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Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth joined longtime friend Jilly Hendrix as Bridesmaids this weekend for Paper Crown brand partner Maura McManus wedding to David Oehm.


The wedding was held in Ojai, California, on Saturday, August 16, and also acted as a mini-Laguna Beach reunion, with Stephen Colletti and Dieter Schmitz in attendance.

Dieter posted the photo above to his Instagram, saying, “With @stephencolletti for one of the besets in the wettest @mauramcmanus wedding.”

Lauren Conrad & Lo Bosworth Are Beautiful Bridesmaids

Maura’s bridesmaids all wore differently styled cream full length gowns; Lauren wore hers with a pair of cream leather strappy heels, slipping on her sunglasses and Chanel bag for the Reception.

Now the countdown must really be on for Lauren’s own wedding to William Tell!  Hills2City can’t wait!

The Oscars As You’ve Never Seen It Before



It’s easy to predict the media coverage of the Oscars. Front pages will be graced with images of Natalie Portman peeking over her shoulder in a billowy ball gown. Not forgetting Brad Pitt’s poker face as he applauds the winner of Best Male Actor under the sarcastic headline of, ‘when you have Angelina Jolie on your arm, isn’t an Oscar win greedy?’ Yes, we are a predictable bunch. So we’re breaking rank and taking you behind the scenes of the 84th Annual Academy Awards.

In the picture above, Cameron Diaz eagerly greets Sandra Bullock. Or should that be eats? Obviously, Cameron lost her marbles after starving herself to fit into her dress and Sandra looked like a nice piece of juicy steak.

Everyone loves to harp on about Meryl Streep being so down to earth. Well that was a lie. Clearly not content with her Best Actress statue, she tries to take off with a bigger and better one. And to be so brazen about it, too.

Ever wondered what it’s like waiting backstage at the Oscars? Brazilian cabana boys fanning you while the Dalai Lama reads out some encouraging words? No. A photographer shoves a camera in your face while you try to hide your nerves, as Bridesmaids stars Melissa McCarthy and Rose Byrne found out. Discouraged by this, today, Melissa and Rose are thinking about returning to their old waitressing jobs.

We’ve all encountered those girls who whip out their cell phones to document every little thing. “OMG look a heart in my coffee, take a picture!” or “OMG look at the purple tips on her hair, take a picture!” or “OMG look a single daisy in a field of grass, take a artsy picture!” Michelle Williams is one of those girls.

Scandal has touched Hollywood, folks. Look at those serious faces. “The invite said our refreshments would be sourced from the rivers of the Amazon, “proclaimed an outraged George Clooney. His guest leaned in and whispered, “No, they are filling up non-recyclable bottles with water from, oh God, the producers bathroom!”

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