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Speidi Is BACK



Once finals have finished, college students across the country drop their books and pack their bags for Christmas vacation. Spencer Pratt, a mature student at the esteemed USC, is no different. Spencer and Heidi Montag enjoyed some festive downtime at Mammoth Mountain in California last weekend. Look at those big smiles – it’s making us want to go skiing! However, combining the bright snow with Speidi’s ultra white smiles, we probably should have put a warning on this post advising all readers to don a pair of sunglasses before reading. Our deepest apologies.

Meanwhile, Speidi have turned down the offer to appear on a new show called Relationship Rehab. Sources confessed to TMZ that the couple were initially intrigued, thinking the show was actually about working out together…as in yoga or whatever, rather than for couples with relationship issues. Speidi insisted their relationship is in a great place and declined another shot at the spotlight. Is this maturity? And growth? Maybe, just maybe.

Speidi and Sparah Face Off

Some of you may have seen the Sparah commercials for Virgin Mobile that mock Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag. Spencer was so infuriated he called Sparah a rip-off and demanded Virgin Mobile compensate he and Heidi.  Spencer should just be happy someone considers him worthy of being imitated.

The reps behind Sparah have replied to Spencer stating they don’t care about his demands because they are more preoccupied with ‘real’ celebrities, “due to their pressing endorsement commitments with Virgin Mobile and their frequent interactions with real celebrities.”

This is one sorry situation. Why imitate Speidi at all if you’re just going to issue a denial like that? Would it be wrong to type that we support Speidi?!

Spencer Thinks Virgin Mobile is Copying Him

Spencer Pratt may have disappeared from television and paparazzi cameras everywhere, but he still manages to pop up periodically with controversial and insane claims.

This time, Spencer’s victim  is Virgin Mobile.  Virgin Mobile has a new ad campaign which is built around a fake Hollywood couple called “Sparah“.  The name is a combination of Spencer and Sarah.

According to TMZ, Spencer is upset that he and Heidi have become the butt of a national joke.  That anger should probably be directed in the mirror.  Spencer is indeed most upset that he is not receiving a paycheck from the joke.  We know he’s never had a problem with making a fool out of himself, as long as he was getting more famous or rich in the process.

Spencer says Virgin Mobile is ripping Speidi off and says, “They should being paying for using our likeness. It’s obvious they are trying to be us.”  Spencer adds that he and Heidi “hate” Sparah.  “It’s nuts how much [Virgin is] promoting them, when they are obviously copying us,” he told TMZ.


The New and Improved Heidi Montag

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Heidi Montag appeared on Lopez Tonight on Monday to promote her upcoming reality show Famous Food.

This version of Heidi, we’d affectionately like to call Heidi 3.0, and here’s why:

New Appearance

The new Heidi’s plastic surgery is all settled in.  She looks like a human being again.  Further, she came on the show wearing pink Converse and distressed jeans.  She’s no longer trying to be in glamour mode all the time, or doing other things she thinks will superficially help her cause to stay famous.

She’s Smiling and Has a Personality Again

Right out the gate in the interview with George, Heidi was smiling, laughing and joking.  We haven’t seen such behavior since season 2 of theHills.  “It’s all good,” she joked about potentially being patted down at the airport.

She Avoids Talking About Spencer

If nothing else makes it clear that she’s trying to revamp her image, the lack of her husband, Spencer Pratt’s presence does.  George asked Heidi what she’s been up to recently, as she’s been out of the spotlight.  “I needed a vacation.  So I just have kind of been with my puppies and a little bit low key,” she said.  When George asked if she had just been with her puppies, Heidi was forced to say “and my husband”.  It was George who finally uttered the name, “Spencer!”

Heidi says it was relaxing taking a break after six years in Hollywood!  It used to be like oxygen to her.  She even said Spencer’s “been enjoying being out [of the press].  I actually don’t know if he’ll ever come back in.  He’s loving the vacation and relaxing.  It’s a nice switch up.”  Not totally sold on that.  The skeptic in us thinks that it was Spencer’s idea for Heidi to come back solo, because it was their only chance to become famous and relevant again.

Interviewers Are Asking Her for Tips on Avoiding Paparazzi

It used to be that Speidi was known for tipping the paparazzi off, but after their hiatus, George actually asked her for tips to avoid them.  Heidi very simply put it, don’t go where you know they’ll be.

She Wants To Be a Puppy Sitter

When George asked Heidi if she wanted to pursue acting after her role in Just Go With It, Heidi said she wanted to be a puppy sitter.  No matter how ridiculous the answer, it’s still significant.  Heidi used to jump at the opportunity to tell the world she was a better actor than Angelina Jolie and a better singer than Lady Gaga.  

She Talks to a Cast Member

Heidi says she still talks to Audrina.

She Would Have Done Things Differently

George also asked Heidi what she would have done differently in her career.  “What wouldn’t I have done differently?,” Heidi said, finally recognizing her mistakes in the past.  “It’s been a crazy ride, so there’s too many things to really calculate.”

She Received Applause

The studio audience was loving Heidi.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

She Doesn’t Want to Have Children Now

Heidi told George that she loves reality TV, especially The Housewivesand Jersey Shore.  But when George suggested that Heidi have a baby to get back in the reality TV game, Heidi said no way.  “Not ever in my future, right now,” Heidi said.  Not sure exactly what that means but

Heidi also talked about the mysterious premise behind her upcoming reality show, Famous Food.  The celebrities have to try to start the restaurant, having to perform tasks like picking out wallpaper and a chef.  In the end, a celebrity has the chance to be chosen to be a partner in the restaurant.  Heidi has her own cocktail, which she calls her secret weapon on the show.  The old Speidi would have this on the market like yesterday.

Heidi Montag Reunites with Audrina

After weeks of teasing the media with photographs of reality TV rejects, and vague assertions of opening a restaurant for a reality show, Vh1 has made an official announcement about the project.

Heidi Montag will be joined by Jake Pavelka, Danielle Staub, DJ Paul, Juicy “J”, Ashley Dupre and Vincent Pastore on the show titled, Food Famous.

Heidi will be joining fellow former Hills cast member Audrina Patridge on the Vh1 network.  The show will give the celebs – you have to use that word loosely with this cast – the chance to open their own West Hollywood restaurant.

Former Big Brother housemate Mike Malin and Dolce Group member Lonnie Moore will critique the group, who will work to complete renovation tasks, create a menu and hire staff for their potential place.

We can’t believe Spencer didn’t con his way onto this show, somehow.  But we’re thankful this hopefully won’t be another I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here starring Speidi.

A Match Made in Heaven

Gossip Center

Heidi Montag lunched at Cafe Med in Los Angeles yesterday, April 4 with fellow reality star, Danielle Staub.  Before Danielle Staub left The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she caused quite a stir, much like Heidi did on theHills.  Thus, if you think about it Heidi’s friends all make sense.

Last time, Heidi was spotted out with Jenn Bunney.  Jenn is notorious for being a bit sketch on theHills, and hanging out with her best friend’s love interest.  She’s on the outskirts of Hollywood looking in.

Danielle Staub has an equally checkered past.  Cop Without a Badge, need we say more?

Although people are still giving credence to Heidi being on Celebrity Rehab 5, Dr. Drew doesn’t let the patients out of Pasadena Recovery Center, and certainly not every day.

Another related rumor is that Heidi is working on yet another reality show.  These days, it’s becoming more difficult to land a reality show, so Speidi fans (do you still exist?) don’t hold your breath.

Heidi also may be joining with American Pie star Jason Biggs.

Update: The Bachelor’s Jake Pavelka was also at the lunch.  He too fits in well with Heidi and Danielle.  Which brings us to what we recently found out- Heidi does have something up her sleeve.  The reality TV and fame lovers are a part of a new Vh1 restaurant reality show.  “We are opening a restaurant,” Heidi said.  Oh gawd.

Twit Bit

This week, everyone’s talking about the tiger blood winning Charlie Sheen, and some other slightly less funny stuff.  A couple things you will want to take note of- Speidi is concerned about Charlie Sheen’s behavior while Frankie Delgado was having his own make believe conversation with him.

Lo is Interning at Fox [If You Want to Intern, Get on a Reality Show]

Lo Bosworth sat down for an interview on Chelsea Lately on Wednesday, February 16. In between 5 minutes of incessant giggling Lo managed to discuss being a published author, having a real job, her friends and her love life.

Lo said it was “fabulous” being a published author and that she was very nervous before going on her book tour because she was worried no one would turn up! Thankfully Lo’s fans came out and it was “wonderful” meeting them all. Chelsea Handler is a published author herself and she sympathized with Lo’s apprehension, joking that no one turned up to her tour!

Chelsea complimented Lo, saying she thinks Lauren Conrad and Lo are the two best people to come out of theHills. This little lovefest was eventually tempered by awkward Speidi jokes.

Lo revealed that she now fills her time by interning at Fox in their development division where she gets to work on shows like Glee. Her day is spent reading scripts and like in any good internship, Lo goes on runs to pick up beverages for her bosses! Lo finds being behind the camera an “eye opening” experience that she “loves.”

It’s no coincidence that all the former cast members of theHills have had the most enviable internships ever.  Lo is obviously an educated girl, but everyone knows it takes more than a working brain to land an internship that thousands apply to yearly.

Lo’s newly single status was met with applause from the audience much to Lo’s surprise. But she did say being single “is the most fun ever.” Lo confessed that this is the first time she’s been single since high school and claimed she is “such a predator right now, you have no idea!” Lo claimed she wants to stay single for a whole year so watch out boys!  Perhaps she’ll be more successful than the other serial monogamous, Kim Kardashian.

The conversation randomly turned onto Lo’s lifelong crush on Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Lo admitted that she suspected Jonathan was gay so her crush would always remain a fantasy.  Today, everyone is wondering whether Lo inadvertently outed JTT?

Heidi Takes It All Back

After Heidi dragged Jennifer Aniston’s name through the tabloid mud yesterday saying Jennifer banned her from the Just Go With It premiere because she was “too polarizing”, Heidi recanted her statement.  In a new statement, she says:

“I read that Jennifer had banned me…But I know now that it wasn’t true.  I got my invite and I would have loved to be there, but I had to be [in] Los Angeles with my dogs…I apologize to Jennifer and Sony for this big understanding.  Go see the movie this weekend!  It’s fantastic!”

And that’s why Heidi’s “too polarizing” and why you might think twice before casting her in your movie.  Instead of focusing on the positive of the movie, false rumors are being spread and attention diverted from what’s really important.

But what gets us most is how little sense Heidi’s new statement makes.  Now, it seems like she’s saying she couldn’t go to the premiere because of her dogs, so it seems like Jennifer was never really the reason she didn’t go.

Is this really happening again?  We were starting to remove the Speidi ban…

Spencer Calls Kim K A Hypocrite

Spencer Pratt called Kim Kardashian out on her attention seeking antics regarding her on again off again ‘anger’ over her nude magazine covers and raunchy Skechers commercial.

“Kim has totally lost the plot. She should have kept up her good girl act and image. Now we are seeing her whine about all those naked magazine covers and then doing a raunchy Skechers ad. That makes her a hypocrite,” Pratt told Fox411. “She had better be careful. The people who buy her products aren’t guys, they are girls, and girls don’t want to see Kim naked during the Super Bowl.”

While Spencer had a valid point about Kim’s two-faced nature- one day she’s pretending to be upset over her controversial magazine cover the next she loves them- he went further saying Kim should “disappear” incase her fame burns out like Speidi’s did.

“We saw the public reaction when we were overexposed and we took ourselves out of the equation. Kim needs to do that before she puts the nail in her coffin.”

Speidi wasn’t in the same league as Kim. Still, we agree with Spencer to a point (shocking!).  We have long been weary of people who oversaturate the market like the Kardashians.  But whenever Kim’s well runs dry, we can bet it won’t run out in the same way Speidi’s did.

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