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Spencer Pratt is Smelling Himself


Last night we watched I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. At first we thought Heidi and Spencer were semi-brilliant for going on this show because we got to see a different side of them- a human side.  But then it got out of hand.  Heidi showed a nymph side saying she couldn’t go three weeks without having sex without Spencer.prattsexnbc

But very shortly after, Speidi was up to their old tricks.  It was like an episode of theHills. The group thought Speidi left like they threatened to do seventeen times, so someone took Heidi’s shampoo/hair spray and removed the labels.   So Spencer goes in “revenge mode” and hides another contestant’s (wrestler Torri Wilson) backpack.

Next thing you know Spencer‘s slapping a water bottle out of Angela Shelton, a female VH1 comedians hand!  That’s not all, he gets in her face like he wants to fight her.  This is making Jason’s Wahler‘s allegations of Spencer fighting like a girl seem all too true.

Click here to see Spencer act like a girl

Then Spencer calls the NBC chairmen to tell them he’s too good to be on the show with a bunch of nobody’s.  He says:

“I’m too rich and I’m too famous to be sitting with these people and cleaning up their s*** in the jungle, my man. And this cast is devaluing our fame right now. I’m sitting next to VH1 comedians that I have never even seen before… I thought it was gonna be all celebrities,” Spencer told Ben. “Stars of shows get treated like stars, dude. I’m f***ing supposed to be cleaning up John Salley’s s*** in a bucket? Dude! You’ve never cleaned up your own s*** let alone taken John Salley’s s*** to the creek, have you? Don’t throw me in the jungle and try and make me your little guinea pig torture act.”

After NBC convinces him to stay, he tells the rest of the group he’s too rich and famous to do the show.

Honestly, Spencer Pratt, who do you think you are?  You’re certainly no where near any Forbes list.  And those celebrities didn’t know who you were anymore than you claim not to know who they are.  Sanjaya had to explain to John Salley and Lou Diamond Phillips who a Heidi and a Spencer was.  And as for those “VH1 comedians” Spencer put down, at least they have some talent.  Once theHills is over who’s gonna listen to Heidi sing or Spencer rap?  Because besides theHills, appearances and other money they get because they’re relevant, what else are they bringing in?  John Salley had enlightening words when he said fame is an addiction.  It is, and it kills people.

Now, the Pratts have reportedly had another tantrum and left the show.  They wouldn’t have left if they were winning money at the end instead of giving it to charity.

And the worst part is Spencer may be acting like an idiot just for publicity and manipulation, just like on theHills. We’re about ready to stop giving it to him.  He says:

“We went into this whole show with the plan of making everybody just have no idea what to think about us — whether [we] are somebody they wanna make an alliance with or worthless,” he said in another confessional cam. “I don’t trust anybody right now. Janice [Dickinson] is my only pseudo alliance because I respect her and I like her, but right now it’s all about winning.”

Although Heidi was way less annoying than Spencer, she married him and usually seems okay with his antics.  The picture of Heidi crying that surfaced yesterday is perhaps enough karma for their dreadful behavior on the show.  Of Heidi’s crying, Spence says, “First time your crying on TV is not fake.”

Click here to see Heidi’s breakdown

Did they not know there were hidden cameras on them at all times?

“I’m a Celebrity” Photos & Rules





Ten pampered celebrities are dropped into the jungle in Costa Rica and forced to participate in comedic challenges to test their survival skills.  The best part is that America is in control.  Viewers will control the celebrities putting them into certain challenges to win food, supplies and luxuries, and will decide their fate by voting which celebs are voted off.

As with any competitive survival type reality show, alliances will form and fail, and this show promises hilarity along the way. The contestants are playing for the title of King or Queen of the Jungle and a cash prize for their charity.  The Celebrities are:

The celebrities were given the following rules:

The object of the show is that you must learn to live in the [Costa Rican]  jungle.  “During your stay, you must live without everyday luxuries and survive on only basic food rations of rice and beans. Additional food luxuries and other privileges must be won through the successful completion of trials…Roll up your bedding and swags to keep them dry and stop snakes, spiders and other bugs from getting into them.”

Ironically enough, nudity and talking about drugs isn’t discouraged.  Nudity is “generally not a problem in a nonsexual context.”  But the contestants will know when they’re filming so they don’t expose themselves to the world.  After all, this is network TV.  The guidelines also say it may be helpful for the celebs to “unburden themselves about past drug taking.”

Each star can bring one “luxury” and since the producers consider cigarettes a necessity, those will be given out on the regular.

The show’s host, Damien Fahey, doesn’t think Speidi has a chance.  “I think it’s going to be either Spencer or Heidi out first… I just get the feeling they’re not accustomed to being in the jungle or really even being outside of L.A., so it’s going be tough for them.”  We disagree, Heidi is from Colorado.  She’s at least familiar with outdoors life.

In fact, the host really has it in for Spencer.  “We’re not even getting paid for the show. We’re just doing it because we’re sadistic and want to see Spencer Pratt suffer,” Damien joked to reporters.

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! will air at 8 p.m. over four weeks in June. The new series will debut as a two-hour television event on Monday, June 1 (8-10 p.m. ET) and will follow with broadcasts on Mondays through Thursdays (8-9 p.m. ET) for the first three weeks. During the fourth week of June, the series will be telecast Monday through Wednesday (8-9 p.m. ET) with the finale on Wednesday, June 24 (8-9 p.m. ET).

Speidi to Appear On New Reality Show

We’ve learned that Heidi & Spencer will be making their reality TV debut on a main TV network.  They will appear on NBC’s U.S. version of the U.K. show I’m a Celebity… Get Me Out of Here!

The show will air June 1st, and the contestants will be competing in Costa Rica!

The list of “celebrities” thus far announced are: Dog the Bounty Hunter, former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, Spencer Pratt, Heidi Montag, the self proclaimed world’s first supermodel Janice Dickinson, and Fox News’ Geraldo Rivera.

The kicker is that  Speidi will not be able to act in concert for once in their life, as the show is every man for himself.  That may be worth watching.  Plus, Spencer is a master manipulator, but Blagojevich is arguably way more advanced in scamming people to get what he wants.  And on top of it all, Janice Dickinson is a huge mouthpiece that will stir things up with all the contestants.  Sounds great.

Update: American Idol reject Sanjaya Malakar has just been added to the roster.

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