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Everyone’s Getting Married




So you know you’re getting a little older when it seems like everyone in your friendship group is getting married, or having a baby.  Can you image how Lauren Conrad felt to hear not only one, but two of her ex-boyfriend’s are engaged?!

Doug Reinhardt, who dated Lauren back in high school and also on theHills in 2008, has asked Allie Lutz to marry him!  Allie famously appeared on the last season of theHills, as a “friend” of Lauren-lookalike McKaela and had a lot of drama with Kristin and Brody.  Do you remember Brody’s Gollum impression of Allie about her missing ring?  Too funny.

Allie tweeted her excitement about the engagement Monday, January 7, with the photo above, sharing “Cat’s out of the bag… ❤ #engaged #bestfriend #highschoolsweetheart.”  Apparently Doug and Allie were high school sweethearts; who knew!

A rep for the Reinhardt family shared with People magazine the details of the engagement, saying “They [got] engaged on a yacht Doug chartered for New Year’s.  Doug proposed on the yacht at St. Barts and afterwards arranged a lavish celebration while cruising around St. Barts and Anguilla.”

Meanwhile, Lauren’s first love Jason Wahler is also engaged (again).  Jason proposed to his girlfriend of 18 months, Ashley Slack, seven weeks ago.  The former star of Laguna Beach and theHills posted a photo of his fiance’s huge, pair-shaped diamond ring on Instagram with the caption “Love you babe!”

Still, we’re sure Lauren isn’t too upset, having been with boyfriend William Tell since February 2012.  Lauren and William seem to be in it for the long haul, if their friends’ quotes are anything to go by, so perhaps we’ll be hearing engagement news from Lauren herself in 2013?

Out And Proud



Along with debuting her gorgeous Paper Crown dress to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on Friday, October 5, Lauren Conrad also officially debuted her boyfriend William Tell.

The couple have been dating since Valentines Day this year, but the Polo was the first event they have publicly attended together.  Lauren posed alone on the red carpet, but then joined William inside the event, taking a few photos together as well.

William’s style is a far cry from some of Lauren’s ex’s, and seems more interested in fashion. He wore a light blue button down shirt, navy polka dot bow tie and navy pants; proud girlfriend Lauren telling Us Magazine, “He dresses himself.”

We’ve discovered that both Lauren and William come from Orange County, and as a source told Us Weekly in September, “are very serious.” Another friend has shared that William couldn’t be more different from Jason Wahler or Doug Reinhardt, saying “He worships her.”

For her part, Lauren shared with Us Weekly that she likes to cook for her man, saying, “For dinner, I make stuffed peppers.  Twelve at a time, and then I put them in the freezer!”

Lauren Conrad Is Hanging Hough


Gossip Center

Just when you wondered who the heck Lauren Conrad has been keeping busy with since breaking up with Kyle Howard, reports of a low key romance with Dancing with the Stars’ Derek Hough surfaced.

Not just rumors, but pictures.  The duo was spotted together at Sayers Club for Jason Scoppa’s weekly live music show in Hollywood Wednesday, September 29.  Sure they could just be platonic friends who happened to run into each other.  After all, Hollywood is like this big.  But Lauren was doing her super coy hand-in-the-face-pushing-her-hair-back routine, looking like she was hoping no cameras were around.

Lauren and Derek also left together, ever so discreetly.  You can see Derek trying to pretend like he’s going in a different direction and never talked to Lauren, as Lauren peers back like ‘do I know you’?

She exited with a red rose.  Turns out they were from a random superfan bold enough to approach her.

Even though Derek didn’t buy her the red rose, the other signs are there.  So since Lauren is super private, we’ll have to play the percentages here.  Chances are, there is something going on.  It’s absolutely a certain possibility.

An E! online source says, “They were pretty cozy. Definitely playful and flirty,” reports a fellow Sayers clubgoer.  “They were close to each other,” the source explained. “He had his arm around her waist. They were dancing and also holding hands.”

If Lauren’s track record with blondes is any indication, this romance isn’t promising.  Gavin the model, Doug Reinhardt.  It may be hough for you, Derek.

Lauren looked cute in a LBD with tights to get in gear for the fall, even though in LA we’re still largely bare legging it.

After her night out, Lauren was back to working, Friday, September 30.  She arrived at her hair stylist, Kristin Ess’, swanky new salon in West Hollywood.  There, the pair shot a video for their website, TheBeautyDepartment.  Lauren wore a light colored button down chiffon shirt with black shorts, and black strappy shoes with a chunky brown heel.

Of the outing, Lauren tweeted, “At @Kristin_Ess ‘s fancy new salon shooting a @TBDofficial tutorial for Halloween hair”.

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Kris Humphries Has Chosen His Role



Kim Kardashian attended the Noon by Noor Launch Event in West Hollywood, Los Angeles on Wednesday, July 20. Kim was surrounded by photographers as she vogued away on the red carpet in one of her trademark short black dress. Kris Humphries was there with her but he snubbed the red carpet. Isn’t that illegal in Kardashian land?

There are some significant others who soak up all the limelight they can, see Doug Reinhardt, then there are others who prefer to play the quiet dutiful boyfriend role.  Apparently Kris is choosing the latter.

AnnaLynne McCord also attended the launch. She looked demure and classy in a floral top that she had tucked into her flared jeans and accessorized with a belt and a chunky pink necklace. But she sure is tan – if she had put on any more make-up she would have looked orange.

Who do you think was the best dressed? AnnaLynne has our vote!

Paris And Cy Are O-V-E-R

The rumors have been swirling and now it turns out they’re true. Paris Hilton and Cy Waitsare officially dunzo.

That is, if you believe multiple “sources” who’ve been speaking to Us magazine.  One such source says, “They are broken up.  It’s sad, she cares about him a lot and thinks he’s a great guy but they really hit a rough patch.”

The reason for the breakup was apparently Cy’s unwillingness to live such a public life. That already makes him different from Paris’ ex before Cy, Doug Reinhardt.  You couldn’t pay Doug to stay out of the spotlight.

The source who spoke to Us magazine thinks the split seems friendly, saying, “No drama, it’s amicable, but things didn’t work out.”

We’re sure life with Paris would certainly never be dull.  During her relationship with Cy, Paris and Cy were arrested for cocaine possession, and an OTT fan threw water in Cy’s face and grabbed him by the neck while Paris was testifying against an alleged home intruder.

Wonder how long it will be before Paris hooks up with her next man?  Her turnaround time tends to be 1-2 months.

Casey’s Top 5 Laguna Hotspots

Casey Reinhardt appears on local Laguna Beach travel show Top 5 Laguna, to give the lowdown on her favorite places.

While we know Casey mostly from Laguna Beach and for being Doug’s younger sister, it’s interesting to see that she’s introduced as “Casey from Casey’s Cupcakes”.  The world knows her as a cupcake maker.

Casey comes across as being really friendly and sweet in the video and her store looks adorable.  Have any California readers been to Casey’s Cupcakes?  Let us know what you thought.

Is This Really The One, Paris?

Gossip Center

Paris Hilton celebrated her 30th birthday in style this year, receiving a gorgeous new car (or was that two new cars?) from boyfriend Cy Waits and spending the big day itself, Thursday, February 17 in New York City.

Not only did Paris and Cy make a special trip to a jewelry store, but Paris also made an appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman and celebrated her birthday with a party at LAVO NYC.

Paris wore a succession of gorgeous outfits on her birthday, a black and white snakeskin slinky dress, a gold mini dress, a full length black sequin gown and a green printed maxi dress that was very reminicent of Mila Kunis’ Alexander McQueen dress from the SAG Awards.

When asked by David Letterman what she planned to do in her 30’s, Paris replied, “Just continue doing my business and growing my empire and have kids. I think having kids is the meaning of life.”

From looking at her making out with Cy in front of the paparazzi, we’d say children might not be too far away for the happy couple!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Watch the clip above to watch Letterman grill Paris.  In particular, he questions Paris on how she’s so sure Cy is the one when last year this time she was so sure Doug Reinhardt (there’s a name we haven’t heard in a long time) was the one.  Letterman doesn’t let Cy off the hook either.  Funny clip above.

Casey’s Cupcakes is on the Move

Laguna Lovers

While Doug and Casey are the offspring of entrepreneurial parents, that same business acumen has clearly been sent to Casey, who recently opened a second location of Casey’s Cupcakes in her hometown of Laguna Beach. The shop has proved to be wildly successful, as it sold over 3,000 cupcakes on Valentine’s Day. Not only does the place scream of Casey’s touch, but she was also an in-person presence that day helping her employees sell her wares.

Doug Nabs Another Member of the Beautiful Blonde Brigade


We’re used to seeing Doug with scores of beautiful blonde women – Lauren, a brief encounter with Stephanie, Paris. Now, he’s shacked up with Cassie Scerbo. The burrito man and the actress attended the 4th Annual Comedy Celebration Benefiting the Peter Boyle Fund last November 2010 in Beverly Hills, which was hosted by the International Myeloma Foundation at The Wilshire Ebell Theatre. We’re curious as to how Doug manages to grab these girls constantly and consistently. On theHills, he always seemed to be more of a wingman than a kingpin, so it must be his chimichanga inheritance incredible personality that’s attracting them. The couple do look great together, so we’ll see how long this one lasts.

The Reinhardts and Allie Have Lutz of Fun

Laguna Lovers

While some members of theHills shall be forevermore known as enemies, Doug and Casey Reinhardt took no part in that during this past New Year’s Eve in Aspen. The blonde bombshell next to them in the first photo is none other than Allie Lutz, the “crazy” girl who allegedly broke into Brody’s house but denied it and then admitted it, sort of. Brody and Allie will never be the best of friends, but Brody and Doug are, so it’s surprising that the latter and his sister spent the beginning of 2011 with her, toasting to the good life.

Then again, this storyline isn’t really anything new on theHills. Brody and Spencer used to be BFFs until Brody became friends with Lauren, and then that friendship went kapooey. Some people will always be just caught in a bad bromance.

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