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Kristin and Jay Still Loved Each Other During Break Up


Things appear to be going well for Kristin Cavallari and two-time fiancé Jay Cutler this time.

But what will be different this time? Their first engagement lasted for only a few months and was called off in July. They both admit that the major factor of the split was their careers –and lifestyle differences. Other sources say Kristin’s personality and social life was too much for Jay to handle.

Although they were technically broken up in July after the engagement was called off, Kristin reveals that their love for each other remained. “Sometimes, in order for things to get better, they have to end – even if it’s momentarily. And that was the case with us,” Kristin told PEOPLE at the opening of Rebecca Taylor Boutique in Los Angeles.

“No one really knows what happened between the two of us, and we want to keep it that way,” she said. “We broke up, and we were still talking during that whole time,” But Kristin truly hopes for a happy ending after all, telling the world their second engagement is official and definite.

But some are saying it would have officially been definitely nice to see Kristin with another ring.  After all the old ring didn’t fare to well.  It seems like it carries old memories of failure.  Further, since Jay walked away, you would think that’s good for a couple extra diamonds.  On the other hand, since Kristin and Jay never really fell out of favor with each other, we suppose keeping the old engagement ring is a way to minimize the commotion that came with the breakup and continue on like nothing really happened.

Stacie The Bartender Is Getting Married and Kristin’s A Bridesmaid


Looks like another Hills star is set to walk down the aisle. Stacie Hall, aka Stacie the Bartender is planning to get married next summer.

In an interview with Starcam, Stacie tells us a bit about her life since theHills. She revealed that she recently moved across the country to settle down in New York. “I love New York. Something different from LA is nice, I like it,” she said while flashing her brand new engagement ring.

Stacie admits she is still pretty close with former Hills BFF, Kristin Cavallari and surprisingly, Stephanie Pratt. Turns out, she chose Kristin to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. “I have a lot of hot girls as my bridesmaids,” and Kristin is just one of them, she added.

Remember Kristin caught Heidi’s bouquet? Maybe it was meant to be Stacie’s after all.  The question is whether Stacie will be a bridesmaid in Kristin’s upcoming wedding?

Kristin Cavallari Confirms 2nd Engagement To Jay Cutler


Our favorite couple, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler sure worked those kinds out fast!  After calling off their first engagement on July 24 after Kristin did a photo shoot in her wedding dress, Kristin announced today via twitter that the engagement is officially back on!

This announcement comes just days after Kristin categorically denied such rumors that sprouted up last week.  Kristin flew out to Chicago to play nurse to her ailing beau on Tuesday, November 22, the day after she denied their engagement.  Maybe the rumors pushed Jay to propose again.   Or, maybe they’ve been engaged for weeks or months, but they delayed the official announcement for PR reasons.

No further information about the engagement or wedding has been released.

Ebay For the Jilted


A fiance breaks off an engagement. Can he get the ring back?

When Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler broke off their engagement, people wondered if she should give back the ring or keep it? The hardest part of ending a relationship is the momentos that remind you of your ex. Photos, clothing, and most important jewelry.

Depending on how the relationship ended, on good or bad terms, it might be safe to say that you should place the photos and clothing in a box, out of sight. And then in time, throw it away when your heart and mind are in a better place. When it’s over, we are emotional and throwing everything out/away doesn’t necessarily give closure.

Rings, specifically engagement rings, should be handled on these terms: If it’s the woman who does the breaking off, then it needs to be returned. If the man does the breaking off, then its hers to keep. Only fair right?

If you are in this situation, or just can’t believe they made a site, check out this company: EXBOYFRIENDJEWELRY.COM. It’s Ebay for the jilted!

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Carey Mulligan Jumps On The Celebrity Engagement Bandwagon


Sorry fellas, Carey Mulligan is off the market. It’s being reported that Mumford & Sons singer Marcus Mumford, proposed to Carey during a romantic holiday in Somerset, England. The engagement comes after a whirlwind five months of dating. One onlooker who saw them together made the most of the moment and told a national newspaper, “Carey looked like the cat who had got the cream. She was wearing a beautiful ring and didn’t seem to mind who saw it.”

Before we offer our congratulations, we will wait and see if there is a confirmation.  And before we prepare to hear about the wedding, we will make sure there’s no cold feet.

Kourtney’s Happy Kim Bought Her Some Time

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kourtney Kardashian is happy her sister Kim Kardashian is getting married as it takes the pressure off of herself. Kourtney admitted the main reason why she would marry Scott Disick is for their son, Mason Disick. But their volatile relationship has put the marriage issue on the backburner for now.

However, Scott does have a newfound fan in Khloe Kardashian who praised him, saying, “Scott has been so positive and making so many great life changes, let him go on that and let’s see how that is.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Kourtney and Khloe also stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday, June 7. They discussed the awkward situations fans put them in when they are approached in their down time.

Specifically, Khloe recalled the time she was at Bed, Bath & Beyond when a fan randomly yelled out ‘Khlo!’ from across the room. Khloe said she looked up and the fan proceeded to offer some crude advice for she and Lamar Odom. Khloe admitted she was mortified.

Kourtney doesn’t get approached by forthright fans. But she did admit fans sometimes approach her on the street and ask if they are going to be featured on the show in the background. Kourtney rolled her eyes when recalling her encounters with these fans and said she often has to point out that there are no cameras around, telling them they should take a wild guess.

Kim isn’t Pregnant…Yet


Kim Kardashian looked gorgeous as she left the La Scala Restaurant in Beverly Hills, California on Tuesday May 31. Kim wore a black mini dress which she accessorized with a black jacket and suede purse. While her outfits are never particularly classy, she always looks damn good.

Meanwhile pregnancy rumors have been plaguing Kim ever since she announced her engagement. Tired of the speculation, Kim has officially denied the rumors through twitter, “This is crazy. I am NOT pregnant! … One day I want a baby! But I’m not pregnant!”

Kim added, “Believe that if you hear it from me, it will be true. Otherwise, don’t always believe what you read, dolls.”

But let’s be honest.  We know she wants to be pregnant really badly.

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Kim Forgot to Tell Brody She Was Engaged

Brody Jenner wasn’t feeling the Kardashian family love when Kim Kardashian announced her engagement. He took to his Twitter to broadcast his annoyance at being the last person in the family to hear the news.

“My sister is engaged? Hahaha I had no idea!!.. Crazy being in such a big family.. Congrats @Kimkardashian love you. Let’s celebrate soon.”

“@KourtneyKardash @khloekardashian Why don’t you guys ever fill me in? Haha no text or anything?”

Upon seeing his tweet, Khloe Kardashianreplied and sympathized with him, writing, “I thought kim would have?! LOL I die for u!” And Kourtney Kardashian tweeted back, “I was JUST thinking that! Let’s celebrate! Miss u!”

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Kris Humphries Is Dating the Entire Kardashian Family

Gossip Center

Newly engaged Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries made their debut at the Meridien Beach Plaza in Monte Carlo, Monaco on Friday, May 27. Kim looked voluptuous in a white dress as they made the rounds at the annual Amber Fashion Show.

Meanwhile in Kardashian land, Kourtney Kardashian admitted she was surprised when Kim announced her engagement. “We were both surprised at the dinner when Kim came out with her big rock and she started waving it in the air,” Kourtney said. There is no engagement ring rivalry in the Kardashian family but if there was, Kim’s 20.5 carat would kick Khloe Kardashian’s 12.5 carat azz.  “Kim wins! Kim’s is the largest!” Kourtney says with a laugh.

Parental approval is super important for all relationships and Kris has even  won the affections of Kim’s mother Kris Jenner. “He is so amazing and sweet and after spending time with him I came to realize he was such an important part of the family,” Kris said. It was his easy-going spirit that put Kris at ease. She added, “I see that spirit in Bruce and that I saw in Kim’s dad. We have a lot of big personalities and he lets us be who we are.”

He has not only won Kris approval, but the entire family.  “He gets along with every single one of us, and that is not easy to do,” she admits. “When you date one of us, you date all of us. We’re all going out with Kris.” Funny! In fact, Kris couldn’t stop gushing about her name-sake, saying, “It’s hard to let someone in to such a crazy, big, dynamic family and have someone hold their own.” She added, “Kris does. And he allows Kim to be who she is. She is such an amazing person with such a big heart and she’s such a romantic and he’s exactly the same way. They’re cute together.”

We take the above back. It seems Kris doesn’t have everyones approval. The traitor in question is Robert Kardashian. When asked if he believed Kim would actually get married, Rob replied cautiously, “I just don’t feel confident because Kim has always been so like, you know, she’s, how old?”

Still, it seems Rob is just a protective younger brother and only has her best interests at heart. “She’s just been through a lot of relationships and she always gets hurt or never finds the right dude, but Kris is a really good dude,” he went on to say. “They’ve had their own personal, private relationship a long time now and I feel like they are a really good match for each other.”

Rob recalls how no one originally believed Kim when she announced her engagement at the family party.  “We were having a family dinner and we didn’t know what it was for, we just thought everyone was in town, we were at my mom’s,” he explained. “She had a ring on and we didn’t know what it was for, and we didn’t believe her and we thought it was a joke, no one really, like, did anything, and it was like, oh wait, then it got crazy and there were ponies, it was really bizarre!”

Lest we give the wrong impression, at the end of the day Rob ultimately likes Kris, explaining, “I spent like a family vacation with him and he’s a cool dude from Minnesota and like normal, and I’m about being normal and chill.”

After those comments Rob should start sleeping with one eye open. You know Kim is a total bridezilla!

Kim and Kris Gush Fest

Some may be cynical about the love between newly engaged Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, but Kris believes he has found the one.  “I think probably within a month of meeting her I knew she was ‘The One’,” Kris said.

There’s no denying that Kris is attractive but what attracted Kim to him most was his career personality.  The reality star said, “I really fell in love with him as a person – he’s such a good person with a good heart. Everyone that meets him says the same thing.

As with any new romance, never mind one that stretches across the country, they put the time in truly getting to know one another, “We worked hard at it,” says Kris.

It’s easy to imagine men getting scared off from the boisterous Kardashian family but Kris fits right in, “He’s so funny,” says Kim. “He has such a great sense of humor.”

Kim loves coming home to Kris and his sense of humor after a hard day of work,”If I’ve had a long day, I’m working really hard or I’m stressed, I just can’t wait to come home to him,” she says. “The time that we’ve spent together, we have so much fun together and he always, no matter what, puts me in a good mood.”

Kris sounds wonderful.  In fact he’s so wonderful he got Kim the engagement ring she had been dreaming of since high school, “In high school I went to Macy’s and bought this fake ring, my ‘perfect’ ring, and this is almost the exact same. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,” says Kim of the ring

Kris was confident that Kim would love her ring, “I knew she’d love it–she better!” Well, after forking out a hefty $2 million she better love it indeed!

Kim and Kris are currently on vacation in Monaco with Kris’ family celebrating the engagement. Kris says he planned for the vacation to coincide with the proposal. “I wanted to propose before the trip so we could really spend some quality time together with my family as a couple. I planned it out this way,” the New Jersey Net said. Kim adds, “We’re celebrating … on a family vacation with them.”

Wouldn’t you want family approval before proposing? Madness.

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