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Snooki’s Tanning Lotion Must Really Work



Gossip Center

On Saturday, February 23, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi, made an appearance at Beach Bum Tan in Saddle Brook, NJ, to launch her new tanning lotion. It looks good.  Nicole’s tan looks a lot better than it did when we first met her.  Not only is Nicole’s tan improving, she’s also trying her hand at charity.ealized the tragedy of Hurricane Sandy and its affect on her beloved Seaside house with fellow cast mates first hand, a portion of the profit will be donated to those who were affected by the devastation. 

The Jersey Shore star wore high waisted white shorts with a gold belt, a black tank top, and black heels. After loosing all the baby weight, Snooki is flaunting her new figure! Even with a change in hair color, she seems more confident than ever.

While making her appearance, she took to her Twitter page to write, “Thank you Saddle Brook beach bum! & everyone who came out today! LOVE YOU.” 

The Shore Four



The Jersey Shore cast are currently filming their sixth season of MTV’s most watched show ever; Deena and Mike put past arguments behind them and stepped out with their partners for a double-date.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is not only fresh out of rehab, but has started dating his sometime-fling from past seasons, Paula Pickard. Single last season, Deena Nicole Cortese has been seeing her boyfriend Chris Buckner for the past few months.

It will be interesting to see how rehab has affected The Situation’s personality, if indeed he is more likeable now.  Of course, the other big change for the Seaside Heights crew is Snooki’s pregnancy.  Once the cast’s biggest partier, it will be fun to see the differences in Snooki now she’s expecting.

We will get a preview of pregnant Snooki soon, as her reality show with BFF JWoww premieres this Thursday, June 21.  On their show Snooki & JWoww, we get to see Nicole break the news of her pregnancy and engagement to Jenni, as well as the other Jersey Shore roommates.

Nicole spoke to MTV about the announcement, saying “I told Jenni, and obviously it’s freaky, because if Jenni told me that, I’d be like, ‘What the hell is going on?’  The fact that I have Jenni’s support, and the roommates came over and I got to tell the roommates, everyone was freaked out at first. Obviously it’s a lot of news, but in the end everybody does support me, so it’s nice to have that.”

The Situation Upgrades


Wet Paint via Twitter

The Situation has a new girlfriend to go along with his new lifestyle post rehab. The lady in question is California native, Caitlin Wood. Here are 5 things you didn’t know about his new squeeze courtesy of Wet Paint.

She was a Miss Malibu 2010 contestant. Caitlin’s other “credits” include attending a Verizon 4G launch party and modeling in Frederick’s of Hollywood’s Miami Swim Week.

She’s a Model Mayhem girl. The Situation had alot of spare time to browse model agency listings in rehab.

No nudie pics, thank you very much. Caitlin would like the world to know that she will not pose nude, so stop asking her already. She states, “Please do not ask me to do nude work or send you nude photos to be used to consider for a casting. if you like the way I look in a bikini you don’t need to see me nude! :)”

She’s busy, so she’ll only be considering paid jobs from now on. She alerts everyone reading her profile, “Just wanted to let you guys know I am very busy for the rest of the month till about Mid May, so I will not be shooting or working very often. If it is paid then I can consider it. Just wanted to let you know.” Well, now she has a sugar daddy.

She’s from Chino, where Ryan was from on The OC! Tough chick with a bad attitude? Sounds like she was born to cameo on Jersey Shore!

Would you bring her home to meet your mother?

The Situation Is Worse Than We Thought


In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week or so, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has checked himself into rehab. A source has confessed to TMZ that Mike was showing signs of drug abuse during the filming of season 5 of Jersey Shore.

Several people noticed Mike was “acting paranoid” on the set and his behavior was evident in a season 5 camping episode that recently aired on MTV. During the episode, he can be seen “acting jittery, sweating profusely and just plain acting bizarre.”

No sympathy here. You get what you deserve when you dabble in drugs.

Snooki has a Mini Guidette in the Oven


Us Weekly

As if dealing with dooms day wouldn’t be bad enough this year, we now have the threat of Snooki’s spawn looming upon us, too. Yes, that’s right, Snooki is pregnant. She broke the news to Us Weekly and gained the coveted cover story in the process. Snooki revealed she is 15 weeks pregnant and engaged to the father, Jionni LaValle.

“I have different priorities now,” the reformed party girl insisted. “I don’t care what anybody else thinks. As long as I know I’m ready and he’s ready.” Jionni added, “We are not going to screw this up.”

Good luck to them!

The Jersey Shore Girls Are Here To Whip Your Butt Into Shape


Vodpod videos no longer available. Vodpod videos no longer available.

Snooki has been looking hot lately and she’s not afraid to admit it. Snooki was joined by JWoww and Deena at Access Hollywood Live on Monday, January 9. Health and fitness was the topic of the day and the girls were candid about their gym and eating habits.

Snooki spoke about her weightloss, admitting, “I decided to get fit again. I’ve always been very athletic so getting back into it feels good.” Snooki revealed that she’s lost “over 20 pounds.” “[I weigh] like 102,” she added. “I want to be like a hundred steady, but 102 is great.”

Deena joked, “I called her Slim Jim today.”

JWoww also talked about her own health kick, she confessed, “Recently, I quit smoking and caffeine. For a couple weeks.” She cited her boyfriend Roger Williams as her inspiration to drop the bad habits. “He helped me quit smoking. That’s his thing. Fitness, health, having fun,” she continued. “He kind of gave up [convincing me to quit] and then looking at him giving up I was kind of sad, I was like, ‘Oh, he’s not pressuring me anymore.’”

Kicking the addictive vices isn’t any good if you don’t keep fit too. JWoww revealed that she keeps fit with a combination of “hot yoga and something similar to CrossFit.”

From Jersey Shore to K-Mart



It seems like everyone from singers to actors to reality TV stars has a perfume and now we can add J Woww to the mix.  Jersey Shore‘s J Woww, also known as Jennifer Farley, was in Miami on Sunday, December 4 to launch her new fragrance at K-Mart.  JWoww’s scent has been received much better then her BFF and colleague, Snooki’s.  People have speculated that the #ScentofSnooki smells like a mix of burps, yeast, cigarettes and pickles.  Any guesses at what the #ScentofJWoww smells like?

Along with her fragrance launch she was also signing copies of her book The Rules According to J Woww.

You can catch J Woww and the rest of her Jersey Shore cast mates when the show returns Thursday, January 5.

Snooki Drops Her Mini Skirts For Ball Gowns


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We all know Snooki as the gaudy star of Jersey Shore. However, she is keen to shed this image in favor of a maturer and classier one. And what better place to publicize this reinvention than on Funny or Die. Ah, we had you there for a moment didn’t we?! Snooki plays a vixen in a melodramatic commercial for her debut perfume, Snooki, on the site. The video is a parody of a Calvin Klein fragrance commercial from the 1980s.

Fist Pump To This


Although we don’t like to admit it, we all know that the Jersey Shore does have some good dance beats…and we may have downloaded one or two of the songs premiered on the show. Well here is another good track that the Jersey Shore premiered on Thursday, September 29 – “Thank You” by Christina Fulton.

Think the name rings a bell? Christina is not only an actress (appearing in hits like The Doors and Dangerous Games) and a singer; but also the mother of Weston Cage (father is Nicholas Cage). What do you think about her new song?

J-Woww’s Makeover


Gossip Center

Every since the new season of Jersey Shore premiered, people have been “wow-ed” by J-W0ww’s new slim figure. Although she’s always been quite fit, she has definitely thinned down a lot since the last season of The Jersey Shore. J-Woww showed off her new figure at Pure Nightclub in Las Vegas last Friday, August 26 with her beau Roger Matthews.

The reality TV star denies using any Botox or plastic surgery; however, she does admit that she will most likely have Botox by the time she’s 30 and will re-do her breast implants after she has kids. What do you think? Is J-Woww’s new body all natural, minus the boobs of course.

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