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Save The Drama For Your Mama



Basketball Wives starlet, Evelyn Lozada calls it quits with short-term hubby Chad Johnson. After a domestic violence assault was reported to the police, she took a stand by walking out the door on the former Miami Dolphins player.

According to the assault report, Chad had head-butted Evelyn in the head while in a heated argument. She confronted him about a receipt for a box of condoms that she found in his car.  The argument grew and it resulted in Evelyn pressing charges and a divorce. After watching the series Basketball Wives, many fans questioned the truth of her assault report. She has a violent attitude on the series which has caused a huge amount of backlash.  Plus, in a statement to police, Chad claimed that Evelyn head-butted him.

Let’s thank the invention of a prenup! In the lives of celebrities, a prenup often comes in handy . Maybe now the heat will be taken off Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries for their short marriage? Probably not! Even though their 72-day marriage was longer than Chad and Evelyn’s 41 day marriage, in true Kardashian fashion, their scandal is bigger than this assault.

Basketball Wives Tell All


The Hollywood Reporter

Basketball Wives star, Evelyn Lozada has signed a 6 figure book deal with Cash Money ContentCash Money Content is managed by brothers Baby and Slim Williams, the same people that gave us Lil Wayne and the term “bling bling”.

Evelyn will apparently have multiple projects with the company with the first project being a book series called The Wives Association Evelyn, along with co-author — you knew there would be one — Courtney Parker will tell the story of Evelyns alter ego Eve and will gather stories from experiences Evelyn and her friends faced as basketball girlfriends and wives.  While the book will be a fictional story it will be loosely based on events from Evelyns life.

While Cash Money Content has said this won’t be a tell-all it does seem like readers will be in for some juicy details from Evelyns life. If Lauren Conrad‘s LA Candy series is any indication of what happens when reality TV, fiction, and  a little bit of truth come together then we’re sure it will be a success.

Snooki, Rob Kardashian, and Evelyn Lozada Rumored to be DWTS

Rumors are buzzing about Snooki being in talks to sign on for season 13 of Dancing With the Stars.  If the rumors are true, which they usually are on this show, Snooki will have to eat her words because she once declared that Dancing With the Stars is only for hasbeens.
Her little declaration came about when she advised her costar, The Situation, not to sign onto the show because “I feel like Dancing with the Stars is for celebrities that like fell off.” Snooki dissed the person whose footsteps she’s following in and the show she’s signing up for. We can draw no other conclusion than Snooki thinks she has fallen off.

Snooki won’t be the only familiar reality show face. Rob Kardashian is in discussions with ABC too. Finally Rob would have a job that doesn’t consist off of living off of his sisters.  Kim’s words, not ours.

The Kardashians are hoping the show will bring Rob onto the public stage alongside his sisters. “Rob is such a low-key guy, so it would be interesting to see if he’d come out of his shell,” a source says. Another star who “is a possibility” for the show is Christina Milian and Basketball Wives’ Evelyn Lozada.  Evelyn’s fiance, Chad Ochocinco, has already competed on the show and ABC is apparently enamored with the idea of Chad coming back in some capacity if Evelyn gets cast.

To be fair, if the rumors are true that is a pretty stellar cast ABC has snagged themselves.

The Bling Heard ‘Round the World


In a surprise twist of events, former Dancing with the Stars player Chad Ochocinco and Basketball Wives member Evelyn Lozada have announced their engagement after only four months of dating. The couple got betrothed in Cincinnati on Tuesday, November 16 with the lovely 10-carat ring that you see in the second picture. That thing is so ginormous and sparkles so much that it could fuel its own solar system.

But here’s the catch: Chad was supposed to be promised to the winner of his reality show, Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, Rubi Pazmino. It was only in September that Rubi said that her and Chad were still an item, and that the rumors of him and Evelyn being together were untrue since they were purely friends. But it looks like Rubi was fooled along with the rest of us, as now, two months later, Chad and Evelyn are engaged.

VH1 has already offered the soon-to-be married couple their own reality show, and only time will tell whether the money and circumstances are correct. But if everything goes smoothly, you can be sure to see the Ochozadas plan their special day right in the comfort of your living room.

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