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Whitney’s Australian Love




Audrina Patridge isn’t the only former cast member of theHills to have ties to Australia; over the past couple of years Whitney Port has built a strong presence there too.

Whitney showed her Whitney Eve collection at Mercedes Benz Australian Fashion Week in 2012, produced a capsule collection for high street store Sportsgirl, and let’s not forget, her ex-boyfriend from the first season of theCity, Jay Lyon, is a born and bred Aussie too.

The latest collaboration for Whitney and an Australian brand is between local label Cooper Street.  Whitney just shot the look book for the Whitney Port/Cooper Street collection in Los Angeles earlier this week, on Sunday, June 23.  She then took time out to speak to Australian Marie Claire magazine about her new project:

Whitney, firstly congratulations on your collaboration with Cooper St clothing – what made you decide to partner with the brand?

Thank you so much! I’m really excited about it. The collaboration came about after I met the Cooper St designers in Australia. I’m obviously looking to extend my reach as a fashion designer, so when they came out to LA recently, we thought it would be cool to do something together.

You’ve said before that LA and Sydney are quite similar – with this in mind, what type of girl do you envision wearing the Cooper St / Whitney Port line?

Anyone who feels comfortable and confident in it – I don’t like to pigeonhole or put people in boxes; I’d like anyone who wears my brand to feel great in it. But I guess it’s for anyone who likes to take risks with their style and likes to keep ahead of the trends. It’s really bright and trend heavy, so I think it will be perfect for the Australian market.

What are your favourite pieces from the collection?

There’s one I absolutely love, which is a long black maxi dress with spaghetti straps. It has a high split and a low back and I just think it’s very Calvin Klein when I look at it. There’s also a great printed crop tee and trousers. Everything is so vibrant and wearable.

You showed your Whitney Eve line at Australian Fashion Week in 2012 – how do you feel the brand has evolved since then?

I think it’s become more of a universal line. It’s definitely reflective of my style and it’s quite wearable. The price points have come down a lot since I started out in the industry, because the economy is changing so much, and I obviously want everyone to be able to access my line. Everything is now under $300, which I think is amazing to be able to say.

What’s next for you?

I just really want to focus all my energy on becoming a better designer. My clothing line is my true passion and I really want to expand where it’s sold. Doing The Hills and The City was great, but TV isn’t my real passion. I was just in the right place at the right time, and I used it as a way to gain exposure for my line.

Whitney then took part in Marie Claire’s “Finish These Sentences” segment:

My style can be described as…eclectic!

 My secret to fabulous hair is…I’m going to be honest, it all comes down to genes and my amazing colourist!

My can’t-live-without clothing or accessory item right now is…I have a pair of Kara Ackerman rose gold earrings that I am absolutely addicted to right now. Fashion wise, I really love men’s oversized shirts at the moment! It sounds weird, but they go so well with everything. They’re great tucked into skinny jeans or just thrown over a dress. It’s getting a lot warmer here in LA now, so they’re like my go-to jacket.

My favourite Instagram account is…Ooh you know, I really love Gary Pepper Vintage. Her pictures are so vibrant and colourful. I think her style is amazing. I love seeing all her travel photos and what she gets up to!

The best piece of advice I’ve ever been given is…To try your hardest and not be afraid of failure. If you don’t take any risks, you’re always going to be average. You might fall down sometimes, but you can always pick yourself back up.

Whitney’s Not Friends With Anyone From theHills Anymore


Whitney Port has confirmed that she no longer sees or speaks to the majority of her former co-stars from theHills or theCity, telling People magazine “I think we all kind of went our separate ways once the show ended.”

Whitney attended the opening of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards’ boutique Kyle by Alene Too in Beverly Hills on Thursday, October 11, where some of her Whitney Eve designs are being sold.

At the launch she spoke to People, further explaining how the cast all moved on.  “I’m fine with it, like I’m at peace with it. With me, I never feuded with anyone, and nothing ever ended badly, so it just naturally happened that [I lost touch with people].”

Whitney also shared that unlike Lauren, who she does run in to from time to time, she wouldn’t rule out a return to reality tv.  Whitney explains, “I think I would do something fashion-related for sure.  But I don’t ever see myself doing something as intimate as what I did.”

Perhaps the fact that Whitney met boyfriend Tim Rosenman behind the scenes on theCity, enables her to see reality tv as a happy thing.  When asked how she feels about having a relationship out of the spotlight, as opposed to her previous ones with Ben Nemtin and Jay Lyon, Whitney says “It’s very refreshing.  It’s nice.”

Whitney Talks About Her Exes


Tlfan/Fashion Spot

Whitney Port posed for pictures outside RTE TV Studios in Dublin, Ireland on Saturday, July 2. Whitney playfully snapped pictures of the paparazzi snapping pictures of her.

During her working vacation in Ireland earlier this month Whitney stopped by the Kildare Village to formally unveil and sign her new tote bag that she especially designed for Barretstown children’s camp. During the signing she had time to talk about her love life and her past dalliance with reality shows. Whitney said her split from Ben Nemtin has invigorated her. “I am single, recently single. I’m up for anything, I’m not going to say no,” she said. Well it’s better than moping around!

Whitney admitted that her personal life suffered when she was filming theHills and theCity, saying, “It was very difficult. I never showed my personal life on The Hills because I was so scared of the cameras and then the producers approached me about doing The City, I realized I would have to kind of make that sacrifice if I wanted to do it. I would have to be full on.”

Dating is a scary prospect for anyone, let alone having television cameras capture your every date. “My first date with my second boyfriend ever was on camera. It was so intimidating, as if the first date wasn’t scary enough, to have three cameraman and a whole van load of people watching you. I actually met him when I was filming a girls’ night out. He was performing in a club and they caught us meeting on camera and I said, ‘actually I do have feelings for you but my life comes with cameras right now, are you cool with this?”

Being a reality star comes with its hang ups, namely questioning the motives of new boyfriends as Whitney experienced withJay Lyon.  Whitney continued, “And he was a musician at the time and I think that he was cool with it, who knows his motives? I don’t know now. I think he loved it. You have to be really comfortable with yourself and want that publicity to do it.”

Luckily for Whitney, she has an exciting life to distract her from her breakup.  Last month, Whitney took photos at the Kari Feinstein MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge in Los Angeles on Thursday, June 2. Free swag makes everything better.

Why You’ll Never See Whitney & Ben Together On TV

After her not-so-great experiences with ex-boyfriend Jay Lyon on theCity, Whitney has gone on record about her current man, Ben Nemtin, saying specifically why she doesn’t ever want to put their relationship on tv.

“I’ll never film with him, ever. The key to our relationship is that we both communicate and understand this crazy role that we play in the crazy world that we live in. We try to keep our relationship a bit sacred.”

Whitney and Ben became famous through separate reality shows, and we know that Whitney’s career success has been amplified because of this.  Reality TV stars mainly find success through our desire to know their lives, and this means their relationships too.

After all, the main reason we can see that Lauren’s new reality show didn’t get picked up was because it didn’t showcase any of her personal life.

But when Whitney passed on this little bit of info, we could understand why she’s wary. On her relationship with Jay, Whitney said “I don’t regret it, I had awesome experiences but it became hard to know what was real with Jay. Producers would tell me that he was out until 2 AM and went home with a girl and I didn’t know if they were just trying to get a reaction out of me for the cameras.”

So on the one hand, we get it, we wouldn’t want our relationships under the magnifying glass either.  But on the other hand, it seems to be what makes reality shows successful these days, and if that’s what you’ve signed up for, that’s what you’ve got to deal with.  We guess that’s why theCity is also just a memory now.

Whitney Wishes She Never Showed You Her Personal Life

Whitney Port revealed that she has “no regrets” about filming theCity in a new interview. Despite having “loved” the filming, Whitney is happy that she “doesn’t have to focus on every word that comes out of my mouth” anymore and “feels alot more free without the cameras” as a result.

Whitney also wishes she had never put ex-boyfriend Jay Lyon on the show. Does that sound like a regret to you?

In the video, Whitney goes on to explain the motivation for writing True Whit was “all of the questions” she had been receiving from her fans. This prompted Whitney and her mom to sit down and discuss “what we’re meant to be doing and where we’re meant to be going” in life and just like that, True Whit was born.

Whitney’s favorite tip from her book is in the style section where she explains that fashion is a “personal” expression and girls should never feel pressured to follow the crowd.

Check out the video here.

Whitney and Ben’s Off Screen Romance

Gossip Center

Whitney Port and her boyfriend Ben Nemtin, who stars in MTV’s The Buried Life, were photographed getting cozy together at the OK! Magazine USA 5th Anniversary Party, in Hollywood on September 2nd.

Well, don’t those two make a cute and playful couple?!  So far, it seems like Whitney has figured out the way to maintain relationships- do it off screen.  She vowed to keep her relationships while she was on  theHills private and those were lengthy.  When she did decide to put a relationship on TV with Jay Lyon, well, it was a disaster.  Now, she’s with Ben.  The only cameras that see them are the ones that capture them at events.  Although we’re as nosy as the next person, keeping relationships off TV seem to be the way to go.

Whitney Tries on Sexy for Size


Whitney Port, now 25 years old, still doesn’t really have that “sex appeal” look like most girls on theHills and theCity do. She seems like such a country girl (even though she’s from the city) trying to make it big in the City of New York. With all the daisy picking and puppy loving, we suppose we’ll give her a little bit of credit- she did date  bad ass Jay Lyon from theCity and now she’s currently with Ben Nemtin, a Canadian bad ass that was on MTV’s The Buried Life.

So we guess Whitney can pull off a sexy photo shoot because, as we’ve told youMaxim wants her to pose.  And Whit seems ready as she’s pulling out some bold moves!  In this preview photo, her cat eyes may have a chance to break her out of her sweet and cuddly look once and for all. Fingers crossed!

Legolas Finally Gets Hitched

Daily Mail

Lord of the Rings/Pirates of the Caribbean star Orlando Bloom and his longtime girlfriend, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, are married and already on their honeymoon, their spokesperson confirmed today. It is said that they tied the knot in secret in L.A. after dating for three years.

For those of you who recall The City season 1, Miranda used to date Jay Lyon for four years before he hooked up with Whitney Port and left her hanging while he went on tour with his band, Tamarama. To both girls: you are much better off. Congrats Miranda and Orlando!

When Spike’s Away Audrina Will Play

“TheHills” Season 6: Episode 6: “Ghost From The Past”

The first Hills conversation comes courtesy of Kristin and Stacie. We don’t know whether it’s normal to be boy crazy when you’re 23, but these girls are. They talk about how poorly Brody treated Kristin,”the girl always gets hurt”, and they are encouraged to go out on a Man Hunt to Venice.

While Kristin’s hunting man, the man she wants is hunting McKaela. But McKaela is pushing back on her relationship with Brody a bit because she’s feeling apprehensive over his situation with Kristin. After Kristin gave McKaela the stare of death when she saw McKaela out with Brody, McKaela picked Lo‘s brain to see what to do.

Lo is like the resident Dr. Phil. Dr. PhilLo tells McKaela to watch out for Kristin, and that their circle is a tough crowd.

Let the Man Hunt begin! Stacie and Kristin drop by a spot in Venice, CA and are creeped out by the creepy guys. Seems like a ploy by MTV to show how inferior Venice is to The Hills.

The guy in the beanie (not sure which one) said Kristin was the girl from a movie. He was clearly getting Kristin confused with another Hollywood blonde, but with the cameras following her every move, he knew Kristin was someone. But he doesn’t really strike us as the type to watch theHills. Or perhaps he just wanted to be on TV. That’s Hollywood, that’s what people do here. Every one is trying to get on a reality show somewhere these days.

Brody is still hanging on to McKaela as he wines and dines her. McKaela says she doesn’t want girl drama with Kristin. Brody tells her she has to “deal with it”. “We’ll see”, McKaela says. Go McKaela!

If Lauren is Queen of the Maxi (and braid), Audrina is Queen of the Romper. Wearing one of her several rompers, Audrina went shopping with Stephanie to talk about her slowly fading relationship with Ryan. It seems like she barely likes the kid. But considering that he’s been crashing at her place lately while he’s in between houses, we understand why she’s probably sick of Ryan. We see what happened to Whitney and Jay Lyon out in New York.

At Lo and McKaela‘s prior lunch, after discussing Brody, Lo told McKaeala about an internship opportunity at Smashbox. All of a sudden everyone on theHills has jobs again. Lo’s is at Smashbox, or at least it was for this episode long enough for McKaeala to walk in and walk by Lo’s desk. Lo then ushered McKaeala into the boss’ office for her interview. She is interested in art and fashion and she nailed the interview. She’s the next Smashbox intern.

Lo is not the only one who all of a sudden has a job again. Remember when Audrina worked for Epic? She had a co-worker that she always vented to. This episode brought Audrina back to Epic, although we never saw the offices. She had to go see bands for the music company at the Viper Room and brought Lo and Stephanie along.

Audrina was surprised (because the producer’s neglected to tell her they set it up) to find out Justin Bobby‘s band Ed Stanley was performing. Audrina couldn’t stop smiling; she was beaming. It’s as if the dirtier or greasier he looks, the harder she smiles. And he was dirty. But when you couldn’t see the dirt, he looked very cute with his fresh haircut.

Soon after, Ryan has finally found a new place, and Audrina went to go visit him. Ryan tells her he’s leaving for tour in a couple days, and it takes everything Audrina has not to jump for joy in his face. She did say that it was a good thing because she could catch up with all her friends she hasn’t seen. She didn’t tell him she ran into Justin Bobby whom she still likes at the Viper Room like she planned to.

The gang goes out to another club. Not only does Brody apologize to Kristin and heat things up again, Justin walks in. Cue the enormous smile from Audrina. At this point, Justin knows he’s back in, if he didn’t know before. Even though people claim this Audrina-Justin storyling is a farce, the look on Audrina’s face is not. She’s not that good of an actress. She may not let him back in, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to.

Audrina looked great at the club and Justin knew it. He asked her about Spike, referring to the stuff on Ryan’s head. Audrina says things are okay but it takes everything she has not to tell him that she secretly hates Spike. Justin knows what that means, “when Spike’s away, Audrina will play”.

Kristin and Brody look like they made plans for the night, together.

Learning the Language

“TheCity” Season 2: Episode 4: “Queen of Diamonds”

Whitney has been such a victim of men in the past. We’ve watched, cringing from behind our throw pillows as Jay elbowed his way into her apartment because it was easier than subletting something else for a few weeks before his band went on tour, even though he planned to dump her. Freddie Fackelmayer forced her onto a date with his dad in what was history’s most awkward date — until Whit found herself on a blind date with a mean gay man a few episodes later. But this season she’d hardly had any male interaction until last night’s episode, when she returned to the species of man that got her into trouble in the first place on this show: foreigners.

Every new young lady to New York delights in its veritable model U.N. of a dating pool, and those who can’t go back to Americans after having had Men With Accents always find themselves in the most trouble. As fun as sweet nothings in broken English are, MWAs too often either plan on returning to their faraway homelands or insult your American social customs and tap water. But Whitney is not about to get played again. She’s ready to do some playing of her own! And so she tries to use the French photographer from her Rue La La shoot, to get him to shoot her look book for free. Oh, using men. It’s so grown-up — so New York. Welcome home, Whit! And now this week’s lessons.

Lesson 1: Freeloading.
Do: Use the people on the periphery of your social circle before they get too close. Whitney and Roxy begin the episode by looking for inspiration for Whitney’s look book. Whitney needs a photographer to shoot it and tells Roxy the photographer from the Rue La La shoot asked her to drinks. “He was this French guy who’s actually a war photographer,” Whitney says, clearly impressed and hoping that if she gets him to do her a favor she’ll at least genuinely want to date him, too. “I should ask him to shoot my look book,” she adds, bringing us back to her career before we get our hopes up of viewing another awkward Whitney Port romance. She’s so business-minded this season. Dry spell, shmy spell.
Don’t: Compromise the freeloading potential because Kelly Cutrone suggests otherwise. “All girls should have an affair with a French guy,” Kelly tells Whitney. “It’s a great way to learn the language and it’s a great way to get banged.” But it wouldn’t be freeloading in its purest form if Whitney slept with the guy. Also, all girls should not have an affair with a French guy. They’re romantic at first, but then get selfish and snobby, and sleep around. The Spanish, on the other hand …

Lesson 2: Dressing for a date.
Don’t: Wear something too sparkly. Whitney wears a giant, super-glittery striped silver sweatshirt out on her date with the Frenchman. It’s not sexy, it just looks like something Beyoncé would wear lounging around the house when there were no cameras around. But it’s so sparkly for a getting-to-know-someone situation it makes us think that she has been waiting for an excuse to wear it for ages.
Don’t: Wear something slutty. We give Whitney props for going for a crewneck even though she intends to try to seduce the guy into doing free things for her.

Lesson 3: Becoming a useful part of the organization that employs you.
Don’t: Do nothing but play with jewelry. Magazines do not employ people because the only thing they can do well is pick out jewelry. Is picking out jewelry even something one can be great at? It’spicking out jewelry. Erin tells Joe, who thinks this is a spectacular strength of Olivia‘s, that picking out a necklace is not enough. And she’s right.
Do: Go to work and at least pretend you do things there. When Erin and Joe go to L.A. for the Fergie shoot, Olivia doesn’t even go to work — she goes out to lunch. But it’s not like we can expect her to know this gossip will work its way back to Joe and Erin, since she’s never worked in an office, will never have to work in an office, and will never know how gossipy they are.

Lesson 4: Making a date you intend to use feel special.
Do: Enthuse over his motorcycle. Of course the Frenchman picks Whitney up on his motorcycle and just happens to have an extra helmet for her. This is so not Whitney’s style, and we can tell the last thing she wants to do is throw her life and young fashion-design career to the wind because she just wanted to get her look book shot for free! But she plays it off very well and gets on the bike with him. It’s just like Sex and the City when Berger picked up Carrie!!!!! But unlike Carrie, Whitney has the opposite — the sexy — reaction: “I liked when you go fast.” And that ought to, in his mind, make up for her crewneck.
Don’t: Cringe at his war stories. Frenchman tells Whitney about the time he was in Ethiopia in a famine with no food or water and had to drink the water from the pouch he cut out of a camel. Whitney wrinkles her nose and chugs her wine. Doesn’t our French friend know? No one’s allowed to say anything interesting on this show!

Lesson 5: Lunch dates with co-workers.
Do: Have them somewhere lunch-y. You know, with crowds and an overpriced turkey sandwich on the menu. The lunch Olivia has with Elle‘s new fashion director, Alexis Bryan Morgan, who is finally getting press thanks to this show, looks like a romantic dinner from an 80-year-old movie. We expected them to fondle each other’s wrists from across the table while looking deeply into each other’s eyes as their fancy foam-garnished food gets even colder at their elbows. This pretty much happened when they rejoiced over their vintage Cartier.
Don’t: Make up talents you have. Apparently Alexis and Olivia are friends. “I was thrilled when I found out you were coming in. I was like yay I have my girlfriend!” Olivia tells Alexis. Fine sucking up, but then she talks about how she picked out a RING for Fergie’s cover shoot. “I know so much about vintage jewelry and costume jewelry and I was so fortunate to be educated at such a young age,” Olivia says. She may as well say, “I was so fortunate to be born into money.” If she’s such an expert she should work at an auction house.

Lesson 6: Using a man.
Don’t: Think you have to sleep with him because Roxy Olin and Kelly Cutrone told you that you would have to. When the look book shoot rolls around, Whitney has decided that the Frenchman isn’t hot enough for her and that she doesn’t want to sleep with him. “Is he aware that you just want to be friends with him? Have you told him that?” Kelly asks. No, she hasn’t, because if he knew that, why would he shoot her look book for free? But then again, he might be dense enough — like so many of them are — to think that even if she had told him she just wanted to be friends he could get her into bed anyway.
Don’t: Accept more dates than are truly necessary. Frenchman asks Whitney to drinks again during the shoot. She says she has “little to no time” for a “social life” and adds that she just wants to “keep it professional.” She must have really found that Ethiopian camel story disgusting.

Lesson 7: Choosing non-intimidating magazine covers.
Do: Go with something classic. Joe reveals that focus groups chose Fergie in a green Burberry dress for her Elle cover. Someone sneers to Olivia that there’s no jewelry on the cover. She looks pissed while Erin makes one of her signature smug faces at the other end of the conference table.
Don’t: Go with Fergie in high-waisted bootie shorts and a bra. Looking at that just made us feel uncomfortable.

Source: The Cut

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