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Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth joined longtime friend Jilly Hendrix as Bridesmaids this weekend for Paper Crown brand partner Maura McManus wedding to David Oehm.


The wedding was held in Ojai, California, on Saturday, August 16, and also acted as a mini-Laguna Beach reunion, with Stephen Colletti and Dieter Schmitz in attendance.

Dieter posted the photo above to his Instagram, saying, “With @stephencolletti for one of the besets in the wettest @mauramcmanus wedding.”

Lauren Conrad & Lo Bosworth Are Beautiful Bridesmaids

Maura’s bridesmaids all wore differently styled cream full length gowns; Lauren wore hers with a pair of cream leather strappy heels, slipping on her sunglasses and Chanel bag for the Reception.

Now the countdown must really be on for Lauren’s own wedding to William Tell!  Hills2City can’t wait!

Don’t Tell Mr Tell


lauren 3


It will be no surprise to long-time fans of Lauren Conrad or theHills that Lauren had her Bachelorette weekend in Cabo.  Using the hashtag #DontTellMrTell, the Bride-to-be and her besties were all over social media, sharing special moments from the weekend with fans, and bringing back memories of the Laguna Beach days.

lauren 1

lauren 2

Lauren was joined in Cabo for a four-day weekend from Thursday, June 19, by longtime friends Lo Bosworth, Hannah Skvarla, Jilly Hendrix and Jeannie Scharetg.

lauren 4

The weekend looked to be the ultimate girls weekend, filled with awesome new memories and cute little “Lauren” touches like the Bachelorette cookie!  One of Lauren’s friends shared with US magazine this week, “The trip was more about relaxing and taking time off than raging.  The activities were wholesome—for the most part!”


One of the fun touches of the weekend were the temporary tattoos all the girls wore, shared by Lo on her Instagram. Too cute!

In amongst all the fun however, Lauren had a firm hold on her morals, leaving a restaurant after the DJ made a homophobic joke.  Lauren tweeted the incident, explaining “The Office in Cabo does not allow same sex couples to participate in couple games. Had to walk out. #equality #StopTheHate”

Double Wedding?




Whitney Port stepped out with her Fiance Tim Rosenman in Los Angeles on Saturday, November 23, their first sighting in the US since becoming engaged in Australia, while Whitney was promoting her collection with Cooper St. 

Whitney wore a white t-shirt, skinny jeans, a kahki jacket and leopard boots, evoking her typical casual style; the new addition being a gorgeous enagement ring!


Whitney’s enagement ring is a four prong setting, resting on a yellow-gold diamong band.  Oh, and features a HUGE diamond, which is thought to be even bigger than Lauren Conrad’s 2 carat diamond.

Speaking of Lauren, Whitney shared with Us Weekly how she broke the news to her old friend, “She actually emailed me about something else this week and I hadn’t told her yet so I told her.  [Lauren] was like, “Oh my god we’re both going to be old married ladies together!” It’s crazy how the timing worked out.”

True Friends (Help You Get A Discount At Vera Wang?)




Real friendship never dies, as old Laguna Beach pals Lauren Conrad and Trey Phillips prove with their annual New York ice-skating date in Bryant Park.

Lauren posted the above photo on her Instagram, saying “Annual iceskating with @TreyPhillips

Now color us excited, but the fact Trey is a designer for Vera Wang, and Lauren just happens to be engaged to the love of her life; maybe we will be seeing Lauren walk down the aisle in Vera Wang in 2014?

Not that Lauren needs a discount with all her reality tv, fashion and book empire money, but a side-benefit of having a bestie with connections is the ability to find something really special for the big day.

Brandy Wants To Be Friends With Kim Kardashian Again

Brandy has proved herself to be a class act. She is co-starring alongside Kim Kardashian in the new movie, The Marriage Counselor. How apt. Anyway, moving on, Brandy told The Wendy Williams show that contrary to media reports, she doesn’t have any issues about working with Kim. In fact it’s quite the opposite. Brandy took a moment to speak about how much she misses Kim’s friendship, she said, “I really miss my friendship with Kim, I really do.” She added, “I can’t wait to see her at the premiere and try to say something to her and tell her I love her. I’m here whenever she needs me.”

Do You Unfriend?


There are so many ways to stay connected these times. We no longer have to wait by the mail for the letter and stamp, which was once the quickest way to send a ‘I’m thinking about you’ note. But now, there’s e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter.  And oh yeah, you can still use that thing called a phone to call and text as well.

In the midst of all these outlets, it’s virtually impossible not to know what’s going on with our network twenty-four hours a day.  Log in for 10 minutes and you know who’s getting married, what parties are happening all across the U.S., what people are feeding their imaginary pets, and when they’ve decided to “Like” that random movie or a new phone they want to buy. Basically, TMI with a crazy busy interface.

But, have you ever found yourself constantly looking at the profile of an ex or ex-best friend? The consistent updates on their oh-so-wonderful life and newly uploaded pictures that show their constant enjoyment can haunt us. How can we ever get over someone if they are still attached to our lives?

The hardest thing one can do is remove them from their friend’s list because it vanishes them. Or is it just easier to simply log-off and ignore the virtual world? In this day and age is it even reasonable to get off of Facebook and/or Twitter?

What are your thoughts? Do you unfriend? Have you ever been unfriended?

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