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Lauren’s Star Bucks Take Her to Starbucks



It’s nice to see some recent shots of former Hills star, Lauren Conrad. The fashion designer was spotted stopping by Starbucks with a couple of friends in Santa Monica, May 24. We’re sure Lauren’s celebrity income is a nice way to support any Starbucks habit she may have.

Lauren looked very casual wearing some skinny denim jeans paired with black flats and a white blouse.

Kim Handles All Emergencies With a Tweet

Gossip Center/Zimbio

Whenever something happens in Kim Kardashian’s life, even if it’s something simple like a fly flew into the room, you can be sure that Kim will tweet about it. The reality star ran into a dress snag (please excuse the pun) on Saturday, February 12 when she had an issue with her attire for the pre-Grammy party she was attending later. Kim quickly ran to Kaufman Franco for some much needed help, the journey of which she tweeted to her fans:

“I’m freaking out! Having a fashion emergency with my Grammy dress! KaufmanFranco came to my rescue!!!”

“I can’t believe KaufmanFranco fixed my dress! I can’t wait for u all to see it! Its so stunning!”

Later on, Kim made an appearance at the Charlotte Ronson Fall 2011 fashion show with Starbucks Frappuccino during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Taking photos with the designer, Amanda Garrigus, LaLa Vazquez, and Jonathan Cheban at The Stage at Lincoln Center, she tweeted, “At the Charlotte Ronson fashion show! I love supporting other designers!”

And to end her night, Kim quickly ran over to watch her man, Kris Humphries, take on the Knicks. Yep, another tweet here with, “Now heading to the NETS game…gooooo @KrisHumphries!!!”

Keeping Up with the Kardashians, indeed!

If Spencer Pratt Wasn’t A Reality Star…

The time has come to discuss the myriad of possible careers Spencer Pratt would have had he not decided to go after theHills girls to become famous.  It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

Master Manipulator

We’ve all “had friends” who have fallen prey to a manipulative boyfriend/girlfriend.  Said boyfriend or girlfriend does something wrong, then convinces their significant other that said boyfriend/girlfriend is innocent and it was really all our “friend’s” fault.  Has anyone ever done it better than Spencer Pratt?  No.  He went farther than manipulation in his relationship with Heidi and some would say, he full on brainwashed her.  Which brings us to career and skill number 2.


A wise woman once said, “Heidi you’re brainwashed” by Spencer.  We’ve never really believed in hypnosis.   But with Spencer at the helm, there’s no telling what he could do.  When he’s not convincing Heidi that he’s a good, even spiritual or religious person, he’s convincing the world that Lauren Conrad had a sex tape or that he and Heidi are getting a divorce.  Although the general public is not brainwashed by Spencer (we’re all too smart for that), you have to admit, there was a period of time where we were being duped by his antics before we realized that a person like him could actually exist.

Dr. Evil

Spencer has a natural tendency to lean towards the dark side and only he would be crazy enough to impersonate Dr. Evil. And do a realistic job at it too. Just imagine a 4ft Spencer, sat on his throne of evil, stroking a scary hairless tiny cat and surrounded by his entourage as he plots to take over the world from the Space Needle or in a submarine. Of course we can’t forget his life long wish of taking down his enemy, Lauren Conrad: International Woman of Mystery.

That Jerk You Know

Let’s get real and stop fantasizing for a moment. Everyone’s encountered a jerk in their life – the guy who thinks his colleagues are only there to fetch his Starbucks, the guy who cuts you up while your doing 70mph and proceeds to slow down in front of you, the guy who treats sales assistants and waiters like they’re ants or the guy who would sell his own mother to get ahead. The chances are had Spencer not become a reality star, he would be that jerk in your life.


Spencer can sell water to a well.  So, we could picture him being a salesman, mainly because many salespeople are unethical and will stop at nothing to make money.  Ding, ding ding!  That’s Spencer in a nutshell.  We think we can stop now.

What do you think Spencer would be if he wasn’t a reality star?

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Whitney Shows Her Thanks By Giving Us Her Top Ten

It’s that time of the year again. The leaves are crackling, the wind is chilly, and Starbucks is warming up our bones several times a day. It’s Thanksgiving, and with that comes lists of what we give thanks for. Whitney has been so kind as to share with us her reasons why this holiday is especially meaningful.

1. The health of those near and dear to me

2. The support of those around me

3. The opportunity to do what I always envisioned myself doing and dreamed of- having my clothing line

4. The stable roof over my head

5. The food that keeps me trucking along!

6. The gift of now being home with my family and friends

7. To wake up everyday and be happy

8. To live in a democracy where the sense of freedom is rampant

9. The ability to give back

10. The joy of laughter and dance

What are we at Hills2City thankful for? The roof over our heads, the celebrities that constantly give us news to bring, our heater, and you, our Hills2Citiers. Happy Thanksgiving!

Olivia and Johannes Add “Page-turners” to Their Resumes

The Fashion Spot

Olivia is really ramping up her modeling credits this season, this time in the December 2010 issue of German Elle. Posing seductively with Johannes, the chemistry between these two is undeniable. Of course, this is probably just another day in the life for the glamorous couple. If Olivia and Johotness went to Starbucks and were sitting at a table having a conversation, that would be the next photo layout in another magazine – that’s how much glamour power these two have.

Recently, Olivia confirmed that she would be having her own reality tv show. We hope that we can see some of the behind-the-scenes of these photo shoots!

Kourtney and Kim Kan’t Kan Those Relationship Rumors

Gossip Center

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian have had a busy week filming for their new upcoming reality show, Kim and Kourtney Take New York, shopping for Halloween costumes, and fanning the flames on relationship rumors for both girls. Starting with Kourtney, who stopped for Starbucks with Scott on Thursday, October 28, there have been rumors that they were planning to elope sometime in the near future. That may have been appropriate, given the very fuzzy feelings that most of the Kardashians have toward Scott. However, sources close to the couple say that it’s simply not true and that they will not be boarding a plane to Vegas anytime soon.

All seems to be well otherwise, as Kourtney and Scott glammed up for the launch of Renaissance Hotel’s RLife Live in New York City that same night. Kourtney’s cheery mood was probably also due to the fact that she recently revealed via Twitter that Mason was beginning to walk!

Meanwhile, Kim looked positively sinful as she spent that same night doing more filming for KKTNY. Since her breakup with Reggie Bush, she has been involved with some flirtatious tweeting of her own with Miles Austin, wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys and one-time rumored fling. We think it’s safe to say that Kim goes for the star of the football team every time.

Here’s Something You Don’t See Every Day [Lauren & Kyle]

Gossip Center

After more than two years together, Lauren and Kyle showed their strength and togetherness on Sunday, October 24 when they went shopping at the Malibu Market. Keeping it casual in matching low key outfits, the duo walked along with their Starbucks coffees and looked like every other loved-up couple running errands during the weekend.

After the drama-filled relationships Lauren has had in the past, it’s so nice to see her simply happy with someone as quiet and calm as Kyle. Hopefully this pair is in it for the long run!

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