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The Shore Four



The Jersey Shore cast are currently filming their sixth season of MTV’s most watched show ever; Deena and Mike put past arguments behind them and stepped out with their partners for a double-date.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is not only fresh out of rehab, but has started dating his sometime-fling from past seasons, Paula Pickard. Single last season, Deena Nicole Cortese has been seeing her boyfriend Chris Buckner for the past few months.

It will be interesting to see how rehab has affected The Situation’s personality, if indeed he is more likeable now.  Of course, the other big change for the Seaside Heights crew is Snooki’s pregnancy.  Once the cast’s biggest partier, it will be fun to see the differences in Snooki now she’s expecting.

We will get a preview of pregnant Snooki soon, as her reality show with BFF JWoww premieres this Thursday, June 21.  On their show Snooki & JWoww, we get to see Nicole break the news of her pregnancy and engagement to Jenni, as well as the other Jersey Shore roommates.

Nicole spoke to MTV about the announcement, saying “I told Jenni, and obviously it’s freaky, because if Jenni told me that, I’d be like, ‘What the hell is going on?’  The fact that I have Jenni’s support, and the roommates came over and I got to tell the roommates, everyone was freaked out at first. Obviously it’s a lot of news, but in the end everybody does support me, so it’s nice to have that.”

The Situation Upgrades


Wet Paint via Twitter

The Situation has a new girlfriend to go along with his new lifestyle post rehab. The lady in question is California native, Caitlin Wood. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about his new squeeze courtesy of Wet Paint.

She was a Miss Malibu 2010 contestant. Caitlin’s other “credits” include attending a Verizon 4G launch party and modeling in Frederick’s of Hollywood’s Miami Swim Week.

She’s a Model Mayhem girl. The Situation had alot of spare time to browse model agency listings in rehab.

No nudie pics, thank you very much. Caitlin would like the world to know that she will not pose nude, so stop asking her already. She states, “Please do not ask me to do nude work or send you nude photos to be used to consider for a casting. if you like the way I look in a bikini you don’t need to see me nude! :)”

She’s busy, so she’ll only be considering paid jobs from now on. She alerts everyone reading her profile, “Just wanted to let you guys know I am very busy for the rest of the month till about Mid May, so I will not be shooting or working very often. If it is paid then I can consider it. Just wanted to let you know.” Well, now she has a sugar daddy.

She’s from Chino, where Ryan was from on The OC! Tough chick with a bad attitude? Sounds like she was born to cameo on Jersey Shore!

Would you bring her home to meet your mother?

The Situation Is Worse Than We Thought


In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has checked himself into rehab. A source has confessed to TMZ that Mike was showing signs of drug abuse during the filming of season 5 of Jersey Shore.

Several people noticed Mike was “acting paranoid” on the set and his behavior was evident in a season 5 camping episode that recently aired on MTV. During the episode, he can be seen “acting jittery, sweating profusely and just plain acting bizarre.”

No sympathy here. You get what you deserve when you dabble in drugs.

The Situation Sets Us Straight


As previously reported by Hills2City, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is currently in rehab for alleged subtance abuse.  Today, The Situation took to his website to come clean about his issues. 

Mike wote, “I want to set the record straight. I have voluntarily taken steps to get control of a prescription medication problem I had due to exhaustion. I have spent the past several weeks getting treatment for this problem and recuperating from my work and appearance schedule. I appreciate my fans support and love you guys.”

TMZ report that Mike is at Cirque Lodge in Utah, which was recently the scene of Demi Moore’s rehabilitation.

Apparently, this is not the first time The Situation has been in rehab.  His father, Frank Sorrentino, who it should be noted has had a strained relationship with his son for years, spoke to MetaCafe, saying “When Mikey was in rehab we found the facility for him in Florida and we brought him down here and did a 7 day dry out period then he went to another facility for 30 days.”

MTV don’t seem to be too concerned about The Situation’s situation, only telling People magazine that they “fully expect and are looking forward to the entire cast returning for a sixth season.”

I Think We’ve Got A Situation Here….

#Jersey Shore

Jersey Shore may be back for a sixth season, but the party is over at least temporarily for The Situation.  Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has checked into rehab for alleged substance abuse. 

It’s not yet been revealed whether this means The Situation is being treated for drugs, alcohol or both, but with the amount of partying that goes down on the show and his off-season nightclub appearances, we’re not 100% surprised.  Something we were surprised to find out was the amount Mike gets paid for his appearances; apparently his appearance fee ranges from $15K to $50K per night!

The Situation’s reps haven’t confirmed he actually is in rehab, but instead released this statement, saying Mike “has spent the past several weeks at an undisclosed location for much needed rest and recuperation after his extensive production and appearance schedule.”

Mike himself took to twitter on Tuesday, March 20, tweeting  “Getting in amazing shape for season 6!”

Grenades, Gorillas and Guidos, Oh My!


Vodpod videos no longer available.

Believe it or not, Jersey-philes, but it’s almost time for season five!  Your favorite Seasiders are back at the shore, and we couldn’t be happier.

It was fun seeing the tanned 8-some as fishes out of water in Italy, but Seaside is where they belong.

Season five of Jersey Shore sees the continuing issue between Snooki and The Situation, Vinny deciding to leave the house, Deena as the sober one, food fights, fist-pumps and smushing galore.

Jersey Shore Does The VMA’s, Minus The Situation


Gossip Center

It’s well-known that Jersey Shore is MTV’s most popular show of all time, so it wasn’t a surprise to see the uber-tanned cast on the red carpet for Sunday night’s Video Music Awards.

Snooki, Deena, Sammi, J-Woww, Vinny, Pauly D and Ronnie all made appearances at the show, but noticeably absent was The Situation.

He hasn’t been the most loved housemate so far this season, causing all sorts of trouble for Snooki, Ronnie and Sammi, but it turns out the reason for his absence was down to Hurricane Irene.

Although the rest of the cast had no troubles getting out to LA for the awards, The Situation was stranded.  “We had to get out here for the VMAs,” Vinny later told MTV News hours after arriving in L.A. “MTV did whatever they could to get us out here. We wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Mike’s rep spoke to Us magazine about the incident, saying “‘Mike got stuck due to the rain and couldn’t make the flight.”

The Situation also took to twitter, saying “I wish I could be at the VMA’s but all flights were grounded because of the Hurricane…thanks again for always having my back! For all the Haters who are mad by what really happened, keep Hating!”

Snooki Wants Guido Babies


What a difference 10 months makes. 10 months being the length of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s relationship with boyfriend Jionni LaValle, and she’s already talking babies and marriage.

Snooki appeared on Good Morning America on Wednesday, August 10, and spoke about how she’s changed since the earlier seasons of Jersey Shore, saying “I’ve calmed down already. I don’t hook up anymore.  I’ll always be this crazy, fun person, but when it’s time to get married, I’m going to be an amazing wife.”

“Jionni is a great guy so I’m so down for making Guido babies with him,” Snooki continued. “Not yet. I’m only 23, but eventually I would love to get married.”

This all despite Snooki’s acknowledgment she cheated on her great guy with castmate, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino.  She spoke to US magazine recently about the drama, and how it affected things with Jionni, saying “It sucked, but we’re going strong. I love him, and we’re gonna get married, no matter what anyone says.”

Another thing Snooki has issue with is people’s perception of her as a hard-partying ditz, insisting she’s a “real person.”  She goes on to say, “You know what’s sad? People are like, ‘Oh my god, you can read,'” Snooki said on GMA. “I went to school. I went to college. I know how to read. Even though I lack common sense sometimes, I am book smart.”

DWTS is Out With the D-List and in With the A-List


Dancing with the Stars has been a haven for reality stars in hopes of revving up their career – but these days may soon be over. After featuring the likes of Audrina Patridge, The Situation, Kendra Wilkinson, Kate Gosselin and Holly Madison over the years, DWTS producers are ditching the D-listers in hopes of attracting the A-listers.

The producers hope to do this by allowing big names full control over music selections, costume design and most importantly their rehearsal schedule so they can practice as little or as much as they want. It is not known whether or not DWTS has managed to book any big celebrities yet.

We hate to be pessimistic but DWTS has heck of a fight ahead of them. The show has been known for too long as the ‘go-to-show-if-your-c-list-career-needs-a-boost.’ If A-listers need a career boost they pretend to hook-up with another A-lister. Or adopt a baby. Or say something controversial accidentally-on-purpose. They don’t need to go on a dancing show.  Besides the so called D-Listers have ruined it forever.  If there’s one thing an A-Lister hates it’s going behind a D-Lister.

Hollywood has a class system and DWTS cemented their place on the totem pole along time ago.

Snooki, Rob Kardashian, and Evelyn Lozada Rumored to be DWTS

Rumors are buzzing about Snooki being in talks to sign on for season 13 of Dancing With the Stars.  If the rumors are true, which they usually are on this show, Snooki will have to eat her words because she once declared that Dancing With the Stars is only for hasbeens.
Her little declaration came about when she advised her costar, The Situation, not to sign onto the show because “I feel like Dancing with the Stars is for celebrities that like fell off.” Snooki dissed the person whose footsteps she’s following in and the show she’s signing up for. We can draw no other conclusion than Snooki thinks she has fallen off.

Snooki won’t be the only familiar reality show face. Rob Kardashian is in discussions with ABC too. Finally Rob would have a job that doesn’t consist off of living off of his sisters.  Kim’s words, not ours.

The Kardashians are hoping the show will bring Rob onto the public stage alongside his sisters. “Rob is such a low-key guy, so it would be interesting to see if he’d come out of his shell,” a source says. Another star who “is a possibility” for the show is Christina Milian and Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada.  Evelyn’s fiance, Chad Ochocinco, has already competed on the show and ABC is apparently enamored with the idea of Chad coming back in some capacity if Evelyn gets cast.

To be fair, if the rumors are true that is a pretty stellar cast ABC has snagged themselves.

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