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Returning To Her Roots



Lauren Conrad had a flashback to her intern days last week, as she worked on a shoot for her online ethical market, The Little Market.

The former Teen Vogue and People’s Revolution intern posted this photo on Instagram on Thursday, May 22, joking “Taking coffee orders and steaming at today’s @thelittlemarket and @laurenconrad_com shoot. I’ve come a long way since my intern days…”

Along with working on photo shoots, Lauren is of course busy planning her wedding to William Tell, and sharing tips on her website.

In a recent post, Lauren shares a few Do’s and Don’ts around how to be a good wedding guest.  Having attended Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s wedding on theHills, Lauren is someone who knows how to remain classy in all situations!

She advises, “An open bar is not a good excuse to drink more than you usually would.  Know your limits, and don’t do anything to make a fool of yourself or make a mess of the bride and groom’s dream day.”

Another good-guest-tip is to be present. “Please use common courtesy when you’re playing iPhone photographer. That means making sure that you’re still present and in the moment during the ceremony, and that you’re not blocking anyone else’s view when you strain to get the perfect shot.”

The Quarterback




Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler are set to stay in Chicago, after Jay received a 7 year contract with the Chicago Bears, as announced by team General Manager Phil Emery on Thursday, January 2. 

Jay gave a press conference at Halas Hall, thanking his wife for her support and saying that  it has been “a fun ride” with the Bears.  He continued, “You get to the point where it’s, ‘What’s the most important part of your career? Dollars? Championships?’ We’re here to win.”

He also mentioned that getting married to Kristin and becoming a father to 16-month-old Camden had “helped me mature.”

Standing on the sidelines as her husband spoke at the press conference, Kristin posted the above photo to her Instagram, saying “Congratulations to my hubby!!!  7 more years in Chicago…we couldn’t be more excited!”

The financial terms of Jay’s new contract with the Bears hasn’t been released, but Jay shared, “We reached the amount of money that we’re going to be taken care of. Whether it’s $15 million or it’s $22 million, it’s hard to spend all that in your lifetime.” He then joked that his shoe designer wife “said she’ll help.”

Kristin has spoken about Jay’s job in the past, sharing with Chicago news station WCIU in October 2013 that she loves to watch him play.  “I get very into it.”  She also admitted that the rough nature of the sport “scares the crap out of me,” but is always there to support Jay when she can, “I’m at every game if I’m in town.”

Audrina’s New Job




After a summer holiday in Aruba with boyfriend Corey Bohan, Audrina Patridge has come back home to the US with excitng news; a new job!  Beginning in January 2014, Audrina will be taking over from former Bachelorette star Ali Fedotowsky as the host of NBC’s travel series 1st Look.

Ali is staying within the NBC family, having recently been announced to be joining the team at E!News as a full time correspondent.  That’s a role Hills2City could also image Audrina working up to as well!

During her role as host for 1st Look, Audrina will be travelling around the US, exploring the hottest restaurants, nightlife spots and travel destinations.  The new hostess with the mostess explained to The Hollywood Reporter that prior to taking on the new role, she was already a fan of the show and had been looking to get into hosting.  She said, “It’s one of my dream jobs because I love doing different adventures, and I have a passion for trying just about anything, which fits what this show is about. I get to bring the audience with me on this journey, and I can’t wait.”

Audrina started filming for 1st Look this week, and shared that there will be a two-part show that goes behind the scenes at the Golden Globes.  She explains, “It’s an all-access pass — everything from movie production to the best dresses to makeup.”

She added, I’ll also be going to amazing restaurants that no one has ever really heard of, and I’ll get to experience how to cook certain things with the chefs. The show covers pretty much the whole range [of travel-themed topics]. There’s so much to offer for everyone.  We’ll be visiting some places that I never even knew existed in this country.  It really opens the door for everyone to try new things.”

Producer for 1st Look Marni Sabia spoke about their new host, sharing, “Audrina is the ideal fit for 1st Look with her captivating presence and up-for-anything attitude.  Her passion for adventure and her enthusiasm are sure to catch the attention of our viewers every week as she takes on the experiences they want to see.”

The series of 1st Look hosted by Audrina commences on Saturday, January 4.

Whitney’s Advice For Your Career




It doesn’t seem all that long ago that we saw Whitney Port graduating from USC on theHills, but on Tuesday, January 29, Whitney made a return to her old college. 

The Whitney Eve designer and former reality star was there to speak to current students about her current endeavours and her personal secrets to success.  Whitney shared how she became involved with theHills, explaining, “I walked into the Teen Vogue offices to apply for an internship and there were all these cameras…in walks Lauren Conrad and then I realized I was on her Spin-off show!”

Whitney shared her one regret about her own college experience, saying “I regret not paying enough attention in class. You don’t realize how important education is until you’re gone.”

She encouraged the audience to ask her anything, and offered advice on internships, saying “The best quality that an intern can have is a really positive attitude.  I can see it in an intern’s eyes when they don’t want to do something, and for me that makes me not want to work with them…and to try to put your personal touch on things.” 

Whitney’s tip for job applications is to make the cover letter a stand-out document.  She said,  “Cover letters are important because you get a chance to tell the employer exactly why you want to work for them.  For my interns, I don’t always look for someone who’s had the most experience, but for someone who is passionate.”

One audience member asked about Whitney’s social life in college, to which she replied, “My college life here [at USC] really consisted of school and my little group of friends, just like a regular girls life. Have fun and enjoy it while you can!” and then jokingly added “hopefully that’s not bad advice!”

Whitney’s hope for herself in 20 years?  “I hope to have a successful clothing line and I hope that I can reach hundreds, thousands, millions of girls with my clothes,” she shared.

The former star of theCity left the audience with a final piece of advice: “As soon as you start to doubt yourself and you start taking others’ opinions too seriously is when you’re not staying on path anymore.”

A Newfound Respect For Justin Bieber


Justin Bieber has built an empire out of crooning love songs about first loves, however, all of this might be about to change. Justin stopped by Power 106 LA on Wednesday, November 2 and showcased a little known talent. Is he bilingual? Can he do a mean British accent? No and no. He showed off some pretty impressive rapping skills. And that might be an understatement.  We always just assumed he was a moderately talented singer who got super lucky thanks to the powers of youtube.  You be the judge.

Kim Kardashian To Divorce Kris Humphries


TMZ has announced that Kim Kardashian is to divorce Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage. Ryan Seacrest, the producer of Keeping up with the Kardashians, tweeted his confirmation of the news: “Yes @KimKardashian is filing for divorce this morning. I touched base with her, getting a statement in just a few mins.” Kim will not be seeking an annulment despite the short length of their union, however, she will instead file on the grounds of “irreconcilable differences.” Kris won’t be entitled to a percentage of Kim’s millions as the couple signed a prenuptial agreement.

Sources close to the couple blame their split on arguments over where to settle down, according to TMZ. Kris wanted to settle down in his native Minnesota, whereas Kim wanted to stay in Los Angeles and remain close to her own family and her career prospects. This is all the proof one would need to confirm their wedding was purely a financial PR stunt. Most, in fact all, normal couples would have this issued sorted out before walking down the aisle.

However, the sources say not to expect a nasty divorce. The pair have come to a mutual realization that they are not a long-term fit. No kidding, Sherlock.

Now, by a show of hands, please raise your right hand if you are shocked by this announcement. No-one? To be honest with you, we’re surprised it even lasted this long. The sanctity of marriage is cheapened by fame hungry money grabbers once again.

Eaten An Onion Ring Today? Don’t Talk To Jayde Then!

Jayde Nicole revealed her innermost thoughts and secrets just for your eyes only. Ever wondered what her favorite season is, what her biggest life lessons are, what her five year plan is or why you should never talk to her if you’ve eaten an onion ring? Well read below…

5 years from now I hope to still be living in LA. Working fully on my health & fitness brand.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to be careful who you let into your life! Make smart decisions on the people you spend your time with.

I LOVE summer! Going to the beach, laying by the pool, hiking, taking my dog Pumpkin on long walks! I also love summer fashion and summer cooking, its the best!

My biggest pet peeve is bad smells! Bad breath, bad body odor, YUCK!!

On April 14, I woke up early, had a meeting with my agency about a possible new fitness TV show, visited my hair salon, met up with my boyfriend Tosh for a reflexology massage, headed home to get ready, attended the grand opening of a tattoo shop at Black Banditz on Melrose, got a tattoo, then had a lovely dinner with friends. Once home I worked for a couple hours on my personal training program, then finally got some sleep 🙂

I say “thank you” a lot

This year so far has been my favourite [sic] by far. I moved into a new place which I love, I have been doing tons of traveling, and my career is headed exactly where I want it. 🙂

That’s right onion ring eaters, Jayde judges you!

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