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Where Are They Now?


Obviously we cover the lives, loves and fashionable stylings of the main cast from both theHills and theCity, but we’re sure you wonder sometimes about the wherabouts of the lesser-known or more supporting “characters”.  (Let’s face it, theHills ended up quite far away from reality in the end).

The Hot Hits Live From LA have compiled a really funny list of what the likes of Frankie Delgado, Stacie the Bartender etc have been up to since the show ended:

Frankie Delgado was Brody’s BFF, and they are still in a serious bromance. Their Twitter feeds are filled with love for each other, but he is also engaged to a lovely lady.

Justin Bobby was the gross guy who Audrina was in love with, but did you know he was a hairdresser!? Apparently he is cutting hair in Costa Mesa.

Stacie the bartender became Kristin’s friend in the final season, and it turns out they actually are still friends! Stacie wants Kristin to be her bridesmaid at her wedding, and it turns out she’s also friends with Kendra Wilkinson — because her sister works for Playboy Radio.

Holly Montag seems to be on better terms with her sister Heidi again… we’re basing that on Spencer asking people to follow her on Twitter.

Remember back in season one there was a group of guys we were meant to care about? Brian Drolet briefly dated Audrina, and he has appeared in a whole stack of terrible straight to DVD movies. Jordan Eubanks was Heidi’s boyfriend, and he has also been in some straight to DVD releases. He’s also married!

Jason Wahler aka Lauren’s ex has been in and out of rehab and jail, but he’s cleaned himself up and was recently snapped hanging with Janice Dickinson and appearing at charity events.

And Jen Bunney who caused heaps of drama and got a nose job, now has an MBA.

Thank god you know that now.

Stacie The Bartender Is Getting Married and Kristin’s A Bridesmaid


Looks like another Hills star is set to walk down the aisle. Stacie Hall, aka Stacie the Bartender is planning to get married next summer.

In an interview with Starcam, Stacie tells us a bit about her life since theHills. She revealed that she recently moved across the country to settle down in New York. “I love New York. Something different from LA is nice, I like it,” she said while flashing her brand new engagement ring.

Stacie admits she is still pretty close with former Hills BFF, Kristin Cavallari and surprisingly, Stephanie Pratt. Turns out, she chose Kristin to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. “I have a lot of hot girls as my bridesmaids,” and Kristin is just one of them, she added.

Remember Kristin caught Heidi’s bouquet? Maybe it was meant to be Stacie’s after all.  The question is whether Stacie will be a bridesmaid in Kristin’s upcoming wedding?

Ladies and Gentlemen, We’d Like To Present To You, The Mad Musician


By Tibrina Hobson

The Mad Musician may be the newest name in music, but he’s still attracting celebrity names. The Mad Musician threw a release party for his debut single, “Tecktonik,” at Confidential nightclub in Beverly Hills, California. Among the celebrities in attendance were Darcie Odom, Jessica Hall and Stacie Hall. You can listen to his single for yourself and if you like it, you must purchase it!

Rumor: Kendra and Jessica Hall?

There’s a new trouble in paradise rumor every time you turn on the TV or glance at the magazines in the grocery store.  Are Kendra and Hank over for real this time?  That’s what a lot of onlookers may have been asking themselves when Kendra was reportedly making out with Jessica Hall in Las Vegas at MGM Casino’s Wet Republic.

A source has been talking to InTouch magazine, saying, “After a bunch of drinks, Kendra and Jessica really started getting crazy.  She looked thrilled to be letting loose without her man in town.”  We hardly thinks this means Kendra was stepping out on her man.  This isn’t the first time a playmate has locked lips with another playmate.

We do know that Kendra flew to Vegas on a girls’ trip on Saturday, March 26.  Her husband Hank was also missing from her Dancing With The Stars results show on Tuesday, March 29.

People are insinuating a breakup because Hank was angry at Kendra for her wild weekend and girl-on-girl action.

Jessica is Jayde Nicole’s BFF btw, and also the Playboy Playmate sister of Stacie ‘the bartender’ Hall, from theHills. Onlookers have said that Jessica and Kendra enjoyed an “intense tongue-sucking session and endless Jameson shots.”

It could just be people trying to make trouble and create drama where there is none.  But with Kendra and Hank’s names always popping up in breakup rumors, plus reports that they were having even more fights before the premiere of DWTS, this rumor may eventually materialize.

An insider spoke to Intouch about the marriage, saying, “They just keep dragging on the misery.  Sometimes, it seems like it would be best to end it.”

Jessica Hall is due to star in the upcoming season of Kendra. Hank isn’t.  Jess has also been very supportive of her friend’s career, showing up to many DWTS tapings, and has even had Kendra’s brother as a guest on her radio show.

Even if the girls’ relationship is purely friendship, could this friendly support be the wedge that does break up Hank and Kendra? Hopefully not.

This is when young Hollywood couples should take notes from Olivia and Johannes whose relationship is never in the press.

Kristin Thinks Hopes Jay Is The One!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Promoting her appearance on The Middle, which airs on ABC Wednesday, February 16, Kristin met up with Kit Hoover and Billy Bush on Access Hollywood Live for a chat about current boyfriend Jay Cutler and her reality tv past:

“Is he the one?” Kit asked Kristin.

“I’d like to say yes,” Kristin said with a giggle.

“I love Chicago,” the blonde reality star said of her time in the city. “My mom is there — and that side of my family — so, I get to spend time with my mom who I don’t get to see that often. But it’s been great. I love the city and during the football season I was there a lot. Now, we’re both out here.”

Next it was onto Kristin’s history with theHills and Laguna Beach:

“‘Laguna Beach’ was definitely more real than ‘The Hills.’” Kristin said. “We only filmed ‘The Hills’ three days a week, and we did three different scenes each day and a change of clothes to film a specific scene. They were pushing it as far as they could go without an actual script… They give you a schedule like, ‘You have lunch with Heidi at 3:00 to talk about the party coming up,’ or whatever the situation may be.”

“What ever happened with Stephen Colletti?” Kit asked. “Do you keep in touch with that cute boy in the pick-up truck?”

“Stephen is acting,” Kristin said. “He’s on ‘One Tree Hill’ and he’s been working and staying under the radar, which, for him I think, is what he wants. I still talk to Stephen from ‘Laguna Beach’… and from ‘The Hills’ I still talk to Stephanie and Stacie, and that’s about it.”

Everyone still talks to Stephanie!  We personally think Stephanie is one of the best Hills personalities.  She’s very down to earth, so we’re not surprised.

It’s A Small World After All

Laguna Lovers

In news that we’d file under “It’s a small world”, here is Jenn Bunney having lunch with Jessica Hall!

As most of you probably know, Jessica is Stacie Hall aka Stacie The Bartender’s Playmate sister, who’s BFF’s with Jayde Nicole, so the girls do share a tenuous connection.  Not that Jenn and Stacie were on theHills at the same time, but Hollywood is smaller than you might expect.

Both Jenn and Jess are looking very cute (and very similar) in cotton shirts, black sunglasses, minimal jewelry and uber-blonde hair.  It makes us wonder who was behind the camera – Stacie perhaps?  Or maybe Heidi Montag is trying to make amends (and friends).  We can imagine the blonde trio having a lot to chat about!

Stacie the Bartender, This Christmas

Laguna Lovers

Stacie the Bartender Hall posed for photos this Christmas season.  Stacie looks great, but we guess she didn’t get the memo that she was supposed to do a crazy face for the second photo.  Hate when that happens!

Twit Bit

In this week’s twit bit- Frankie and Lauren will be ringing in the new year in Miami, Lo says goodbye to a decade of partying and hello to a decade of mortgages and Heidi is excited about the fresh start the new decade will be bringing. Well if anybody is excited, it should be Heidi!  Whitney saw a sea of red like a lot of us here at Hills2City West when she ran into the Wisconsin football team that’s here in LA to play in the Rose Bowl tomorrow.  And Brody is afraid to tell his twitter followers where he is, while Audrina and Corey are happy they made our list!


Stacie Goes to a Bar and Tends to Things at Home for the Holidays

Laguna Lovers

It seems like a lifetime ago that Stacie Hall was known as Stacie the Bartender and was famous for tempting Spencer, incurring the wrath of Heidi, and swinging it with Kristin. These photos show a more homier side of Stacie in Colorado for the holidays, hanging out with her non-Hollywood friends and being the fun-loving girl she really is. Cute!

Kevin Todd Will Recreate theHills for You

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Back when I used to sit everyone down that had not become addicted to theHills, and pop in the DvDs to catch them up on the phenomenon, one person I showed it to kept asking about the tall guy in the beanie.  He was in just about every party scene.  Most are comfortable assuming he’s part of the background.  I happened to know about this guy, and now thanks to MTV, you will too.

You may have seen him, you may have not. But one thing’s for sure: Kevin Todd is the man behind the beanie. Kevin has been instrumental and a part of every major drama-filled blow-up that has happened on theHills to date. He was there when Heidi (1.0 version) and Lauren had the massive screamfest regarding her alleged sex tape. He was in the background when Justin Bobby shamed Audrina by kissing another girl right in front of her. He was a main guest at Lauren’s birthday party, and even rang in the New Year with the rest of theHills ladies in 2006.

But who is he really? “Fans are always speculating that maybe I’m a producer, a publicist, a bodyguard, or maybe I’m Batman!” To be quite honest, we personally think that he looks like the bad guy from a horror movie. But it is Kevin’s job to be at these “events” and hang out with the hottest realities stars because he is an event producer for the show. So you can thank him for strategically placing Lo, Stephanie, and Audrina in Kristin’s hotel room when they all went to Miami and we witnessed random girls running out of her bed.

These shenanigans have upped his status and given him the credit line of “Kevin Todd/Lauren’s Friend” on the show. This is definitely a step higher than Stacie, who was known as “Stacie the Bartender” for so long, we didn’t know that she could be anything else, let alone Kristin’s friend. Kevin has his own company, Kevin Todd Presents, so if you feel so inclined, give him a call and he will recreate possible scenarios for you and call people to show up. That’s show business, folks!

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