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The Takeover



Stephanie Pratt may be over her ex-boyfriend Spencer Matthews, but that didn’t stop her from making a return to the show that brought them together, Made in Chelsea.

Stephanie has reportedly made quite an impact on the British show that’s apparently a lot like theHills, and sat down with UK Cosmopolitan magazine to talk about her surprise return:

Cosmo: How did you returning to MIC come about? “The show called me in January and asked me if I’d come back. They had this plan that no one was going to know and I’d surprise everyone in the cast, so Lucy Watson and I helped plan it and didn’t tell anyone; no one knew. I came back to London and then I couldn’t leave my hotel for three days.”

Cosmo: So all those reactions when you walked in were 1000% accurate? “Basically, they had eight cameras and everyone I talked to on the show were like ‘we had no idea what was going to happen because none of us had ever seen that many cameras’ – I guess they were just like lined up on every single cast member to have options to shoot everyone’s reaction. They knew it’d be something really crazy – everyone thought Caggie was coming back. The cast kept on nagging production asking ‘what’s happening?’ because they’d been there for hours. I did my scene and left and they literally put me in a cab back to my hotel and I couldn’t say hi to any of my old friends.”

Cosmo: But they must have all been texting you afterwards? “Obviously I saw Lucy later that night, and she said ‘Louise was not happy that you came back’.

Cosmo: How has it been with Spencer since? “I just really have no interest in being his friend, seeing him on camera is enough. Obviously I’m with Lucy every day and when we’re filming he’ll pull one of us aside and will say things like ‘You’re my favourite ex’ – he does that. When Lucy and I have dinner after filming we’ll discuss it and say ‘He’s so annoying, did he say this to you?’

While Stephanie was in town, UK Cosmo also had her do a Twitter takeover, to speak to fans about her beauty look and her days on theHills:

On The Hills

“Do you still talk to your fellow Hills cast members?”
SP: “yep, I still talk to all of the girls!! they are the best :)”

“Have you and Heidi made up since the show “The Hills”?”
SP: “Heidi is my sister!! we are very close… the 3 of us are like best friends nowadays!! miss her and spencer!!”

“Would you ever do big brother like Heidi and spencer did?”
SP: “i love the show but im not sure!!! seems crazy!!”

“Are you still friends with @LaurenConrad?”
SP: “yes, she is one of the sweetest humans on earth”

“What are Heidi and Spencer doing now?”
SP: “besides being the parents to 4 pups, they are working on a few shows”

On beauty

“What is your fave make up? You always looks stunning :)”
SP: “bare minerals, armani, nars, ester lauder and maxfactor are my faves.”

“What make-up r u wearing? And any brow filler? Or brow filler technique?”
SP: “I have hd brows from @ibrowsetc i love them!!! i wear bare minerals make up :)”

“You have the best skin! What moisturiser do u use?”
SP: “Dermalogica everything!!!!”

“Hey, can you recommend two beauty products you can’t cope without – one affordable and one high-end?”
SP: “maxfactor mascara the purple bottle one, and Kerastase re-charge hair mask”

Hoedown In Beverly Hills


party 1

party 2


Always up for a costume party, Lauren Conrad threw a country and western themed party for herself and fiance William Tell on Friday, February 14.  Not only was it the couple’s second anniversary, but both Lauren and William celebrate their birthdays in February, so it was a combined celebration!

Lauren, who celebrated her 28th birthday on Saturday, February 1, and William, who turned 34 on Friday, February 7, partied with family and close friends including ex-costars from theHills Stephanie Pratt and Frankie Delgado, at Rivera 31 cocktail lounge inside of the Sofitel Hotel in Beverly Hills. 

The birthday girl posted various party pics on her Instagram, one of herself posing in a cute cowgirl costume next to a tower of red velvet cupcakes, another of Lauren and William’s dogs.  Lauren said, “Trying to figure out how to tell these 2 they aren’t coming to the birthday hoedown….”

The Hostess With The Mostess

#Real/Fakeaudrina 1


Audrina Patridge appeared on E!News on Friday, January 3, speaking to Guiliana Rancic and Ali Fedotowsky about theHills fakery, her boyfriend Corey Bohan and her new job on 1st Look.

Guiliana began the interview mentioning that there had been several engagements recently with the girls on theHills, and asked Audrina if she would be next?  Audrina confirmed that she and Corey had been together for five years, and that she wished he was there, so Guiliana could ask him! 

Ali then asked Audrina if she kept in touch with any of the girls from theHills, and if she’d be attending any of the weddings?  Audrina responded by saying she recently ran into Stephanie Pratt and sat down “and had the longest conversation about how everyone’s engaged and having kids and we’re the only two of the girls left who are not,” she laughs.  “But we’re okay with it!”

Audrina continues, “I still speak to Kristin” and Guiliana took the chance to bring up Kristin recently saying that a lot of theHills was fake. 

Audrina replied, “In the beginning, a lot of it was real. As it went on, it was very manipulated and guided and you’re kinda put in these scenarios where you would show up and you didn’t know what you were in for until you were there, and you wanted to run out but they lock the door on you.”

She continues, “I actually had to leave early for another event, we were there for about three hours and they were like, ‘You can’t leave until you and Kristin get into a fight.’ So I’m like, ‘Oh my God, Kristin!’ Kristin’s like, ‘Let’s do it.’ I’m like, ‘OK, c’mon.’ It was about Justin [Bobby] and we did it and we got to leave. So, little things like that.”

Guiliana then showed the photo of Audrina on the beach in Hawaii from last week, mentioning that the former Hillsie is always in great shape, confirming with Audrina, “Now you have to try to make sure you don’t lose too much weight, is that right?”

To which Audrina confirmed, “That’s right, I have to make sure I maintain my weight, I have a really fast metabolism so I have to constantly make sure I munch on things.”

Ali then brings up Audrina’s new role as host for 1st Look, and the women mime a ‘passing of the torch’ which is really sweet.  Ali mentions that with this new role, it means Audrina will be eating all the time and trying new things, asking her what’s the craziest thing she’s eaten so far?  Audrina replies, “Oh my god, the craziest thing I’ve eaten so far is rabbit, and it was laying there and it kind of looks like chicken, so I was like ‘ok, it’s chicken, this is chicken’ and as sad as it is, it was delicious!”

Stephanie Pratt Is The Glue That Holds The Hills Cast Together




Although Audrina Patridge and Lauren Conrad haven’t been in touch for the past few years, it turns out Lauren is still friends with former theHills castmate, Stephanie Pratt!

Stephanie attended the launch party for Lauren’s new venture The Little Market, on Saturday, October 26, posing for a photo with her old reality friend and The Little Market’s co-founder Hannah Skvarla.

The new star of Made in Chelsea tweeted the photo above, saying “My friends have the biggest hearts!! Congrats on @thelilmarket @laurenconrad @HannahSkvarla !! Xxx,”

The premise for The Little Market is that they work “with developing countries around the world to produce fair trade and locally made products. The Little Market helps artisan’s showcase their talents worldwide, by selling their goods online.”

Stephanie has also recently shown support for Lauren’s engagement, tweeting, “@LaurenConrad such amazing news!! You go girl!!! Love, s.”

More Engagement News From The Hills!


Not only is Lauren Conrad “over the moon” after her engagement this week, but Hills2City can reveal that Holly Montag is engaged too!

Holly shared this photo of her with her fiancé Richie and the ring on Twitter saying “Happiest girl in the universe!” on October 14.

Sister Heidi  announced the news on her Twitter, “A HUGE congratulations to my amazing loving sister on her engagement to Richie!💍 Answered prayers!🙏 love u so much & am so ecstatic for u!” and later replied to Holly’s tweet saying “Yay!! So happy for you!!!”

Stephanie Pratt, also tweeted her good wishes for Holly and Richie, saying, “Omg! Congratulations sister!!!! Love you so much!!!!!”

Congrats to the happy couple from Hills2City; we feel a very theHills wedding season brewing!

Stephanie Pratt Is Back Home In LA



Stephanie Pratt attended the Star Scene Stealers Event at the Tropicana Bar at The Rooselvelt Hotel in Hollywood on Tuesday, October 1.

Since breaking up from her summer fling, Spencer Matthews, the former theHills star appeared at the event with her arms around a mystery man. 

 Stephanie wore  a blue lace sleeveless dress to highlight her baby blues, and accessorized with a pair of neon orange heels and a white clutch.

Desperately Seeking Spencer?




Stephanie Pratt and Spencer Matthews’ reality romance is still going strong, Spencer flying Stephanie to London on Sunday night, July 21, so they could attend the UK premiere of The Lone Ranger together.

The Made In Chelsea star took to Twitter earlier in the afternoon to post the above two photos, one of which involved him posing next to his plane with new love Stephanie. 

Spencer’s ex-girlfriend Lucy Watson has her doubts about the relationship though, speaking to New magazine, saying “I don’t really care if they’re together. They’re obviously quite fame-hungry and desperate for attention.  

Lucy continued, “Spencer knows I’m serious when I say there’s no chance of us getting back together, so there’s no point in him trying to win me back.” 

Spencer and Lucy split up shortly after debuting their relationship at the BAFTA Awards in May, so understandably still sounds quite bitter.  She says of the fling with Stephanie, “For Spencer, any hole’s a goal. I think he just sees it as meaningless sex.”

Stephanie’s New Love Is Also A Reality Star




Brody Jenner isn’t the only former star of theHills with a new love interest, Stephanie Pratt has a new partner too!  Stephanie’s new boyfriend is UK reality star Spencer Matthews, who is a cast member of Made In Chelsea. 

The new couple made their public debut at the Grand Prix ball at the Hurlingham Club in London, on Wednesday, July 3. Stephanie wore a long sleeve, black mini dress, which made the most of her gorgeous pins.  She accessorized with a pair of pink strappy heels and a black clutch bag.

Both Spencer and Stephanie have been tweeting and posting photos together since her arrival in London.  On Friday night, July 5, Stephanie tweeted “DON’T CHEAT ON ME TONIGHT! @SpencerGeorgeM IM SERIOUS!” to which he replied “Of course I wont sweetie… Not my style… ;)”.  Apparently Spencer has a bit of a rep as a player in the UK.

The next day on Saturday, while Spencer was at a Personal Appearance, Stephanie tweeted, “Love my new London flat, just need the ac to work…right @charlieschofie1?! Come home soon @SpencerGeorgeM #missyou.”

Even Heidi Montag has gotten involved in the tweet-fest, sharing, “@SpencerGeorgeM @stephaniepratt cutest couple ever! We will have Christmas in Colorado this year! Xo”. Spencer replied to his potential new sister-in-law, saying, “Happily x”

Hills2City wonder what Stephanie thinks about having a boyfriend with the same name as her infamous brother?   It turns out that UK Spencer and US Spencer have met up in the past, and UK Spencer has spoken of his admiration for Stephanie’s brother, saying, “What he did for The Hills is epic! He made it very interesting and dramatic.   I enjoy being the pantomime villain – and that is Spencer Pratt in a sense.”

Stephanie was also seen out at Aura nightclub in London on Saturday night, July 5, with Spencer’s Made In Chelsea BFF, Jamie Laing.  She wore a blue printed body con dress, and black heels with an ankle strap. 

Not Invited…


After giving birth to their gorgeous baby boy Camden in 2012, Kristin Cavallari is set to marry fiance Jay Cutler later this year.  There are a few people from Kristin’s past life in reality tv who haven’t made the guest list though; noteably absent will be her former cast mates from theHills.

Kristin explains to Star Magazine, “It’s going to be family and really close friends. If the wedding were bigger, I would have loved to invite Audrina, Stephanie and Heidi.”  She continues, “It’s going to be perfect. We’re ready to be together for the rest of our lives.”

“Everything is planned and ready to go, but that’s all I’m going to tell you.” Kristin says of her wedding plans, refusing to share key details.  We definitely agree with that decision; it’s a bride’s perogative to want to make an entrance and to surprise her guests with those personal touches.

Kristin also shared that son Camden is now six months old! She says of motherhood, “It’s a lot of fun. Yeah, we want a bunch of kids. He’s doing amazing. He’s great. He’s six months old now, which is crazy how fast everything flies by. He has his two bottom teeth. I think he’s teething and getting another one, and he’s eating food. He’s just laughing and smiling all the time, he’s so much fun.”

The Next Bachelorette?


Tweet 4

Could the reality world be becoming smaller than we first thought?  It all started on twitter last night, Sunday, May 19 when Heidi Montag tweeted The Bachelorette and Bachelor host Chris Harrison with the fantastic idea of sister-in-law Stephanie Pratt as the next Bachelorette! 

tweet 3

tweet 1

tweet 2

Stephanie and Chris then proceeded to joke back and forth, as Heidi kept trying to convince Chris.  We never thought we’d be on the same page as Heidi Montag, but how fantastic would Stephanie be as The Bachelorette?  For that matter, how about Brody Jenner as The Bachelor?

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