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The Style Sherpa




Along with Hills2City’s best dressed candidate Kate Hudson, Kristin Cavallari wore a white gown to this year’s Oscars.  The very pregnant Kristin wore an Alexander McQueen gown that featured silver beading at the shoulders; she is showing that being glamorous and pregnant is quite doable!  (Of course it helps to have a glam squad on hand.)

Why was a Hills alum at the Academy Awards, you ask? Kristin was working the event, co-hosting an Oscars red carpet pre-show on Sunday, March 2, on E! with Kelly Osbourne and Guiliana Rancic.

Kristin also has her new show The Fabulist premiering on Monday night, March 17, to which MTV describe her role as a “style sherpa of sorts, guiding viewers towards what’s hot and what’s not.”

If you head over to MTV, you can even catch a trailer for The Fabulist; Hills2City can’t wait.

The Hostess With The Mostess

#Real/Fakeaudrina 1


Audrina Patridge appeared on E!News on Friday, January 3, speaking to Guiliana Rancic and Ali Fedotowsky about theHills fakery, her boyfriend Corey Bohan and her new job on 1st Look.

Guiliana began the interview mentioning that there had been several engagements recently with the girls on theHills, and asked Audrina if she would be next?  Audrina confirmed that she and Corey had been together for five years, and that she wished he was there, so Guiliana could ask him! 

Ali then asked Audrina if she kept in touch with any of the girls from theHills, and if she’d be attending any of the weddings?  Audrina responded by saying she recently ran into Stephanie Pratt and sat down “and had the longest conversation about how everyone’s engaged and having kids and we’re the only two of the girls left who are not,” she laughs.  “But we’re okay with it!”

Audrina continues, “I still speak to Kristin” and Guiliana took the chance to bring up Kristin recently saying that a lot of theHills was fake. 

Audrina replied, “In the beginning, a lot of it was real. As it went on, it was very manipulated and guided and you’re kinda put in these scenarios where you would show up and you didn’t know what you were in for until you were there, and you wanted to run out but they lock the door on you.”

She continues, “I actually had to leave early for another event, we were there for about three hours and they were like, ‘You can’t leave until you and Kristin get into a fight.’ So I’m like, ‘Oh my God, Kristin!’ Kristin’s like, ‘Let’s do it.’ I’m like, ‘OK, c’mon.’ It was about Justin [Bobby] and we did it and we got to leave. So, little things like that.”

Guiliana then showed the photo of Audrina on the beach in Hawaii from last week, mentioning that the former Hillsie is always in great shape, confirming with Audrina, “Now you have to try to make sure you don’t lose too much weight, is that right?”

To which Audrina confirmed, “That’s right, I have to make sure I maintain my weight, I have a really fast metabolism so I have to constantly make sure I munch on things.”

Ali then brings up Audrina’s new role as host for 1st Look, and the women mime a ‘passing of the torch’ which is really sweet.  Ali mentions that with this new role, it means Audrina will be eating all the time and trying new things, asking her what’s the craziest thing she’s eaten so far?  Audrina replies, “Oh my god, the craziest thing I’ve eaten so far is rabbit, and it was laying there and it kind of looks like chicken, so I was like ‘ok, it’s chicken, this is chicken’ and as sad as it is, it was delicious!”

Why Hollywood Is Still Like High School With Money


Entertainment Weekly

Rarely in Hollywood is anyone openly so bitchy, so it was a surprise to see Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland making fun of Lea Michele on tv Friday night, September 16.

Sarah was a guest on E!’s Fashion Police and mocked Lea’s red carpet posing to Joan Rivers, Kelly Osbourne and Guiliana Rancic, saying,  “It’s like a slow-motion picture kind of thing. It’s just like, she puts her hands on her hips like this and like sticks out her collarbones — I don’t know if you can see — she sticks out her collarbones to make her look skinnier and she goes sticks out her lips.”

Sarah described how she’d seen Lea do this pose at one of the Glee premieres and said she was trying not to get caught laughing at how ridiculous Lea looked.

Immediately, Glee and Lea fans took to twitter, slamming Sarah for her remarks.  Sarah defended herself with the following tweets, saying, “Ok. I’m addressing this Lea thing … I did not intend for my comments to be taken in a malicious way … In no way am I jealous of Lea Michelle. I’m happy with my own life and am not jealous of anyone elses n the world … Congrats Lea. U know how to work the red carpet. I can’t take it as seriously as you. That’s all I wanted to show on FP. It’s strange to me … I can’t take myself that seriously. I don’t like the red carpet. I feel silly. So props to her for knowing what she’s doing and enjoying it … I’ll be talking more about this at the Emmys tomorrow if y’all don’t believe me and want to hear it from me outloud … But I won’t apologize. I’m an outspoken person. I own what I said about that outfit. And I mimicked what I saw with my own two eyes … The end. Tune into the red carpet tmrw! :) ”

What do you think?  Do you agree with Sarah?  Or should she keep her opinions to herself?  Considering the amount of people who love Glee, she may have just alienated a few million potential fans.

Looks Like It’s Going to Be a Hough Year

The two women in Ryan Seacrest’s life, with awfully similar names, were together at last.  Ryan’s girlfriend Julianne Hough was interviewed by Ryan’s co-host, Guilianna Rancic at the Launches Search For ”The 9” Next Milk Mustache Stars in NYC, Tuesday, February 1.  There, they talked about how Ryan calls each one the other’s name from time to time.

In more important news, Julianne’s career has taken off since she left Dancing with the Stars.  After grabbing a role in Burlesque and Footloose, Julianne scored a deal with Got Milk.  The dairy company is starting a campaign to find nine non-celebrities to appear in their upcoming campaign.  So sign up if you have a good milk mustache.  You can star in the same campaign Lauren Conrad did.

Derek Hough

Julianne isn’t the only Hough making some noise.  Her older brother Derek is also leaving Dancing with the Stars.   But the Houghs are quick to say Derek is only taking one season off and will return in the fall.

During his hiatus, he too will make a movie appearance, starring in the upcoming dance flick Cobu 3D.

What a Hough life!

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