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Designing Woman




Along with designing her Spring 2014 collection for Whitney Eve, Whitney Port’s latest project was to design the official apron for the famous Pillsbury Bake-off Contest.  Whitney shared her excitement with Too Fab, saying “I’m excited to see everybody wearing it that entered the contest, the 100 finalists are going to be wearing it in Las Vegas when they have their bake off.  It’s just going to be cool to see all those people in it.”

Whitney’s latest collection should hit the stores in August, and she also has plans for a jewelry line to compliment her Whitney Eve designs. 

When asked about her friends from theHills and theCity, Whitney shares that she keeps in contact with Roxy Olin and Kelly Cutrone regularly, but hasn’t even seen the photos of Kristin Cavallari’s recent wedding.  To fans of theHills, this should come as no surprise, as we don’t think Whitney and Kristin even shared screen time, so there would be no reason to keep track of each other.

Whitney also talked about her own favorite reality shows, explaining “I like the ‘Bachelor’ and the ‘Bachelorette’.  I love Beverly Hills’ ‘Housewives,’ that’s my favorite of the ‘Housewives.’ It’s pretty much the only one I watch. I like the ‘Real World,’ ‘Road Rules Challenge,’ those are all fun.”

Roxy Olin Stays Cool in The City



Roxy Olin appears to be surviving New York City’s heat wave this week as she was spotted outside of Da Silvano restaurant on Wednesday, July 13th. Wearing a white pinstriped summer dressed and pulling your hair back in a high pony tail is a great way to stay cool this summer.

The Week That Was

For those of you who missed even a second of Hills2City last week, here’s a handy review. This was a big week! Let’s begin!


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Roxy Could Give Olivia A Run For Her Money

Allen Zaki

Last year we showed you a couple of photos from the shoot Roxy Olin did for Beauty Entertainment magazine. Photographer Allen Zaki’s website has even more photos from the shoot.

Looking at Roxy in this shoot we’re reminded of her quirky, fun personality we saw on theCity, not to mention those flowing, brunette locks and sexy pout.  If  there’s no acting work on the horizon for Whitney‘s partner-in-crime, we’d suggest that modeling would be a great way to go.

Roxy is Back from Red Carpet Vacation

Billy Farrell via Daily Truffle

A rare Roxy Olin sighting we had to post.  Along with Lauren Brokaw, Roxy attended the launch of the film Truth or Dare by Sophomore, Thursday, March 17 in Hollywood.  Roxy looks great in the picture.  Although difficult to tell for sure, her outfit looks good too.  She paired black pants, a white top, and a black jacket with white fur.  Her hair looks perfectly wavy.

Maybe it’s a good thing for everyone to take a red carpet vacation once in a while.  We hope Roxy will be out more often now.

To read more about the event, click here.

Whitney’s 25th vs. 26th


Whitney Port celebrated her 26th birthday by having dinner at the Sugar Factory and then hopping over to Frankie Delgado’s new nightclub Chateau this past weekend. Whitney looked radiant in her white dress as she partied the night away with family, friends and boyfriend Ben Nemtin.

Clearly feeling nostalgic as another birthday comes and goes, Whitney posted previously un-seen photos from her 25th karaoke birthday party she celebrated in New York with Roxy Olin, Kelly Cultrone and Ben.  You know your relationship is doing big things when you celebrate two birthdays with your boyfriend.  In Hollywood, that’s like having a 20 year marriage.

With each passing year Whitney still remains the life and soul of the party!

Best of 2010: Top Trends: Dresses

It’s not a secret that we at Hills2City love fashion and also spotting a big trend.  In 2010 there’s been quite a few noticeable dress trends, with stars from both theHills and theCity often wearing them first.

Audrina and Roxy were both seen in the cut-out dress trend, which had to be one of the most body-con looks around.  Us normal girls would have to put in a lot of gym time to rock this one!

Lauren worked the lace trend with the Marchesa dress we loved so much on her book tour for Sugar & Spice and Lauren Conrad:Style. The cream lace really compliments Lauren’s skin-tone and blonde hair; with the lace dress trend probably being one of our favorite feminine looks of 2010.

The sheer dress is probably not high on our list of faves, but there’s no denying it was a huge trend in 2010.  Really just another way for a girl to show off her gym-honed bod.  Stephanie tried it out at the Middlemen premiere.

Basic black is always going to be a great fall-back, but for those stars who are into experimenting with their fashion, the printed dress trend was perfect.  Whitney is definitely up for trying something different on the red carpet, and used fun florals to mix it up at the Much Music Awards.

Our final dress trend couldn’t be more apt for this time of year, the sequin dress.  A sequin cocktail dress like this silver one Audrina wore to the MTV Movie Awards would fit right in at any glam holiday event.

So which was your favorite dress trend of 2010?  Vote below!

t’s not a secret that we at Hills2City love fashion and also spotting a big trend.  In 2010 there’s been quite a few noticeable dress trends, with stars from both theHills and theCity often wearing them first.Audrina and Roxy were both seen in the cut-out dress trend, which had to be one of the most body-con looks around.  Us normal girls would have to put in a lot of gym time to rock this one!t’s not a secret that we at Hills2City love fashion and also spotting a big trend.  In 2010 there’s been quite a few noticeable dress trends, with stars from both theHills and theCity often wearing them first.Audrina and Roxy were both seen in the cut-out dress trend, which had to be one of the most body-con looks around.  Us normal girls would have to put in a lot of gym time to rock this one! 

Best of 2010: Best Dressed

We’ve brought you the Best Bikini and Best Red Carpet Outfits of 2010, but the year wouldn’t be complete with our annual Best outfits of the year. We broke them down into several categories putting photos of the standout looks in each. Let’s begin!

Best Out On The Town Outfits:

Best Shopping Outfits:

Best Casual Outfits:

Best Shoes:

(Kristin Cavallari)

Best Coats:

Best Airport Outfits:

We are quite open here at Hills2City about our love of Olivia’s style, yet looking at the photos here it seems like Lauren, Whitney, Stephanie and Audrina have been giving her a run for her money in 2010.  Kristin is always one of the best casual dressers, Lo has brought some cool outfits into the public eye and this year Jayde and Roxy made our list too.  Who do you think was the best overall dressed of 2010?  Feel free to post photos of your favorite looks in the comments.

Best of 2010: Bikinis

Although it may seem odd to discuss bikinis in December, out here in the Hills, we’re having 80 degree weather.  Even if you’re in a city that actually has seasons, it’s nice to reminisce and also get a jump on possible bikini choices for summer 2011.  2011 saw a shortage of bikini ops from Hills and City stars, probably because there was less filming, thus less comp’d tropical vacations and more working at home indoors on various projects.

This category has to start with Ms. Bikini, Audrina Patridge, who was recently named the best body on reality television.  We’d agree with that statement; Audrina was the most photographed in a swimsuit all year, and has said in the past many times that she’s completely comfortable in a bikini.  These two swimsuits are our favorites of Audrina’s in 2010, we’re loving the way she’s able to look very modern in a string bikini, yet also rock the retro cool style with her strapless one-piece.

Kristin also has a slamming beach body, no doubt honed by her years growing up in Laguna.  We think this itsy bity yellow bikini suits her so well, the color highlights her gorgeous blonde locks and seems to set off her tan too.  The style suits Kristin’s natural shape.

Here’s the other Lauren, Lo Bosworth. Lo really dedicated a lot of time in 2010 to being healthy, tweeting about her gym routine and writing about it on her website The Lo Down. She also participated in the NIVEA Good-bye Cellulite Challenge, and as you can see from the photo above, is looking fantastic in a black cut-out swimsuit.  It’s shows just enough to let you know you’re going to hit the water instead of dance in the ballet, but it’s classy coverage is perfect for Lo’s style.  In fact, it looks remarkably similar to Audrina’s bikini last year that made our Best of 2009 list.

Roxy Olin is a new entrant to our best of bikinis; we must say that this bikini proved that blue & green should be seen together, especially when worn by someone as edgy as Roxy. We love the way that her fashion sense comes to play even with her choice of bikini, and the fact she looks like she’s having such a fun time at the beach totally adds to the vibe.

Stephanie had quite a few bikini photo ops in 2010, surprise cleaning the pool for the paparazzi, anyone?  But seriously, Steph was another Hills girl who really got into fitness this year, and like her old friend Roxy, Steph also mixes her love for fashion into her beach/poolside attire.  Our fave of Steph’s bikini’s was definitely this red & white one.  It’s flattering and also a little bohemian.

Whitney is known for her quirky bikini choices, she had a few distasters in 2009 and in 2010 continued to experiment!  Our number one fave was this floral strapless bikini, with ruffles on the top.  It is very flattering for Whitney’s figure and skintone, and is just quirky enough to be a Whitney-style swimsuit, but not too quirky that we couldn’t see ourselves working it at the beach next summer.

So who’s wearing your favorite bikini in 2010?  Vote below!

Who Would Make the Best Shopping Buddy?

The Hollywood Gossip

In Lauren’s style book, she mentions that although she often prefers to shop alone, there are some circumstances where a trusted friend can be really helpful.  In light of Black Friday yesterday and with Cyber Monday just around the corner, that got us thinking about the numerous shopping scenes in theHills, and which of the girls we would like to shop with…

Lauren Generally quite mainstream in her own tastes, Lauren does have a fashion-edge, with her fashion studies and experience working at Teen Vogue, People’s Revolution and her own collections for Kohl’s and now Paper Crown.  Lauren would be the best at helping you build a classic wardrobe, and as she’s always seemed to be a loyal friend, we bet she’d give you constructive criticism too.

Lo & Stephanie We’ve paired these two together for our shopping trip, as they are pretty much joined at the hip these days.  We think if you were after the perfect girly day, Lo & Steph would be the ones to give it to you.  Meeting up for brunch before hitting the shops, Lo & Steph would provide girly gossip, makeup tips (from Lo’s stint at Smashbox) and although their tastes are quite mainstream, they’d probably give you steady advice.

Audrina Miss Patridge has really stepped it up in recent years as far as her fashion tastes go.  She’s come a long way from the first season of theHills when the majority of her wardrobe was made up of lycra.  ‘Drina would be lots of fun we think.  She’s so down to earth and easygoing with her style, with the perfect amount of young Hollywood glamour.  Ooh, and maybe she can get you a free pair of Bongo jeans?

Heidi She’s probably so desperate for an actual girlfriend these days that Heidi would be nothing but grateful to shop with us!  Considering that Heidi 2.0 can’t actually fit into regular clothes she wouldn’t be able to do any shopping for herself, so the day would end up being about you….that is unless Spencer and his crystals are along for the ride.

OliviaProbably a dream shopping companion, in the fact that we have no doubt with Olivia’s taste.  She would be on first-name basis with all the exclusive New York boutique Managers, and know exactly what investment piece to recommend, so it would really be like having your own personal stylist!

WhitneyShopping with Whit would never be boring.   With her experience living on both coasts, she would know all the quirky and fun boutiques.  Also not afraid of taking a risk, Whitney would be the first to encourage you to try a new trend.  And who knows, maybe she would give you a discount on a new Whitney Eve piece so that you could really be a trend-setter.

KristinWe’re not really sure how good of a shopping companion Kristin would be.  Although we saw her shoe shopping with Audrina once on theHills, something tells us Kristin would be too into her own look to be able to be objective about ours.  Or, she’d probably be more into her plans that evening.  Something tells us she’s a quick shopper who likes to get in and get out. Having said that, she also wouldn’t sugar-coat things, so if you wanted the honest truth, perhaps Kristin would be your girl after all.

RoxyRoxy would be a great shopper because she would dance around in her dressing room when she tried on an outfit she really liked.  Fun!

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