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Tru Whit Reminds Us of Something

Whitney Port

As you know, Whitney Port’s first book True Whit is here, complete with an excerpt from the book.  In fact, Whitney just posted another excerpt on her website and from the looks of things, Whitney’s new book looks a lot like Lauren’s Style book!

This is not a huge surprise, after all both Whitney and Lauren are both fashion designers now and as well as former colleagues at People’s Revolution and Teen Vogue. So it makes sense that they’d both want to talk about their own personal style and give tips to their fans.

Though we liked Lauren’s book, so as long as Whit’s has enough to differentiate it we are happy to read about fashion until the cows come home.  And it does.  Unlike Lauren’s book, Whitney won’t only talk clothing style, she’ll also talk about random things like home style and how to throw a party.

True Whit comes out today, February 1!

Whitney and Lauren’s Styles Are Starting to Resemble Each Other


Both Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port attended the CoverGirl Cosmetics’ 50th anniversary party on Wednesday, January 5, with both girls looking fantastic.

Now we know that Lauren and Whitney share make-up artist Amy Nadine, but their similar outfits (the shoes especially) got a few people wondering if they also have started sharing a stylist?  Or perhaps those years of working at Teen Vogue and People’s Revolution together just made both girls sync a little?  Their styles traditionally couldn’t be more different, but this day they were nearly identical.

Whatever the answer, we love their party looks and think both girls look stunning.  Whitney wore a vintage goddess gown from What Goes Around Comes Around, and we’ve already talked about how much we adore her accessories and make-up. 

Lauren was wearing a shorter cream wrap dress from Quail, which featured a bow at her waist.  She styled the dress with snakeskin heels by Jimmy Choo, simple gold jewelry by Dana Rebecca Designs and at times was carrying a Chanel bag that matched her dress.  Oh, and let’s not forget Lauren’s new hair color which complimented the whole look perfectly.

So we have two former co-workers and firm friends, but who looked better on the night?  This one is definitely a tough choice!

If Whitney Wasn’t A Reality Star…

If Whitney had never entered theHills only to leave it for theCity for “them bright lights long nights”, would the rest still be unwritten? What would she be doing today? Check out a few viable options below.

Fashion P.R.

Whitney’s work experience at Teen Vogue, People’s Revolution, and Diane von Furstenberg have served her well, as Whitney gained experience in both selling and sustaining a fashion empire. These lessons helped her spawn her own clothing line, Whitney Eve, and build it to the success it is today, and there is no need to think that she wouldn’t be able to do the same for any other fashion company out there. Need a public relations executive to man your next campaign? Dial 1-800-WHITNEY.

Certified Face Maker

Throughout the seasons of theHills and theCity, we’ve been amused and amazed at the range of emotions Whitney’s face is able to contort to. Case in point: Whitney’s grimace at the thought of Lauren’s parents having been this close to naming her Tiffany. She has also made many an exasperated look at Olivia’s shenanigans as well as shown us how much fun she had at Coachella this year (clue: it’s written all over her face). Who could also forget this picture she posted on her Twitter? With these in mind, it’s easy to see why there is a real future for Whitney in this field.  She’d be a great hire for companies who want to gauge consumers first, real reactions to their products or services.


If sewing shops and outsourcing didn’t exist, we’re sure that Whitney would make a fine seamstress in her own right. Her innate skill with fabrics and clear direction of material construction are very good tools with which she can use to make her clothes and accessories. Like Lauren, we would love to see Whitney’s thought process behind each collection she designs.

Gloria Allred

Whitney is also smart.  She graduated from USC with a degree in women’s studies.  We could see her getting a job with the famed lawyer and helping women’s causes. She could get her very own red suit (or maybe even help Gloria see her more fashionable side) and help Gloria with all her (hundreds) of press conferences.

What do you think Whitney would be if she wasn’t a reality star?

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Stephanie, Where Art Thou Handbags?

We found this vide of Stephanie attending the launch of Four boutique on Melrose in LA back in July.  Besides talking about outdated Hills finale secrets, Stephanie also dished on her favorite Hills memory, her handbag line which she said was due out this fall (it wasn’t so it must have been pushed back), and some male and female fashion tips.

Where are those handbags?  We’ve been waiting for them ever since Kelly Cutrone wel ballistic on Stephanie when Steph told Kelly she wanted to be a handbag designer during her job interview with the PR firm!

Should Lauren and Whitney be Desk Buddies Again?

With Whitney Port out of a show since theCity got cancelled, and her former fellow Teen Vogue/People’s Revolution coworker Lauren Conrad back into reality TV, we’ve often wondered whether Whitney would make a guest appearance on Lauren Conrad: Fiercely Fashionable. Despite the fact that Lauren recently said that none of her former co-stars would be showing their faces, we can’t help but think that Whitney would be a good sidekick if there ever was one. Here’s why:

Whitney Makes Lauren Laugh

Back in Season 3 of theHills, Lauren asked Whitney, “Did you know that my parents were going to name me Tiffany?” The above face was the result, and it made Lauren laugh and forget about her troubles with Brody and Spencer at the time. Just wait until you see what Whitney’s reaction was when Lauren then said that “Crystal” was yet another name possibility.

Having a friend like that who can keep you level-headed, dispense good advice, and make you forget your troubles for awhile is always someone you want to keep close by. Given that Whitney is a friend who hasn’t made Lauren cry once- except when she left for New York- should make her a shoo-in for a spot in Lauren’s entourage.

They Support Each Other

Even the closest friendships can have their jealous moments, and having Andre Leon Talley of Vogue tell your coworker/friend that she looks like a model is definitely reason enough to feel the pangs of envy. Yet Lauren was gracious and let Whitney have her time in the spotlight, supporting her and even buttering her up to Andre by highlighting her modeling experience. Such a friendship is rare to find and should be nourished and extended!

Both Are In Committed Relationships

Lauren has Kyle Howard and Whitney is currently shacked up with Ben Nemtin. A source of Lauren’s woes on theHills was the fact that each of her close friends seemed to, one way or another, end up dating her exes or somebody on her persona non grata list. Stephanie went out on a date with Doug, Heidi married Spencer, and Audrina and Jenn Bunney (and Kristin) all hooked up with Brody. But Whitney was never a part of that drama and certainly would not be on LC:FF. As Kyle and Ben are both respectable members of young Hollywood, Whitney and Lauren have more in common than they think!

So what do you think, Hills2Citiers? Should we make an appeal to Lauren and ask her to bring Whitney on her show?

Why “Kell on Earth” Died and Went to Heaven

We’re sure that there are hordes of women who would do anything to be on The Bachelorette. Who wouldn’t want to be on tv, get her 15 minutes of fame, and walk away with a potential new husband-for-a-day-before-the-inevitable-breakup? One person has more dignity than that however, and it’s everyone’s favorite tough love giver: Kelly Cutrone. As the PR powerhouse behind People’s Revolution, she is an innovator, inspiration, and single mother. Without a man by her side, Kelly has done what many modern women today aspire to do: be successful alone.  Despite being on reality TV in the past, Kelly vows that her future successes will not include reality TV.  Here’s an excerpt from her interview with Popeater:

I heard through the grapevine that ‘Kell on Earth’ isn’t returning to Bravo. What happened?
I’m not doing reality TV again. Every year, something bigger has to happen. I’m not going to wear a bathing suit, get married or sell my child, so I decided it would be better to do a TV show that’s not scripted.

You’ve moved over to MTV. Can you tell me about your new show?
Yeah. I’m an executive producer on the show, but it’s still in development. I’ll use those tricks that I used with Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad to work with young people who want to have these opportunities and want to stand out in these big industries. Tough love, a little kick and a hug is my formula for the show.

Kelly may just now be figuring out what network works for her, but she’s got the successful single mother thing down.  But Kelly didn’t get to where she is today without a few lessons learned along the way. At Elle’s 25th Anniversary celebration in New York on Tuesday, October 26, which Olivia Palermo also attended, Kelly spoke about her two failed marriages before she met daughter Ava’s father, Ilario Calvo.

“I got married at 21 [to Ronnie Cutrone] and believed all the hype about true love. You can imagine how devastated I was when reality hit me that romance doesn’t always end in happily ever after … I never thought I’d love again.”

“Then, I left my second husband and met a French actor [Ilario Calvo]. I got pregnant, broke up with him and had a baby by myself. I did everything backwards.”

Kelly has no regrets about anything she’s done in her past, as those events brought her the greatest gift in life: Ava.

“Ava is the love of my life. Looking back, I have no regrets and wouldn’t have done anything differently.”

As always, Kelly has the wise words needed when we are feeling alone and immobile to chase after our dreams. All we have to do is believe in ourselves and know that all of life’s events eventually lead you to the one thing you were searching for your whole life.

Click here to read more on Kelly’s interview with PopEater.

Whitney Almost Misses Her Nail Appointment

Whitney was walking to her nail appointment with a friend on Tuesday, October 26 when she was caught by the paparazzi wanting to know more about how she felt regarding theCity’s cancelation.

“I’m O.K. about it. It’s a new start, new beginnings. I’m just focusing on my line right now and working on some other projects.”

Whitney also confirmed that she no longer worked for Kelly Cutrone at People’s Revolution, but that she missed Kelly. Click here to watch the video of Whitney answering more of the paps’ questions and in doing so, walking right past her nail salon. “You guys always make me do this!” she laughed.

Life Lessons from Stephanie Pratt

Bearing the curse of being the little sister of Spencer Pratt, it’s easy to establish that life has not been too kind to Stephanie Pratt. With disastrous job interviews, numerous bad romances, and a DUI all under her belt, Stephanie has managed to turn her life around for the better this past year. Without further ado, we bring you Stephanie’s life lessons…

What not to say in an interview

In a classic moment of theHills, we all got to witness Stephanie butcher her job interview at People’s Revolution. The usual procedure for interviews is to state why you will be the perfect fit for the company you’ve applied to, however someone forgot to send Stephanie the memo. Stephanie told her interviewer at a public relations company, Kelly Cutrone, that her “final objective in life” was to start her own handbag line, which prompted Kelly to exclaim, “so you basically want to use my experience, my clients, and their inside knowledge to ultimately leave here.” Ouch!  Not to mention she wrote on her resume that she knows French, but when Kelly pressed her on it, she seemed like she just knew about as much as a French 2 high school student.

Moral: Under no circumstances do you ever, ever, ever imply to a boss at your interview that you intend to use them for your own benefit.

What not to say on a date

Your best friend sets you up on a date with guy and it’s going great until a severe case of word vomit strikes. This is what happened to Stephanie when Lo Bosworth set her up with Max Ritz. During their second date Stephanie opened up about her history of drinking problems and her estranged brother Spencer Pratt, leaving an uncomfortable Max eyeing his salad wishing he were elsewhere. Unfortunately there is no cure for word vomit once it strikes, but there is a prevention, it’s called thinking before you speak.

Moral: It’s now too late for Stephanie, but you can at least learn from her by keeping serious issues off the dinner table until you’re sure the date is serious about you and won’t get scared off.

Who Not To Go On a Date With

You’re on a dinner date with a handsome man. Candles are flickering, there’s a romantic ambiance, and you’re getting along fabulously. But the man you’re on a date with happens to be the ex-boyfriend of a friend. Major error. Huge error. Stephanie tried to say she didn’t go on a “date” with Doug, but truly that was just a game of semantics.  Because when the lights at the restaurant are dim and girl and a guy go out to eat, 98% of the time it’s a date.  Especially considering how goo goo eyed Stephanie was ever since she found out Doug had a private jet.  A bewildered Steph asked Lauren, “you’re breaking up with a guy with a private jet?!” The situation came to blows when Stephanie overheard Doug dissing her at a bbq, and Lauren did not lend her a sympathetic shoulder to cry on, “You and Doug shouldn’t have done what you did.”

Moral: If you ever find yourself in this situation and things start getting date-like, fake an emergency phonecall, and get your a**out of there. Friends last longer than boyfriends.

Respect The Law

Stephanie fell foul of the law when she was arrested in October 2009 for a DUI charge, after she had left Holly Montag‘s birthday party.  The result of her careless actions could have cost her her own life, or worse, somebody elses.  Stephanie was clearly repentant about her actions and enrolled at the Betty Ford Clinic where she attended a 3 month alcohol treatment program. Clearly this has been one of the best decisions shes ever made, as Stephanie has been glowing lately, and her career post theHills is definitely on the up!

Moral: Never drive under the influence. Ever.  Please.

A Name Is Just A Word

Stephanie spent the bulk of her time on theHills and in her career distancing herself from her brother, Spencer Pratt.  Stephanie could truly run a clinic in how to separate yourself from family members bringing your good name down.  Sometimes we forget the two are related.  Of course it’s not a good thing that Spencer and Stephanie no longer speak, but really what were her options?  Stephanie is getting many opportunities in Hollywood and compliments from big wigs.  Everyone’s reaction to her is no longer fear that she will start showing her Spencer-like qualities, but awe that she is the exact opposite of her brother.  Despite Audrina and Lo’s initial fear of Stephanie’s intentions when she befriended Lauren, Stephanie is one of the few that Lauren and Lo still talk to today.

Moral:  You make your own impressions.  Don’t allow brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and definitely not friends to do it for you.

What lessons did you learn from Stephanie?


Click here to read Life Lessons from Lauren Conrad

“A Fashion Show is Like a Very Expensive Wedding”

In honor of fashion week, Kelly Cutrone was on E! News giving viewers a behind the scenes of her life as a fashion PR heavyweight.  So before you let another tear fall because Kell on Earth was canned by Bravo, enjoy these Kelly one-liners.

“A fashion show is like a very expensive wedding and each one of those seat costs thousands of dollars,” Kelly admitted.  When E! came by, Kelly was busy preparing for her client’s, Nicholas K’s, fashion show.  You may recall Whitney Eve showed her first collection with Nicholas K because at the time, they were mutual clients of Kelly.  Good to see Nicholas still employs Kelly and the Revolution, even though Whitney Eve doesn’t.

Kelly began her prep demonstration with seating.  Surprisingly celebs don’t always get the best seats (we’ve spotted a few who probably didn’t want to be spotted in the third row.  In the front row, “You’ll always see the reviewers.  And a lot of times they won’t even put celebrities in this area because this is really the money row.  New York Times, Vogue, ELLE.”  Celebs are often seated away from viewers so viewers will be focused on the fashion instead of the famous faces.

Kelly also has to be up on her popculture to create an effective seating chart.  She explains, “You can’t really put a celebrity next to somebody who might have slept with someone’s boyfriend.”  Bad idea.  “So there’s long histories that you have to follow to make sure you’re not gonna upset anybody,” she adds.

Poster lineups with detailed photographic instructions plan the models looks and the order they walk out in.  Then, Kelly checks in on the models in hair and makeup.  Finally, she checks in with the designers to see how they want the models to walk, and they always want them “serious.”  Yes, seriously fierce.

During the show Kelly is in the director’s booth communicating with colleagues in case there’s any problems backstage.  As for the start time, fashionably late isn’t a phrase without meaning.  “We don’t like to start on time, we like to be fashionably late.  So 9 o’clock is about 9:20 in fashion,” she says.  Just don’t try telling your boss that.

The Whitney Eve 2011 Spring Line

Gossip Center

Whitney showed off her progress and ever growing status in the fashion industry on September 11 when she debuted her 2011 Whitney Eve spring line at Industrial Studio 6 for New York Fashion Week. The day before, she let her fans know about her stage fright when she tweeted how nervous she was for the big day.

“I cannot write emails right now. Every word I am typing is the wrong word.”

Aww. Perhaps her fear came from the fact that this was the first show she put on without Kelly Cutrone by her side. Nevertheless, she rocked the runway and put together a collection that was very girly and likeable. We are certain that she will succeed no matter who is behind the curtain.

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