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Spencer Pratt Is The Most Disliked Celebrity In America


In a recent poll about the most liked and disliked celebrities in America, theHills villain Spencer Pratt topped the most disliked list.  He even beat OJ Simpson!  

E-Poll Research is a market research agency dedicated to ranking celebrities and brand icons, so that advertisers can see which celebrity is going to appeal to their market.  Betty White, Sandra Bullock, Will Smith, NCIS’ Pauley Perrette and Michael J. Fox make up the top five most beloved celebrities, so we’re guessing they’ll be heading up the next couple of successful campaigns.

On the other hand, E-Poll found Spencer, OJ, Octomom Nadya Suleman, Heidi Montag and Jon Gosselin were all likely to turn America off.  Wonder if that will have much impact on Heidi’s new reality show, Famous Food?

If this were a year ago, we wouldn’t be surprised that Spencer was the most disliked celebrity in the country. But now, it’s almost an honor for him that he’s even still relevant to make the top of any list. Plus, we know Spencer never shies away from the villain label.

Jon Gosselin Wants To Hook Up With K Cav & Whitney

Kristin, the recipient of the 2009 Us Weekly Comeback of the Year Award, attended the Us Weekly Hot Hollywood 2009 bash last night, November 18.

Kristin brought the sexy (or tried) in a black corset top with a skirt just above the knee. Something’s far off with the makeup for us. We don’t like the heavy eye make-up with the pulled back hair.

In other news, Jon Gosselin, star of Jon & Kate Plus 8 and every tabloid magazine, is said to be after Kristin Cavallari and Whitney Port.

“Jon said he really wants to hook up with Lindsay Lohan, Kristin Cavallari, and Whitney Port. He’s like a kid in a candy store and going absolutely wild. He definitely isn’t on the prowl for another wife.”

Jon Gosselin has become fast friends with Lindsay Lohan‘s father, so it’s pretty disturbing if he does want to hook up with Lindsay, not to mention the others.

Heidi Makes “The Worst Dressed Reality TV Stars List”

Along with New York (Flavor of Love), Jon Gosselin (Jon & Kate Plus Eight), and Kim Zolciak (Real Housewives of Atlanta), Heidi Montag has been put on the LA Time’s Worst Dressed Realty TV Stars list. Here is what the LA Time’s had to say about Heidi:

Short-shorts and high cha-cha heels, baby-doll sundresses that barely contain her faux lady lumps and, well, American-flag bikinis — Heidi Montag from “The Hills” relentlessly lowers the fashion bar with her pole dancer style. She even debuted a now-defunct clothing line, aptly dubbed Heidiwood, that was full of  hot pants and graphic tees. Again, super classy.

I don’t think anyone should have a clothing line who has been put on a “Worst Dressed list” – especially with Jon Gosselin.

Click here to check out what they had to say about the other stars.

The Reality Romance Curse

Access Hollywood put together this grand list of Top 10 Reality Romances Gone Wrong.  It’s a fitting topic sense it seems that relationships on reality TV often don’t last.  Here’s the top 10 that didn’t:

10. Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav – Perhaps the most bizarre reality pairing in history! These two “Surreal” stars first found love on the set of the VH1 series “The Surreal Life.” They left audiences bewildered, and wondering if their love was the real deal. VH1 quickly monopolized on the odd-couple and created the spin-off series “Strange Love,” which explored the in and outs of the eccentric duo. The duo finally split in 2005 after an on-camera breakdown. We hope the power of reality TV conjures up some more strange pairs in the future!

9. Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro – The Playmate and her rocker beau withstood one reality show, centered around their dating relationship, and faced another reality hurdle after they tied the knot with the MTV series, “Til Death Do Us Part.” The former Mrs. Dennis Rodman displayed her unusual relationship with her rocker mate Dave in the very short-lived reality show. After only three years of marriage, the pair decided to split. Although the two may have fallen out of love, the break-up remained amicable. The two are still good friends!

8. Hulk and Linda Hogan – The wrestling star faced an out of the ring battle when his wife of 24 years filed for divorce in 2007. The duo had been on the rocks for a decade and their VH1 reality series, “Hogan Knows Best,” highlighted their marital struggles. Although the couple had struggled publicly, their reality series was apparently the last straw. Since the divorce, the Hogans have gone their separate ways. Linda is now dating 20-year-old Charley Hill and the Hulkster has been linked to Brooke Hogan look-alike Jennifer McDaniel.

7. Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler – The inked Blink-182 drummer and the former Miss USA may have been an unconventional pair, but the two seemed head over heels during the first season of MTV’s “Meet The Barkers.” The love story quickly came to an end after reports of infidelity spread and the second season of the series became the pair’s last. The two filed for divorce after only two years of marriage. They have two children together, and Shanna has a 7-year-old daughter from a previous relationship with boxer Oscar De Le Hoya. Shanna and Travis have been up and down since their split, exchanging a few public jabs. But when Travis needed Shanna most after his near-fatal jet crash, she was reportedly right by his side. Kudos for setting aside the reality curse!

6. Lauren Conrad and Jason Wahler – The reality teens started dating during their stint on the MTV hit “Laguna Beach.” Shortly after the teens left “Laguna,” Lauren headed for “The Hills.” Jason became a fixture during the show’s first season, and the two endured a roller coaster relationship. During the season finale, Lauren famously turned down an internship in Paris to stay with her beach beau. In August of 2006, the couple called it quits. To make matters worse, some claim it was Jason who started spreading the infamous “Hills” sex tape rumors that drove LC and Heidi apart. Although, Spencer certainly didn’t help much. Lauren recently retired from “The Hills” and is currently dating actor, Kyle Howard. We hope that her departure from reality TV helps her maintain a stable relationship!

5. Hugh Hefner and ‘The Girls Next Door’ – The Playboy pimp and his entourage of leading ladies — Holly, Bridget, and Kendra — started off as one big happy family. But after a few seasons of their E! Reality series, “The Girls Next Door,” the three lovely bunnies bounced! The infamous magazine mogul has made a career out of romancing young women, and the “Girls Next Door” seemed no different. After three seasons of captivating audiences, the bunnies left the mansion one by one. First to go was main girlfriend Holly Madison, who briefly dated Las Vegas illusionist Criss Angel. Second to step away was Bridget, who had been with Hef since 2002. Lastly, Kendra packed up and left the mansion. Kendra signed on for her own reality show, aptly titled “Kendra,” with new fiance Hank Baskett. She recently announced that she has a baby on the way, so let’s hope that these two can fend off the curse!

4. Jason Mesnick and Melissa Rycroft – Jason became the fan favorite after being rejected by “Bachelorette” DeAnna Pappas, and was then chosen to become the next “Bachelor” where he could try to control his own love destiny. But oh, how perceptions quickly change. The single father was left with two lucky ladies during the season finale, and ultimately chose Texas native Melissa Rycroft. During a tumultuous “After The Rose” show, Jason dropped a bomb on Melissa — and the viewers — by dumping her on national television. Melissa was shocked, but the real jaw-dropper came when Jason asked for a second chance with runner-up Molly Malaney. After getting dumped, Melissa came back swinging with a successful stint on the ABC series “Dancing With the Stars.” Jason and Molly are still going strong, and Melissa recently got engaged to insurance agent Tye Strickland. This reality romance went sour, but looks like everything turned out for the best!

3. Britney Spears and Kevin Federline – It’s the classic story of pop princess meets… back-up dancer?? Britney and her former back up dancer, Kevin Federline, exchanged vows in a secret 2004 wedding, and went on to have two sons together. The two shared the small screen in their appropriately titled reality series “Chaotic,” which showcased the pop starlet and her bad boy beau sharing their lives together. Rumors of infidelity quickly spread, and after only two years of marriage, the duo called it quits, claiming “irreconcilable differences.” Britney suffered from a very public meltdown and folks within her inner circle worried about her sanity and career. Now back on tour and reportedly dating her manager, the pop queen shares custody of her two children with Kevin and the two remain civil. It was recently announced that Mr. Federline will be taking his two sons and his new girlfriend back to the small screen for a VH1 reality series. For entertainment purposes, we hope this show is just as “Chaotic!”

2. Jon and Kate Gosselin – The picture perfect family has crumbled, and is now  in the center of a full-blown media hurricane! The two started out as the idyllic parents of two — and then soon eight — adorable children in 2007 with the launch of their TLC hit “Jon and Kate Plus Eight.” Cameras followed the couple as we watched them struggle to raise sextuplets and twins. Fans soon began siding with the two very different parents, controlling Kate and easy going Jon. Earlier this year, rumors quickly started flying that Jon was allegedly cheating on Kate and that the two were headed for splitsville. Rumors of the rift were confirmed in June when the couple officially filed for divorce, and production of their show was put on halt. In recent days Jon has been galloping around town with 22-year-old Hailey Glassman, while Kate has been at home with the kids. For the sake of the 8, we hope that these two can remain friends!

1. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey – The original reality romance gone bad! These two pop stars met in 1998 and were a match made in music heaven! The stars exchanged vows in 2002 with a lavish Texas ceremony. MTV soon picked up the rights to the couple’s martial bliss by signing on for “Newlyweds.” The couple soon became America’s sweethearts, with a slew of unforgettable moments that centered on Jessica’s consistent blonde antics — perhaps, most famously her “Chicken of the Sea’ mix-up. In 2006, after only three years of marriage, the couple called it quits. Nick soon started dating actress Vanessa Minillo, while Jessica was linked to John Mayer and Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo. Both Nick and Jessica recently parted ways with their significant others and rumors of a rekindled love were soon in full force. Could we see a Jess and Nick reunion? Only time — and the world of reality TV — will tell!

Of course, when anyone thinks of reality TV romance gone wrong, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson come to mind.  But after them, so many others fell over  just like dominoes.

It just makes us think, why are people still doing them?  Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett, Guiliana Rancic & Bill Rancic, and not to mention everyone on the bachelor or any of it’s lesser successors are all in reality tv shows or will be getting them soon.  Reality shows are just being handed out these days to anyone, and there’s no shortage of takers.

Of course Rev. Run and his wife Justine have stayed strong, but this is the exception more than the rule. You may say the relationships that fail weren’t going to last anyway.  But who knows!  Reality show television puts you in the public eye and under public scrutiny.  It also makes both parties more famous which could spark jealousy or cheating.  Also, instant success for one half of the couple, or one who has more success than the other could drive the couple in opposite directions.  Almost certainly, all the couples above fell in one of the categories above.

We wonder if we will see Speidi on this list someday?

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