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They’re Done




While her former co-stars on theHills Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad are preparing to marry their long-time boyfriends, Hills2City were sad to hear that Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan have broken up.

The couple first got together in 2009, but as Audrina herself described to US Weekly last summer, “We’ve been off and on for almost five years.  But we’ve been solid.”

Corey and Audrina had previously parted ways in March 2011, but soon were back together and weren’t shy in sharing their love via twitter and instagram.  Audrina has described Corey in the past as “the love of my life” and shared that they were heading toward marriage, but sadly it seems they couldn’t make things work.

A source close to Audrina spoke to US on Tuesday, July 29, explaining, “She’s single right now.”

audrina 2

Audrina kept herself busy while news of the break-up became public; the 1st Look host attended Comic-Con in San Diego on Friday, July 25, allowing make-up artists to transform her into Mystique from X-Men.

On Sunday, July 27, the newly single star partied with friends at Bootsy Bellows for Katy Perry’s stylist Johnny Wujek’s birthday celebration.  “She was having a great time hanging and celebrating with her friends,” a source told E! News. “She was not telling anyone about it and wasn’t giving any indication that it happened.”

Audrina also gave fans an indication of her mindset on Sunday, sharing her thoughts via twitter, “You can’t start the next chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one. #future #dreams #followyourheart”

Brody Denies Split With Avril Lavigne


Brody Jenner has responded to the stories about breaking up with Avril Lavigne — not true! Brody took to his Twitter account to declare they are still a couple, despite what is being reported in the media. Avril responded to his tweet by seconding his sentiments.

Avril’s PR team must be mad at this. Brody is putting them out of a job!

Kristin and Jay Still Loved Each Other During Break Up


Things appear to be going well for Kristin Cavallari and two-time fiancé Jay Cutler this time.

But what will be different this time? Their first engagement lasted for only a few months and was called off in July. They both admit that the major factor of the split was their careers –and lifestyle differences. Other sources say Kristin’s personality and social life was too much for Jay to handle.

Although they were technically broken up in July after the engagement was called off, Kristin reveals that their love for each other remained. “Sometimes, in order for things to get better, they have to end – even if it’s momentarily. And that was the case with us,” Kristin told PEOPLE at the opening of Rebecca Taylor Boutique in Los Angeles.

“No one really knows what happened between the two of us, and we want to keep it that way,” she said. “We broke up, and we were still talking during that whole time,” But Kristin truly hopes for a happy ending after all, telling the world their second engagement is official and definite.

But some are saying it would have officially been definitely nice to see Kristin with another ring.  After all the old ring didn’t fare to well.  It seems like it carries old memories of failure.  Further, since Jay walked away, you would think that’s good for a couple extra diamonds.  On the other hand, since Kristin and Jay never really fell out of favor with each other, we suppose keeping the old engagement ring is a way to minimize the commotion that came with the breakup and continue on like nothing really happened.

The Curtain Falls on Lauren and Derek


Life & Style has exclusively learned that Lauren Conrad has dumped Derek Hough after a few months of dating. A source close to Lauren confirmed the news, “Their relationship reached its peak. It was always casual.” The source revealed Lauren and Derek had an understanding that their fling would never develop into anything more serious, “She had fun with Derek – he used to send her cute texts and sing to her – but she always kept her options open.”

This news isn’t surprising to anyone who follows Lauren. She had recently got out of a 3 year relationship with actor Kyle Howard. The source admitted what we all suspected, Derek was only a rebound, “This was a rebound that wasn’t going to last. Derek never thought it would, either.”

Meanwhile, Derek has had no trouble moving on from Lauren. He was seen flirting with Celebrity Rehab star Jennifer Gimenez at a Halloween party at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood, California on Saturday, October 29. An eyewitness blabbed, “He was all over her. He was dancing sexily with her and pulling her close. They were very touchy-feely. They looked like a lot more than just friends.” The same night, but at Matthew Morrison’s Halloween party at Voyeur, Lauren was seen flirting with Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford.  Again.  Can these two just do this already?

Leo and Blake Split Up


Their relationship had barely set sail but it has now been consigned to the icy depths of the ocean. Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively have split up. We won’t make any more shameful ‘Titanic’ references, but we will instead get straight down to the details: there are none. Their PR reps are keeping the split clean and have told the media the break-up was amicable and they will “remain friends.” Something is off here. Leo, a middle-aged womanizer, has been thousands of miles away from Blake in Australia filming ‘The Great Gatsby’. All we are going to say is that a leopard never changes its spots.

You Probably Never Even Knew They Were Dating


Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins have split up. Who even knew they were dating? Apparently it was Taylor who did the dumping, “It was a clean break that Taylor initiated,” a source revealed. The pair are co-stars in the new movie ‘Abduction’ and they split up just a week before the film’s red carpet premiere. Ooh, talk about awkward! “At the Abduction party, it was awkward,” the source admits. “They barely said a word to one another.”

Funnily enough, despite being the dumper, it was Taylor who gushed about their quiet romance to Seventeen magazine, “You can feel some sort of chemistry or a connection when you are reading a script with someone for the first time,” Taylor said. “And that was totally the case with Lily.”

Wow. Did you know they were dating? We most certainly didn’t. They weren’t exactly making headline news together. Maybe they were never together and this is just publicity for the movie? Hollywood is a crazy world.

Kristin Is Still Jay’s “Babe”


They may have split up but there are no bad feelings between Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler. Jay took to his Twitter account to wish Kristin good luck on her Dancing with the Stars debut and encouraged his followers to vote for her. Kristin re-tweeted this, saying, “Thank U :)”. Kristin said after the show that she found his show of support “very sweet.” Kristin avoided questions asking whether the tweet could mean a possible reconciliation.

What questions Kristin did answer, however, referred to how her weight has remained the same despite intense dance practices. “I’ve stayed about the same,” Kristin explained to OK! “I’ve been eating a little bit more. My legs are a little bit tighter if anything and my back’s a little sore, but that’s about it.”

Kristin also admitted she is happy with her relationship with her dancing partner, Mark Ballas. “He’s great. He’s very patient, we haven’t gotten in a fight, he hasn’t yelled at me,” she told reporters. “So far, so good.”

Moving on, Sports site Bleacher Report, have offered a unique male perspective into Jay’s tweet. They ponder why Jay would call his ex-fiancé ‘babe’ after publicly dumping her. The theory? Jay either wants Kristin back after watching her tear up the dance floor or he is dumb as rocks if he thinks it’s genuinely okay to call his ex-fiancé babe. Babe is not a word you throw lightly around, especially if you’re an uber private individual, which Jay is. Needless to say, the guys at Bleacher Report expect a reunion between Kristin and Jay sometime in the near future.

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Stage10 Clinger: Woman Calls Ex-Boyfriend 65,000 Times


Breaking up with a boyfriend is an emotionally turbulent time. Especially if it ended badly. In the aftermath of a bad split many a night is spent with friends plotting revenge on the guy who broke your heart. Normally, these twisted tales remain at the bottom of the wine glasses and ice cream tubs, never to be formulated in the light of day. However one woman chose to disregard this and took her break up revenge a step too far.

A nameless 42 year old woman from The Hague is being prosecuted for stalking her ex-boyfriend because she called him 65,000 times in one year! Just. We mean. We can’t even. Like. Urgh. This means she would have called him an astonishing 200 times a day. If she is awake for 16 hours a day, this would equate to her making 11 calls an hour and roughly one every 5 minutes.

Good grief. This goes beyond break up revenge, it’s down right scary. How could she have called him every 5 minutes for an entire year? 365 days. 12 months. It’s mindblowing!

Boy is he glad he broke up with her before he put a ring on it!

Unbreak My Heart



The ink is barely dry on the articles that reported their break-up, but it seems Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler may be getting back together. According to E! News they were recently spotted together in Chicago and friends think they’re on the mend and rekindling their love. Who knows what the truth is here. It could just be a false sighting. Or perhaps they’ve just remained friends. Either way, we wish the best for them.

Meanwhile, Kristin did look suspiciously happy while getting lunch at The Farm in Beverly Hills, California on Sunday, August 21. Ah, maybe the rumors are true?!

Single Snooki

Gossip Center

Snooki has split up with her boyfriend Jionni LaValle. According to a source they called it quits after Jionni’s disastorous visit to Italy that ended with him going home early. In an attempt to get over him, Snooki had a girls’ night out with Deena Cortese in Florence, Italy on Monday, June 6. It did little to cheer up Snooki as she appeared unusually glum.

There are plenty of more fish in the sea, Snooks!

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