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Audrina Patridge Returns To Her Rock’n’Roll Roots


audrina 2


Always the rock chick, Audrina Patridge attended Republic Records’ Grammy’s after party in West Hollywood on Sunday night, January 26.

The new host of 1st Look wore a white long sleeve mini dress, with a revealing black mesh panel at each side.  Only Audrina could get away with this dress; Hills2City can’t imagine any other star working it quite like she did!

Audrina accessorized with black patent leather booties, and focussed her makeup on a smokey-eye look, wearing her hair straight and loose. 

Other attendees to the Republic Records party were Paris Hilton, Nelly and Jessie J.

Brody Is A Prince Of Malibu Again




Showing that he leads a remarkably different life to his Kardashian step-siblings, Brody Jenner has spent $1.9 million on a new home in Malibu, pictured above.  Brody’s new house is close to older brother Brandon and his wife Leah’s house, as well as his newly-single Dad Bruce Jenner’s Malibu pad. 

Brody’s new house is definitely more modest than Bruce’s  $14,500 per month beachfront house, and at 1,517 square feet is a little smaller too. 

Then again, Brody may not have those Kardashian pay checks coming in after Bruce and Kris’ recent separation, so he might need to be a little more thrify, as far as Hollywood standards go anyway.

There’s no word if this is Brody’s only residence, as far as Hills2City know, the ex heartbreaker on theHills has also kept his condo in West Hollywood’s Sierra Towers.  Yep, the very condo Brody wooed Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge, Kristin Cavallari, Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Avril Lavigne, Jayde Nicole and (we assume) current girlfriend Bryana Holly, in.

The Go-To Girl




For the third year in a row, Carrera y Carrera have asked Olivia Palermo to star in their jewelry campaign.  The Spanish label, who are known for their collections inspired by nature, are also beloved by Kelly Osbourne, Julianne Hough, Nicky and Paris Hilton.

This latest collection is called Treasures of the Empire; the campaign shot to capture the Spanish heritage of the Madrid-based company. Olivia is featured in rich, deep colors; the styling whispers “luxe”.




Remember when Juicy Couture was the hottest brand on the planet?  When it wasn’t uncommon to see the likes of JLo, Gwen Stefani and Paris Hilton rocking a velour Juicy Couture track suit?  For quite a while the label has been mainly seen on the gym-fit bodies of soccer Mom’s, but now Juicy Couture is set for a revamp!

They have enlisted model-of-the-moment Karlie Kloss to front the new campaign for Fall/Winter 2012, and it’s hot, hot, hot.  In the new campaign, 20 year old Karlie is shown in a leopard-print jumpsuit, a mini-kilt, gold skinny jeans and a tuxedo jacket. 

One of our favorite looks is the pink, white and black paisley jacket and matching pants, which are worn with a simple black top.  Paisley is set to be one of the main prints of the upcoming season.

Twit Bit


In this week’s Twit Bit, a Conan O’Brien resignation is imminent, Patti Stanger needs to take her own advice and who knew Andy Roddick was clumsy?

The Bling Ring Comes To Life


With a career as high profile as Emma Watson’s, her first role after Harry Potter needed to be a good one.  It’s been revealed that as well as starring in indie movies like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Your Voice in My Head and Beauty and the Beast, Emma’s next role will be in Sofia Coppola’s new movie, The Bling Ring.

The Bling Ring is based on the celebrity robberies that took place in 2009, committed by a bunch of teenagers who were nicknamed “The Burgler Bunch” and “The Bling Ring”.  The crew targeted young Hollywood celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Audrina Patridge.

It’s being reported that Emma will play one of the six thieves, who stole $3 million from the celebrities. We can’t wait to see The Bling Ring, especially considering its star and Director.  Sofia Coppola is sure to put her indie spin on one of the most interesting crimes in the past few years.

Twit Bit


In this week’s Twit Bit, college students feel the plight of Lauren Conrad, people should take Taylor Mosher seriously and someone needs to stop Paris Hilton for the greater good of humanity.

Watch Out LA: Paris and Nicky Hilton are Back on the Streets



The original celebutantes put on a show in Los Angeles, California on Wednesday, January 25. Paris and Nicky Hilton indulged in a spot of shopping (what else) and the paparazzi were on hand (of course) to capture every moment.

Nicky has got so skinny she makes Paris look curvy in comparison. And you know there is no way Paris will stand for that. Expect headlines shrieking about Paris’ dramatic weightloss in 3, 2, 1 …

Twit Bit


In this week’s Twit Bit, the world is a scary place for Lo, Erin has died and gone to heaven, Taylor voices a secret fantasy of millions and a pimp Ryan? Seriously? A pimp?! It seems a little far-fetched.

Twit Bit


In this week’s Twit Bit, Hilary has mastered the humble brag, Stephanie is far from the gilded cage of Beverly Hills, Kourtney may be dressing as Wonder Woman for Halloween and Erin is such a good friend.

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