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Audrina Talks Breaking Up In The Public Eye


audrina 2

Audrina Patridge was at LAX on Monday, August 18, and talked to TMZ about her recent break-up with her boyfriend of 5 years, Corey Bohan.

When asked what was the best way to get over a break-up, Audrina said, “You know, it’s hard when you’re in the public eye and things get out before you have the chance to really take care of it behind the scenes. And then it’s out everywhere and…”

Meanwhile, retired NFL star Warren Sapp walks by in the background and the TMZ camera guy tries to call him over to meet Audrina, much to her embarassment.  He then helps the former Hillsie with her suitcase, as Audrina explains “It’s heavy…that’s three weeks of work.”

When asked if she talks and makes friends with people on the plane, Audrina smiles and says “Yes! It’s a long flight, you get bored,” she continues, “This was a fun plane.”

To watch the whole video go to TMZ.


They’re Done




While her former co-stars on theHills Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad are preparing to marry their long-time boyfriends, Hills2City were sad to hear that Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan have broken up.

The couple first got together in 2009, but as Audrina herself described to US Weekly last summer, “We’ve been off and on for almost five years.  But we’ve been solid.”

Corey and Audrina had previously parted ways in March 2011, but soon were back together and weren’t shy in sharing their love via twitter and instagram.  Audrina has described Corey in the past as “the love of my life” and shared that they were heading toward marriage, but sadly it seems they couldn’t make things work.

A source close to Audrina spoke to US on Tuesday, July 29, explaining, “She’s single right now.”

audrina 2

Audrina kept herself busy while news of the break-up became public; the 1st Look host attended Comic-Con in San Diego on Friday, July 25, allowing make-up artists to transform her into Mystique from X-Men.

On Sunday, July 27, the newly single star partied with friends at Bootsy Bellows for Katy Perry’s stylist Johnny Wujek’s birthday celebration.  “She was having a great time hanging and celebrating with her friends,” a source told E! News. “She was not telling anyone about it and wasn’t giving any indication that it happened.”

Audrina also gave fans an indication of her mindset on Sunday, sharing her thoughts via twitter, “You can’t start the next chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one. #future #dreams #followyourheart”

The Hostess With The Mostess

#Real/Fakeaudrina 1


Audrina Patridge appeared on E!News on Friday, January 3, speaking to Guiliana Rancic and Ali Fedotowsky about theHills fakery, her boyfriend Corey Bohan and her new job on 1st Look.

Guiliana began the interview mentioning that there had been several engagements recently with the girls on theHills, and asked Audrina if she would be next?  Audrina confirmed that she and Corey had been together for five years, and that she wished he was there, so Guiliana could ask him! 

Ali then asked Audrina if she kept in touch with any of the girls from theHills, and if she’d be attending any of the weddings?  Audrina responded by saying she recently ran into Stephanie Pratt and sat down “and had the longest conversation about how everyone’s engaged and having kids and we’re the only two of the girls left who are not,” she laughs.  “But we’re okay with it!”

Audrina continues, “I still speak to Kristin” and Guiliana took the chance to bring up Kristin recently saying that a lot of theHills was fake. 

Audrina replied, “In the beginning, a lot of it was real. As it went on, it was very manipulated and guided and you’re kinda put in these scenarios where you would show up and you didn’t know what you were in for until you were there, and you wanted to run out but they lock the door on you.”

She continues, “I actually had to leave early for another event, we were there for about three hours and they were like, ‘You can’t leave until you and Kristin get into a fight.’ So I’m like, ‘Oh my God, Kristin!’ Kristin’s like, ‘Let’s do it.’ I’m like, ‘OK, c’mon.’ It was about Justin [Bobby] and we did it and we got to leave. So, little things like that.”

Guiliana then showed the photo of Audrina on the beach in Hawaii from last week, mentioning that the former Hillsie is always in great shape, confirming with Audrina, “Now you have to try to make sure you don’t lose too much weight, is that right?”

To which Audrina confirmed, “That’s right, I have to make sure I maintain my weight, I have a really fast metabolism so I have to constantly make sure I munch on things.”

Ali then brings up Audrina’s new role as host for 1st Look, and the women mime a ‘passing of the torch’ which is really sweet.  Ali mentions that with this new role, it means Audrina will be eating all the time and trying new things, asking her what’s the craziest thing she’s eaten so far?  Audrina replies, “Oh my god, the craziest thing I’ve eaten so far is rabbit, and it was laying there and it kind of looks like chicken, so I was like ‘ok, it’s chicken, this is chicken’ and as sad as it is, it was delicious!”

It’s Official, Lauren Conrad Is Our Fairy-Godmother When It Comes To Dating


Along with a wedding to plan and her 5 million other jobs, Lauren Conrad has taken on a new role, that of Beauty Advisor to Refinery29.  They explain, “So, each week, the born-and-bred California girl and editor-in-chief of LaurenConrad.com will share with us her insider secrets and personal musings.”

For her first column, Lauren shares her tips for date-night make-up:

The Dos and Don’ts of Date-Friendly Makeup

Don’t take risks. This is not the night to experiment with bright blue mascara, dip-dyed hair, and sparkly eyeshadow. Instead, stick to the basics and go with what always works for you. Read: Create a natural, glowy beauty look.

Do opt for a more natural lip shade. You want to be wearing the lipstick by the end of the night — not him. Veer away from dark lip colors like cherry red or dark berry. A nude or pale pink pout should do the trick.

Don’t wear too much perfume. Pick something understated that’s light and fragrant. According to an article from Your Tango, vanilla-based scents are a natural aphrodisiac. (Apparently, the sweet smell has a welcoming, euphoric effect.)

Do pick a simple hairstyle such as a flirty ponytail, a side braid, or simple, romantic waves. Don’t try tackling a complicated hairdo that will cause too much fuss — and avoid updos at all costs! Ideally, you want to wear your hair down for a more natural, relaxed look.

Don’t use anything in excess. (I’m talking to you, bronzer lovers.) For any date night, less is always more. Keep your cheeks, eyes, lips, and hair polished and pretty, yet subtle.

Do remember last-minute prep steps. Squirt some eye drops into your eyes, as whiter eyes are a sign of health and beauty. Brush your teeth — no one likes bad breath! And, don’t forget the antiperspirant, ladies.

Overall, my ideal date-night makeup look consists of natural, pale pink lips, lots of mascara, light shimmery shadow, a tiny bit of bronzer, and a touch of peachy blush with tousled hair. Just remember to show your true face and let your inner beauty shine through. The more natural you look, the better! And, always remember to smile — happy girls are the prettiest.

In other news, although the rest of the world found out about Lauren’s engagement to William Tell over a week ago, former roomie and co-star on theHills, Audrina Patridge has been a little slower to discover the news!  She spoke to Perez Hilton on Thursday, October 24, and revealed, “I just found out! That’s amazing. I’ve never met William. I haven’t seen Lauren in a few years but I know she’s a fun loving girl and as long as he treats her right and she’s happy that’s all that matters.”

When asked about her own marriage plans to Corey Bohan, Audrina shared, “It’s always in the back of my mind. I don’t know. Eventually I do want to get married, we’ll see though when the time is right.”

Rocking The Red Carpet



Back in LA after a fun holiday in Aruba with boyfriend Corey Bohan, Audrina Patridge showed up for the NBA 2K14 party at Greystone Manor on Wednesday, September 24 in West Hollywood.

The former reality star rocked the red carpet in true Audrina style, wearing a black and white patterned body-con dress and black cut-out heels. Audrina let her dress take the focus, by wearing her hair down and straight, and keeping her make-up simple with striking red lips.

Caribbean Queen




Audrina Patridge knows how to deal with the end of summer – go on an extended vaycay! Audrina and boyfriend Corey Bohan were on the Caribbean island of Aruba on Monday, September 9.

The former star of theHills wore a hot red bikini as she posed for a selfie with Corey, later posting the pic on her Twitter. 

Audrina and Corey, Hills2City are so jealous of you right now!

Audrina Still Loves The Clubs




Lauren Conrad may have given up the clubs now that she’s settled with William Tell, but former friend and theHills co-star Audrina Patridge hasn’t let love slow down her social life.

Audrina was out in West Hollywood on Thursday night, August 22, having a girls night at British-themed club Hooray Henry’s.  Boyfriend Corey Bohan was left at home, Audrina partying with a blonde friend instead.  She also made time for the paparazzi, giving her autograph to one keen pap.

Audrina wore a white tank, tucked into an aztec-printed mini skirt.  She accessorized with a pair of peep-toe ankle booties and carried a black leather jacket.

Audrina Finds Her True Love



Is Audrina Patridge going to be the next ex-theHills cast member to get married?  It definitely sounds like Audrina is happy and settled in her relationship with boyfriend Corey Bohan; Hills2City almost couldn’t believe it when we realised the couple have now been together for 5 years!

Audrina and Corey recently attended the 2013 Billboard Awards in Las Vegas, posing together on the red carpet, and looking very much in love.

Audrina spoke to US Magazine on Tuesday, July 9, at the 7/Eleven party in Malibu.  The magazine asked if Corey was the love of her life, and Audrina replied, “Yes!”, but also confirmed they don’t have an official anniversary. “We’ve been off and on for almost five years, but we’ve been solid,” she shared.

The former Hillsie told US Magazine that she and Corey have “talked about” getting married but have no firm plans in place. “There’s so much pressure from the media and other people, so we try not to tell everyone our business.  It will be up to us.”

Audrina also shared what makes Corey different from her past boyfriends, like Justin-Bobby, explaining, “With other guys in the past I dated, I never felt safe. We’d go out and I felt like I had to defend them, and so with Corey I feel like I’m safe — he’s a guy’s guy.  He’s not afraid to get dirty and that’s what I like about him. He’s not super metro.”

But she also spoke about the difficulties of being in a long-distance relationship, due to Corey’s work. “Whenever he’s in different countries it’s opposite time, so we won’t even talk to each other on the phone for like five days,” she said. “We’ll hear from each other maybe once every few days, so it does get hard, but you just have to stay busy and keep moving so you don’t have that time to sit.”

Since her reality show Audrina was cancelled in 2011, Audrina has kept things low-key for her career.  “I was kind of burnt out.  Now I’ve been going back to acting class and going on auditions for hosting stuff and different TV shows.”

Just like former theHills and theCity stars Lauren Conrad, Kristin Cavallari, Whitney Port and Olivia Palermo, Audrina is not keen to go back to reality television, at least not for a show that depicts her personal life.   “I’ve been through that,” she explained, “and it’s hard for me to trust anyone as far as reality goes.

Tahiti Bikini Holiday



Audrina Patridge and boyfriend Corey Bohan headed to Tahiti for a holiday in the sun.

The former Hillsie shared some photos through Twitter of the trip also reminding everyone her birthday was coming up. The couple was photographed while spending quality time together walking the beach on Thursday, May 9.

Audrina showed off an amazing bikini body in a turquise two-piece while Corey sported some light striped shorts.

The Rock Chick Does Rock Chic




Olivia Palermo is not the only ex-reality star who knows how to rock a pair of black leather pants; Audrina Patridge wore a pair of black leather skinnies out to The Sayers Club in Hollywood on Thursday night, December 20.

While Olivia manages to make even leather pants look polished, Audrina goes for more of a biker/rock chick look, wearing her black leather pants with a black vest and chunky black boots.  Audrina accessorized with a silver pendant and bright red lipstick, striking a bit of a pose for the paparazzi.

Career-wise, we haven’t seen much of Audrina in 2012, only spotting the ex-theHills star on the arm of boyfriend Corey Bohan at various extreme sports events.  Let’s hope that 2013 brings Audrina a bit more luck with her own career, now that her relationship is firmly back on track.

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