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America’s Next Top Model: Rigged


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Janice Dickinson confirmed something this week that we probably already knew, or at least suspected, that America’s Next Top Model is rigged.

In an interview with FilmOn on Monday, December 5, Janice claimed that the main reason she left the show was when she found out that it was CoverGirl who chose the winner.  Janice claims she left when she discovered that none of the judges opinions had any baring on the competition, nor the eventual winner.  She says that she felt duped by the show and by Tyra.

This refutes earlier claims by Janice herself that she was fired from ANTM, so we’re not 100% sure if she’s telling the truth now.  Back in 2005, Janice spoke to Radar Magazine, saying “I got fired. After a few episodes I began getting labeled a bitch, and that got to me. I was just telling the truth and I was saving these girls from going out there and being told that they’re too short, too fat, their skin’s not good enough. I was to ‘America’s Next Top Model’ what Simon Cowell is to ‘American Idol.'”

It’s not out of the realms of possibility to consider the show is rigged, especially when you think that most “reality” shows are scripted or at least guided by producers.  On the other hand, Janice has long been known for saying controversial things that are not always based in truth and has a yearning for fame.

What do you think, is Janice telling the truth this time?

They Tried to Make ‘Em Go to Rehab And They Said No, No, No

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Celebrity Rehab 4: Episode 6

Watch the latest episode of Celebrity Rehab 4 to see Jason Davis and Jason Wahler discuss for 10 minutes whether or not it’s a good idea to make a run for it from the recovery center. Here’s a lesson: it’s not, and it makes us believe that neither of them are serious about getting better at all. You can see their antics at the 33:07 mark.

You’re Like the King of Irritation

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Celebrity Rehab: Episode 5

This week’s episode was a big struggle for Janice, Rachel (who had returned following a traumatic night), and Frankie. As last week’s episode proved, Frankie was highly irritable due to alcohol/drug withdrawal symptoms and Jason Davis took advantage of that, which led to an all-out scream fest between the two. We saw Frankie’s spirit break during this episode, which led us to see her as more than just a cantankerous old woman.

Another major altercation happened between Rachel and Janice. After Rachel had left, Janice wasted no time berating her and accusing her of stealing some of Janice’s things. Rachel of course heard about this from the other roommates who had had enough of Janice’s mean words, and went to confront Janice about it. Janice refused to speak about the situation, words were said (including Eric saying a very bad word about her), and the next thing we knew, she was gasping for air and having a nervous breakdown.

We did learn one surprising fact about Jason Wahler – he has been to rehab eight times, and “has never seen anything like this before” in regards to the crying and fighting that had occurred that day. Our interest was piqued when he mentioned the amount of times he had gone in for treatment. You would think that maybe this time, Jason would commit himself to getting sober, right?

Watch Episode 5 above and make sure to let us know what you think.

If You Leave, I Might Have a Chance at Sobriety at Celebrity Rehab

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Celebrity Rehab 4: Episode 4

On this episode of Celebrity Rehab, we saw what withdrawal from drugs can do to a person’s personality and psyche. Again, the big power players were Jason Davis, Janice Dickinson, and Rachel Uchitel, while Frankie Lons made quite the scene after being provoked by Jason. Rachel and Janice’s relationship was exacerbated by the fact that they share a room together, and Rachel ultimately decided to leave rehab after being unable to cope with the environment at hand.

The other Jason, Jason Wahler, again did not talk much during this episode except to laugh maniacally when Frankie was upset. It was the exact same laugh he made when ex-girlfriend Jessica was sitting on his lap during the Fight the Slide 2005 event in Laguna, and he was unaware that Lauren was in the background watching. However, Jason did demonstrate some maturity when he also offered some words of encouragement to fellow rehab-er Eric Roberts, who was going through some personal trauma of his own.

Each episode brings on increasing amounts of drama. We wonder what’s going to happen next. Watch the video above and leave your thoughts below.

Drama is Prescribed for Celebrity Rehab

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Celebrity Rehab 4: Episode 3

We are now 3 episodes into Celebrity Rehab 4 and as expected, the show is nothing short of drama drama drama. From epic yelling matches one second to everyone participating in share time the next, this is enough to derail anyone from getting involved with substance abuse.

For now, the big players look like Janice Dickinson, Rachel Uchitel, Jeremy London, and Jason Davis, who always get involved with everyone’s issues and have an opinion. One person who has not yet made a huge impact is Jason Wahler, who is the main reason we tuned to the show in the first place. Save for a snide remark he made in the middle of this week’s episode regarding the other Jason’s weight issues, he has been relatively quiet. This isn’t really a surprise considering his lack of words was always a problem with his ex-girlfriends like Jessica Smith and Alex Murrel on Laguna Beach. We look forward to the day when Jason has his time in the chair with Dr. Drew.

We’ll be posting episodes of Celebrity Rehab 4 for you Hills2Citiers, so make sure to watch each one and sound off below on your thoughts.

At 23, Jason Wahler Has the Alcohol Damage of a 50 Year Old

The highly anticipated Celebrity Rehab 4 premiered yesterday.  Many have said this cast- which includes Eric Roberts, Janice Dickinson, Jason Davis, and Rachel Uchitel– is the best of the four seasons.

One cast member is Jason Wahler. Dr. Drew shared with Us Weekly some sobering observations of Jason Wahler’s addictive condition stemming from alcohol abuse.

“The one thing that struck me in the opening day was, I did his physical exam and he had clear stigmata — signs of advanced alcoholism,” Dr. Drew says of Jason, 23. “This guy’s in his early 20s and he has the kind of alcohol damage that usually I’ve seen in 50-year old dads.”

While Dr. Drew isn’t a fan of Jason’s alcoholic behavior he apprently was a fan of Laguna Beach.

“This guy was clear to me as a hardcore alcoholic. I had seen him on the show in Season 1 of LagunaBeach,” Pinsky, 52, tells VH1. “I literally was yelling at the television like, ‘Is anybody gonna help this kid? You know how much of a drug addict this is? Anybody but me gonna speak up?’ And evidently it took quite a bit more before anybody did speak up.”

Who knew Drew watched Laguna Beach?  In any event, it’s a good thing someone realized Jason, who has been arrested six times, needed some help, particularly since he was “caught up in everything” the Hollywood lifestyle brings.  On last night’s episode, Jason revealed that he was “pretty normal” when he didn’t drink, but admitted he was pretty bad when he was under the influence.  “It’s like Dr. Jerkyl and Mr. Hyde for me,” he explained.

With last night’s premiere, the world also got a quick glimpse at Jason’s parents, Rick and Denise.  While some parents appeared on Laguna Beach quite regularly, the Wahler’s did not.  So, it was nice to see Jason’s parents and see that he has their support through this difficult time.  Jason is currently taking a pill called antabuse every day that makes him sick if he drinks, in an attempt to curb his alcohol use.  “If it’s not [rehab], it’s death,” Jason said.

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Celebrity Rehab Uncovers Jason Wahler’s Inner Most Fear: Death

Well, it’s finally here- almost. Celebrity Rehab is set to premiere next week, on December 1.  According to Us Weekly who gave this season 3 1/5 out of 5 stars- “the patients’ confessions of their inner torment (Wahler fears death) is what makes this Rehab trip so gripping.”

Joining Jason Wahler on the daunting yet hopefully helpful journey will be Tiger Woods‘ mistress Rachel Uchitel, outspoken ’70s model Janice Dickinson and Party of Five alum turned alleged kidnap victim Jeremy London.

Celebrity Rehab airs at 10pm on VH1.  Will you watch?

Celebrity Rehab: “You’re Like On Crack 24/7!”

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A truer quote could not have been uttered by Jason Davis, one of the contestants on this season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Season 4 is upon us, and we finally get to see the kinds of drama that unfolds on the show in this supertrailer. Our interest is piqued from the appearance of Jason Wahler, who used to date Lauren, and as he says, “I was arrested four times in 6 months in 4 different states.”

We already know that Jason has fallen off the wagon since he was on the show, so it’s difficult for us to root for him when we know he will inevitably fail. Plus, he’s not in the trailer too often leading us to believe he may have been one of the ones who ditches rehab, although we hope we’re wrong.  But while watching this, you can’t help but feel some semblance of empathy for these people. While much of the drama might be for the ratings, drug addiction is a serious illness and one which should not be taken lightly.

Spanning the Web

Kristin Cavallari talks about going back to college.  Her co-stars thinks she’s hot and sweet. [MTVNews]

Whitney Port goes back in the day.  [WhitneyPort]

Remember we told you Heidi sang live and Janice said it sounded like a cat?  Hear it here if you dare. [NYPost]

I’m a Celebrity host Damien Fahey said of Speidi‘s antics, he  “doesn’t even know how to encapsulate it properly.”  He adds, “I got through Algebra 2, but I can’t wrap my head around them.”  Fahey thinks the annoying couple plotted their claims of torture that surfaced last week.  “They’re complicated people. And Spencer is a publicist.”  As for his family’s loyalty, Fahey says, “My dad’s voted for Janice Dickinson eight times.” [Boston]

When Heidi and Spencer lose, they still win.  But the bigger winners are over at MTV.  They’re really making all the money on these two puppets.  [MTVNews]

Celebrities are as sick of Speidi as We are

Celebrities have been talking about I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Not by choice, of course, but only because the media has been asking.

Joan Rivers’ daughter Melissa Rivers says she’s surprised Janice Dickinson hadn’t slammed Speidi to the floor, yelled at them, and told them to get over themselves.  She also laughed at Heidi spraying dry shampoo in her hair every second.

Lauren Conrad said she hasn’t watched the show.  We know she’s “above” watching it.

But Lo wasn’t embarrassed to admit that she has.  “I think it’s funny,” Lo said.  “I don’t know if it’s real of fake.  I think some people are playing mind games., messing with other peo0ple, than other people are eally serious about it.” But Lo’s not rooting for Speidi, she’s “rooting for everyone because it’s for a good cause”.

Kristin Cavallari also fessed up to watching an episode of I’m a Celebrity. “It’s funny I was watching that while I was getting ready for this.”  But she said Heidi has been texting her with updates on whether they are returning home or not.  As with the media, Heidi’s updates kept changing.

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