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Kristin Cavallari Separates the Real From the Fake


It’s been almost three years since the MTV Laguna Beach spin-off, theHills, aired its series finale. Ever since, it’s been kind of silent, until now.

Some of us have been waiting for ages for Kristin Cavallariformer cast member of both shows to continue telling us just how fake the reality shows were.  Many of us might already know that Kristin is not the person from the reality shows (at least not theHills) thanks to interviews and public appearances which show another side of her (No, ladies and gentlemen Kristin was not strung out on cocaine and meth), while the general public eye looks at her just the same way the shows portrayed her.

The former reality star decided to speak up in a special sit-down with E!’s Giuliana Rancic to tell the story about what really was her reality while on the show, and life after with fiancé Jay Culter, someone she’s never really openly discussed before.

The interview kicks off with how Kristin really isn’t that nasty California girl we saw on our TVs. When Kristin’s parents separated she moved from Chicago to Laguna Beach to be with her dad and brother.  After Kristin left private school for Laguna Beach High a few years later, MTV came knocking and change her life forever.

When Laguna Beach began it was fairly real-ish.  Kristin really was in a relationship with Stephen Colleti and Lauren Conrad and Stephen really did go on a date when Kristin and Stephen were on a break, and Kristin really didn’t like Lauren.  All real.  But, producers quickly began exaggerating scenarios.  By the time Laguna Beach started airing, Kristin sort of embraced her character and went along with it until its end a year later. The 26-year-old was heading to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting, but also to put the reality world behind her. Although she was asked to guest star in the spin-off, theHills, several times before, Kristin jumped in for the last season, once former rival, Lauren, quit the show.

When Kristin joined theHills, it was at its fakest.  she was practically living a double life, “I had the public Kristin and then I had the real me,” she said. But when the press was all over her after her castmates were bribed to say Kristin used drugs on camera, Kristin realized this phony reality thing was going too far. The blonde explained how producers told her co-stars they would get a $10,000 Birkin bag if the scenario about Kristin using drugs hit the tabloids. “I felt so used. And I realized at that moment that I didn’t matter. None of us mattered. It was all about ratings,” she added.  Yes.  It wasn’t even about Birkin bags because none of the girls ever received one, despite the fact that the story blew up.

Kristin moved on to another chapter in her life when she met her fiancé, Jay Cutler, around the time the series finale of theHills aired. Giuliana Rancic met Jay at a Chicago Blackhawks game and Jay told her he thought Kristin was hot.  Giuliana tried to hook the couple up.  Kristin’s agent also gave Kristin the news about Jay’s crush on her, but Kristin initially turned Jay’s advances down because she was too busy.  She obviously eventually decided to give it a serious go, as she got engaged to Jay after just a couple of months of dating. The couple welcomed a son on August 8, 2012 and Kristin seems happier than ever with her growing family in Chicago. The starlet has come a long way since the Laguna Beach days, despite the negative affects of having starred on a fake reality show.

Special thanks to E! for giving Kristin the chance for everyone to see who she truly is.

Lauren’s Secrets


After a long night of book signing and photographs at Barnes and Noble in Manhattan, New York, on Wednesday, October 17, Lauren Conrad woke up and joined Wendy Williams to share her beauty secrets.  Of course you could get those in her book, so this appearance is really about publicity.  We’re cool with that!

After launching Lauren Conrad Beauty the day before, this was the best way to publicize her book by showing average people how to make themselves look incredible. She also brought along her make up artist, Amy.

And the LC train keeps rollin’…

Color Tickles Lauren Conrad Pink



Recently the former Hills starlet, Lauren Conrad announced she has joined the support for Valspar Color Project to benefit the charity Habitat for Humanity and help families in need. The designer encourages her readers to share the video of her color story for Valspar to donate $1 to Habitat for Humanity for each story shared.

“I’ve always been crazy about color. When I was a young girl, I would repaint my bedroom every six months from stripes to clouds. Now that I’m an adult working in the fashion industry, I’m still very color oriented,” Lauren wrote on her official website. “When I first moved into my office, the walls were plain white. My favorite color is pink, so I found the perfect shade in Valspar Paint Brushed Rose. It’s a pretty, pale and romantic shade of pink that makes me smile every time I walk into my office,” she added.

The author is determinant to raise the goal of $100,000 for the charity which Lauren has participated in for years. That’s why she has turned to her followers for help. Join Lauren in raising money by watching and sharing this video below to your social media networks (Facebook, Twitter etc). Get inspired by the Valspar Color Project re-paint in your home!

Audrina Sparkles and It Didn’t Stay in Vegas

Ah Audrina! As months and years pass by we can see an even more beautiful and sparkling Audrina than we did during theHills‘ days.

On June 2, Audrina wore her big smile and posed for the photographers with Stacy Keibler at the Simon G Jewelry’s Summer Soiree in Las Vegas. The Palazzo Hotel was filled with interesting celebrities like Pamela Anderson, Lisa Rinna, Patti Stanger and Giuliana Rancic, but we can definitely say that Audrina was the one that stole the spotlight with her gorgeous silver cocktail dress and her blings!

In the video above, Audrina shares her love for kids and that she wants to have three or four in the future. That will be an exciting time — for this blog if no one else!

Leighton Meester Is A Lucky Girl This Summer


Lucky Magazine

Not long after her lastest cover shoot, Leighton Meester is about to hit newsstands once again, as the covergirl for the July 2012 issue of Lucky Magazine. The actress seems to be the busiest she’s ever been at the time, working on an new album, final season of Gossip Girl and another movie she has coming out called That’s My Boy.

In this upcoming issue of Lucky, Leighton speaks about success, love and personal style:

On knowing she’d be successful: “I don’t know. Yes? But you can’t count on success in this business. And anyway, being famous or rich or making a certain kind of movie – none of that means ‘success’ to me. Success to me is being happy and fulfilled, truly fulfilled, and being proud of myself and doing different things all the time. So thus far, yes, I’ve been successful.”

On how Gossip Girl has changed her personal style: “My friend says that before the show I dressed like a homeless person. I used to buy everything at garage sales. It was hard to give up! I’d be like, ‘But this crazy sweater is amazing, and it only cost 25 cents!’ I’ve learned from Blair, though. Now I like to pepper in something designer with my usual stuff.”

On her makeup routine: “I’ve stopped wearing makeup when I’m not working. For a while I thought I had dark circles and bad skin, and then I realized I was seeing myself that way because I didn’t recognize myself anymore without makeup. Now when I wear it, I think I look really weird!”

On falling in love: “I love love. It’s the most intriguing universally understood emotion, and it comes in so many forms: family love, love of friends. I fall in love with everybody all the time.”

Rachel Bilson Is A Shoe Girl


When actress and fashionista Rachel Bilson turned her career around to work more in fashion, especially shoes, many of us fashion lovers were excited.

The former OC star teamed up with celeb stylist Nicole Chavez and footwear designer Steve Madden to create something new in the footwear department, specifically picked for shoe lovers. Most girls are either clothing lovers, or shoe lovers, and it’s clear Rachel is like most of us with a huge affinity towards shoes.

Being in the shoe game is a good opportunity for Rachel. “Understanding the footwear design nuances that make a shoe feel both authentic to my personal style, and are versatile enough to work with all women’s styles, has been a terrific learning experience,” Rachel told People. She also admitted she was more than happy to work with ShoeMint because of the quality and value-for-money of their products.

Rachel will start with an Autumn/Winter collection. Her website will be offering a new product each month, just like StyleMint and BeautyMint. “We’re lucky to be involved in every part of the process,”, Rachel said.

Some videos were released taking us behind the scenes – introducing the staff and showing off the shoe line.

Adele’s Someone Like You Makes You Eat Ice Cream And Cry


Last week, Saturday Night Live created one of the best skits in the history of live sketches.  The sketch points out how Adele’s song, Someone Like You, speaks to everyone’s soul.  It’s like she’s speaking for everyone who’s lived life.  And it’s like the sketch is a replay of the rough Saturday night you had last week.  Ugly crying, ice cream, and running mascara. Cue it!

Since Adele’s music is so moving and powerful, she has to have the most Grammy nominations this year, right?  Wrong.  Kanye West, who made one of the best albums of his career, leads the way with seven nominations.  No disprect to the world’s worst awards show attender, but Adele had some of the best music of all time.  But, astute Grammy educators have pointed out that Adele was nominated for every single category she could be nominated for.  Next time, she should break out into a little rap so she can sweep the whole show, because we’re not buying this second most nominations thing.

Beyonce only has two nods this year, while Rihanna has her first album of the year nomination for her album, Loud, which was definitely not her best effort.  Sense it makes not.

Who Needs Santa When You Have Gaga



Forget Santa, Lady Gaga has created her own workshop and it’s not housed at the North Pole; it’s at Barney’s New York. This week the store unveiled a holiday display that was created and designed completely by Lady Gaga and her team.  According to Time the display not only takes up the usual 4 windows that a holiday display gets but also an entire floor.

The store has teamed up with Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation and will donate 25% of proceeds from Gaga’s Workshop to the foundation.  The foundation’s mission is “to build a brave new world where humanity is embraced, individuals are empowered, and intolerance is eliminated”.  So Gaga.

Gaga looked fabulous on Tuesday, November 22, for the opening night of the workshop, in an antebellum Chanel outfit designed especially for her.  Many celebrities, including Blake Lively and Christian Siriano, braved the cold New York weather to venture out and see Gaga’s Workshop on opening night.

Move over Santa and the elves because Lady Gaga and her Little Monsters are taking over.

Eating Too Much Wedding Cake Leads to Divorce


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Could cracks about Kim‘s weight have lead to the demise of these lovebirds’ marriage?  If you believe what Us Weekly is saying then yes it did. According to the magazine, the breakdown of the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries had everything to do with his mean comments.  Never mind that they wanted to live in different parts of the country.  Or that their marriage was always based on how much they could show off on their wedding day.

The article claims that Kris “belittled” Kim all the time and finally she couldn’t take it anymore.  Still there are other sources that claim that the entire Us Weekly article is based on comments Kris made that were taken out of context.  According to these other totally random folks, Kris has always been playful and teased Kim but never meant it in a malicious way.

We’re sure that this upcoming season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York will provide a little bit of insight into what exactly went wrong in the marriage, because it obviously had nothing to do with the fact that they barely knew each other.

In the preview clip of tomorrow’s episode, Kris makes a joke about Kim being heavy from eating too much wedding cake and the two laugh it off.


Dress For Winter With LC Lauren Conrad


Lauren Conrad wants to take you on a tour of her latest collection for her Kohl’s clothing line, LC Lauren Conrad. In a series of short videos Lauren talks about fashion trends for this winter and her favorite pieces from her fall/winter collection.

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