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More Engagement News From The Hills!


Not only is Lauren Conrad “over the moon” after her engagement this week, but Hills2City can reveal that Holly Montag is engaged too!

Holly shared this photo of her with her fiancé Richie and the ring on Twitter saying “Happiest girl in the universe!” on October 14.

Sister Heidi  announced the news on her Twitter, “A HUGE congratulations to my amazing loving sister on her engagement to Richie!💍 Answered prayers!🙏 love u so much & am so ecstatic for u!” and later replied to Holly’s tweet saying “Yay!! So happy for you!!!”

Stephanie Pratt, also tweeted her good wishes for Holly and Richie, saying, “Omg! Congratulations sister!!!! Love you so much!!!!!”

Congrats to the happy couple from Hills2City; we feel a very theHills wedding season brewing!

Where Are They Now?


Obviously we cover the lives, loves and fashionable stylings of the main cast from both theHills and theCity, but we’re sure you wonder sometimes about the wherabouts of the lesser-known or more supporting “characters”.  (Let’s face it, theHills ended up quite far away from reality in the end).

The Hot Hits Live From LA have compiled a really funny list of what the likes of Frankie Delgado, Stacie the Bartender etc have been up to since the show ended:

Frankie Delgado was Brody’s BFF, and they are still in a serious bromance. Their Twitter feeds are filled with love for each other, but he is also engaged to a lovely lady.

Justin Bobby was the gross guy who Audrina was in love with, but did you know he was a hairdresser!? Apparently he is cutting hair in Costa Mesa.

Stacie the bartender became Kristin’s friend in the final season, and it turns out they actually are still friends! Stacie wants Kristin to be her bridesmaid at her wedding, and it turns out she’s also friends with Kendra Wilkinson — because her sister works for Playboy Radio.

Holly Montag seems to be on better terms with her sister Heidi again… we’re basing that on Spencer asking people to follow her on Twitter.

Remember back in season one there was a group of guys we were meant to care about? Brian Drolet briefly dated Audrina, and he has appeared in a whole stack of terrible straight to DVD movies. Jordan Eubanks was Heidi’s boyfriend, and he has also been in some straight to DVD releases. He’s also married!

Jason Wahler aka Lauren’s ex has been in and out of rehab and jail, but he’s cleaned himself up and was recently snapped hanging with Janice Dickinson and appearing at charity events.

And Jen Bunney who caused heaps of drama and got a nose job, now has an MBA.

Thank god you know that now.

Justin Bobby is Supposedly Dating Holly Montag

The man who couldn’t make it work with Audrina Patridge or Kristin Cavallari is reportedly dating Heidi Montag’s older sister, Holly.

Us Weekly will have you believe Holly, 27, and Justin Bobby, 29, have been seeing each other for some time.  “They’re dating and have been for awhile,” a source tells Us Weekly.

Another insider doesn’t think it will last, for some strange reason.  “He’s reckless and will disappear in his house for days at a time,” the source says. “He’s not reliable.”

4 Reasons to Watch “Audrina”

If you’re wondering whether or not to watch the Audrina show this weekend, and none of our prior posts have swayed you yet, here’s a last-ditch effort to explain a few reasons you should watch.

1) Meeting the Patridge Family

In comparison to the circus surrounding the Pratt and Montag families, we know very little about Audrina’s family. Her new show will feature her immediate family members and we cannot wait to get to know them! Plus we have no doubt they will accidentally let some embarrassing, yet utterly adorable, stories slip about Audrina when she was younger!

2) Will the Real Audrina Please Stand Up

Audrina was overshadowed by Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari throughout theHills, so she’ll finally get the screen time she deserved. Who is the mysterious biker girl who leaves a trail of broken hearts in her wake?

3) Eye Candy

Audrina has dated some undeniably hot guys in the past and it is probably written into her contract that she has to date even hotter guys just for this new show. Yes, we are shallow enough to watch a show just for some male eye candy.  Not to mention the female eye candy for the guys too. See, Audrina caters to both sexes.

4) The Resurrection of Justin Bobby

Stranger things have happened.

Holly in Hollywood

Laguna Lovers

Holly Montag may not walk many red carpets, but she hasn’t moved back to Crested Butte Colorado.  Ya know, once you go Hollywood you never go back.

Making a resurgence on the Hollywood scene, Holly attended the Power Balance Goes “All-In For A Cure” at Drai’s Hollywood recently.  Holly looked cute in a simple black ensemble with a red pout. We like that she doesn’t look overworked or overdone.  Go Holly!

Khloe Kardashian and Lo Bosworth also attended the event a few weeks ago.

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Laguna Lovers

No, you’re eyes are not deceiving you, this is a picture of Lauren Conrad, Heidi and Holly Montag. Together. Smiling.

There’s no need to talk about the craziness that has happened since this picture was taken, instead we should savor the moment and remember the happy times from when Lauren and Heidi were friends.

What are your favourite memories from Lauren and Heidi’s friendship?

How to Get Rejected in 10 Episodes

“TheHills” Season 6: Episode 11: “Loves Me Not”

This week, Brody has a meeting with the boys in Sleazy-T‘s garage.  There, they have girl talk discuss Brody’s romantic life.  Sleazy-T is obviously the MTV plant.  He’s still convincing Brody that Kristin wasn’t really into Costa Rica Will, she was just flirting with him to make Brody jealous.  This convincing, when Sleazy knows full well, like the rest of the world, that Brody is smitten with one Avril Lavigne.

Brody finally comes clean saying he found someone else.  Frankie and Sleazy act upset that Brody has never told them about this girl.  They must not read the magazines or see Brody’s tattoos.

Then, in an attempt to get back their guy cred, they speed off on motorcycles, sans helmets.  Well Brody and Sleazy do.  Poor Frankie couldn’t get it going and the bike took off without him.  These are the things we should’ve seen on theHills more often.  That is reality.

Holly makes her way back into the show when she rides to the airport to pick up her mother, Darlene.  Darlene is still reeling over her lost relationship with her daughter.  Holly tells her mom she and the girls decided to write Heidi off.  Darlene says they are family and she will not write her daughter off.  In fact she wants to see Heidi while she’s in town.  Uh oh.  Heidi doesn’t want to see her.

Let the rejection begin.  Kristin, who is showing she’s more of a glutton for punishment and a sadomasochist, than any bad girl or b****, “bumps in to” Brody at yet another club.  Brody ignores her the entire time.  She pines.

Things didn’t go so bad for everyone that night.  Brody ran into his friend Josh who came over to chat.  He was immediately drawn to Stephanie, who immediately told Lo how cute Josh was.  Josh inquired to Brody about Stephanie.  Brody warned and warned Josh about Stephanie’s issues, which is not surprising given Brody’s ill feelings towards Stephanie.

Josh was undainted and approached Steph and asked her if she was dating anyone.  Stephanie answered in the negative and Josh offered to walk her to her car as she was leaving.

Steph, who looked like she just ate a tub of black licorice, gladly obliged and said she would like to go out with him.  Go Stephanie!

In the land of theHills, things move quickly.  In the very next scene, Josh and Stephanie were on their date.  Josh asked Stephanie why she doesn’t drink.  Stephanie is a little taken back by the question and asks, “how do you know I don’t drink?”.  Instead of admitting he watches theHills now and again or reads the magazines, Josh was a quick thinker on his toes and said because Stephanie didn’t order a drink.

Later Josh reveals he doesn’t drink either because he’s a serious dirt bike racer.  This is a match made in sober heaven.

Josh also tells Stephanie he knows all about her situation with her brother and about her DUI.  Unlike Stephanie’s last date, Stephanie didn’t have to awkwardly reveal the situation on the first date, but Josh put it all out on the table first, letting Stephanie know he was cool with it.

This is starting so much better than the last date!

At the next, but certainly not last, meal of the episode, Lo and Scott celebrate their one year anniversary.  Scott invites Lo to move in with him when her lease is up!  Lo wants to, badly.  But Lo has a rule that she won’t shack up with any guy unless she’s engaged. Not married, but engaged.  Arbitrary?  Maybe.  Engagement does evidence more of a commitment than merely shacking up, although it’s not right spiritually either way.  But Lo doesn’t appear to be driven by that purpose.

She says she’s had too many friends who live together before they’re engaged and they end up in splitsville.

Kristin is excited because Brody wanted to come over and talk.  Kristin’s excitement completely weins when Brody tells her he doesn’t get why she wants to get serious now.  Kristin says she’s really been enjoying hanging out with him and thought they would give it another try.  Brody another try will not he give.  Been there done that, and it didn’t work.

In fact, he now tells Kristin, he has met someone else.  We guess since the finale is now a week away, people are allowed to be real.  Still, the “A” word was never mentioned.  Either way Kristin felt the burn of rejection that she’s been feeling in each of the ten episodes up until this point.  This is a clinic on rejection almost as helpful and useful on what not to do, than Audrina and Justin Bobby‘s free clinic they gave in the prior seasons.

Shoutout to Audrina who wasn’t in this episode at all, but we managed to work her into the recap.

Darlene and Holly, who looks cute with her up-do,  go to the W Hotel for lunch.  Darlene opens up to Holly revealing, “I just feel like she can’t live in two worlds and that she feels like she has to choose between us and Spencer.”

She adds, “I haven’t slept for months. I had to go and get a prescription for sleeping pills just to be able to go to sleep at night to the point where I didn’t even know how I would make it another day. I’ve been mourning the loss of a child and, yeah, it hurts. It hurts more than I thought I could hurt. I can’t live like that. I have to know in my heart that I did everything I thought I could do.”

Saddest words spoken on theHills, ever.

More tears are shed, this time by big bad Kristin.  Kristin tells Lo about Brody’s girlfriend, and acts surprised by it.  If nothing else, Kristin is showing producers she can turn it on in front of the camera.  Because like Brody’s friends, she’s known about the girlfriend for some time.  She’s even went on interviews saying she and Brody were done way before this scene was filmed.

Kristin should really receive attention from people looking to cast films because of the big transition she made.  She went from the big bad girl who only came in contact with feelings when she was hurting other people’s.  She yelled and screamed and bragged about having other girls’ boyfriends.  Now, she’s crying and doesn’t even have a boyfriend of her own.

Lo reminds Kristin how she was in high school.  Guys would crawl over broken glass to be with her and girls wanted to be her.  Indeed, that’s why we’re not buying this new Kristin, and frankly, don’t enjoy watching it.  Kristin maintains that “I completely put myself out there and he doesn’t want me. The guy that I love doesn’t want me. It’s done.”

She’s been getting rejected for ten episodes and on the eleventh, she got rejected, for good.

Frankie’s Birthday Sin City Style

Fashion Spot

Not unlike many of our favorite MTV reality stars, Frankie celebrated his birthday at Lavo in Las Vegas this month.

We know Vegas is a great place to get crazy and celebrate an occasion, especially a birthday, and it’s not too far from LA, but isn’t the Sin City birthday getting a little old? This year, too many of theHills stars have celebrated their birthdays in Vegas and some even at the same locations.

Let’s see, queen bee Kristin partied the night away at Eva Longoria‘s club Eve in January only to be followed by Jayde’s birthday party at the same club in February. After this little debacle, it looks like the girls realized they should at least celebrate at different clubs if they’re all having birthday parties in the same city.

Audrina branched out to Liquid Lounge (even though Kristin and Heidi both appeared there it wasn’t for their birthdays), Steph had a pool party at Tao and Holly got down at The Bank.

See what we mean now?

On another note, Lauren looks fabulous in these photos with the birthday boy. Her golden hair and nude dress even seem to pair well with the decor of the club. Even though it’s another Vegas party, it looks like they really enjoyed themselves.

The Week That Was

  • theHills Girls: The party of the week was definitely the NylonYoung Hollywood party. Kristin, Steph, Holly and Audrina were all in attendance as was theCity‘s leading lady Whitney. The week took a turn for Audrina though and ended in more rumors of her splitting with bf Ryan Cabrera. In Heidi news, it’s as if she’s being kept hostage somewhere and reports say she and Spencer may be left out of the finale.
  • theHills Season 6: Lately, it seems like the entire cast is really working towards the end of the show and this week was no different. All the cast members went on a fairly secret trip to Costa Rica returning in time to spend the weekend in La La Land. The girls looked great on the trip, but we noticed Heidi and Spencer were M.I.A. MTV must have the couple written out of the show for now, but one Speidi supporter spoke up this week.
  • theCity Girls: Whitney was all over the place this week doing all kinds of things. We must say we loved seeing her style for Rachel Roy, showing us she hasn’t lost her eye for a great ensemble. She and Sami even got decked out in LBD’s for an event in the Big Apple.
  • Lauren’s Business: It’s become a rare occasion to get candids of Lauren, so we were excited to come across a daily outing and a little hand holding with her bf. Even better than a snapshot of our favorite Hills alum this week was the unveiling of the cover for her style book. You’ve got to see it!
  • Fashion Lifestyles: Olivia looks great even out of the city and this week she was our “Look of the Week.” Her darker locks are a great change! And don’t miss Lauren in a fashion face-off and be sure to vote for your favorite look.

Cry Me a River

“TheHills” Season 6: Episode 4: “This is Goodbye”

The waterworks and sad faces were flowing in the recent episode of theHills. Heidi, who has had perma-sad face since she’s been with Spencer and he sucked the life out of her, was among the long faces that stained our screen this week.

But we begin with the sisters. Speidi‘s sisters have obviously been estranged from each other since Speidi ousted them from their lives. So, Holly and Stephanie reconnected over lunch, of course. There, they discussed being kicked out of their families lives and Stephanie resolves to leave Heidi and Spencer alone once and for all. It’s the last thing she can do.

In true Hills fashion, the following scene also takes place at lunch. This time, Heidi meets up with Kristin for a bite to eat. The good news is Heidi’s face is settling in and she actually doesn’t look bad. She doesn’t look real, but she doesn’t look bad per se.

Kristin confronts Heidi about Spencer’s bizarre behavior. She’s afraid that Spencer can lose his mind at any time because he’s already lost his marbles a long time ago. Heidi downplays it and says Spencer has always been that way. We believe he has, but the fact that she married him knowing this is scary. Maybe her father is correct when he says Spencer is not manipulating Heidi. Perhaps Heidi is equally to blame for their downward spiral.

Next we’re off to a more positive relationship when Audrina goes to visit Ryan Cabrera in the studio. He’s singing about something but is excited when his girlfriend drops by. They hug, but it really doesn’t matter since they’re having problems in real life. Even though they’re breakup hasn’t been confirmed or denied this time, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

In this episode, Audrina invites Ryan to the club with “everyone”. Ryan doesn’t like everyone, so he declines to go. “You understand though,” he says more hoping than knowing. While Audrina may understand, she gets sad face realizing this Ryan and Brody thing kinda sucks. Brody is clearly the reason Ryan didn’t want to go, especially considering the kid loves a party.

Although it seems like no man in the world- other than maybe George Clooney– should feel secure enough to let their girlfriend roam solo around Brody Jenner, Ryan did. And at the party Brody, the ultimate panty dropper, approached Audrina. But Audrina realized she was just another pawn in the producer’s this player’s game, and told Brody to back off once and for all. She said she had a boyfriend and Brody just wanted what he can’t have.

Audrina has never spoken more true words. After all, if Brody wanted Audrina, he could have had her last season when Audrina was on him like white on rice.

How’s that sad face for you? We’re not sure if Spencer shed a tear in this scene or not, but it didn’t matter because it was written all over his face. He didn’t have to say a word. But unfortunately he did. And the words came at Audrina‘s expense. After having a heart to heart with his former BFF, Brody, and emotionally revealing how much his life has changed, ever so randomly Spencer started verbally attacking Audrina when she came over to ask him where Heidi was. He called her the “lamest f****** girl in this club”, blah blah blah.

Brody told Spencer he has no reason to attack her and he’s lost his marbles. The friendship looks like it’s over, yet again.

Brody and Spencer‘s friendship isn’t the only one on thin ice. Kristin and Heidi met up again, along with Audrina. When they try to confront Heidi about Spencer again, Heidi says, “all guys are a little bit controlling.” When they stress how much Heidi has changed, Heidi gets extremely defensive and says, “You don’t know me. Spencer didn’t change me…I changed me!” We’re not sure that that’s any better. Cue the sadface.

One relationship that is not suffering is Kristin and Brody‘s. They made out at the club, before leaving together.

Heidi and Kristin chat in the club and Heidi explains her crystals to Kristin. It’s clear they’ve lost their marbles and apparently they’ve replaced them with crystals.

Holly and Stacie are finally sharing screen time together, since we know it is them, and not Stacie and Kristin who are real best friends. Holly tells Stacie and Bradley that she’s ready to beat Spencer down.

MTV wants you to think Kristin and Brody shared a lot more than a kiss the night before. He wakes up at her house. But that big lightening bolt makes us remember that he really has a thing for another petite blonde. Still, Kristin tells Brody she likes what they have going on, whatever that is, but Brody says he’s enjoying being single. Kristin says she is too.

Kristin has everyone over her house to have a Speidi intervention, without Speidi. They all resolve to cut Heidi and Spencer out of their lives, because, frankly, there’s nothing else they can do. Lo notes that at some point they went from a little cookoo to needing to undergo mental evaluation or a 50/50 hold. The only thing they haven’t done is shaved their heads. But it looks like they’re heading down that dangerous path.

Stephanie is up for distancing herself from her brother and Heidi. But she does shed many tears.

Holly is not as quick to agree to cut Speidi out because she and her sister used to be very close and it’s still hard for her to come to grips with all of this. She too let’s the water come down her face.

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