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Stephanie’s A Single Girl Again


Stephanie Pratt is a single girl again!  After four months of dating millionaire internet entrepreneur Julien Chabbot and even moving in together in New York, Us Magazine reports that the couple are dunzo.

Julien was notoriously in the headlines in late August, after allegedly running over a Police Officer’s foot in his $257,000 Ferrari Spider.  Although the felony assault charges were dropped by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, Julien still faces two misdemeanor charges.

A source close to Stephanie spoke to Us magazine, explaining, “The Ferrari incident should have been a red flag for her, but he said it taught him a lesson, so she gave him another chance. But he just turned out to not be the right guy for her.”

“[They were] serious and lived together in NYC,” the source adds. “Stephanie has since moved back to her home in LA.”

Stephanie herself spoke to Us magazine about the break-up, saying “I wish him well and I hope we can be friends.”

She also tweeted on Thursday, November 14, sharing, “Donating my ex’s clothes to my local cleaners for Sandy relief.”  Lauren Conrad tweeted back to her former theHills co-star, saying “This is why I love you.”

K-Cav’s Baby Bear Has Started To Move Around Already



Last month, Kristin Cavallari met up with Celebuzz over at the Conde Nast Traveler Hot List Party in Los Angeles, California on Thursday, April 12. The mom-to-be was happy to give us a closer look into her pregnancy and current lifestyle.

You look amazing! Are you enjoying your time being pregnant, or do you want it to be over already?
You know what, I really am loving it! It’s been a really easy pregnancy for me, I’m just extremely lucky and enjoying every moment.

You look incredibly fit despite the fact you’re eating for two. Jessica Simpson has faced a lot of criticism regarding her weight gain. Do you think people are being overly harsh towards her?
Yeah, I mean, it’s easy to sort of let yourself go and just really enjoy it. I am, but I’m also being healthy about it, I’m not just eating crap. You have to be careful what you’re putting in your mouth, because that’s the nutrients you’re giving your baby. You don’t want to just eat macaroni and cheese or whatever, so you just have to find a healthy balance. I mean, I’m definitely enjoying it, but I’m not going overboard. At the same time, you are pregnant so you might as well have fun and live it up! When else can you just let yourself go?

What specifically are you doing to stay in shape?
I’m switching it up between yoga and light weights. I’m also trying to walk a lot.

Have you had any weird cravings?
Not really, except the first couple months I was craving dairy.

How has Jay been handling everything?
He’s great, he’s so sweet and so excited. He’s been wanting kids forever, so he couldn’t be happier. He’s been great.

Last time we talked you said you weren’t in a rush to plan the wedding. Do you still feel that way?
Yeah, I mean we’re talking about it a little bit, but for the most part it’s still put on hold. Still not feeling rushed, or trying on dresses!

What about your living situation leading up the baby– are you really leaving Hollywood?
Pretty much! I’ll be in Chicago. I’m posting up shop there for the next few months. I’ll be back to LA a couple times, but that’s pretty much it.

Now that Kristin spends more (and more) time in Chicago we don’t get to see her fabulous pregnancy glow too often. Luckily for us, she stays active on Twitter so we can practically keep up with her most of the time. Just like recently, when Kristin tweeted about her baby starting to move around in her stomach for the first time.

Another highlight for her fans was when she revealed about having meetings for her upcoming jewelry line so soon after announcing it, in the latest Glamoholic magazine.

Looks like Chicago isn’t keeping Kristin away from business in good old L.A…

Let’s Hope Stephanie Pratt Packed Her Hawaiian Tropic


Gossip Center

How do you celebrate your birthday? Meal at a nice restaurant? Trip to the movies? Bar hopping? Spa day? Well, if you’re Stephanie Pratt you do your celebrating in Hawaii. Steph rang in her 26th birthday during a week long vacation on the sun soaked beaches of the Aloha State.

She was spotted taking surfing lessons in Oahu on Tuesday, April 17. If you were needing motivation to get bikini ready (like us) for the summer, you certainly have it now!

However, all great vacations must come to an end, Steph tweeted, “Always hard to leave Kauai!! Cant wait to go back for the Kauai Marathon!”

Aloha Hawaii



Aside from the occasional tweet on Twitter, it’s been a long time since we’ve heard or seen anything from Miss Stephanie Pratt. This week the blonde bombshell made a tropical public comeback on the island of Oahu, Hawaii wearing nothing but a gorgeous red bikini. Jealous? We are!

The former reality star was there vacationing with her parents and celebrating her 26th birthday. Seems like just yesterday she was making up and breaking up with her cast-mates on The Hills every other week. She tweeted a picture with her puppy saying, “Ruff life in Hanalei”.

So what has Stephanie been up to? Word on the world wide web is that she is currently living the single life in LA. She recently told us weekly, ”I’m not seeing anyone. I’m enjoying the single life but wish I had someone to vacation with.”  What happened to her fiance?  That was short lived.  Maybe the birthday girl will get her birthday wish!

Rihanna Gets Kinky On Twitter


It’s no secret Rihanna has a naughty side – but who would’ve guessed she was partial to viewing internet porn? She could have any living and breathing guy she wants! A twitter user touting the “@PornHub” tag tweeted Rihanna proclaiming their love for her. Rihanna surprisingly tweeted back, “@PornHub if only u knew how much @Rihanna looove you!!! #brazilians #latinos”

Audrina Brings Some California Sunshine To New Jersey


Celebrity Gossip

Audrina Patridge brought some color to a night at The Pool After Dark at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Saturday, March 24. She encouraged her Twitter followers to join her, tweeting, “Come out this weekend to @thepoolafterdark at Harrahs Atlantic City ! see you at 11:30 pm !!”

All eyes were on Audrina in her high necked yellow dress and gold sandals.

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie Welcome a Son


Lizzie McGuire has finally popped and had her baby. Boy, they sure grow up fast. Hilary announced on Twitter that she and her husband Mike Comrie welcomed son Luca Cruz Comrie on Tuesday, March 20. Their new addition weighed in at 7 pounds, 6 ounces. Hilary tweeted the couple “feel like the luckiest parents in the world”.

Congratulations to Hilary and Mike! Is it weird to feel proud of Hilary for avoiding the ex-Disney star trap? Well we do.

Adriana Lima’s Very 2012 Pregnancy Announcement


When a supermodel falls pregnant an angel gets its wings. One more angel has entered the eternal kingdom as Adriana Lima has tweeted she is pregnant with her second child. “Big news everyone! Marko and I are so happy to share some wonderful news with all of you! #ImPregnant,” she announced.

Adriana also placed a message on her Facebook page, saying, “My favorite job in the world is being a mom! My family could not be more happy to announce this news!” She added, “The entire family is very excited, especially Valentina. She keeps blowing kisses to my belly and saying, ‘Kisses for the baby.'”

Adriana is already a proud mother to two year old Valentina, with her husband Marko Jaric.

Kristin Limbers Up for the Due Date


Us Magazine

Kristin Cavallari picked up some groceries after attending a yoga class in Los Angeles, California on Friday, March 16.

All first time mothers are daunted by the prospect of giving birth. Unless your Superwoman that is, however. Kristin tweeted before her class, “About to try yoga..I hear it helps with giving birth so sign me up! Whatever I can do to help that process!”

We’re glad it’s not us.

Kristin Takes Jay For An Early Honeymoon



Kristin Cavallari hit the beach with her fiance Jay Cutler earlier this week. The starlet took Jay for an early honeymoon to her favorite holiday destination, Cabo, Mexico. The former Hills star worked a strapless black one-piece suit with side cut-outs and some sunglasses – a fabulous fit for her growing belly and feminine curves.

However, the mini vacation wasn’t all about lazing around in the sun. How blasphemous. Kristin tweeted about attending a friend’s nuptials last weekend, too. “So excited to be a bridesmaid in the beautiful @KendhalBeal ‘s wedding this weekend. See u ladies tomorrow!”, she tweeted.

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