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Charlie Sheen is Locked in War

Charlie Sheen’s work life may have generally gone on without too many bumps (his recent firing from Two and a Half Men aside), but his personal life has always been rocky.

From his relationships with his goddesses to dalliances with porn stars, not even the women Charlie has chosen to marry seem to be that stable.  Or grateful.

Charlie’s most recent ex-wife Brooke Mueller has sicked her lawyers onto him, demanding that Warner Brothers pay $55,000 per month directly to Brooke from any money that’s owed to Charlie.  Apparently the reasoning is that Brooke is worried that Charlie will get behind on his child support.

Brooke’s own lawyers concede that Charlie is in fact up to date with child support payments, but that Brooke wants to ensure she still gets her money if Charlie begins to run low on cash.  On the one hand, considering Charlie’s recent career downward-spiral, we kind of understand her logic.

But on the other hand, when you consider the money and support Brooke already gets from Charlie, it makes her sound like a money-grabber.  In her divorce settlement, Brooke received a lump sum of $757,698.70, a 2009 Mercedes and $1.2 million for her share of the family home, which Charlie got to keep.

Gold-digger or not, a judge has declared that Warner Brothers must divert the money to Brooke.  So Charlie Sheen may call himself a warlock, but we think he’s going to have to call on some serious wizardry to get out of this one.

Charlie Bashes Obama and Palin, Denise Stays Classy

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Charlie Sheen is stirring up more controversy on his My Violent Torpedo of Truth tour, this time leaving his ex-wives alone and getting into politics.

Charlie reportedly took aim and President Obama and Sarah Palin, while hinting at his own possible run for office.  “For starters, I was f**king born here, how about that? And I got proof! Nothing Photoshopped about my birth certificate,” the warlock said insinuating that the President may not have been born here as is required to become President.

Some reports say that Charlie’s comment was met with disgruntled faces, while others say he received a bunch of cheers.  Guess it depends whether the audience was conservative or not.

As for Sarah Palin, he called her a “lunatic from Alaska”.  But Charlie is competent. He said he would handle Libyan dictator Moammar al-Qaddafi by making him “marry my [ex-wives] Brooke and Denise.”

Meanwhile, could Denise Richards be more classy about the situation?  When asked about her thoughts on Charlie bashing her on his tour, she simply replied diplomatically.

“For me, it’s very sad to see him on this path,” she said. “I’ve heard he’s chosen to use me in part of his tour [material], and that’s hurtful. But that’s his choice… He can do what he wants in his show.”

“We’re not in the best place right now, to be honest with you,” Denise explained. “But I do still communicate with him.”

Despite this, Denise has her big girl pants on and learned to live with the situation.

“This is his lifestyle, and I’ve accepted it,” she said. “There’s things that I don’t think are the most appropriate for two young, impressionable daughters.”

After having every opportunity to bash Charlie, who’s obviously bashable, when asked about his sobriety, she simply admitted, “I don’t know if he’s sober or not.”

After being pegged as the villain in the breakup from Charlie, Denise hasn’t even so much as uttered an “I told you so” to the public that doubted her.

Brooke Mueller Walks Into a Pawn Shop…

Charlie Sheen’s most recent ex, Brooke Mueller went to a pawn shop in Inglewood, CA yesterday morning, April 14.

According to TMZ who obtained the footage, Brooke tried to pawn an expensive men’s watch and a stereo.  An employee, Jack Feldman, said Brooke was desperately trying to get cash for the items, but she couldn’t because she didn’t have ID.

An infamous “source” says Brooke has fallen off the wagon.  It’s hard to figure out how a woman who receives $55,000 in child support needs the money from a pawn shop, so Brooke falling off the wagon is the conclusion most would draw.

Paris and Brooke, Ladies Who Lunch


Paris Hilton and Charlie Sheen’s original goddess, Brooke Mueller, met for lunch (and probably filming), yesterday, Friday, March 18.  Brooke is starring in Paris‘ upcoming Oxygen reality show, The World According to Paris.

Paris wore a leather jacket, green skirt, black tights and black shoes.  Brooke wore a black dress underneath a sweater, with platform shoes.  Brooke looks a bit matronly.  It would be better if she ditched the shoes or put on a dress that doesn’t cut so low.

Earlier in the day, Paris was spotted taking care of business.  Wearing light blue flare jeans, a loose fitting gray top, and a pink and gray cover up, she looked perfect for a casual day out and about.  The hat just tops it off, literally.

Charlie Sheen Tries to Reclaim His Trailer from CBS

Gossip Center/GinsburgSpaly

Although it seems like Charlie Sheen has been quiet recently, he’s been busy selling out theaters for his shows in 18 seconds.  He also teamed with Radaronline to film a short film spoof where he seeks to reclaim his trailer from the CBS lot, Thursday, March 10.

The “warlock” dressed in camouflage with a five team crew called “Strike Team Five”.  At the beginning of the mission, Charlie said, “If somehow we can somehow arrange going to the studio and getting my bus, it will be the most epic piece of television ever produced!”

While Charlie has been on Mission Steal His Trailer, he’s been missing his kids’ birthdays.  His daughter Sam had a birthday party last week, and ex-wife Denise Richards refused to let Charlie take part.  Over the weekend, Charlie’s twin sons, Bob and Max had a party thrown by soon to be ex-wife Brooke Mueller, 33, and Kathy Hilton.

Guests included Nicky HiltonDavid Katzenberg and Adrienne Maloof.

“Max and Bob were in heaven running around and sliding down the slide of the bounce house,” the witness tells Us of the boys’ big day. “They got a ton of presents including tee ball sets and race cars.”

“Brooke seemed to have a good time too and was relaxed and happy. She seemed focused on her kids and nothing else,” adds the insider. “There was a lot of security outside at all times to make sure no uninvited guests got in. There was no sign of Charlie at the party.”

Spanning the Web

Lindsay Lohan’s dad, Michael, signed on to appear on the upcoming season of Celebrity Rehab and Lindsay is baffled.  [TMZ]

Charlie Sheen’s kids were taken away late last night and placed with ex-wife Brooke Mueller’s mom while Brooke is in rehab.  [Radar]

Charlie says Brooke is still on drugs, Brooke tells a different story. [Radar/Radar]

Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn are so totally hooking up.  [TMZ]

Jessica Simpson is a rumored frontrunner to join Simon Cowell on X Factor.  [Popeater]

In case you’ve been under a rock, Charlie Sheen has made #winning and #tigerblood indefinitely trending topics on twitter and he became [one of?] the quickest person ever to reach 1 million followers.  [NBC]

No one likes Kim Kardashian’s new song.  [Jezebel]

Dave Navarro and Brooke Mueller Hook Up

With any divorce, there is bound to be hurt feelings, lots of regret, and often times, a broken heart or two. Yet, there exists a saying for us girls that “The best way to get over a guy is to get under another one”, and that’s exactly what Brooke Mueller, Charlie Sheen’s soon to be ex-wife, did.

During a recent trip to Nobu in Aspen, Colorado, where Brooke was stationed for the holiday season, Brooke and Dave Navarro of Jane’s Addiction were at a table on Wednesday, December 29 before they both went outside for a smoke. Sources say that once they felt the cold air, the power of winter compelled them to full-on make out in front of everyone. Dave, ever the classy guy, even had his hand on Brooke’s chest. Afterwards, they quickly went back inside and gathered their things before leaving the restaurant together.

You know how once you kiss someone, the transitive power of equality states that you’re also kissing the people they’ve kissed before? Between Brooke, Dave, Charlie, and Dave’s ex Carmen Electra, a good chunk of the world’s population has been covered.

Click here to see photos of Dave and Brooke on that night.

Charlie Sheen Files for Divorce

We can’t remember a year where there were more celebrity deaths and divorces. It seems like ’tis the season to break up, since making up hasn’t been in the cards recently. After his hotel debacle, Charlie Sheen filed for divorce from his estranged wife, Brooke Mueller, on Monday, November 1.

You would think that filing such paperwork would be a stressful, incredibly sad time for anyone, regardless of reason or timing. But Charlie actually filed for divorce specifically on that date in order to prevent Brooke from spilling the beans on her upcoming reality show. If there ever was an impetus to move forward with anything, that was definitely it.

Originally, the ex-couple had completed the paperwork together back in May and were going to wait for the right moment before presenting them, ironically, as a united front. But Charlie was not happy with Brooke’s new reality show, and as it’s been proven, he doesn’t like it when he doesn’t get what he wants.

Another celebrity couple, AnnaLynne McCord and Kellan Lutz, have also split after almost two years together. The Twilight vampire and the 90210 Queen Bee made up one of the hottest couples of our generation. Is there something in the Pacific Ocean that is causing these recent splits??

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