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Samantha Swetra is Back in the Game


Remember Samantha Swetra? Well, you’re not a true City fan if you don’t. We joke! We kid! MTV interviewed Samantha about life post-City and her fashion blog, Wear The Wild.

MTV: What was your personal path like to New York?
Samantha: I came from a small town in New Jersey and always dreamed of living in New York City. I worked my ass off in high school to get to New York, then worked my ass off in college to land myself a position at Bergdorf, and voila–it all payed off!

The “Weekend at Freddie’s” debacle was one of MTV’s best awkward moments–was it really as cringe-worthy as it seemed?
Oh, my God–you have no idea. The 10 minutes you saw made it look bearable compared to how it really was! But looking back at it now it’s very amusing, and at the end of the day, Freddie is still one of my super close friends. He’s the guy I call for advice!

We saw you champion Whitney and see her through some firsts in New York–her first pair of Manolos, her first big meeting with a buyer… What have been some of your exciting “New York” firsts?
I’ve been here for eight years, and there are so many. New York is a place where anything can happen! I, too, bought my first pair of designer shoes here. Then later met the designer, Giuseppe Zanotti, and went to dinner with him and his team. I met my first New York boyfriend on the subway after getting on the wrong bound train. I had sushi for my first time and I shared a bedroom for the first time (not in the boyfriend way…).

The last time we saw you, Roxy was crashing on your couch while moving out of her shared apartment with Whitney. What have you been up to since “The City” career-wise? In your personal life? Do you still keep in touch with any of the girls?

I’m currently an account executive at Roberto Cavalli. I learned so much from my experience at Bergdorf–that job dovetailed very nicely into my new position. I’m a really hands-on type of person so being around the clothing all day suits me.
I have the same group of friends that I had while filming “The City.” I live with my French boyfriend of a little more than a year, and I’ve been slowly but surely learning French for him (I mean me…)! As far as Whit and I go, she’s still a very close friend! Anytime we’re in the same city, we make sure we fit in a date night. Roxy and I still keep in touch, and the last time I saw her was maybe seven months ago in London. Whit was with us, too. Then there’s Freddie who’s like a brother to me!

What’s next for you?
Well, my new job at Cavalli is really the perfect fit for me and the right direction for my career path. I wanted to relay the knowledge I gained from Bergdorf over to the wholesale side of the business. Also, my blog “Wear The Wild” shows a little piece of my life. Styling is my passion, and after “The City,” I wanted people to see what I was up to.

What advice would you give someone who wants to move to New York and get into fashion?
I would tell them to just do it! Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Also, always keep in mind that it’s a very small industry, so refrain from pissing someone off!

Read the full interview here.

The Week That Was

If you missed even a second of Hills2City last week, here’s a handy review. Let’s begin.

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Paz de la Huerta Charged With Assaulting Samantha Swetra

Gossip Center

Earlier this morning Boardwalk Empire star, Paz de la Huerta was charged in a case involving Samantha Swetra stemming from a nasty bar fight last month in New York.  On March 22, Paz allegedly threw a glass of whatever she was drinking on Samantha.  Glass lodged into Samantha legs and Paz also punched her in the face.

According to TMZ, the District Attorney filed five misdemeanor charges against Paz, namely, two counts of 3rd degree assault, 4th degree criminal possession of a weapon, attempted assault, and harassment.  Prosecutors told the judge that Paz slammed Samantha while she was at the police station on the night of the incident, saying, “I’m a REAL actress — HBO! She’s a publicity seeker, a FAKE actress.”

Samantha was also granted a restraining order which goes as far as preventing Paz from contacting Samantha on Facebook.

Paz is schedule to be back in court on May 19.

The Week That Was

For those of you who missed even a second of Hills2City last week, here’s a handy review. This was a big week! Let’s begin!


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Samantha Swetra was on the receiving end of a knock down bar fight.  [Read it]

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Lo is totally fine asking a guy out.  [Read it]

Whitney and Claire’s have teamed up for Prom.  [Read it]

Paz Huerta Arrested After Throwing Glass at Samantha Swetra


Paz de la Huerta (above), star of Boardwalk Empire, was arrested last night, Tuesday, March 22, after she allegedly threw a glass at theCity star, Samantha Swetra.

It all went down in a New York nightclub inside the Standard Hotel.  According to TMZ, Paz and Samantha got into over one of Samantha’s guy friends.

Paz was supposedly hitting on him and Sam got upset.  Sources on the scene claim Samantha made snide comments about Paz’s inebriation and Paz went into full “oh no she didn’t mode”, throwing a glass and punching Samantha in her  face.

Pieces of glass stuck in Samantha‘s leg, and her friend helped her pick out the bloody pieces.

Samantha filed a police report this morning along with her attorney, Stephanie Ovadia.  Paz is due in on April 18.

Click here to see photos.

So You Wanna Be a Fashionista?


TheCity fashionista Louise Roe had a busy fashion week, jetting in from LA and then immediately hitting up co-star Whitney Port’s presentation of her line Whitney Eve. Louise said that “it was her most impressive collection by far. […] I’m impressed.” Louise also caught up with co-star Samantha Swetra, praising her fashion choices, most notably a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti wedges, just as Hills2City did this week!

Louise also caught up with Gossip Girl‘s Michelle Trachtenburg at the Rebecca Taylor show, taking time to admire her Christian Louboutin keyring.

The biggest bash of the week was the 25th anniversary Hilfiger show, and Louise noted that he had garnered quite the front row audience, including hotty Bradley Cooper!

The following day, Louise had a fitting at friend and designer William Tempest’s studio and checked out his stunning spring collection, before throwing him a dinner at new New York hotspot Lavo.

The last day was spent at the Piperlime pop-up store and checking out the Bebe show where Louise lusted over these camel pants.
Phew, what a week!  Do you think you could handle that?

Sami Swetra: Not to be Outdone


Often maligned in the frenzy of theCity‘s Whitney-Olivia-Roxy-fashion-triangle-face-off, many have overlooked Samantha Swetra‘s serious style credentials. Hills2City takes a look over the last few months of a burgeoning style icon.

Exhibit A: Take note of this slammin’ rock chick get up at the Music Unites and Rolling Stone series at the Cooper Square Penthouse this summer in NYC. Sami pairs a simple, yet provocative black silk-panelled cami with leggings and throwback white shoe-boots to mix up the whole look. Paired with an oversized black patent clutch, Sami could pass for a front woman as well as a fashion leading lady.

Another party and another pair of white stilettos. At the YSL Belle D’Opium fragrance launch in NYC, in June, Sami oozes chic New Yorker with simple ponytail, black shift and belted check cardi. The oversized clutch made another appearance too, which totally toughens up this pretty-girl outfit, while she adds some pizzazz with those white platforms. Sami looks smokin’.

However, it is this luxe nude dress and peep-toe boots ensemble that cemented her style status. Looking like a total babe at the Bergdorf Goodman after party for Sex and the City 2, with relaxed wavy locks (a Whitney classic), the wrap effect of the dress and black belt make this one seriously gorgeous minidress. The peep-toe boots ooze summer chic and really highlight her tanned skin, while keeping the dress from being too prissy for this New York fashionista. The yellow studded clutch mixes it all up and adds a dash of colour to this simple yet oh-so-sophisticated palette. We’re also loving her lack of jewellery here- she’s letting the sparkle of the dress do the talking. Bravo Samantha Swetra!

theCity Stars Support Whitney Eve

Fashion Spot

Enjoy some candids of Whitney Port with theCity co-star Sami Swetra, Louise Roe and other attendees at the fashion presentation for her Whitney Eve spring/summer 2011 collection.  It’s nice to see Whitney’s co-stars/friends supporting her in such an important endeavor.  Especially considering that all these lovely ladies are in the same field, it’s nice to see love instead of the hate we so often see.

Sami All Smiles at Fashion Week

Laguna Lovers

Another one of theCity’s true life fashionistas was in and around Mercedez-Benz Fashion Week, Saturday, September 11.  Samantha Swetra was spotted strolling through Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park.  Wearing a gray dress, jacket and black heels, Sami was all smiles as she stood in the midst of fashion week.

EXCLUSIVE: New York’s Fashion’s Night Out

We also attended New York’s Fashion’s Night Out on Friday, September 9 and experienced the magic that is Fashion Week in the Big Apple. Waiting in line to get into Bergdorf Goodman (where Victoria Beckham was to make an appearance later that night and Samantha Swetra’s place of business) was an event in itself, as we were treated to the lovely warbling sounds of the man behind the window display.

While most of theHills stars were making an appearance at L.A.’s Fashion Night Out, one of our Hills2City readers did catch a glimpse of theCity favorite Olivia Palermo.

“Saw Olivia at Henri Bendel at NYC’s FNO. She’s TINY!!! Gorgeous…”

We, on the other hand, had an appointment at Bumble & bumble waiting for us for a free styling for a night out on the town in honor of FNO. The first 60 callers received this special treat, and we were quick to jump on this opportunity in order to bring the experience back to you. Upon entering, we were given a complimentary glass of champagne and free rein over any hairstyle we wanted. Going for the classic sideswept up-do with curls, our night was complete.

Entering stores like Louis Vuitton, Burburry, and Chanel was like being a part of an exclusive party. The champagne was flowing, the music was blasting, and everyone, people were shopping their hearts out in the name of fashion.

Did you go anywhere that night? Share your stores with us!

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