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Audrina and Corey Bohan Are Over!

Making for Audrina’s lengthiest relationship yet (we remember her saying back on theHills she hadn’t had a serious boyfriend yet), Audrina and Corey had a great run but sources tell Us Weekly it’s so over.  The couple reportedly called it quits over the weekend.

The on-again off-again couple has broken up before, most notably back in the summer of 2009, which we all saw play out on theHills.  Then, it was clear Audrina was more into Justin Bobby.

After dating Justin Bobby (who never committed) ten years too long, Audrina began a big girl relationship with a big boy, rocker Ryan Cabrera, before splitting and getting back with Corey, who she called her one true love.

In the past, Audrina gushed about Corey, saying, “He’s one of the nicest, sweetest guys I’ve ever met,” she told Us. We always thought that could have been one of the relationship’s downfalls since Audrina has been known to date bad boys.  But Corey’s niceness wasn’t lost on Lauren Conrad who was always a vocal supporter of Corey and Audrina.

As recently as March 4, things were going great with Audrina and Corey, seemingly.  Audrina tweeted, “@Corey_Bohan miss you babe!!!!!….. <3″

But a cute, famous star like Audrina is never alone for too long.  Sources claim she has already connected with a polo player named Nic Roldan, a friend of Prince Harry. That’s attractive!  It also explains why Audrina has taken such an interest in the sport of late.

“Major sparks flew between Audrina and Nic Saturday night, and the entire evening they couldn’t stop laughing and touching each other,” a source tells Us. “Audrina seemed to be having the time of her life, dancing and mingling with guests, but you could tell she was especially focused on Nic.”

The duo partied at 251 The Club that night, and met up again the next day. “He gave her a private polo lesson at the International Polo Club in Wellington.”  So, this must be Nic in the photo above from Audrina’s trip to the Polo Club.

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Best of 2010: Red Carpet

Even though both theHills and theCity ended this year, we have had many red carpet appearances by the cast members.  And with Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge’s new reality show coming up and the other girls many new projects, we’re sure that we’ll have many to look forward to in 2011 too.

Without further ado, we present the Best Red Carpet outfits in 2010.

Best of 2010: Olivia

So we begin with the lady who always makes an impact on the red carpet, Olivia Palermo. It was such a hard task even narrowing Olivia’s best red carpet looks down to three, but we’re sure you’ll agree that these were some of Liv’s best in 2010.  We had to include the top photo as we don’t often see Olivia in a full length gown; she wore this draped gown at an event for Operation Smile.  The tonal nature of the second look suits Olivia to a tee, and was worn to the Footwear News 24th Annual Achievement Awards in November.

The third look we loved so much, it was a recent Look of the Week.  Despite Liv’s underwear mishap, we thought this red carpet look from a recent Thomas Sabo event was so workable and very flattering.

Best of 2010: Whitney

Whitney Port proved to be a fashion force to be reckoned with in 2010, both on the red carpet and on theCity with her confrontations with Olivia. These two looks of Whit’s struck a particular chord with us, with the gorgeous yellow satin dress from the Pick Your Purse Party in November proving that she’s not afraid of color; and the very cute 80’s inspired black dress from the Sex & The City 2 premiere in New York, back in May.  Whitney’s been called the Carrie Bradshaw of reality TV before, and we think these two dresses are certainly proof of that.

Best of 2010:  Stephanie

Stephanie Pratt impressed us with her red carpet fashion again in 2010, continuing to settle into her own style.

We couldn’t get this blue & white Hervé Léger dress out of our minds after seeing Steph rock it at theHills Series Finale in July.  It’s such a stunning color on Stephanie, given her baby blue eyes, and the modern shape is so on-trend.  The second dress really struck us too, with Stephanie looking very glamorous in this slinky, full length gown which she wore to the 2010 MTV VMA Awards. We think she looks a lot like Kate Hudson in this dress, especially with her long mermaid hair!

Best of 2010: Audrina

Audrina was another Hillsie who stepped up her fashion game in 2010.  With her stint on Dancing With The Stars, an upcoming reality show with VH1 and her modelling job with Bongo, we saw a lot of ‘Drina this year.  The first fave look of Audrina’s is from the People’s Choice Award Nominees.  The beautiful black dress shows off Audrina’s healthy figure and as we said at the time, she looks very sexy without being trashy.

Her second look is from the XBOX 360 premiere back in April, and was actually when she was still dating Ryan Cabrera! How things change in a year.  So the relationship sure didn’t make much of an impression on Audrina, but her outfit that night certainly made one on us.  We love this tomato-red on Audrina’s tanned skin, and the strappy silver shoes are a really nice finishing touch.  The long sleeve mini dress is so evocative of the mid 1960’s; it’s cool to see Audrina trying a bit of retro fashion.

Best of 2010: Lauren

Speaking of retro fashion, we come to Lauren Conrad, whose two best red carpet looks of 2010 are both very retro.  The first look was one of the cutest outfits we’ve seen all year; the 1940’s high-waisted shorts and olive shirt were worn by Lauren to The 8th Annual Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party on Friday, October 1.

Lauren’s second outfit was the beautiful Topshop dress, which was also worn by Olivia in another print this year. We loved this look so much that we even showed you how to recreate Lauren’s hair for the VH1 Save The Music event; it was another 1930’s look done so well by Lauren.

So now it’s over to you – who do you think had the best red carpet outfit of 2010?

If Audrina Wasn’t a Reality Star…

We are used to seeing Audrina Patridge lighting up our television screen on theHills and Dancing with the Stars, but what would have happened if she had never laid out at the Villas at Park LaBrea pool where she crossed paths with theHills producers?


With her musical ex-boyfriends, Justin Bobby being in a band and Ryan Cabrera a successful singer, Audrina obviously has a thing for musicians. Combine this with Audrina’s uber edgy sense of style and her dancing prowess we believe Audrina would have made an amazing rockstar. While the fact that we’ve never heard her sing may be a indicator of her limited vocal ability, you don’t need to have the octave range of Whitney Houston to have a successful career these days. It’s all thanks to a little miracle called auto-tuning. See Kim Zolciak.

We can see Audrina’s sell out concert in our heads now – Audrina on stage rocking out to her latest hit single with her long dark hair flying everywhere, thousands of screaming fans, she puts her dancing skills to good use by throwing in a few booty shakes, or maybe even a samba or foxtrot. We know, rockstars don’t usually dance, but this is Audrina Patridge the rockstar, she can do whatever she wants, damn it!


Audrina’s hot. Smoking hot actually.  You can’t deny it. She’s landed endless magazine covers from fashion to men’s magazines, won modeling deals and lets not forget her huge male fan base who probably made up 65% of theHills viewers. Sure all the girls are pretty, which probably had something to do with MTV picking them, but Audrina is the most effortlessly sexy one.

Had a television producer not poached her, a model scout would definitely have hunted her down. While she’s not freakishly tall so she won’t be gracing the high fashion runways anytime soon, she would have a successful career as a commercial model because she has the traditional All-American look down pat. Glossy hair? Check. Blindingly white teeth? Check. Curvy figure? Check. Now vogue.


Audrina hasn’t made a major fashion faux-pau on the red carpet or when she’s photographed on her time off. Her style is so versatile she’ll be looking tomboy by day in her usual vest, ripped jeans and studded boots, and by night she’ll be looking girly in a hot pink mini-dress. This means as a stylist, Audrina would have range.  She’d be able to dress Ke$ha and Blake Lively.

Audrina knows how to dress for her figure, the event and knows how to work it for the cameras. It would be a crime for Audrina to keep her eye for fashion to herself, so if Audrina hadn’t been a reality star she would be the stylist dressing and advising the reality star behind the scenes. That our friends is called, the circle of life.

Snobby Sales Assistant

Do you remember the scene from Pretty Woman where a snobby sales assistant informs Julia Roberts that there’s nothing in her store that would suit Julia, and asks her to leave? We think Audrina would make an amazing sales assistant in an upscale Beverly Hills store and would excel at throwing Julia’s out. Why, you ask? Think back to theHills where after a fight with Lauren Conrad or Justin Bobby, Audrina had this amazing ability to silently stare her opponent down. Now take her silent death stares, her love for shopping, her frustation at trying to make it in Hollywood and mix them all together into the sales assistant from hell.

What do you think Audrina would be doing if she hadn’t landed on theHills and into millions of dollars?

Audrina Puts the “Real” in “Reality”

Audrina’s departure from Dancing with the Stars is in no way diminishing her actual star power. With a new reality show coming soon to a TV near you, buzz about what it will be about just won’t die down. When Audrina spoke to OK! on Monday, November 1, she gave the inside deets into what we can expect to see. One thing’s for sure: it will not be anything like theHills.

“Well, it’s not going to be set-up. It’s going to be my life. I’m really going to open up and take them (my fans) on that journey with me and trying to make it in Hollywood.”

“[On] The Hills, I was kind of in a bubble. That was my Hills life. This is going to be more about me and what I did when I wasn’t filming The Hills with my other friends and with pursuing my career.”

We have to admit that towards the latter seasons of theHills, Audrina’s storylines pretty much consisted of Justin Bobby, Justin Bobby, and Ryan Cabrera but then later Justin Bobby. It’ll be interesting to see what else she has done in her life outside of theHills.

Of course, a big question is how her show will compare against Lauren’s new fashion-driven reality show. Both are highly anticipated, more so after the famous rant given by Audrina’s mom, Lynn Patridge. Hills2City has done a thorough analysis of which show might reign supreme. Make sure to check it out here!

Bora Bora Lover Lovers

Splash News

Audrina Patridge and boyfriend Corey Bohan were photographed together on the beach, on August 12th, in Bora Bora, Tahiti. It seems their romance is truly blossoming, as they embarked upon a public display of affection for the awaiting cameras. The couple have been reputed to be staying in an over-the-water villa on the island, where they have been swimming with sharks and fed a pack of stingrays.

After all the Justin Bobby’s and Ryan’s, here’s to hoping that Audrina finally gets the happiness she deserves. Or at the least while waiting for a plane together, she tells Corey that she would return to the island again, and definitely with him!

The Famous Question

The question: was theHills staged? The answer: that is the famous question. Audrina Partridge gave this answer when she was in London earlier this week, to attend theHills finale pool party at the upscale Haymarket Hotel. In an interview with ITN news Audrina talks about filming with Ryan Cabrera post split, Brody Jenner shedding tears in the final episode, and, of course, Audrina’s full answer to whether or not theHills was staged.

Audrina Loves the Letter X [Back with Corey Bohan]

Gossip Center

Audrina was spotted hand in hand with her ex Corey Bohan, this after recently breaking up with singer Ryan Cabrera. Audrina and Corey traveled to Las Vegas together and were spotted at the Encore Hotel Thursday night, July 8.

You may recall, Audrina dumped Corey in October of 2009 claiming they had “conflicting schedules”.  You may also remember Audrina hooked up with Ryan this year after having dating him earlier in her career.  And, of course, she’s rekindled many a-flame with her “ex” Justin Bobby.

And while we’re happy this headline has to do with her ex named Corey and not Justin, we can’t help but notice that the girl loves revisiting the past!

Since Hills filming is over, we’re thinking these photos may actually be legit and not concocted for a reality storyline.  Hopefully it’s not for her new reality show, which a long time ago she said Corey would be a part of.  One thing is for sure, Corey is excited about his trip.

He tweeted, “Home from an epic 4th of july river trip with @OfficialAudrina& friends. What a week! Vegas tomorrow! Hope your ready Audrina ;)”.  Audrina replied, “@Corey_Bohan I was born ready!! Viva las vegas :)”.

Corey added, “Boarded & seated. Drink vouchers are goin down. A farewell drink for Vegas to celebrate a glorious couple of days with @OfficialAudrina.”

Audrina: “I faked romantic scenes with Ryan Cabrera for the cameras”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Audrina landed a guest spot on the upcoming movie, Honey 2. First, allow us to express our surprise that there is a Honey 2. Was Honey that much of a success?  Apparently it did well enough for someone to spend a lot of money to make a part 2, which some even say should be good.

That bodes well for Audrina.  Audrina will be a judge on the movie about a dance competition.  Not sure this will skyrocket her career as an actress.  This seems like more of a guest appearance than a real role.  But there’s still hope for Audrina who will have time for more acting classes and auditions once theHills is over.

E! stopped by the set where Audrina explained why she broke up with Ryan Cabrera.

“There was a lot that people didn’t really get to see.  Ryan and I are better off as friends.  We get along, but the chemistry for me just wasn’t there.  And I love Ryan as a friend and as a person, and I’d be there for him in a second, it just wasn’t fair to him.”

Excuse us for being pessimists, but it never appeared like there was chemistry there.  She always looked forced to hang out with him, kinda the way she did with Corey Bohan, another ex-boyfriend she broke up with for similar reasons.  The realists in us say she just pegged him to have a new storyline that didn’t involve her looking pathetic with Justin Bobby, the one person it’s been clear she has chemistry with, sadly. What seems unfair is that she got with Ryan in the first place.

As if this wasn’t already clear, Audrina admits that she fakes romantic scenes with Ryan.  Audrina and Ryan had broken up in the beginning of May, but in typical Hills fashion, they pretended to still be together in front of the camera.  As we’ve reported, Audrina ended the relationship a few days before Wango Tango.

On theHills, Audrina acted like they were still together at Wango Tango and fake cried over her fake boyfriend.  Somehow, Audrina or theHills staff got Ryan to play along.  He seranaded her at the concert.  “I had to stand there and watch him sing,’ Audrina said during an interview on Live with Regis & Kelly. “I started crying at the show.”  Fake crying because there was never any chemistry there.

Audrina says she is still chemistry-less and is “single at the moment”.  While Audrina’s love life is in need of help, her body is not.  She recently made People’s 50 Most Amazing Bodies issue.  A deserving Audrina said, she stays “disciplined” year round by hiking or boxing twice a week.  But Audrina would change one thing about her body that’s envied by many.  “I’ve always had a good stomach but I wish I had longer legs,” she said.

Young and the Restless

“TheHills” Season 6: Episode 9: “Break-Up To Make-Up”

Is it just us or is theHills starting to get a bit like the daytime soaps?  The characters cast is young and restless, as are the viewers watching these recycled plots.  This episode was very soap-like because it was basically a replay of last’s weeks episode.  Audrina spent the entire time milling over a decision- whether or not to break up with Ryan- which we all knew was inevitable.  Only this time, we finally reached a conclusion.

Audrina discussed her relationship with Kristin, Stephanie, and Lo.  After getting over the initial shock that everyone is so hunky dory these days, we were able to listen to Audrina talk about how she doesn’t want to hurt Ryan but she has to break up with him because it didn’t work.  “I gave it one more shot,” Audrina said before saying it was time to put the nail in the coffin.

The girls express their sympathy but it’s overshadowed by their eagerness to discuss Justin Bobby.  Lo asks her obligatory Justin Bobby question.  This time she inquires (again) whether Audrina’s decision to dump Ryan is because of Justin.  Audrina stares.

Kristin decides it will be good to invite Justin to Audrina’s birthday.  Never mind that Kristin used to “date” Justin, she’s on the Audrina-Justin train just like everyone else.

Frankie, Sleazy and Brody are just as restless as the women on the show.  Brody tells them he (still!) can’t believe McKaela is friends with Allie Lutz.  Because of her friendship, she can’t be his main girl, but “she’s still hot”, the guys note.  “She can be in the rotation”, the dog barks.

Then Brody ditches the girl talk for manly surfing on the beach.

After the talks over lunch and surfing, the cast did what they do best- hit the club.  And just like last week, McKaela walks in just as Kristin is aggressively flirting with Brody.  And Brody, well he’s charming her right back.  But that’s just because it’s in his DNA.

We wonder where Avril Lavigne is in all this Kristin-McKaela drama.  Brody must just tell Avril, his real significant other, that he’s just “acting” with these Hills girls.

Just like last episode McKaela walks in with Allie Lutz, because McKaela doesn’t have any other friends in the world who could come with her and cause less drama.  For a minute we had to ask whether this was The Real World or Jersey Shore?  We could have sworn we were watching theHills, but the class in the show left with Lauren, because Kristin has been teetering awfully close with the physical fights.  Funny, we bet she can’t fight.

Still, Kristin is so big and bad she calls Allie over to their table to antagonize her, and the worst part is Allie actually obliges.  We hope Allie is getting a paycheck for the producers making her seem so crazy.  Once she reaches the table, she sits down with Kristin who throws her hands up like she’s ready to fight.

Later, Kristin walks into Smashbox to meet up with Lo for lunch.  She acts surprised to see McKaela which is silly since McKaela interns there.  Unprofessionally, the girls start talking about their dramatic blowout the night before at the club.  Kristin says McKaela’s going to have problems if she keepings brings Allie around. McKaela says it’s not about Allie it’s because McKaela dated Brody.

That’s probably true.  But while Kristin hates anyone (Jayde, McKaela) who talks to Brody, she’s sure eager to hook people up with Justin, another “ex”.

Audrina is still wining to Ryan. She still doesn’t think their relationship can work.  Although we’re seeing this after the Wango Tango concert debacle, Audrina and Ryan actually broke up four days before we saw her crying over Ryan at the concert.  So, MTV either made Audrina and Ryan re-shoot this break-up scene after Wango Tango, or this was filmed before Wango Tango and placed after because MTV wanted to drag this sad story line out.

It really was a drag.  It was almost as painful as watching Audrina pine over Justin.  You know the outcome, but MTV just won’t let it happen until about six episodes after it should’ve happened.  But hey, the show is just like a soap opera these days.  Same story, different day.  Audrina is young and has made us restless.

Ultimately, Ryan says he doesn’t know what to do to make it better, and doesn’t know how to make Audrina happy.  Ryan, don’t feel bad.  Nobody does, except Justin Bobby.  Dude has it down cold.

It’s usually Audrina and Justin who dress alike, but this time Justin showed up to lunch with Kristin in a blue cutoff shirt virtually identical to her sleeveless blue jean jacket.  That’s not even the most surprising part.  Kristin invited Justin to Audrina’s brithday party and was practically begging Justin to contact Audrina because they’re meant to be.

Guess we all should just pretend like the fake Justin-Kristin storyline never happened.  They never dated, kissed, or vowed to get “serious”.  With all the relationship jumping and switching partners, this is even more like Young and the Restless or Bold and the Beautiful, or even General Hospital.

What’s that smile you say?  Audrina’s excited she broke up with Ryan.  ALthough she claimed she cried all night after the breakup, she was ready to move on very quickly.

She moved right on into the familiar arms of Justin Bobby. He was obviously happy to hear about Audrina and Ryan’s split.  So much so that he offered his normal mumbly wisdom: everything that’s happened has brought them to where they are today.  Yes, that’s called the past.  The past is necessary to get you to the present.  Thanks JB!

Between a Rocker and a Hard Place

“TheHills” Season 6: Episode 8: “Between a Rocker and a Hard Place”

We begin with the trio of Stephanie, Lo and Audrina.  In times reminiscent of the season past, the conversation quickly turns to Justin Bobby.  The girls wisely ask Audrina if her relationship with Ryan is suffering now because of the ghost of Justin Bobby.  Audrina blank stares.  Lo, fully  prepared to resume her role as the one to always keep the Justin Bobby conversation going, asks if Audrina would be willing to date Justin again.  Audrina blank stares, implying that she gladly  would.  Unbelievable.

The person on the receiving end of Kristin’s stares is Brody.  Kristin and Brody  grab a bite to eat where they take the opportunity to further bash McKaela.  Kristin recalls her conversation with McKaela and inaccurately recounts it to Brody.  Whereas McKaela told Kristin that Brody said typical guy stuff to her (like he could really see himself with her one day and she’s the kind girl he should end up with), Kristin translates this to tell Brody that McKaela said that Brody was in love with her and wanted to spend every second with her.  It’s the like the game of telephone.  What goes in one person’s ear, never comes out their mouth, especially if the mouth is Kristin.

McKaela seems to be settling in to her role as a new cast member.  She’s in a another scene without any regulars when she goes to eat with her trouble making friend, Allie.  McKaela isn’t as naive as she looks.  She finally confronts Allie about the allegations that she broke in to Brody’s house, realizing that Brody and Kristin couldn’t have made this up.  Allie largely avoids the discussion rapidly changing the subject, but does admit to being there.  Looks like Allie may be a burglar after all.  The Burglar Bunch has shown us burglars aren’t always big strong men who wear black.

Audrina’s cheshire cat smile is gone when she’s at the club with her boyfriend, Ryan.  Until Justin Bobby walks in.  This episode oddly starts out with Audrina and Ryan still trying to hang on although Audrina tried to think of every lame excuse not to be with him.  Justin only makes matters worse.

Justin tells Brody, who’s also at the club, that Audrina doesn’t deserve another rocker guy who’s going to treat her horribly like he did.  Ryan is clearly perturbed at Bobby’s presence.  Audrina explains to Ryan that he’s going to have to deal with Justin because she can’t get over him they go to the same places.  Ryan has had enough of the tomfoolery and leaves with Audrina on his arm, for now.  Before leaving he refused to shake Bobby’s hand, fist pump, pound or anything, reserving a mere high five for Bobby.

Stephanie tried really hard to get back in the dating game with Scott’s friend, Max.  She even made a nice Italian meal for him. Unfortunately, she failed miserably when she awkwardly blabbed about her DUI and her hateful brother, Spencer, who disowned her after the DUI.  Opening up to a guy you’re dating: okay.  Opening up to a guy when you’re on the second date: all wrong.

Stephanie later told Lo that she thought she was ready to date again, but after hanging out with Max, she’s not.  We think she may have been if she had just taken it a wee bit slower.  Or perhaps Stephanie was already starting to date her current boyfriend, Josh.

The gang went to Kiss FM 102.7’s Wango Tango concert.  Ryan Cabrera happened to be performing.  When Audrina arrived, she was moved to tears for some reason.  It’s as if she actually had feelings for Ryan or something.  But that couldn’t be it, because then she wouldn’t be trying to break up with him.  In the end, it was too much for Audrina who dramatically left the show.

MTV has located a new filming location in a local grocery store in the hills. This time we didn’t watch Lo and Stephanie eat food, but buy it.  There they discussed Audrina’s bizarre behavior at Wango Tango, which they were as confused about as we were.

For the main event, the cast went to the Nylon party where drama was created.  McKaela came to the party and was compelled to walk up to Kristin and Brody.  We’re hoping the producers compelled her to act, because there is no reason a reasonable person would walk in to a lion’s den like that.  To make matters worst, McKaela was still trying to reason with Brody, who has made it quite clear that he’s so over her.

McKaela continuously asked Brody why he hasn’t called her.  No guy wants to go through that.  No guy ever wants to go through that in a club.

Brody claims that he doesn’t want to date McKaela because she’s friends with Allie, the alleged Burglar.  Allie was at McKaela’s side at the Nylon party, which made it even harder to believe that McKaela would join the Hills group at the club.  But when Kristin spotted Allie, the catfight ensued.  Kristin over acted and Allie was happy to get her five minutes, even if only being the most hated person in LA.

After the fight, Kristin very forwardly asked Brody to take her home.  Brody said he wouldn’t drive her home, but he would take her home, if you know what he means.

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