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Audrina Finds Her True Love



Is Audrina Patridge going to be the next ex-theHills cast member to get married?  It definitely sounds like Audrina is happy and settled in her relationship with boyfriend Corey Bohan; Hills2City almost couldn’t believe it when we realised the couple have now been together for 5 years!

Audrina and Corey recently attended the 2013 Billboard Awards in Las Vegas, posing together on the red carpet, and looking very much in love.

Audrina spoke to US Magazine on Tuesday, July 9, at the 7/Eleven party in Malibu.  The magazine asked if Corey was the love of her life, and Audrina replied, “Yes!”, but also confirmed they don’t have an official anniversary. “We’ve been off and on for almost five years, but we’ve been solid,” she shared.

The former Hillsie told US Magazine that she and Corey have “talked about” getting married but have no firm plans in place. “There’s so much pressure from the media and other people, so we try not to tell everyone our business.  It will be up to us.”

Audrina also shared what makes Corey different from her past boyfriends, like Justin-Bobby, explaining, “With other guys in the past I dated, I never felt safe. We’d go out and I felt like I had to defend them, and so with Corey I feel like I’m safe — he’s a guy’s guy.  He’s not afraid to get dirty and that’s what I like about him. He’s not super metro.”

But she also spoke about the difficulties of being in a long-distance relationship, due to Corey’s work. “Whenever he’s in different countries it’s opposite time, so we won’t even talk to each other on the phone for like five days,” she said. “We’ll hear from each other maybe once every few days, so it does get hard, but you just have to stay busy and keep moving so you don’t have that time to sit.”

Since her reality show Audrina was cancelled in 2011, Audrina has kept things low-key for her career.  “I was kind of burnt out.  Now I’ve been going back to acting class and going on auditions for hosting stuff and different TV shows.”

Just like former theHills and theCity stars Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo, Audrina is not keen to go back to reality television, at least not for a show that depicts her personal life.   “I’ve been through that,” she explained, “and it’s hard for me to trust anyone as far as reality goes.

Lauren’s No Gossip Girl


In the years that she’s been in the public eye, Lauren Conrad has proved that the old saying “Nice girls finish last” is actually untrue.

As part of her book tour, Lauren appeared on Watch What Happens Live on Tuesday, October 16, and was even able to stay true to her nice personality when answering questions about Heidi Montag and Kristin Cavallari.

Andy Cohen asked Lauren to answer three questions about her former co-stars from theHills, with the proviso that she was able to plead the fifth on only one of the questions.

Firstly, Andy spoke to Lauren about Justin Bobby, Spencer Pratt and Brody Jenner, asking, “Who would you marry, who do you shag, who do you kill?”

Lauren joked by replying, “Can I kill myself?” she laughed, “I’ll plead the fifth.”

The second question was regarding Heidi Montag, specifically what Lauren thought about Heidi’s decision to undergo her 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day.  Lauren replied, “Well, that’s just unkind.  I thought that she was beautiful before it. I don’t think she needed it. But, personal decision.”

Finally, Andy asked, “Say three nice things about Kristin Cavallari.”  Lauren responded by saying, “She’s really good at losing baby weight. That’s true! She is a very pretty girl.”

After small pause, Lauren giggled and said, “There’s a lot of nice things! I was just trying to get more specific. She dresses really nicely.”

Where Are They Now?


Obviously we cover the lives, loves and fashionable stylings of the main cast from both theHills and theCity, but we’re sure you wonder sometimes about the wherabouts of the lesser-known or more supporting “characters”.  (Let’s face it, theHills ended up quite far away from reality in the end).

The Hot Hits Live From LA have compiled a really funny list of what the likes of Frankie Delgado, Stacie the Bartender etc have been up to since the show ended:

Frankie Delgado was Brody’s BFF, and they are still in a serious bromance. Their Twitter feeds are filled with love for each other, but he is also engaged to a lovely lady.

Justin Bobby was the gross guy who Audrina was in love with, but did you know he was a hairdresser!? Apparently he is cutting hair in Costa Mesa.

Stacie the bartender became Kristin’s friend in the final season, and it turns out they actually are still friends! Stacie wants Kristin to be her bridesmaid at her wedding, and it turns out she’s also friends with Kendra Wilkinson — because her sister works for Playboy Radio.

Holly Montag seems to be on better terms with her sister Heidi again… we’re basing that on Spencer asking people to follow her on Twitter.

Remember back in season one there was a group of guys we were meant to care about? Brian Drolet briefly dated Audrina, and he has appeared in a whole stack of terrible straight to DVD movies. Jordan Eubanks was Heidi’s boyfriend, and he has also been in some straight to DVD releases. He’s also married!

Jason Wahler aka Lauren’s ex has been in and out of rehab and jail, but he’s cleaned himself up and was recently snapped hanging with Janice Dickinson and appearing at charity events.

And Jen Bunney who caused heaps of drama and got a nose job, now has an MBA.

Thank god you know that now.

Never Say Never


While getting her hair done a couple of weeks ago, Audrina Patridge spoke to Celebuzz about the two years since the end of theHills and whether she thought it was time for a reunion!

Audrina says, “Maybe not right now — it’s only been two years.  G ive it another year or two years, because then everyone will be established. I feel like between two years ago and now, everyone is transitioning and figuring it out.”

She shared that she still sees a few of her former co-stars, saying, “I speak with Stephanie [Pratt] every now and then, Kristin [Cavallari], Brody [Jenner] and Justin [Bobby] — I ran into him. That’s it.”

As for former BFF and room-mate Lauren Conrad, Audrina says “I don’t really talk to Lauren or see her at all. I think there was a little of a falling out [between us]. We kind of went our separate ways. The show brought us together and without that show, we all kind of go back to our own thing.”

That sounds pretty normal to us; as Lauren herself said on Good Afternoon America, sometimes you grow out of certain friendships.  We see theHills kind of like College for a lot of people, you’re uber-close at the time because you’re sharing similar experiences.  Once you’re out of that situation and doing your own thing, sometimes you see that some of your College friendships just drift away.  It’s not because anyone in the friendship is nasty or OTT, it’s just natural to grow and change at that time of your life.

Audrina doesn’t seem too upset about hers and Lauren’s ex-friendship; she’s definitely focussed on her future.  Still dating Corey Bohan, Audrina confessed to Celebuzz, “I’m 27 right now so I want to be married before I’m 30.”  Perhaps Audrina and Corey will be the next Young Hollywood wedding bells we hear?

As for her career, Audrina also isn’t ruling out a return to reality tv, saying, “I’m not saying yes; I’m not saying no. I did it for seven years of my life…you’re still learning and going through experiences and I had to do that on camera. At this point, I know what I want and wouldn’t want. It would depend.”

Since her own reality show Audrina ended, she shares that, “I took a little time off and traveled and did my own thing.  I’m back in LA now and getting into that groove of auditioning, which is really competitive, and doing some hosting classing and modeling gigs. And I have two things we’re going to announce at the end of the year for 2013.”

As for what those projects are, all Audrina will share is, “They’re really exciting and it has to do with TV.  It’ll be fun.”

Hills Battle: Kristin vs. Audrina



They were faux-rivals over Justin-Bobby on theHills and now we’ve turned Kristin Cavallari and Audrina Patridge into fashion rivals too.  Both of the ex-Hillsies attended the Rolling Stone AMA After Party on Tuesday night, November 20.

Kristin wore a Rachel Roy black lace mini dress and accessorized with a pair of black strappy Giuseppe Zanotti heels and a black cocktail ring.  Kristin wore her hair down and wavy, with a smoky eye-makeup look keeping things very rock & roll and sexy.

Audrina also went for a short, body-con dress, wearing an electric blue sequinned mini-dress with one sleeve.  Not many people would be able to pull this dress off, but somehow Audrina manages to make it work.  She accessorized with a metallic clutch and grey leather heels.



Is Audrina With Corey Bohan or Justin Bobby?



He was her on-off boyfriend for years on theHills, but in season six Audrina finally got over Justin Bobby.  So it’s kind of interesting to see Audrina’s current man Corey Bohan taking on JB’s style.  (We’re using that term in the loosest way possible, by the way!)

Audrina and Corey were out for date night in Hollywood on Sunday night, November 14.  And what romantic outing did the couple take in?  They went to see the Los Angeles Matadors boxing match at the Music Box in Hollywood.  Which to us sounds right up Justin Bobby’s alley.

What do you think of Corey’s new look? Should he go back to the clean-cut surfer style or morph even more into Audrina’s ex?

Jay Cutler Reportedly Got Cold Feet


More details are surfacing as to why Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler aren’t getting married.  E!’s sources are getting into the mix.

The source says that although Kristin jut bought her Monique Lhuillier wedding gown a couple weeks ago and the couple posted their wedding registry,  “Jay got cold feet,” and “Kristin is stunned.”

The source adds that Kristin’s career was causing some dissension between the young couple.  Although Kristin was publicly saying she was moving to Chicago after she got married, the couple was reportedly disagreeing over how Kristin would balance her career while playing football wife in Chicago.  We spotted this potential issue long ago and unfortunately it has come a head.

So this makes us wonder what Kristin this engagement will bring out.  She may be more like the Kristin of Laguna Beach who didn’t sweat over any guy, especially because the Kristin who pined over Brody and Justin Bobby on theHills was fraud.  However, since Kristin finally let her guard down and was ready to walk down the aisle with Jay, this is probably hurting.  But she was out partying last night so our guess is she’s probably not letting it show.  There’s probably lots of shoulder shrugging and whatevers going around.

Justin Bobby is Supposedly Dating Holly Montag

The man who couldn’t make it work with Audrina Patridge or Kristin Cavallari is reportedly dating Heidi Montag’s older sister, Holly.

Us Weekly will have you believe Holly, 27, and Justin Bobby, 29, have been seeing each other for some time.  “They’re dating and have been for awhile,” a source tells Us Weekly.

Another insider doesn’t think it will last, for some strange reason.  “He’s reckless and will disappear in his house for days at a time,” the source says. “He’s not reliable.”

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Audrina and Corey Bohan Are Over!

Making for Audrina’s lengthiest relationship yet (we remember her saying back on theHills she hadn’t had a serious boyfriend yet), Audrina and Corey had a great run but sources tell Us Weekly it’s so over.  The couple reportedly called it quits over the weekend.

The on-again off-again couple has broken up before, most notably back in the summer of 2009, which we all saw play out on theHills.  Then, it was clear Audrina was more into Justin Bobby.

After dating Justin Bobby (who never committed) ten years too long, Audrina began a big girl relationship with a big boy, rocker Ryan Cabrera, before splitting and getting back with Corey, who she called her one true love.

In the past, Audrina gushed about Corey, saying, “He’s one of the nicest, sweetest guys I’ve ever met,” she told Us. We always thought that could have been one of the relationship’s downfalls since Audrina has been known to date bad boys.  But Corey’s niceness wasn’t lost on Lauren Conrad who was always a vocal supporter of Corey and Audrina.

As recently as March 4, things were going great with Audrina and Corey, seemingly.  Audrina tweeted, “@Corey_Bohan miss you babe!!!!!….. <3″

But a cute, famous star like Audrina is never alone for too long.  Sources claim she has already connected with a polo player named Nic Roldan, a friend of Prince Harry. That’s attractive!  It also explains why Audrina has taken such an interest in the sport of late.

“Major sparks flew between Audrina and Nic Saturday night, and the entire evening they couldn’t stop laughing and touching each other,” a source tells Us. “Audrina seemed to be having the time of her life, dancing and mingling with guests, but you could tell she was especially focused on Nic.”

The duo partied at 251 The Club that night, and met up again the next day. “He gave her a private polo lesson at the International Polo Club in Wellington.”  So, this must be Nic in the photo above from Audrina’s trip to the Polo Club.

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