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The Week That Was

In case you missed any moment of Hills2City last week, here is a handy recap. Let’s begin!

Heidi and Spencer are looking forward to a “new” marriage. What was wrong with the “old” one? Let us count the ways. [Read It]

Audrina Patridge? There’s an app for that. [Read It]

Erin Kaplan will make amazing things happen at her new job as Senior Director of Public Relations at Teen Vogue. [Read It]

Who knew that Lauren was the original Ad man? [Read It]

Audrina peek-a-boobed and now finds it hard to get endorsements [Read It]

Lauren and Lo’s friendship transcends to book tour advice. [Read It]

The Brits love Olivia and see her as a fashion icon. [Read It]

Audrina is part of a brand spankin’ new web series. [Read It]

Erin Kaplan Leaves Elle for Teen Vogue

Erin Kaplan shot to fame as the one who actually worked at Elle on theCityErin was the very capable PR Director who secured such a covetable job based on ability, not because she had cameras in her back pocket.  She also actually cared about the company she worked for.  Imagine that.  That’s hard to find at many companies these days.

Erin sent an e-mail out early yesterday announcing her departure from the magazine.  “After 5 ½ incredible years, tomorrow will be my final day at ELLE,” she wrote. “On Tuesday, January 18th I will be starting at Teen Vogue.”

Erin‘s title will be Senior Director of Public Relations, an obvious step up.  Even Joe Zee is impressed. He tweeted, “@ErinKaplan got a BIG job at Teen Vogue. Happy for her BUT sad for me.”

According to Styleite, Fashionista reports that she will be replacing Eleanor Bianco.  There’s also speculation that TeenVogue will have a new TV show in this post-Hills era after editor Amy Astley hinted that they were working on it.  Thus Erin is the perfect fit for the job for more than one reason.  Highly capable but also already used to reality TV.

What do you think of the move?

Go See Erin and Joe Zee in NYC

Seems like everyone is releasing books these days, but you definitely don’t want to miss this signing. Join Erin Kaplan, Joe Zee, and Maggie Bullock of ELLE Magazine at the Barnes and Noble in Tribeca on Thursday, December 2 and sit through a special panel discussion as they talk about their new style guide The ELLEments of Personal Style: 25 Modern Fashion Icons on How to Shop, Dress, and Live. Erin, Joe, and Maggie will also be speaking about how fashion is indeed a business, and the many ways you can brand yourself through how you dress.

The stars included in this book include Christina Hendricks, Alicia Keys, and Anjelica Houston, proving that fashion is for everyone of all shapes and sizes. Make sure to stop by and say hello!

When: December 2, 2010; 7 PM

Where: Barnes & Noble Tribeca, 97 Warren Street, New York, NY 10007, 212-587-5389

What: Discussion, Q&A, and book signing

If Whitney Wasn’t A Reality Star…

If Whitney had never entered theHills only to leave it for theCity for “them bright lights long nights”, would the rest still be unwritten? What would she be doing today? Check out a few viable options below.

Fashion P.R.

Whitney’s work experience at Teen Vogue, People’s Revolution, and Diane von Furstenberg have served her well, as Whitney gained experience in both selling and sustaining a fashion empire. These lessons helped her spawn her own clothing line, Whitney Eve, and build it to the success it is today, and there is no need to think that she wouldn’t be able to do the same for any other fashion company out there. Need a public relations executive to man your next campaign? Dial 1-800-WHITNEY.

Certified Face Maker

Throughout the seasons of theHills and theCity, we’ve been amused and amazed at the range of emotions Whitney’s face is able to contort to. Case in point: Whitney’s grimace at the thought of Lauren’s parents having been this close to naming her Tiffany. She has also made many an exasperated look at Olivia’s shenanigans as well as shown us how much fun she had at Coachella this year (clue: it’s written all over her face). Who could also forget this picture she posted on her Twitter? With these in mind, it’s easy to see why there is a real future for Whitney in this field.  She’d be a great hire for companies who want to gauge consumers first, real reactions to their products or services.


If sewing shops and outsourcing didn’t exist, we’re sure that Whitney would make a fine seamstress in her own right. Her innate skill with fabrics and clear direction of material construction are very good tools with which she can use to make her clothes and accessories. Like Lauren, we would love to see Whitney’s thought process behind each collection she designs.

Gloria Allred

Whitney is also smart.  She graduated from USC with a degree in women’s studies.  We could see her getting a job with the famed lawyer and helping women’s causes. She could get her very own red suit (or maybe even help Gloria see her more fashionable side) and help Gloria with all her (hundreds) of press conferences.

What do you think Whitney would be if she wasn’t a reality star?

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If Olivia Wasn’t a Reality Star…

When we began thinking what Olivia would be doing if she had never happened upon theCity answers starting flying onto our computer screen.  After all, Olivia had a short stint on theCity but had quite an eventful life before and after.  Unlike most of her fellow Hills and City counterparts, Olivia probably won’t be defined by being on reality TV or even be most remembered for it.  So, what would she be doing if MTV never came knocking?


Wilhelmina hasn’t seen such symetrical features on some of their top models.  And in walks little Miss Olivia who has just had a lot of good breaks in her life.  She may not be as tall as your typical Wilhelmina models, but with her strikinig looks, she doesn’t need to be.  Olivia could have had a very successful career as a model even without her reality TV fame to help her.  Dating one of German’s hottest model exports doesn’t hurt her cause.  We could see her being the doting girlfriend who came to his castings and always ended up being asked by photographers to join in the shoot.  So, it’s no surprise that Olivia is modeling everything since her reality career ended.  Keep reading, we do have some surprises!


Ok, so this is another unsurprising guess.  Olivia’s style is impeccable so naturally she would make a good designer, right?  Not necessarily, because not everyone who dresses well can design clothes.  Olivia knows how to dress her body type, that doesn’t mean she could dress America.  But, since this is Olivia, and she breathes and sleeps fashion, we think she’d be a mini Rachel Roy and very successful.  Good thing Olivia hasn’t ruled out becoming a fashion designer so we can realize this potential career.


Since we do think Olivia can dress other body types besides her own, we think she’d be a great stylist.  Anyone who styles Olivia can style us!

Professional Complainer

They do exist.  And Olivia would excel at this career.  On theCity we saw her complain to anyone she could.  When she was working with Whitney she complained to or about Whitney, and when Erin Kaplan came along, she complained about Erin.  What better person to hire to express your frustrations with anything from a cruel employer to a company providing inadequate services?

Blair Waldorf  Fill In

If you haven’t noticed, Olivia is the real world version Blair Waldorf.  So, Olivia would be the perfect person to fill in on Gossip Girl when the actress who plays her, Leighton Meester, is unavailable.  Olivia could even be Leighton’s stunt double should a role ever call for it.  Among the endless similarities, Olivia and Blair are both high society, always look so put together, and are a little shady, but always get what they want.

Paris Hilton

If all else failed, Olivia could have continued her life as a New York Socialite.  She could’ve social climbed her way even higher until she became the New York version of Paris Hilton, or we guess Kim Kardashian is the current west coast title holder.  But Paris has more fun trademarks.  Olivia could walk with her back arched so far back it looks like it would break, and talk in a baby voice all while laughing to the bank.  Or, she could put her own spin on things.

What do you think Olivia would be if she wasn’t a reality star?

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Spanning the Web

Check out what’s going on around the web on some of our favorite sites:

Kyle Howard surfed shirtless Saturday, October 9 in Malibu.  [JJ]

BMX rider and host of MTV’s Challenges, T.J. Lavin in listed in critical condition following an accident while riding.  [TMZ]

Rapper T.I. is ordered back to prison for 11 months.  [AJC]

A woman says Christina Aguilera had an “open marriage” with her husband and hooked up with girls on the side.  [Radar Online]

New Lady Gaga Track Leaked Online But Is It Really Her? [Celebrity Beehive]

Erin Kaplan shopping at The Grove on a trip to Los Angeles.  [WENN]

Jenn Bunney attended the World Hunger Relief Fundraiser For UN World Food Program At Eve Nightclub.  [WENN]

Snooki is the [b]Elle of The City

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Elle Magazine has just released their new iPad app and the hunt is on for the perfect face to represent all that Elle stands for. Watch as Erin Kaplan, Joe Zee, and Editor-in-Chief Robbie Myers discuss and fawn over this mystery person. She’s glamorous, she’s sexy, she’s…well, you’ll just have to take a look!

Fun Fact

MTV Style pointed out that Joe Zee, Olivia’s fan boss, styled Lauren’s Elle shoot for this month.  We wonder whether Olivia picked the accessories out and Erin Kaplan seethed and rolled her eyes backstage?  We wish Lauren would spill the details.

Louise Roe is no Plain Jane

If you ever wondered what would happen to poor Louise Roe, the girl that unfairly lost the Elle fashion correspondent position to Olivia Palermo, you shouldn’t shed a tear for her.

Erin Kaplan wasn’t the only one to recognize Louise’s natural talents on screen.  She was quickly picked up to host the CW’s new show, Plain Jane, where she helps the fashion challenged.

Louise recently appeared on Chelsea Lately to give the Lately staff a makeover.  Check it out.

Twit Bit

In today’s twit bit, Kristin is still coming clean on some Hills fakery, Kell on Earth won’t be back for a second season because Kelly Cutrone is done with reality, Erin Kaplan reveals that Stylista also won’t be coming back, Lauren is doing and seeing some funny things in LA, and Audrina still gets carded.

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