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Jen Bunney Is Now Married!



There must be something in the California air, or maybe it’s just that theHills cast are all at the marriage stage, as former Hillsie Jen Bunney joined Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, Heidi Montag, Kristin Cavallari and theCity star Olivia Palermo in getting married.

Jen, who was nicknamed ‘Bunney’ on her stints during Laguna Beach and theHills, was first brought into the picture as one of Lauren’s childhood best friends.  That is, until Bunney broke girl code by hooking up with Lauren’s guy Brody on her birthday!

Lauren and Bunney’s friendship was dunzo, and that probably would’ve been the last viewers would see of her until Heidi and Bunney became friends.

It turns out that their friendship has actually stood the test of time, as Heidi and husband Spencer attended the wedding of Jen Bunney to Taylor Dunphy on Sunday, August 10, held at the Trump National Golf Club in Palos Verdes, California.

Heidi says, “It was the most beautiful wedding in every way. Every detail was perfect, elegant, and classic, just like Jen.  Jen and Taylor are truly soul mates. There are not two people who are more in love and destined for each other. Truly a divine match. I wish them all the blessings in the world and a long happy life together.”

The bride and groom posed for photos with Heidi and Spencer, Heidi wearing a full-length black gown with an embellished high neckline.  She wore her hair down, and flowing over one shoulder.

“Jen has been my best friend for years, we have been through so much together, she deserves her dream wedding and bliss, and she got it last night,” Heidi shared.

Where Are They Now?


Obviously we cover the lives, loves and fashionable stylings of the main cast from both theHills and theCity, but we’re sure you wonder sometimes about the wherabouts of the lesser-known or more supporting “characters”.  (Let’s face it, theHills ended up quite far away from reality in the end).

The Hot Hits Live From LA have compiled a really funny list of what the likes of Frankie Delgado, Stacie the Bartender etc have been up to since the show ended:

Frankie Delgado was Brody’s BFF, and they are still in a serious bromance. Their Twitter feeds are filled with love for each other, but he is also engaged to a lovely lady.

Justin Bobby was the gross guy who Audrina was in love with, but did you know he was a hairdresser!? Apparently he is cutting hair in Costa Mesa.

Stacie the bartender became Kristin’s friend in the final season, and it turns out they actually are still friends! Stacie wants Kristin to be her bridesmaid at her wedding, and it turns out she’s also friends with Kendra Wilkinson — because her sister works for Playboy Radio.

Holly Montag seems to be on better terms with her sister Heidi again… we’re basing that on Spencer asking people to follow her on Twitter.

Remember back in season one there was a group of guys we were meant to care about? Brian Drolet briefly dated Audrina, and he has appeared in a whole stack of terrible straight to DVD movies. Jordan Eubanks was Heidi’s boyfriend, and he has also been in some straight to DVD releases. He’s also married!

Jason Wahler aka Lauren’s ex has been in and out of rehab and jail, but he’s cleaned himself up and was recently snapped hanging with Janice Dickinson and appearing at charity events.

And Jen Bunney who caused heaps of drama and got a nose job, now has an MBA.

Thank god you know that now.

Ghosts of Halloween Past at Laguna Beach

We brought you the Halloween costumes of theHills stars, but we also wanted to draw your attention to the place that started it all, Laguna Beach, and see what some of their more famous residents decided to dress up as during Halloween. Kristin tweeted this photo of her and a friend with the message, “Sandy (danny is lost) and mc-mcchuchu @chuyblock.” Since that guy is clearly not Jay Cutler, Kristin gave her boyfriend a cute shoutout as she went dressed as Sandy from Grease.

Remember Cami? She went to prom with Jason and then famously declared him the “worst prom date ever.” She seems to like her bulldog a lot more though, and decided to give him a kiss while wearing a Wonder Woman-esque costume. Later on, she changed into Minnie Mouse for a party.

Jen Bunney decided to dress up as Ariel the Mermaid had she been dropped in a vat of blue ink as a baby. She even had a shell bracelet and complemented her dress with a streak of blue in her hair. As someone who loves the limelight, nothing is too OTT for Jen.

Let’s play Six Degrees of Separation and see how Jayde factors into Laguna Beach. Jayde dated Brody, who used to date both Kristin and Lauren, who made Laguna Beach into theHills, which Jayde was a part of. Brilliant! While she went as the Where’s Waldo girls earlier in the night, Jayde changed into an Arabian princess at a later party.

Photos: Laguna Lovers

Once a Celebrity, Always a Celebrity?

Laguna Lovers

Jenn Bunney‘s name has been in the press recently with talks of a reality show with Heidi Montag.  That talk has deceased, but Bunney, who hasn’t been on TV in years, is still getting invites to walk the red carpet.

Bunney resurfaced lately at the World Hunger Relief Fundraiser at Eve Nightclub, debuting the latest in a host of different looks she’s had since Laguna Beach. Bunney is super blonde and much thinner than she was in the past.  That being said, she looks good in that hip hugging brown dress and cute slingback heels.

Would The Real Jen Bunney Please Stand Up?

Jen Bunney has long been tarnished with the reputation as the bad girl of theHills and Laguna Beach, and the supposedly jilted BFF of Heidi Montag, but that is all about to change as she finally sets the record straight in an exclusive interview with Faces By Farah. She reveals all about her past, her future plans, her plastic surgery operation, make-up tips, and, of course, her much speculated return to reality television.

FBF: So Miss Bunney tell us a little about who are you & why are you so fabulous?

JB: I am pretty much your average girl, I don’t consider myself special or better than anyone else for having been on TV, but I am excited that people seem interested in wanting to see my life. I love sharing things and important issues with other people and fans especially if it can help them in anyway.

FBF: Where can we find you on the world wide web?

JB: Twitter.com/jenniferbunney, I’m really getting into the whole thing for the first time, I just love reaching out to people, its amazing how many people on there really want your advice and to hear your personal stories, and I’m humbled by it.

FBF: What beauty products would you recommend to other women and why?

JB: This is one of my favorite topics! I am really into finding the best makeup brands and experimenting, I think I have tried every product out there! Really! One thing I can’t live without is my Laura Mercier ILLUMINATING tinted moisturizer, I mix it in with my foundation, Bobbi Brown, and it gives me that dewy glow that always makes me look rested, and healthy, even when my skin is dull and tired. If its too dewy I dust mineralized MAC pressed powder over it till I achieve my desired level of “glow” . I guess this is my biggest makeup trick. Also, when I’m done and especially if I haven’t been in the sun lately, I use Dior’s airbrush spray lightly all over my face, it finishes my makeup and gives that just back from a tropical vacation look!

FBF: What are your thoughts on plastic surgery?

JB: I had rhinoplasty. It was a decision I made because my nose was something I really didn’t love about myself, and I knew that it wouldn’t change me from the inside, it would only make me happier outside. But, I did it for the right reasons, I didn’t do it to get more attention, or have somebody love me more. I did it for me. And I’m very happy with my decision. As far as other people go its not my place to judge anyone, for anything, plastic surgery is an individual choice for sure, and you really have to be that person to know if it’s the decision.

You can read the rest of the interview with Jen, here!  Jen goes on to discuss reality TV and tries to explain why she is returning to TV despite not wanting to be a celebrity.  Read the rest of the interview and tell us if you buy that!!

Speidi Separation Becomes Legal

Since this whole scandal with Heidi and Spencer began a couple of weeks ago we assumed it was all just another scheme, but today Heidi made things legal.

Stopping by a Santa Monica courthouse this morning, Heidi filed for a separation from Spencer claiming irreconcilable differences. So far it’s just a separation, not a divorce. A legal separation means that from this point on Heidi’s earnings will become her separate property. And it looks like the couple may have spent all their money on Spencer’s magical crystals because the papers listed “none” for “assets and debts.” Perhaps their lack of money was a motivation for Heidi to make this separation legit.

Now that the couple really is separated what about their living arrangement? Heidi‘s plans to move in with her reality show cast mate Jen are moving forward. We also recently found out that the lease is not shared with Jen or Spencer though; in fact, her name isn’t even on the lease for the house. On top of all this, the lease was signed two days before Heidi’s rep announced the separation.

This is all a little sketchy. You never know what’s going on with these two, and now that Heidi has made things legal we are realizing this may not be a sham. We’ll keep you updated as the story progresses.

Seeing Double, Kind of

Laguna Lovers

The other day Heidi and her old new bff Jen Bunney spent a leisurely afternoon at a park in Malibu where they are now supposedly living together.

First of all their “sad” looks are just pathetic and they look like they are having to fake a conversation walking through the park. As for their wardrobe, the girls look like they’ve been dressed by a mom who likes for her children to all look alike. Jen even died her previously much darker locks to almost the same bleached shade as Heidi. We’re a little disappointed, but in reality not surprised at all.

If you’ve somehow missed the new Speidi scheme then here’s a quick recap: Heidi and Spencer “separated” because she needed “space.” The “space” she really needed was time to film a reality show (which they are “shopping around”) with former Hills cast member Jen. As for the separation, insiders say it’s another stunt and part of Spencer‘s big plan.

We’ve got to say, we think it is definitely all one big scheme and this photo shoot at the park looks exactly like something Spencer would cook up for the paparazzi.

Speidi Soaks up More Publicity

It’s as if it never stops with these two.

We’ve been keeping you updated on the “separation” of Speidi since the news broke last weekend that Heidi was moving out of their home. Now, reports are confirming this is just another publicity stunt and the couple is actually enjoying every minute of their current situation.

“Heidi and Spencer are laughing over it and having a blast.”

For most people a separation from their spouse is no laughing matter, but do we really expect anything else from this odd couple. While the possibility of divorce has been bounced around this option is now being denied by a source saying, “there are no plans for divorce.” While this source is close to the couple, Jen Bunney is a little more skeptical:

“They were waiting for The Hills to be over to split. Now she doesn’t have to pretend.”

When you’re “shopping around” a reality show for two single girls though there’s no reason to be pushing for a reconciliation between the couple. This isn’t Jen‘s first time attempting the reality star life so she knows how to string along (or at least attempt to string along) onlookers. She says that although Speidi has split, we’ll have to wait for the show to see if there really will be a reunion between the crazy couple.

“That will be a big aspect of our show: How Spencer handles it.”

While Jen and Heidi continue to promote their show and the seperation, another insider says:

“This breakup is the latest part of Spencer’s master plan.”

Unfortunately, we really don’t doubt this is all one huge plan Spencer created when he and Heidi met on theHills. I mean could you imagine meeting someone who is as fame-crazy as you and willing to do anything it takes to keep that fame in the tabloids? Whatever the real story is behind this split, these two are definitely up to something and we don’t think it’s marital problems (or at least not the real ones they need to address).

Did Jenn Bunney Drink the Speidi Juice?

Jen Bunney is an aspiring doctor, but a recent video on TMZ made us wonder whether she’s gone reality TV promotion happy.

In the clip, Bunney is asked about her best friend Heidi Montag and how she’s doing, and what she’s doing with her separation from Spencer. Bunney seemed like she wanted to say why Heidi was leaving Spencer, but she held back. Not because Heidi is her friend and Heidi should be the one to tell the media, but because “it’s for the show”.

We’re assuming that show is not theHills. Speidi hasn’t been on the past couple of episodes. Still, Bunney says theHills is the reason Heidi stayed with Spencer for as long as she did. She felt an obligation to stick it out.

She also says Heidi has not made a decision on whether she will make the separation final and divorce Spencer. One person who may be pulling for the divorce is Heidi’s mother Darlene who clearly wants her daughter back. Darlene wants to try to reconcile with Heidi again if she’s receptive.

Heidi herself has finally opened up to People saying “I needed some alone time. There are so many lies out there about me and I just needed space – even away from my husband. I had to get away from the lies my family and supposed friends are saying about me,” says Heidi. “It’s time to concentrate on myself.

Heidi is still very open to the idea of reconciling with Spencer. “I’ve always loved Spencer,” she says, “but right now we’re working on things.”

Heidi and Spencer’s Split May Be Temporary

As we reported, Heidi is high tailing it out of the home she and Spencer share with her puppies for a Malibu pad and a Bunney. Heidi is sick of Spencer’s controlling ways.

But according to a source, she’s only temporarily sick of them, or is still disillusioned to thinking they may some day change.  Says the “friend”, “there are no plans for divorce…they are going through some issues. It’s a hiccup.”

Still, Heidi‘s rep has confirmed to Us Weekly that the separation is very legit, but says nothing legal has been filed. “Heidi is going through a difficult time and hopes people respect her privacy.”

The source also claims Heidi, 23, and Spencer, 26, were blindsided and disappointed when news broke that Heidi was moving out.  “She was bummed that it came out,” the pal says. There’s a first.  “She wanted things to be more settled first.”

Although the divorce is not a definite thing, the Heidi-Bunney show is in full swing.  Jen Bunney is a retired reality TV star that’s about to get back in the game.  She’s also an aspiring doctor in a long distance relationship.  Their new show will show “huge turning points” in their lives. “Is [Heidi] going to be a single, independent woman or is she going to stay with Spencer?… We know fame is fleeting, fame is not going to support us for the rest of our lives. We need to make smart decisions right now.”

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