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Erin Lucas Interview: Erin talks Whitney, Her Musical Father, & Getting Used to the Camera

PopWrap: How did you and Whitney meet?
Erin Lucas: Whitney and I have been friends for years. Our ex-boyfriends are actually best friends, so we met at Coachella and shared an RV. We became fast friends.

PW: So how did you become involved with “The City?”
Erin: Funnily enough, I received a Facebook message about [the show]. She told MTV about me and it just happened really organically.

PW: Had you two stayed in touch while living on opposite coasts?
Erin: Of course. She was my LA buddy. Whitney showed me around and introduced me to everyone out there, so naturally I was happy to return the favor when she came here.

PW: Everyone needs a friend with a couch!
Erin: It can be a really overwhelming city if you don’t know anyone.

PW: So, had you watched “The Hills”?
Erin: Oh god yeah! I watched it with my girlfriends every time it was on. So I definitely knew what I was getting myself into.

PW: So is it weird to go from viewer to star?
Erin: I’m not going to lie. I’ve had a couple of times where it’s been like, “What am I doing with my life?!?” But at the end of the day, I’m having so much fun with it and spending time with one of my very best friends. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t even be a part of this project.

PW: Was it important to you not to be portrayed as just another girl silently chewing?
Erin: Ha! All those awkwardly long stares. To be honest, I have a small case of verbal diarrhea, so things just kinda come out. I’ve always been someone who said what was on her mind.

PW: What about adjusting to life in front of the cameras?
Erin: It’s definitely weird at first, but I am sort of a ham. I grew up with a camera in my hand, hosting things and just playing around. I’ve always been a goofball, so I’m loving it. But it’s weird trying to zone them out while having a serious conversation.

PW: Or trying to have a romantic moment.
Erin: That was so weird. It’s taken a long time to get used to, especially being romantic with a significant other on camera. It’s much different than goofing off with your friends.

PW: What’s your take on Olivia Palermo?
Erin: I’ve only hung out with her a handful of times. She’s never been mean to me, but I don’t know her that well. I only know what Whitney tells me, which is that she’s friendly.

PW: But you did get called a hooker at her dinner party. That wasn’t that most inviting…
Erin: She definitely didn’t hear that part, but that was hilarious. So awkward! It wasn’t the warmest environment, but it was sweet of her to invite us over. It was a gorgeous party.

PW: That’s not really the crowd you run with. Is that part of the fun of being on the show?
Erin: Trying new things is always fun for me. Maybe it’s weird, but I love being in new environments and that was no exception. It wasn’t my scene, but throw me in with anyone and I’ll be fine.

PW: So my sister is obsessed with your clothes and wants to know if you’ve always been into fashion?
Erin: That’s sweet, but if you saw pictures of me in high school it was bad — like bleach-blonde hair. I’d love to say that I’ve always been fashion forward but it took a lot of trial and error.

PW: I know that your dad is Cliff Williams, the bass player from AC/DC. Are you musical?
Erin: I can carry a tune — I like to sing.

PW: So should we expect an Erin Lucas CD dropping soon?
Erin: I don’t know. I got a recording device from my dad for Christmas last year and it’s still dusty. I just like to play around with it and piss my neighbors off, but I don’t know about doing it professionally.

PW: Since we haven’t seen anything about what you do on the show, let me ask — what career are you interested in?
Erin: I’m dabbling at this point in my life, but some things are going to happen on the show.

PW: Like what, you get a job?
Erin: Mum’s the word! You’ll have to watch and see — I wish I could tell you but I’d get a slap on the wrist.

PW: Sounds like you’re already comfortable with the “no spoilers” game — so what can you tell fans about this season of “The City?”
Erin: We’re growing up — learning about ourselves. We’re 24 now, out of college and trying to figure out what to do with our lives. Sort of going through this quarter-life crisis, so we’re learning and exploring together and having a lot of fun doing it!

You can catch Erin on The City Mondays at 10 pm on MTV.

Source: http://blogs.nypost.com/popwrap/archives/2009/01/erin_the_city.html

The City: Episode 4: “Good Things Come in Threes”


Last night’s episode of The City began in Whitney‘s workplace. It was a breath of fresh air to finally see Whitney’s boss, the great fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, speak on camera. Fashion goddess Diane commended Whitney for her fashion choices Whitney cloaked on some mannequins.

Then Whitney has to style more mannequins in the front of a store at a DvF event. When Olivia hears this, she gives Whitney her standard “Omg why does everyone love Whitney and not me” look. I understand this look more than Olivia’s other ones as she was asked only to help Whitney. Maybe it helps to have cameras with you when you start a new job.

At the event, a guy Whitney works with but had never met, was probably also aware of the cameras and asked her to lunch. Whitney obliges but returns to her work friends to tell them there were no sparks. When she was at lunch, Jay conveniently called. Olivia surprisingly didn’t rat Whitney out and told Jay she didn’t know any deets about Whitney’s luncheon. Whitney tells the girls she doesn’t care about what Jay will think because “he doesn’t own” her.

When Whitney sees Jay she tells him she had a date with “this guy”. Jay replies with a mumbly “are you trying to make me jealous Whitney?”. Whitney replies in the negative and Jay tells Whitney what she does not want to hear- that she “can do whatever” she wants to.

This is all remedied when Jay comes over to Whitney’s to tell her he wants her to be his girlfriend- only his third ever. He’s counting them! And he totally knows Whit will accept so this is not even an issue. His make-it-official talk begins with Jay saying they have been dating for three months. We’re hoping a significant amount of time elapsed between the time Jay told Whitney he didn’t care what she did and the time when he told her he wanted to be exclsuive. Because on the show they were about 5 minutes apart and make Jay look like a 12 year old boy, or Justin Bobby.

The other situation in epsiode 4 can be summed up in 1 sentence: Erin did not want her boyfriend Duncan to move in with her or even to the same state as her. Erin loves the boys.

Erin Lucas Used to do Online TV


The mysterious Erin Lucas, has another layer that’s recently been discovered. She began her entertainment career on the world wide web.

She hosted the fashion web series Style Lounge briefly in 2006 on the obscure podcast network podcastGo. Apparently a total of seven episodes are available on iTunes for download. But the humble website is archaic:

“Style Lounge is so old that it’s not even available as an embed, and the episodes are pretty disposable — three minutes of pretty-girl-talks-about-how-fashion-is-awesome content. Every episode features Erin’s off-the-cuff, uh, bon mots: In one episode, when she finds a shirt that says “Looking for Something,” she laughs, saying “Yes I am! I’m looking for something in particular — anything fabulous.”

Neewteevee reports that although the show sucked “Erin is photogenic and comfortable in front of the camera.”

We also learn Erin models in her free time, (which must have been a pre-requisite for The City casting because EVERYONE on the show has modeled), and that she loves to shop (also like everyone on The City).

Whitney Jetsetting In Miami




whitney-port-bikini-pic_512x735After leaving her new home of New York City to return to the warmth of Los Angeles, Whitney appeared on Miami Beach to soak up some sun.  Whitney, along with Erin Lucas and of course boyfriend Jay Lyon, looked good in a black and white two piece.  Whitney had no problem showing off her awesome body.

Whitney’s friends Erin, whom she stayed with upon first moving to NYC, and Jay (of the band Tamaraman who used to date Miranda Kerr) have both underwent name changes weirdly enough.

Answers To Your Questions [More City/Bromance Info]


We’ve noticed the same questions keep popping up in our inbox and around the blogosphere.  We did some digging and here’s what we know or what we found…

On How Whitney and Erin know each other

Whitney & Erin Williams Lucas met because their ex boy-friends are best friends.  Whitney had a long-term boyfriend on The Hills but he absolutely refused to be filmed.  Although everyone knows Whitney only wanted her work life on camera, her boyfriend shut down the possibility of more anyway.  They broke up during the last season of The Hills.  Whitney was devastated but it didn’t air because it didn’t make sense since her boyfriend was never even discussed on camera.

On The City, Erin admitted that weirdly enough she’s never had a non-long distance relationship.  So Erin lived in NY while her boyfriend was in LA.  Hence, she met Whitney through her boyfriend in LA.

On the Bromance theme song…

The song is called “Fall Back Down” by Rancid.  You can check out the video here.

On Olivia Palermo’s parents…

As we reported, Olivia recently moved out of her parent’s house into a new $4, 150/month apartment.  So this naturally begs the question where does Olivs get her “Upper East Side” money from?  Her mother, Lyn ­Hutchings, is a partner at interior design firm Hutchings-Lyle.  She actually designed the layout plan of Olivia’s new apartment.  Others that complete Olivia’s exclusive inner-circle are her aunt Linda Donahue, a costume jewelry expert, and her boyfriend (yes she has or at least had a boyfriend even though she can’t stay out of Whitney’s business) of 8 months, Wilhelmina model Johannes Huebl.  I wonder how “independent” Olivs is from her boyfriend?  Apparently all of the above helped design her new place.

She also has a brother named Grant.

Although Olivia’s mother and father are divorced, Olivia’s father is even more intriguing.  Real-estate consultant Douglas Palermo actually had an early start on economic hardships filing for bankruptcy back in 2007.   The elder Palermo’s appeal “to get out of paying over $2.75 million to a creditor was rejected after the judge found that Palermo had used multiple fake organizations to obscure his actual worth from lenders”.  Cousin Nevan must be on this side of the family.  Instead of facing his debtors Palermo continued to spend.  He had champagne taste (sending his children to the most expensive schools) with beer wallets.  He also issued “hundreds of checks” to his Korean dry cleaner, which he used as an “unofficial credit line,” and skimped on alimony payments.

Maybe this is why (to Kelly Cutrone’s surprise) Olivia has actually gotten a job?!

More to come…

Whitney Sums Up Her Co-Stars


Whitney used 1 adjective to describe each of her co-stars. Here’s what she came up with:

Jay is Endearing

Olivia is Experienced

Erin is Saucy

Samantha is Savvy

Adam is Suave

We think she was being nice to Olivia.  Here are our words…

Whitney is sophisticated

Jay is Justin Bobby 1.5

Olivia is a Blair Waldorf wannabe

Erin is cool

Samantha is unknown

Adam is hot

Leave some of your own descriptions in the comments…

The City: Episode 3: “The ‘L’ Word”


Last Night’s episode of The City began with an introduction to Erin’s long distance boyfriend, Duncan.   He has the long hair and stubbly beard going on like Jay, but is not as cute and was kind of insignificant in the episode besides being the stimulus for the title.  Erin and Duncan were hanging out on the couch in the living room which Whitney has been using as a bed, and calling home.  Whitney came home, met the b/f and pretty much immediately left to give the couple their along time.  This prompted Whitney to get serious about house hunting.

Next, Whitney has to style a photo shoot.  On the shoot Jay calls her and tells her he found an apartment for her.  After Whitney’s boss commends Whitney and Olivia on their good styling, Olivia tells Whitney to “go, go look at the apartment”.  Of course later Olivia tells her cousin Nevan that she can’t believe Whitney is already leaving work early and it’s only her first week.  But come on, obviously the girl needs a place to live and lay her head!   Olivia just wants to control Whitney for some weird scary reason.  Jealous much?

This was perhaps most obvious when Whitney tells Olivia she really liked the beautiful place Jay showed her, despite the fact that Olivia told Whitney “not to get the place”.  Olivia then blurts out that Whitney needs to be independent, suggesting she’s too dependent on Jay.  She seems to want Whitney to be dependent on her instead and trade Jay in for the Uptown girl.  Weird.

When Jay cannot get over the fact that Erin and her boyfriend have said the “L” word “so soon”, it prompts a conversation between Whitney and Jay at dinner.  Whitney confesses she would like to be considered boyfriend/girlfriend with Jay but only if he does.  Doesn’t that go without saying?  It takes 2 to tango!  Jay maturely explains that he wants to get to know her more first since they’ve only been dating for a month.  He basically tells Whitney to pump her breaks.  Whitney is ok with it as long as he tells her if she’s not going to be a big priority.  In other words, hey Jay if you’re just using Whitney because you’re trying to further your music career she want’s you to tell her.

The episode ends here with the first lengthy stares of the season.

Jay Lyon About His Name?

The City’s Jay Lyon


Brent Tuhtan


brent_22Photo Credits: Storm Models

After discovering that The City’s Erin Lucas‘ real name appears to be Erin Williams, another cast member appears to be using an alias.  We’ve been introduced to Whitney‘s new beau, as model musician Jay Lyon.  However, he eerily resembles model Brent Tuhtan.  In fact, many claim Jay and Brent are the same person.

Apparently, Brent Jay underwent a name analysis and decided a name change (from Brent Tuhtan to Jay Lyon) would be good for his aspirational career goals.  A name analysis website claims:

Brent Tuhtan contacted me after his friend Agnes had her name analysed and then legally changed. Within nine months she was named as the world’s 38th most popular model and was featured on the cover of Vogue magazine.

Brent understood himself, and the events in his life much better and the accuracy gave him the confidence to legally change to Jay C. N. G. Lyon which is ideal for his new musical career.

He has since recommended Name Analysis not only to Nick Potts but also to several of his friends.

So Brent is now Jay.  Jay was once a model or possibly still is with http://www.stormmodels.com/.  This would explain why he has model friends like best friend Adam, who is also a City castmate, and a model.

Another fun fact: Jay once dated Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr when he was still going by Brent Tuhtan.


Photo Credit: Miranda Kerr fan

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Will the Real Erin Please Stand Up


The great people over at gawker have pieced together the identity of Whitney‘s new friend on The City.  They have discoveredthat Erin (who most sites are calling Erin Lucas), is really Erin Williams.  Why does this matter?  Well, she’s the daughter of AC/DC‘s Cliff Williams.  Again, why does this matter?  We’re not sure.  But it’s cool to figure her out like we’ve done with the rest of the MTV reality world!


The first clue was a picture on the wall of Erin’s apartment when Whitney gets back from lunch with Alex and is telling Erin that Alex told her that his roomate’s best friend Danielle told Alex that Jay really wants Danielle and is not dating “that girl named Whitney”.  Remember that?

It is odd that she apparently is going by Erin Lucas these days for “socialiting”.

Source: http://gawker.com/5122214/case-closed-this-is-erin-williams

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