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Smile,You’re On The Paparazzi’s Camera


Gossip Center

Former City starlet, Whitney Port, gave paparazzi a treat as she exited out of a nail salon on Thursday, August 16, in Brentwood, California. As the beautiful blonde designer walked towards her car, she made  typical Whitney silly faces at the paparazzi in her line of view.

This Whitney Eve designer, wore a very loose gray maxi dress with white paint splashes on it, a pair of flip-flops, sunglasses, and freshly manicured fingers and pedicured toes. She always dresses as comfortable as she pleases.

You Can Be The Lucky One To Help Fund Whitney’s Fashion Week Show


Former City starlet, Whitney Port, is in a position where she has to ask her fans for something she would probably rather not.

Fashion week is a serious turning point for all designers and of course she would like  to be apart of it.  But,Whitney apparently doesn’t have the money to fund it.  So, she has reached out and asked her fans to donate $50,000 to her to allow her designs to be showcased this fall for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

We all know her fashion designs are unique and expensive, so why is she asking for the average joe’s money who probably won’t ever be able to afford it? Doesn’t she have enough money? This could be risky for Whitney’s career if fans react negatively to her solicitation.

Whitney must have thought about the potential backlash.  If you do have money to donate to a complete stranger who lives a rather privileged and lavish life, Whitney is giving treats in return. We don’t understand the logic in asking people for money and giving big gifts in return, but thank you Whit!  Most of the gifts have to do with Whitney Eve items, so we suppose Whitney’s not losing a lot of money on the giveaways.  She wants to give a behind-the-scenes look into the fashion world to the donators. Here is some fun stuff you will receive in return of a donation:

Donate $1: Receive a shout-out on her Facebook page.

Donate $5: Receive a personal tweet on her Twitter page.

Donate $30: Receive a $50 credit to WhitneyEve.com as well as a personal tweet on her Twitter Page.

Donate $50: Receive a Whitney Eve Spring ’13 look chosen by Whitney or two surprise pieces from past collections valued at $350.

Donate $85: Receive four surprise pieces of Whitney Eve from past collections valued at $700.

Donate $250: Receive a trip to Whitney Eve’s NYC headquarters during the days leading up to the fashion week you helped her get to.

Donate $300: Receive a sneak-peek to the Whitney Eve Spring ’13 collection by attending the NYC fitting.

Donate $450(ONLY 5 spots): Receive a front-row seat to view the Whitney Eve collection.

We would love to see Whitney on the runway, so even if we disagree with her method, we hope she makes it there!

Whitney Reveals All Down Under


Anthony Johnson/Sydney Morning Herald

Whitney Port presented her collections, Whitney Eve and WE by Whitney Eve, at Fashion Week in Australia on Tuesday, May 1. She found time in her busy schedule to sit down with the Sydney Morning Herald to talk about life post theCity.

NW: Do you miss your reality TV days?

WP: No, but it was bitter-sweet. I wanted to show more of what was happening with my clothing line because it only showed the launch of it and we weren’t really able to show it evolve. But then not having to wake up and be concerned [about] how you look, or put a filter on what you say, is refreshing. All of a sudden I was going to work with a purpose and not having to worry about this whole team of people expecting drama out of me.

Would you do another reality show?

I don’t think so, but I would do some sort of style, fashion-based show. I just finished filming Britain & Ireland’s Next Top Model as a judge but I wouldn’t do anything as intimate as I did before. I actually had a real relationship on [The City], which is something that I never thought I’d be OK with, but … if I was going to do that show, I may as well have a partner in crime.

I noticed your ex, Jay, was at your Fashion Week show. Any chance of you getting back together?

No, I hadn’t seen him for like a year and it’s really nice to see him, because I’ve never ended in bad terms with any ex-boyfriend.

Do you have a boyfriend now?

Yes, I’ve been with him for eight months now but he is not in the limelight. No one would know who he is, which is really nice.

Any wedding plans?

Not that I know of. He lives in New York … but he’s moving out to LA to be with me in September, so we will see how it goes, but I’m not the type of girl who will sit there waiting for the ring. I’m patient.

Do you still keep in contact with Olivia Palermo?

Mmmm, no. I honestly haven’t talked to Olivia since the day we stopped filming. Olivia and I were never really close friends, so there wouldn’t really be a reason for us to stay in touch.

Read the full interview with Whitney here.

Whitney Launches New Fashion Line


Style Watch/People

Now Whitney Eve has entered into mainstream fashion consciousness, Whitney Port may have found herself at a loose end. What should she do next? Write a book? Done that. Release a single? Let’s not give her ideas. Design another fashion line? Bingo!

Whitney is launching a new line, WE by Whitney Eve, exclusively for Apricot Lane boutiques around the U.S. The line aims to be more budget friendly and holds a fuller look book for Spring and Fall, according to People.

Celebrating her total fashion domination, Whitney is throwing a “garden tea party” at Apricot Lane’s Ardmore, Penn., store on Thursday, April 19. The lucky guests will get a chance to peruse her collection and, most importantly, meet Whitney. Visit Apricot Lane for more details!

Click One Post, Get Two Whitney Port Stories



Whitney Port graced our television screens once again for The Price Is Right on the morning of Thursday, March 1. She presented a designer showcase for her line, Whitney Eve. Whitney wrote filming it was ” probably the most fun on-air TV experience I’ve ever had” on her website. Let’s hope MTV don’t read that!

Meanwhile, Whitney was spotted bundled up against the bitter North East chill in New York City on Thursday, March 1.

Whitney is a Bag of Nerves Ahead of New York Fashion Week Debut


Whitney Port has admitted to People that she is “pretty nervous” ahead of her Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week debut. However, her family will be in attendance providing some much needed moral support, she shares, “My parents are here, my sister and my brother are here, another sister’s coming. They’re here to support.”

Whitney confessed there is alot riding on this show as she wants critics to believe she is a ‘real’ fashion designer. “I want to show people I’m really in this to create a great fashion line,” she said. “There’s this thought that people on TV just put their names on lines and it’s not something they’re passionate about. For me, I’ve always wanted to do this, since day one. Being on TV was just this added thing that I kind of fell into.”

The fall 2012 line for Whitney Eve was inspired by a kaleidoscope Whitney found in her grandmother’s home. “I was looking at it, and was inspired by the prints and colors. But it’s also based on what kind of girl I feel like I’ve grown to be the past couple years,” she explained.

Rather surprisingly, Whitney has left preparing for the fashion show to the very last minute. “I started organizing this maybe a month and a half ago,” she confessed. “The collection that I was doing was already being done, because obviously I’d do it anyway, but we decided pretty last minute we wanted to be part of Fashion Week.” For the past couple of days she has been fitting models, selecting play lists, approving hair, makeup and nail decisions.

What does Whitney have in mind for the future of Whitney Eve? “I’d love to see more girls wearing it on the street,” she revealed.

Whitney Port Fashion Week Take 2


Whitney Port is enjoying her time at New York fashion week, most recently spotted at Mara Hoffman’s show on Saturday, February 11.

Whitney followed the first rule of fashion opting to wear one of the designer’s own colourful skirts which she teamed with a white shirt and oversized navy jacket.  She finished off the look with her signature wavy hair.

Whitney was overheard saying that Mara’s “prints are always so fun, and I think she has a really great use of color.” She is becoming an expert in what to wear at runway shows.  We guess her years of designing are really starting to pay off.

Whitney is gearing up for her own fashion week show preparing to take to the runway with her own label, Whitney Eve, on Wednesday. This will be her first show at New York Fashion week.

Whitney Heads Out For New York Fashion Week Debut



Whitney Port departed from LAX airport on Tuesday, February 7. What are the odds she caught a flight to NYC just in time for fashion week? High, we’d say. Whitney will be holding her first solo fashion show for her line, Whitney Eve during New York Fashion Week 2012.

Last week, Whitney splurged on some treats at Opening Ceremony in West Hollywood, California on Thursday, February 2. The polka dot dress is so cute! It completely suits her fun and flirty personality.

Whitney Expands Her Fashion Empire To Wall Art



Whitney Port has turned her fashion line, Whitney Eve into wall art. The design assistant for the line, Lisa Stannard has created 12 special art prints inspired by the label’s colorful and fanciful prints. For example, the art varies from the bold, aztec colors in the Fall 2011 clothing collection to the soft, pastel florals that we’ll see in the designs for the Spring 2012 line.

Whitney talked about this new business venture on her blog, she wrote, “A huge part of the Whitney Eve design process is creating our own exclusive print designs each season. We work long and hard to make our prints beautiful and unique. I am excited to tell you that you can now buy these unique prints for your own home too!”
The illustrations can be ordered as art prints in three sizes (8×11, 11×16 and 16×23) or as poster prints in two sizes (8×11 and 11×16) and range in price from $13 to $92. Visit lisastannardshop.com to order a print. It won’t break your bank either as you can get 30% off your Whitney Eve print purchases to offset the cost of shipping.

Whitney To Make Her New York Fashion Week Debut



Whitney Port made the most of the winter sunshine with an alfresco lunch in West Hollywood, California on Wednesday, January 18. Whitney kept it casual in a black sweater, jeans, over-sized sunglasses and black boots.

Meanwhile, Whitney has announced some very exciting news — she will holding her first solo fashion show at New York Fashion Week. Whitney will be showcasing the upcoming fall collection for her clothing line, Whitney Eve. In a press release she revealed she is excited about passing this milestone, she said, “I am so excited to show on schedule as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York, and can’t wait to show my new fall collection on the runway.” She added, “My collection has grown so much over the past few years, and the next step for me as a designer was to put on my own runway show.”

The Whitney Eve runway show will take place in The Studio at Lincoln Center at 9am on February 15th.

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