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What Lauren Has Learned




Hills2City were almost surprised to realize this week that it’s been 10 years since Lauren, Lo, Stephen, Dieter, Trey and the rest of the Laguna Beach crew graduated from High School!  It’s one of those moments we all go through in our own lives; you know how much you’ve grown and changed, but at the same time, high school just doesn’t seem all that long ago.

Lauren was doing some reflecting this week, posting a Letter to Her 18 Year Old Self on her website.  Here’s what 28-year-old Lauren had to say:

1. Wear sunscreen!

This is an obvious one. When I was a teenager, tanning was the mode du jour and I was all about getting that sun-kissed (or tanning bed orange…) glow. I felt invincible, and never thought twice about the skin damage caused by UV rays. Nowadays, I’ve learned to embrace my natural skin tone in the hopes that it will mean less wrinkles and a lower risk of skin cancer as I get older. I never leave home without my SPF.

2. Enjoy being young.

They say that youth is wasted on the young, and I couldn’t agree more. When I was 18, I was in a hurry to grow up. Instead, I wish I would have taken a beat to just enjoy being young. So many things are new when you’re that age and the level of responsibility is still low. It’s important to enjoy that phase just like any other.

3. Be an individual.

Being 18 years old means you’re at an age of many exciting changes. For so long you’ve gone to school with the same people, and everything you’ve done is with the same group of friends in more or less the same environment. Then, for the first time you get to go off on your own and make real, conscious decisions about where you want life to take you. You get to choose your school, your major, and what kind of person you’ll become. So when you’re making these decisions, be an individual. It’s the best way to discover who you really are.





Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth joined longtime friend Jilly Hendrix as Bridesmaids this weekend for Paper Crown brand partner Maura McManus wedding to David Oehm.


The wedding was held in Ojai, California, on Saturday, August 16, and also acted as a mini-Laguna Beach reunion, with Stephen Colletti and Dieter Schmitz in attendance.

Dieter posted the photo above to his Instagram, saying, “With @stephencolletti for one of the besets in the wettest @mauramcmanus wedding.”

Lauren Conrad & Lo Bosworth Are Beautiful Bridesmaids

Maura’s bridesmaids all wore differently styled cream full length gowns; Lauren wore hers with a pair of cream leather strappy heels, slipping on her sunglasses and Chanel bag for the Reception.

Now the countdown must really be on for Lauren’s own wedding to William Tell!  Hills2City can’t wait!

Don’t Tell Mr Tell


lauren 3


It will be no surprise to long-time fans of Lauren Conrad or theHills that Lauren had her Bachelorette weekend in Cabo.  Using the hashtag #DontTellMrTell, the Bride-to-be and her besties were all over social media, sharing special moments from the weekend with fans, and bringing back memories of the Laguna Beach days.

lauren 1

lauren 2

Lauren was joined in Cabo for a four-day weekend from Thursday, June 19, by longtime friends Lo Bosworth, Hannah Skvarla, Jilly Hendrix and Jeannie Scharetg.

lauren 4

The weekend looked to be the ultimate girls weekend, filled with awesome new memories and cute little “Lauren” touches like the Bachelorette cookie!  One of Lauren’s friends shared with US magazine this week, “The trip was more about relaxing and taking time off than raging.  The activities were wholesome—for the most part!”


One of the fun touches of the weekend were the temporary tattoos all the girls wore, shared by Lo on her Instagram. Too cute!

In amongst all the fun however, Lauren had a firm hold on her morals, leaving a restaurant after the DJ made a homophobic joke.  Lauren tweeted the incident, explaining “The Office in Cabo does not allow same sex couples to participate in couple games. Had to walk out. #equality #StopTheHate”

A Private Affair




Although Lauren Conrad was happy to share her engagement news via social media, and is keen to reveal her wedding plans via her blog, Hills2City are not expecting to see or hear any further details of Lauren and William Tell’s big day.

A source has revealed that Lauren recently turned down an offer from MTV to televise their wedding, explaining, “Lauren is done with reality TV and isn’t about to turn her nuptials into a circus. Plus, William is very private and mortified at the thought of a cheesy TV wedding. She thinks her big day will be a lot less special if she’s focused on cashing in.”

To ensure the couple’s privacy, there will be no ex-co-stars from theHills and that includes her famous ex boyfriends!  A friend spoke to Life & Style magazine, sharing “Inviting everyone she’s ever worked with is also a no-no.  She doesn’t want any drama.”

The friend went on to say, “She wants to control how information gets out.  She’s even thinking of banning cell phones from the ceremony!”

The only ex-Hillsie invited to Lauren and William’s wedding is Lauren’s longtime friend Lo Bosworth, who will also be one of Lauren’s bridesmaids. 

Lauren, who is famous for her love of interior and event styling, will most likely work with a wedding planner to ensure her dreams come to fruition.  Lauren’s friend shared with Life & Style, “She’ll definitely get someone to help her out with the planning, but she isn’t going to give control over to anyone else.”

Back To Reality: Laguna Update




Hills2City keep you up to date with the lives of Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari but we don’t often have the opportunity to find out about the rest of the Laguna Beach cast.  Perez Hilton has delved into the lives of Jason Wahler, Jessica Smith, Stephen Colletti, Dieter Schmitz, Trey Phillips and Lo Bosworth to share their updates!

As Hills2City recently shared, Jason Wahler got married to long-time love Ashley Slack.  Perez shares, “After appearing on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew, it looks like Laguna bad boy Jason Wahler might have finally cleaned up his act! The same day ex-GF Lauren Conrad announced her engagement news, Jason married model Ashley Slack! No drama to report, just wedded bliss and irony!”


“Stephen Colletti aka “Ste-phen” went on to date a number of Hollywood actresses, including Hayden Panettiere and Chelsea Kane. He’s had small recurring acting roles on the VH1 series Hit the Floor and the CW hit, One Tree Hill. Our fav surfer boy is still friends with LC and congratulated her on her recent engagement via Twitter. So dreamy!”


“Lauren “Lo” Bosworth created a lifestyle website and wrote a book called, The Lo Down! Her brand is on fire, and you can check out her amaze YouTube tutorials HERE!”


“Dieter Schmitz studied hotel management at the University of San Diego and is currently hotel manager at Lakehouse Hotel and Resort at Lake San Marcos. He’s totally in love with a blonde cutie via Instagram investigation and even wished Lauren Conrad a congrats on her engagement by posting an adorable beach video!”


“Far from her Laguna days of serial dating and crying over guys, Jessica Smith, now known as Jessica Smith Evans is happily married with two children! Being a mommy looks totes good on her!”


“Trey Phillips moved to the Big Apple to study design at Parsons and still lives there—working as an associate designer for Vera Wang. Trey is close to his costars Stephen Colletti, Lauren Conrad, and Dieter Schmitz, and probably still uses his longboard skateboard to get around the streets of New York!”

Finally Lucky In Love




Lauren Conrad has had a successful career since leaving theHills back in 2009, but her relationships have had their issues.  Now it seems like she’s found her perfect match in boyfriend William Tell; the couple celebrating their 1.5 year anniversary last week, on Friday, August 16.

Lauren posted this photo on Instagram, saying  ”Just looked at the calendar and realized it was a year and a half ago today that I met this guy…And I sure am glad I did (sic).”

Rumors have started that Lauren and William are busy planning a life together, one that involves a wedding!  Hills2City wonder if Lauren’s childhood best friend Lo Bosworth’s company Revelry House will be involved?

Lauren recently spoke about how she’s never been happier than she is with William, explaining  ”’He is very good for me because we have a lot in common as far as where we grew up. It’s the first time I’m with someone and I’m not explaining things.  He also has experience in the entertainment industry, so he understands a lot of things that people don’t always get.”

Laguna Beach: Where Are They Now?




Hills2City brought you the news that MTV are repeating Laguna Beach and theHills this summer; have you gotten re-hooked on Laguna all over again? 

Obviously we know what Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari are up to since their reality days, but what about the rest of the cast?  Starcasm did a little research and came up with the following tidbits:

Stephen Colletti: After Laguna Beach, Stephen went on to make a couple of appearances on The Hills. He also landed a role on The CW’s One Tree Hill and remained on the series until it ended in 2012. Stephen dated actress Hayden Panettiere in 2008 and Chelsea Kane in 2011. It’s unclear if he is currently dating anyone.

Lo Bosworth: Lo moved to Los Angeles as well where she  graduated from UCLA after majoring in Art History. After starring in The Hills, Lo went on to release a book, The Lo-Down and coordinating website. She now lives in New York City where she has launched a party planning company called Reverly House.

Jessica Smith: Jessica had a couple of run-ins with the law after filming on Laguna Beach wrapped but now, she’s a married stay-at-home mom of two children, a boy and a girl.

Jason Wahler: Jason struggled with addiction and arrests for years leading to an appearance on Celebrity Rehab in 2010. He’s now sober and engaged to married to girlfriend Ashley Slack.

Talan Torriero: Following Laguna Beach, Talan appeared in a couple of movies including Senior Skip Day and Action News 5. He now owns a marketing company called CyberInterns. As for his love life, Talan was previously engaged to Kimberly Stewart but called off their engagement years ago. He is now engaged to girlfriend Danielle.

Trey Phillips: Trey moved to NYC following high school where he studied design at the Parsons Institute. He now works as a designer for Vera Wang.

Christina Schuller: Chrisina is currently married and working as a fitness instructor in Southern California. She’s also launched Beach Babe Fitness which includes a mixture of healthy recipes and fitness tips.

Alex Murrel: In 2009, Alex was involved in a drug bust which involved an illegal immigrant that was allegedly her boyfriend. Since then, Alex has graduated college. She has been dating a guy named Kyle Johnson for four years.

Love Is In The Air For Lo



Not only has Lo Bosworth started a new business, Revelry House, but she has also gone public with boyfriend Jeremy Globerson!  Hills2City wondered recently if Lo had a new man in her life, having posed with Jeremy at a friend’s recent wedding, but until now we hadn’t had any confirmation.

Lo has been dating Jeremy, who is a businessman originally from California, since 2012.  US magazine report that the couple share an apartment in New York City; Lo sharing, “He’s very nice.”

The former star of Laguna Beach and theHills was previously in a relationship with Scott Hochstadt from 2008 to 2010, some of which they shared publicly on the final season of theHills. 

Lo and Jeremy attended the 6th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Jersey City, New Jersey, on Saturday, June 1. Lo wore a navy printed summer dress, which she accessorized simply with a pair of aviator sunglasses.

We Know How To Party




Hills2City brought you the news of Lo Bosworth’s new business recently, and now her old friend Lauren Conrad is doing some promotional duties too. 

Lauren highlighted Lo’s new business Revelry House on Monday, June 10, via her website, sharing, “It’s the season of barbecues and alfresco entertaining. And since party planning is one of my favorite pastimes, I’ve been making the most of the warm weather by entertaining outdoors as much as possible. Today I wanted to share a few tips for throwing a flawless backyard bash from the ladies who know best.”

She continues, “Many of you may remember my friend Lauren Bosworth (aka Lo) from The Hills. She recently launched a fabulous new website called Revelry House along with co-founder Christianne Amodio, and the idea behind it is pretty genius. When you go to Revelry House, you can choose from several pre-packaged boxes of party and entertaining essentials. Each box is themed for a certain holiday or occasion, and your party supplies will arrive right at your doorstep. Whether you’re planning a Fourth of July barbecue, throwing a New Year’s Eve bash, or hosting an intimate baby shower, Revelry House is a great new tool for the modern hostess. You have to check it out.”

Lauren also asked Lo for her top five tips for throwing the ultimate party:

  1. Jazz up your party by turning your favorite classic movie on mute on in the background. An old black and white film will give your get-together an elegant, retro feel.

  2. If you’re planning on blowing up balloons for your party, I suggest cutting all of the ribbon or twine at one time once you determine what the proper length should be. This will save you a ton of time and keep the balloons looking uniform instead of sloppy.

  3. Don’t have enough serving dishes or vases? Ask your bestie to bring one of hers over to complete your dessert tablescape. And don’t be afraid of things looking mismatched—it will add a unique touch to your flatware.

  4. If you need a wine bucket to hold that lovely bottle of chilled Rose you’ve been saving for the occasion, get creative and use a big lobster pot or roasting dish instead. Just fill it with ice cubes and wrap a pretty fabric napkin around the wine when pouring your guests a glass.

  5. Make your ice cubes stand out by adding small pieces of yummy fruit or pretty edible flowers to your ice cube trays. Fill them up halfway with water, add the fruit or flowers, freeze for 30 minutes, and then finish filling with water so the fruit is sealed in the ice cube. Voila!

Lo Bosworth’s New Career




The last we heard, Lo Bosworth was living in New York City after a stint in Los Angeles as a Talent Agent.  For the next step in her career, Lo has launched a new business, Revelry House, which is a party planning service.

For one of their first jobs, Revelry House catered a wedding in Newport Beach, Orange County, California!  A bit of a return to Lo’s home turf.   

The new business owner posted photos from the event on her Instagram, even showing a couple of photos of herself and a possible new boyfriend!

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