more personal look at the balancing act of this burgeoning actress’ professional and personal life.

Recently, our spring cover girl discussed her journey from a small town in California to the #12 spot on Maxim’s Hot 100 List – and essentially reawakening the gold bikini fantasy of every male’s inner Jedi.

Click here to watch the behind the scenes clips from the shoot.  For the entire interview with Audrina, check out the Spring 2011 issue which is in stores now.


Audrina Moves to Detroit!

Audrina is packing her bags and heading to Detroit, Michigan.  Audrina is looking to make Detroit the new “it” city as it will serve as the backdrop for her up and coming web series.

The web series, called Dream Maker, will feature Audrina “as a new, up-and-coming talent manager from Hollywood who moves to Detroit to start her own firm.”

She is currently soliciting audition tapes from other up and coming actors to be submitted to the YOBIAct contest. The winners will appear as Audrina’s assistant and receptionist in the web series.

The YOBI website says of the show, “The world will watch and laugh as the new firm settles in, copes with interoffice dynamics, and goes through the trials of signing hot new talent before someone else gets them!”

Click the photo above to watch the full video.  Audrina delivers a very articulate description of the contest.  She literally enunciates every single syllable for some reason.

There’s also a contest to star in a series with The Situation, who also happens to be trying to launch an acting career.  We’re sure that will be equally entertaining!

Audrina Has Another New TV Gig

Gossip Center/AKM

Audrina paid a visit to a medical building in Century City, CA, today, Monday January 10.  Audrina wore her rocker style we have become accustomed to including boots, a screened tee and a cute sweater.

This outing comes as Audrina returned from a trip to Australia to visit her boyfriend, Corey.  She tweeted, “Just got back from Australia… Had an amazing time!!! @Corey_Bohan I miss you already!!”  Audrina’s new show was slated to begin filming this month, so we hope cameras caught the Australia trip.

In other Audrina TV news, she is participating in a series of YOBI.tv web shows.  Of the gig, she said, “I am really looking forward to starring in a new web series for YOBI.tv. This is such a great way to incorporate all of the tremendously talented people discovered through these contests, and I can’t wait to work alongside them.”

Winners of the new YOBI Act contest have received co-star roles.  Audrina excitedly tweeted, “My new series was just announced! Anyone 18+ can audition to be my co-stars!!”

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Audrina’s Eye For Talent

Although reality stars aren’t typically known for their talent, as we’ve previously told you Audrina Patridge has a new role as a judge on a online talent competition on Yobi.TV and she is now announcing a new contest, Yobi Act.

“I have had the privilege of discovering some incredibly talented people through YOBI.tv’s contests, YOBI Sing, Laugh, Film, and Pics,” says Patridge “It’s exciting to watch the site grow, and I can’t wait to check out the audition videos for the new acting competition.”
The contest is for aspiring actors and the winner will get to co-star in webisodes with Hollywood celebrities on Yobi.TV. The hope is that the contest will revolutionize talent scouting in the digital age.

At least Audrina has taken some acting classes and has some experience “acting” on theHills.  Even if she didn’t have acting experience, we guess if people who aren’t in the music business can judge American Idol, Audrina can judge Yobi Act!

In a new interview, Audrina talks to Young Hollywood about her Yobi gig, wanting to be in a “serious relationship, maybe married” in five years, why her current position still surprises her, and how her new show will be about “everything that people always wonder” about her and “want to know more about”.  She also warns of the perils of the seemingly glamorous celebrity life.

You can watch Audrina discuss the new contest (and her life) here where she also reveals the last winner on Yobi.TV won $19,000 and a record deal! Not too shabby.

And best of all, anyone from around the world can enter, so what are you waiting for sumbit your video!

Audrina: from Reality to Acting to Dancing

Audrina Patridge‘s star is constantly rising these days as she has hit mainstream with her appearance on Dancing with the Stars. Not only is Audrina a contestant on the show, she’s one of the front runners to win the whole competition.  Aside from this, she is judge of the online talent competition on Yobi.TV, is still pursuing acting and her solo spinoff TV show.

Audrina recently talked about all of the above in an interview with Bloginity:

Iain: Can you tell us about your involvement with Yobi TV and how that’s going?

Audrina: I’ve been doing Yobi TV for about a year now. We are in the second season and I love it because it’s an online network and an outlet for talent. It’s almost like American idol or ‘America’s Got Talent’ but it’s all over the world on the Internet and there are over 200 countries that participate. There’s not a set of 3 to 4 judges that judge you, it’s actually up to your peers to choose. We give away cash prizes, and the last musician won $19,000 and a record label deal. It’s really great for musicians. We just added actors, photographers, comedians, and actually most of the comedians out of London are the ones that win. They’re really funny!

Iain: Do you have a favorite contestant on Yobi TV?

Audrina: Andrew Keaton is really good. He’s a photographer and his photography is really great.

Iain: Does the talent on the Yobi TV network impress you?

Audrina: I have seen so many great things and so many talented people out there everywhere and from countries I haven’t even heard of and its great that they have a way to go online and participate, win trips to Hollywood and become celebrities online. They don’t have to fly to Los Angeles to try to get a music deal. They can try online with Yobi TV.

Iain: Has acting always been important to you?

Audrina: That’s why I moved to LA originally because I wanted to be an actress, and so far ive got a taste of it. I’ve done some guest stars, and The Hills has gotten me used to the cameras. Then I did ‘into the blue 2’. I had a small part in that movie which we filmed in Hawaii. Then I also did a movie called ‘Sorority Row’ and I had a small part in that. So I’m getting a taste for it and learning from each movie that I do and it’s a great experience.

Iain: If you could work with anyone in the industry who would it be?

Audrina: I’ve always wanted to work with Johnny Depp just because I would love to know his method of acting. He’s so interesting. He really gets into character in every movie that he does. I love Jennifer Aniston as well. I think she [sic] beautiful and so nice. I love all her movies.

Iain: So you’re a fan of “Friends”?

Audrina: Yes I liked friends and I watched it all the time.

Iain: What are the TV series that inspire you, and that you enjoy watching?

Audrina: I love the Tudors and watching Dexter. It’s been hard to watch TV and movies lately because I have been working 7 days a week! I watch Criminal Minds too, and that’s about it.

How is that Heidi was able to film a movie with Jennifer Aniston and Audrina longs for that?  Only in Hollyweird.  Click here to continue reading Audrina Patridge Talks Dancing with the Stars Experience – Bloginity Interview to see what Audrina has to say about her time on Dancing.

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