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Returning To Her Roots



Lauren Conrad had a flashback to her intern days last week, as she worked on a shoot for her online ethical market, The Little Market.

The former Teen Vogue and People’s Revolution intern posted this photo on Instagram on Thursday, May 22, joking “Taking coffee orders and steaming at today’s @thelittlemarket and @laurenconrad_com shoot. I’ve come a long way since my intern days…”

Along with working on photo shoots, Lauren is of course busy planning her wedding to William Tell, and sharing tips on her website.

In a recent post, Lauren shares a few Do’s and Don’ts around how to be a good wedding guest.  Having attended Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s wedding on theHills, Lauren is someone who knows how to remain classy in all situations!

She advises, “An open bar is not a good excuse to drink more than you usually would.  Know your limits, and don’t do anything to make a fool of yourself or make a mess of the bride and groom’s dream day.”

Another good-guest-tip is to be present. “Please use common courtesy when you’re playing iPhone photographer. That means making sure that you’re still present and in the moment during the ceremony, and that you’re not blocking anyone else’s view when you strain to get the perfect shot.”

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