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Brody, Taylor and Their Girlfriends

Laguna Lovers

Brody has a new favorite outfit in this blue plaid shirt and black pants.  He wore the outfit again while hanging out with his friend Sleazy-T and his fiancee Abbey Wilson on March 17.  Brody’s new girlfriend was there too.

Playmates Play Date

Gossip Center/Pacific Coast News

Jayde Nicole joined her fellow Playmates for dinner last night, December 15, Japanese style.  Jayde and Kendra Wilkinson replacements Girls Next Door stars Karrisa and Kristina Shannon dined at Katsuya along with other Playmate friends including Hef’s #1 Girlfriend Crystal Harris. Taylor Mosher‘s (formerly Sleazy-T) fiance Abbey Wilson also attended the dinner and is pictured above.

Jayde seemed to forget she was in Los Angeles, where it always gets cold at night, particularly in the winter.  She was visibly unprepared for the frigid LA weather.

Sleazy-T is Getting Married!

It’s being reported that Taylor Mosher aka Sleazy-T aka 1/3 of Brody and Frankie‘s bromance is getting married to girlfriend Abbie Wilson.

Plus, Taylor tweeted the news:

I’M GETTING MARRIED TO @abbeywilson88 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:17 AM Sep 26th from Tweetie

If you’re keeping track, Abbie Wilson is Joe Francis‘ ex-girlfriend.  Yet another tangled web.  Everyone’s getting married, we wonder if Brody and Jayde will ever tie the knot?

Congrats to the happy couple!!


By TwitterButtons.com

911 Call From Jenner/Francis Fight May Help Cops

sleazy t abbey

Sleazy-T and Abbey Wilson

A 911 call the day of the early morning fight between Brody Jenner and Jayde Nicole v. Joe Francis may help the police determine who’s version of what happened is real.

On 8pm that day, Abbey Wilson (Joe Francis‘ ex-girlfriend and Taylor “Sleazy-T” Mosher‘s current girl) called 911 claiming Joe Francis and sent people to her house to clean it out.

According to Francis, his assistants, three other men and a moving truck, needed to go to Abbey‘s house to pick up Francis’ belongings at her place.  They  took furniture and other stuff away.  LAPD arrived and allowed Francis’ people to peacefully remove the belongings.

Francis says he removed the things because Abbey was “lying” about what happened at Guys and Dolls.  Shortly before the movers arrived, Francis sent Abbey a text message.

TMZ reports the text was “laying out what he says happened, but apparently Wilson wasn’t biting. Francis says he was pissed, because while he was seeing Wilson he says he gave her a fortune in stuff — $100,000 worth of clothes, a Mercedes, a Rolex, even the house she was living in.”

His theory was he wasn’t going to keep financing a luxurious lifestyle for her if she was going to “lie” about the incident.

Not surprisingly, Abbey feels Francis wanted her to lie about what happened.  Particularly since, “Francis could go back to prison if the Feds feel he violated the terms of his early release.” Abbey says once she refused to lie, Francis sent the moving people over.


Joe Francis Coaching his Witness?

TMZ obtained a text message (how, we can only wonder) from Joe Francis to his ex-girlfriend Abbey Wilson who was allegedly the impetus behind the big brawl with Joe and Brody and Jayde.

The text was sent August 28 at 1:11 PM — the incident happened in the early hours of that same day. Joe wrote:

“Your statement is the truth. That jade threw a drink on me when I was talking to you and I reached around to tap on her shoulder to see who it was. Brody then grabed [sic] my shirt and ripped it partialy [sic] off. I curled up in a ball and covered my face. Joe never touched anyone!!!!!!! Most important!!!!!”

Like clockwork, Joe responded to TMZ denying he was trying to coach Abbe.  Joe’s rep stated the following:

“Abbey Wilson, Joe’s ex-girlfriend that he lived with for almost a year, has a little problem telling the whole truth … Abbey conveniently omitted the last part of that text message which puts everything in context.”

The line referred to is:  “Also remember jade hit you the last time, don’t lie for them.”

The rep added: “Joe would never coach a witness but simply wanted Miss Wilson to tell the truth about the incident and put aside her vendetta towards Joe for breaking up with her and asking her to move out of his home.  Joe has bigger fish to fry and is sick of this whole thing and just wishes that his ex-girlfriend would just leave him along and go back to Oklahoma and quit trying to make herself more famous.”

This keeps getting more bizarre and unbelievable.

There’s 2 3 Sides to Every Story

her stoy

We’ve heard Brody/Jayde‘s story.  We’ve heard Joe Francisstory or stories (which now includes intent to take legal action).  As the saying says, there’s always three sides to every story, two sides and the truth.

Well, we still don’t know the truth, so instead, we have a new side, Joe Francis‘ ex girlfriend Abbey Wilson. According to Brody’s story, Joe was harassing and hitting on Abbey Wilson, who Jayde and Brody are friends with.  Chaos ensued.  Abbey says Jayde was backing her up by “throwing or spilling” a drink on Joe.  She’s not sure which method landed the drink on Joe.

That seems to be an important point of contention now.
Who do you believe? Take the poll to the below.

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