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Designing Woman




Along with designing her Spring 2014 collection for Whitney Eve, Whitney Port’s latest project was to design the official apron for the famous Pillsbury Bake-off Contest.  Whitney shared her excitement with Too Fab, saying “I’m excited to see everybody wearing it that entered the contest, the 100 finalists are going to be wearing it in Las Vegas when they have their bake off.  It’s just going to be cool to see all those people in it.”

Whitney’s latest collection should hit the stores in August, and she also has plans for a jewelry line to compliment her Whitney Eve designs. 

When asked about her friends from theHills and theCity, Whitney shares that she keeps in contact with Roxy Olin and Kelly Cutrone regularly, but hasn’t even seen the photos of Kristin Cavallari’s recent wedding.  To fans of theHills, this should come as no surprise, as we don’t think Whitney and Kristin even shared screen time, so there would be no reason to keep track of each other.

Whitney also talked about her own favorite reality shows, explaining “I like the ‘Bachelor’ and the ‘Bachelorette’.  I love Beverly Hills’ ‘Housewives,’ that’s my favorite of the ‘Housewives.’ It’s pretty much the only one I watch. I like the ‘Real World,’ ‘Road Rules Challenge,’ those are all fun.”

Whitney’s Officially In The NYFW Club



We’re so proud of Whitney Port!  From her humble beginnings as Lauren Conrad’s work-buddy at Teen Vogue to a starring role in her own reality show theCity, and now a growing fashion line, no-one would have predicted Whitney’s success, but we sure are enjoying it.

Whitney spoke to Grazia UK magazine last week, after her Whitney Eve Fall/Winter 2012 collection premiered at New York Fashion Week.

Backstage, I asked her how it felt to be in the NYFW club and among such great company.

“Really weird and surreal,” she said. “But really, really cool.”


“Yeah, definitely scary!” Port confirmed with a nervous giggle and a quick flick of her frankly amazing blonde mane. But the nerves aren’t going anywhere yet, she explained. “I feel that the really scary part is now when you’ve done it and you’re waiting to hear what everybody has to say, but I’m just trying to tell myself that it doesn’t matter, that it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks!”

Whitney needn’t fret – the collection was a fun, varied and extremely wearable addition to what is becoming a rather successful brand. Inspired by an antique kaleidoscope she found in her grandmother’s attic, Port showed graphic prints, tailored trousers and the occasional oh-so-very-now peplum, as well as little touches of sequin bling for the young city girl that she clearly aims for.

Soon, she’ll have the chance to pick up a few new fans from this side of the pond as she undertakes another February first – a six-week stay in London filming her new role as a judge on Britain And Ireland’s Next Top Model alongside Elle Macpherson, Julien Macdonald and Tyson Beckford.

“I’m coming out there the last week of February,” she told me. “I’m really excited! I love London but I’ve never really got the chance to actually be out there for an extended period of time, it’s exciting.”

Exciting, yes, but has she picked a judging strategy as yet – is she good cop or bad cop?

“I think that I see myself more as the nice, easy going, accepting kind of judge,” she said. “I don’t see myself being too hard on the people. I mean, I do have a side of being brutally honest but I don’t know that I’ll be able to actually be like that.”

Perhaps she’s been taking tips on brutal honesty from her famously direct mentor, fellow The Hills/The Cityalumni and America’s Next Top Model judge, Kelly Cutrone. Clearly the two are still close and work well together – Cutrone’s company People’s Revolution produced Whitney’s show, so one would assume it’s an important relationship.

“Very important,” Port confirmed. “I mean, Kelly has really nurtured me and taken care of me and shown me the way and she’s helped me get to where I am right now so I have an infinite amount of thanks for her.”

Whitney also posted some cool behind-the-scenes photos from the show on her website, sharing her gratefulness with her team and her fans, saying ” I can’t believe it’s already over! I’m so proud of the entire Whitney Eve team. Thank you to everyone who made this possible! xoxo, Whit.”

Karl Tries To Take It Back


When asked recently his opinion on current female pop stars, Karl Lagerfeld mentioned that he loved Adele, and couldn’t wait for her new album to come out.  He also made the following faux pas, saying to UK paper Metro this week, “She is a little too fat, but she has a beautiful face and a divine voice.”

Adele, who won six Grammy’s at Sunday night’s awards, has so far not responded to Karl’s comments.  She has spoken about her body image in the past though, saying to People magazine that she’s happy with her looks, “I’ve never wanted to look like models on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I’m very proud of that.”

Last year she said, “I enjoy being me; I always have done. I’ve seen people where it rules their lives, you know, who want to be thinner or have bigger boobs, and how it wears them down. And I just don’t want that in my life. It’s just never been an issue – at least, I’ve never hung out with the sort of horrible people who make it an issue. I have insecurities of course, but I don’t hang out with anyone who points them out to me.”

When speaking to Anderson Cooper on his most recent show this Sunday, Adele added to her positive image, saying, “I don’t want to be some skinny mini with my t*** out. I really don’t want to do it and I don’t want people confusing what it is that I’m about.”

Although Adele hasn’t directly addressed Karl, she has her supporters.  An LA-based blog called Curver and Chaos wrote, “Are you freaking kidding me? We’re done with him and Chanel as long as he’s involved with them.”

Kelly Cutrone added, “If you love Adele then boycott Chanel.”

The Chanel maestro himself spoke to Metro again, following the backlash, releasing the following statement:

“I’d like to say to Adele that I am your biggest admirer. Sometimes when you take a sentence out of the article, it changes the meaning of the thought. What I said was in relation to Lana Del Rey and the sentence has since been taken out of context from how it was originally published.  I actually prefer Adele, she is my favorite singer and I am a great admirer of her. I lost over 30 kilos over 10 years ago and have kept it off. I know how it feels when the press is mean to you in regards to your appearance. Adele is a beautiful girl. She is the best. And I can’t wait for her next CD.”

The Show You Can’t Believe Is Still On


Although she has previously said she’s done with reality tv, Kelly Cutrone has just been announced as the latest judge to join America’s Next Top Model. 

Kelly will replace current judge Andre Leon Talley, who has been with the show for four cycles.  Seeing as ANTM uses cycles rather than seasons, this means Andre has been with the show since early 2010.

Kelly spoke to People magazine about her decision to join the judging panel, saying “I am a huge fan of America’s Next Top Model and have watched the show for years.  Having worked in various aspects of the fashion industry over the course of my career, I am excited for this new opportunity and hope to bring a different perspective to the show.”

It all sounds like an amicable departure for Andre, who has nothing but praise for the show and it’s creator, Tyra Banks.  Andre said, “I had a great ride and will always consider my experience with Top Model one of the best moments of my life.  Tyra is an incredible role model and I learned so much sitting next to her through four cycles.”

Coming from someone who has been the Editor At Large for Vogue for many years, as well as a respected fashion figure, this is actually a pretty good compliment.

We have to wonder how relevant America’s Next Top Model has become, however.  Originally it was pretty addictive viewing, and we remember watching it in our College years, but honestly can’t think of any of our generation who is still interested.  So it begs the question, who is watching ANTM these days?

There have been so many changes to the judging panel over the years, it’s hard to keep track.  In addition, can you name more than a handful of models who’ve made their careers through the show, let alone become top models?

Kelly Cutrone has built her reputation on being on the cutting edge of fashion.  So this next gig sounds like a pretty bad mistake to us.  Either that or she really will shake up the show and make it relevant again.

Straight-Talking Kelly is Back and She Still Takes No Bull

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Kelly Cutrone is busy promoting her new book, Normal Gets You Nowhere. Following in the footsteps of her previous bestseller If You Have To Cry, Go Outside, Kelly is offering more words of wisdom to young readers who want to make it big in the worlds of fashion and public relations. And in traditional Kelly style she talks to her readers with no holds barred.

“The book’s called ‘Normal Gets You Nowhere,’ and I really believe that there’s all this emphasis right now on young people to be normal, to get it together and I think that’s the worst advice,” she explained. “I think you need to be not normal and you should not fit in and you should really sit down with yourself and figure out who you are and what are you going to do because history is made up of not-normal people.”

While Kelly aims to encourage her readers to have the confidence to be themselves in an industry full of clones, she also reminds them that they should always be thankful for their position and must give back in anyway they can.

“I’m really encouraging young people to not be normal but in the mean time to kind of look around and see what’s going on. We need to stop [and give back too],” she said. “But it really encourages people to help each other. I think it’ll give them an edge in their game.”

Sounds pretty sassy! Much like Kelly herself. Not that we would ever expect anything less from her.

Normal Will Get You Nowhere will be released on Tuesday, May 3 and is available for pre-order.

More from Kelly on her new book:  she literally strikes up conversations on streets of New York pitching her book to random street walkers.

The Week That Was

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Love Black? Kelly Cutrone is Starting Her Own Clothing Line

Kelly Cutrone was recently in Melbourne and Sydney, promoting her new book and also Aussie labels Gideon Shoes and Illamasqua. Among the book signings at major department stores like Myer, fashion parties and launches, MTV Australia was lucky enough to grab some of Kelly’s time for an interview.

MTV: Hi Kelly! You worked really closely with Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port on ‘The City’ and ‘The Hills’. Do you keep in touch with them?

Kelly: I keep in touch with Whitney a lot. I mean Lauren, when I see her we talk and stuff but we were never… like she would never call me and spend holidays at my house, Whitney does. I’m really close to Whitney.

We can see that actually, especially since Kelly mentored Whitney a lot more closely in the creation of Whitney Eve. Whit also seems a little edgier than Lauren, so we can imagine Lauren shying away from Kelly a tiny bit.

MTV: You’re heavily involved in Australian fashion…

Kelly: Well you know, I’ve been working with Australian designers probably more than any other American company. I’ve done Ksubi since day one, we did all the sass & bide shows in America, we’ve done Camilla and Marc, we did Alice McCall shows in the United States, we’ve got Gideon now, we have a lot going on. We’ve been on the Aussie tip before anybody.

MTV: Why is that? What sets Australian fashion apart for you?

Kelly: I think they have a really interesting take on bohemian and layering and cool. ‘Cause Australian people are physically very beautiful and it’s hot, so you have to show your skin. I don’t know, [Australians] are very beautiful people, and they’re really nice, so there’s a real beauty and effortlessness about Australian people, and that comes through in the fashion…

Remember that one of Whitney’s first jobs within People’s Revolution New York was to help style the sass & bide show.  Sass & bide, plus all the other Australian designers Kelly mentions are some of the country’s biggest success stories.  It definitely confirms that Kelly can talk the talk and walk the walk when it comes to branding and PR.

MTV: We hear you’re launching your own fashion line?

Kelly: I am – I’m doing a new brand with Chris Burch we’re starting a brand called the Electric Love Army which I’m really excited about.

MTV: How has that transition been for you? Going from PR to the other side?

Kelly: Well, I’ve been doing it for 20 years… and we’re constantly styling and also working on a bunch of collections where people are spending anything from $250,000 to $1 million to make them, and we’re watching what works and what doesn’t. So it’s kind of like working in an amazing horse track. After a while you kind of know how to breed the horse, how to find the right jockey and how to make it run.

I had to start making brands – I can’t just sit there and know all this and not spin it. My whole thing is, I want to strip the walls of the fashion world down and bring it to the masses. I don’t like the fact it’s an art form that people are not always welcome in. I want girls to be able to go in and feel good about themselves and feel really empowered and not have to be some granola indigo girl.

The Electric Love Army’s first collection should be interesting. Kelly Cutrone is well known for her love of black, so we’re thinking maybe 1950’s beat poet meets downtown girl.  Kelly’s new book Normal Gets You Nowhere: Trust Me They’re Lying To You is out later this year.

Click here for more of the MTV Australia interview, and click here for another Kelly chat with Aussie site FabSugar.

Olivia is One of the 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers- WINNING!

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Always a style icon for us here at Hills2City, Olivia was asked to take part in a shoot all about style featuring the 50 Most Stylish New Yorkers.  Photographed by Stefani Pappas for StyleCaster, the shoot took place in New York mid-January.  The video above shows the behind-the-scenes action.

Aside from Olivia, the shoot also features fashion designer Jen Kao, stylist Malina Joseph, Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi, photographer Nicholas Routzen and stylist (and former assistant to Kelly Cutrone) Andrew Mukamal.

Olivia, who is credited as a Model, Actress & Designer, is wearing a top by Ports 1961, pleated maxi-skirt by Topshop, brown suede peep-toe booties by Elizabeth & James, a brown leather belt by Mango and jewelry by Calypso.

At the shoot, Liv was interviewed by StyleCaster, offering her opinion on shopping and dating in New York:

Do you have a secret, off-the-beaten-path shopping spot in New York?
Not specifically. I think sometimes you find the best things when you least expect it. Just to go to small little boutiques that have one-of-a-kind pieces. And probably Nolita, I would say, is a great area.  

Do you have a favorite date spot that you like to go to?
I really enjoy going to Café Gitane. Johannes and I really like going there. So when we’re home we go there for dinner—so every once in a while.

Do you have a favorite New York-based book, movie or television show?
Aside from Sex and the City? Well, I did appreciate that 24 did its last season in New York—that was great.

For more from the StyleCaster shoot, click here.

Why MTV and Lauren Conrad No Longer Mesh

When the sudden news was revealed that Lauren’s new reality show, Lauren Conrad: Fiercely Fashionable, was not picked up for MTV’s new lineup, Hills fans everywhere gasped. It was Laguna Beach and then theHills that brought us inside the homes and lives of L.A.’s reality 20-something elite. Back then, the rich and prestigious lifestyles of these individuals who seemed to have it all – money, parties, class, and each other – were enough to captivate us and hold our attention. MTV was content to entertain us with shows that left us wanting to be just like Lauren, Kristin, and the rest of their California buddies.

However in recent years, the once successful formula of aspirational programming has not been enough to keep our interest. Perhaps it is too aspirational, or maybe not aspirational enough since the cast was seemingly handed extraordinary things on a silver platter, or perhaps it was the fake story lines that turned us off.

Shows like Jersey Shore and Teen Mom have skyrocketed in the ratings due to its provocative and downright outrageous nature. People watch these shows because A) it would probably never happen in their own lives and B) it’s just so much fun to mock these hapless individuals who exploit their environment for a quick buck.

Even the villans of theHills and theCity, Spencer, Heidi, and Olivia, would look quite angelic compared to Snooki, who got so drunk in a recent episode that she could not figure out where the beach was even though she was standing right on it. In another episode, Sammi Sweetheart punched boyfriend Ronnie hard in the face after finding out that he was on good terms again with her enemy J-Woww. The closest Whitney ever got to laying a good one on Olivia was to call her a “b*tch”.

Given that Jersey Shore and Teen Mom are now the breadwinners for the MTV family, it is likely that they did not want to pay Lauren more money than what she was making on theHills. We can’t see her accepting the same salary when she has been a part of this business since high school. This put MTV in a tight corner (they cited financial difference as a reason the show was canceled) and forced them to gauge how successful her show could be with today’s audience.

So, how does MTV calculate their equation for a successful show? With the new MTV shows there’s one gigantic overlaying factor: these shows are deeply rooted in reality. Not the kind of reality that is scripted with retakes, planned meetings, and fake fights. The kind of reality that brings about punches, sloppy hook-ups, babies who are sick, and the mothers who can’t take care of them. Simply put, people today want to watch what other people’s personal lives are like, perhaps to escape from their own.

From the start, Lauren said that LC:FF would be about her latest fashion line. None of her close friends or Kyle would be featured. While MTV said that this would be too high-brow for its audience and Lauren claimed that they felt their viewers were not savvy enough, in the end, it really does look like it was the “personal” bit that shifted the final decision to keep her show out of the lineup.  Another possible factor is that Tony Disanto and Liz Gately left the network.  Both were instrumental in the creation of theHills.  While they were still at MTV when Lauren signed on, they had already left by the time the pilot was produced.  They likely would have fought a little harder for Lauren and her refusal to show anything personal.

The new MTV did not.  After all, they already tried the show with a character seeking a fashion career and keeping her personal life off camera with Whitney’s spinoff, theCity. Yet it was not a winning mix and the show eventually got cancelled.  It’s obvious that MTV didn’t think Whitney was the cause of the failure, but the formula of the show.  It looks like they didn’t even Lauren was a powerful enough force to carry a show  like this.

Indeed, we’re not sure anyone could.  Lauren started out on TV as an unknown high school student.  Now she’s a bona fide celebrity.  Every celebrity who has a reality show shows some of their personal life.  For Lauren, she showed her personal life in the most provocative way on theHills, and now she seems scared to show even a little bit, even if in a less invasive way.

It’s Time to Dust Those Knit Caps Off

Laguna Lovers

Audrina Patridge was spotted indulging in a little beauty treatment on Tuesday, January 11 when she got a manicure with a gal pal.  Audrina looked cute in black pants, an oversized sweatshirt and a black knit cap. We remember when those hats were everywhere.  If Lauren wasn’t wearing one, Whitney was.  Then Kelly Cutrone used her fashion voice to tell us all to burn ours.  Now, a year and a half later, they’re back in style.  And that’s fashion.

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