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Kristin’s Top 5 Red Carpet Looks


kristin 1TheFashionSpot

Mom-of-two Kristin Cavallari has become a real red carpet style icon since her days on theHills; she took time out recently to chat about her Top 5 Red Carpet looks.

Kristin says, “I’ve hit more than my fair share of red carpets and while all are memorable in their own way, there are some moments I’ll never forget — mostly because I loved what I was wearing. It’s amazing to see the confidence you feel on the inside come out in photographs when you’re wearing something you love.”

The look above was an Alexander McQueen gown Kristin wore to the 2014 Oscars.  She shares, “I was pregnant in this, so that makes this look pretty memorable. Plus, the fact that I got asked to help countdown the red carpet for the Oscars was such a huge deal for me. It was an honor that I was even considered. I was really nervous, but really excited. I love this dress because it’s so simple, but the shoulders give it some edge and make it really fun. I was sitting down in my segment [for E!], so I thought this dress was perfect — I had a desk in front of me and you could really only see the top of it.”

Kristin 2

Kristin wore this silver sequinned vintage mini dress to the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards.  She says, “I thought THIS dress was perfect for the VMAs. I mean, isn’t it, though? It’s young, it’s fun — there’s not really a lot of places you can wear a dress like that. It was a vintage dress and I thought it was just so appropriate for an occasion like the VMAs where anything goes.”

Kristin 3

This strapless white gown was worn by Kristin to the 2011 Marine Corps Ball.  Mrs Cutler says of her look, “I don’t get to wear long gowns very often, and this was one of the first times that I was able to. It’s always fun, kind of like playing dress up, when you get to wear these kinds of gowns. I love the belt with it — it really balances out the look and makes it edgy and cool.”

Kristin 4

In Hills2City’s opinion, 2009 was probably the year that Kristin’s fashion choices started to make an impact.  For that years UNITE Unveiled: Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion event, Kristin’s look really epitomized the event’s theme.

She shares, “This was one of those nights where everything came together. The hair, the makeup, the outfit — this is a look I would even wear to dinner or to go grab drinks now. I loved that outfit. It’s simple, chic and really sexy.”

Kristin 5

After her hosting duties for E! for the 2014 Oscars were over, Kristin attended the Elton John AIDS Foundation Oscars Party in this stunning black lace dress.

Kristin says, “Balmain is one of my favorite designers and being able to wear something from the label was so exciting for me! I felt like this dress was sweet, but sexy at the same time. It was appropriate for going to an after-party, while still being pregnant.”

Audrina Talks Breaking Up In The Public Eye


audrina 2

Audrina Patridge was at LAX on Monday, August 18, and talked to TMZ about her recent break-up with her boyfriend of 5 years, Corey Bohan.

When asked what was the best way to get over a break-up, Audrina said, “You know, it’s hard when you’re in the public eye and things get out before you have the chance to really take care of it behind the scenes. And then it’s out everywhere and…”

Meanwhile, retired NFL star Warren Sapp walks by in the background and the TMZ camera guy tries to call him over to meet Audrina, much to her embarassment.  He then helps the former Hillsie with her suitcase, as Audrina explains “It’s heavy…that’s three weeks of work.”

When asked if she talks and makes friends with people on the plane, Audrina smiles and says “Yes! It’s a long flight, you get bored,” she continues, “This was a fun plane.”

To watch the whole video go to TMZ.


What Lauren Has Learned




Hills2City were almost surprised to realize this week that it’s been 10 years since Lauren, Lo, Stephen, Dieter, Trey and the rest of the Laguna Beach crew graduated from High School!  It’s one of those moments we all go through in our own lives; you know how much you’ve grown and changed, but at the same time, high school just doesn’t seem all that long ago.

Lauren was doing some reflecting this week, posting a Letter to Her 18 Year Old Self on her website.  Here’s what 28-year-old Lauren had to say:

1. Wear sunscreen!

This is an obvious one. When I was a teenager, tanning was the mode du jour and I was all about getting that sun-kissed (or tanning bed orange…) glow. I felt invincible, and never thought twice about the skin damage caused by UV rays. Nowadays, I’ve learned to embrace my natural skin tone in the hopes that it will mean less wrinkles and a lower risk of skin cancer as I get older. I never leave home without my SPF.

2. Enjoy being young.

They say that youth is wasted on the young, and I couldn’t agree more. When I was 18, I was in a hurry to grow up. Instead, I wish I would have taken a beat to just enjoy being young. So many things are new when you’re that age and the level of responsibility is still low. It’s important to enjoy that phase just like any other.

3. Be an individual.

Being 18 years old means you’re at an age of many exciting changes. For so long you’ve gone to school with the same people, and everything you’ve done is with the same group of friends in more or less the same environment. Then, for the first time you get to go off on your own and make real, conscious decisions about where you want life to take you. You get to choose your school, your major, and what kind of person you’ll become. So when you’re making these decisions, be an individual. It’s the best way to discover who you really are.





Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth joined longtime friend Jilly Hendrix as Bridesmaids this weekend for Paper Crown brand partner Maura McManus wedding to David Oehm.


The wedding was held in Ojai, California, on Saturday, August 16, and also acted as a mini-Laguna Beach reunion, with Stephen Colletti and Dieter Schmitz in attendance.

Dieter posted the photo above to his Instagram, saying, “With @stephencolletti for one of the besets in the wettest @mauramcmanus wedding.”

Lauren Conrad & Lo Bosworth Are Beautiful Bridesmaids

Maura’s bridesmaids all wore differently styled cream full length gowns; Lauren wore hers with a pair of cream leather strappy heels, slipping on her sunglasses and Chanel bag for the Reception.

Now the countdown must really be on for Lauren’s own wedding to William Tell!  Hills2City can’t wait!

Jen Bunney Is Now Married!



There must be something in the California air, or maybe it’s just that theHills cast are all at the marriage stage, as former Hillsie Jen Bunney joined Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port, Heidi Montag, Kristin Cavallari and theCity star Olivia Palermo in getting married.

Jen, who was nicknamed ‘Bunney’ on her stints during Laguna Beach and theHills, was first brought into the picture as one of Lauren’s childhood best friends.  That is, until Bunney broke girl code by hooking up with Lauren’s guy Brody on her birthday!

Lauren and Bunney’s friendship was dunzo, and that probably would’ve been the last viewers would see of her until Heidi and Bunney became friends.

It turns out that their friendship has actually stood the test of time, as Heidi and husband Spencer attended the wedding of Jen Bunney to Taylor Dunphy on Sunday, August 10, held at the Trump National Golf Club in Palos Verdes, California.

Heidi says, “It was the most beautiful wedding in every way. Every detail was perfect, elegant, and classic, just like Jen.  Jen and Taylor are truly soul mates. There are not two people who are more in love and destined for each other. Truly a divine match. I wish them all the blessings in the world and a long happy life together.”

The bride and groom posed for photos with Heidi and Spencer, Heidi wearing a full-length black gown with an embellished high neckline.  She wore her hair down, and flowing over one shoulder.

“Jen has been my best friend for years, we have been through so much together, she deserves her dream wedding and bliss, and she got it last night,” Heidi shared.

Good Advice Never Gets Old


She famously interned for Teen Vogue in 2005 and 2006 during theHills, and in October last year the magazine asked Lauren Conrad to give their readers some insight into her fashion career.

Hills2City are not sure how we missed this article, but considering Lauren’s achievements think it’s a great article for anyone interested in the fashion industry to read!

What inspired you to work in fashion?
It’s what I wanted to do for as long as I can remember. My father was an architect and my neighbor who used to watch me after school was an artist, so I grew up in a very creative environment.

What was your day-to-day like as an intern in Teen Vogue‘s West Coast office?
It was pretty typical of any internship. It was less about the work and more about being exposed to the industry and the inner workings of a magazine. I really loved the shoots, and I still do to this day. With Kohl’s, I get to participate in the creative in a more direct way. Back then I was just sitting back and observing, but now I get to be a part of it and I think it’s so much fun, the process of putting it all together.

Do you remember any specific shoots you worked on?
Sure! We did a shoot with Whitney Port’s little sister and Colton Haynes. That’s when I met him—he was so little and handsome! It was in a garden and there were flowers in their hair. It was very romantic. I loved it.

What was the most valuable thing you learned at Teen Vogue?
I think the most valuable thing was that it really exposed me to the timeline of fashion for the first time. I had learned about production and how to flat sketch in school—you know, the basics—but I hadn’t really learned about how far out things are done.

Much was made of you turning down the opportunity to go to Paris. In hindsight, what do you make of that decision?
I was young, and I think your mistakes sort of mold you. It was important for me to make that one. After that, I definitely made it a point to not let others get in the way of what I wanted to do. Whether it’s a relationship or your family or friends, the people close to you should encourage you to work towards your dreams. That was an important lesson for me to learn. And also, just always go to Paris! Always!

How did your experience at the magazine prepare you for the next steps in your career?
One of the first things I learned at Teen Vogue was that you have to develop a thick skin. This is an industry built on personal opinions.

The majority of reality stars aren’t able to extend their careers beyond the lifespan of their shows. How have you managed to build such a successful brand and career for yourself?
I don’t know what the real reason is. I’ve always just worked really hard and focused on what I wanted to do, and I think I’ve been really fortunate.

You also seem to live a pretty sane and normal life. How have you been able to achieve this in the wake of such a great level of exposure and celebrity?
I have very good people in my life, which always helps. I wanted to do big things, and the rest of it wasn’t important to me. The glitz and the glam can become very attractive, and, you know, it’s fun every once in a while. But if it was gone tomorrow, I don’t think I would be too disappointed.

That said, how do you think your celebrity has helped as you’ve built your career?
I think it’s helped me in every way possible. It’s given me a platform. It’s allowed me the best marketing tool ever. It’s made countless introductions. The only negative is something that’s typical when you’re involved in the entertainment industry and are trying to cross over into another industry: You have to prove yourself for a while. But it encourages you to work even harder!

You juggle several different fashion lines and projects. How do you balance it all?
To be honest, I don’t really have a typical day-to-day. I travel a lot. I’m in New York almost every month now for Kohl’s. I’m doing something different every day, which I love. It’s nearly impossible to get bored if you do things that way! I’m not the type of person who was built for a desk job, so it works.

Tell us about the LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s collection. How has it grown since you first started it?
The line is very fashion-forward, and I think the quality is amazing for the price. I’m a fan of high-low dressing, and these pieces are very easy to mix with designer items. It’s definitely got a girly element, but it’s evolved so much from where we started. The biggest growth I’ve seen is the expansion of the line into different categories, which is really exciting. It started off as just clothes, and now we’re in accessories and home.

And what about your other fashion line, Paper Crown?
Paper Crown hasn’t changed much since we started, which is exactly what I wanted. I love that this is a specialty line. It’s three of us in an office most days—every design is from me. With Kohl’s I’m liaising with multiple teams, and with Paper Crown it’s me lugging fabric rolls around. It’s my happy place. The girl who runs the company is one of my best friends from childhood. I can just walk in, take off my shoes, and it’s a comfortable, laidback vibe.

Do you have any interns?
We just added a fourth, but she hasn’t started yet. I love my interns. They’re so much cooler than me. A lot of times I’ll ask their opinion when we’re trying to decide on something like, “Would you wear this?” It’s good!

Do you design for yourself or do you have a muse in mind when you’re designing?
I almost always want to wear everything I design. The only thing I have to keep in mind is that I dress a very specific way for my body, and it’s important to remember there are lots of different body types. You have to do all different silhouettes.

How do you approach each new collection?
It’s starts off with inspiration. It’s funny because there’s usually a story behind every collection, and by the time it makes it to stores, nobody even knows about it. You can’t tell because it’s been so developed and there are only select pieces available. I also usually look back at the last couple seasons and see which pieces were strong and try to learn from that. Then it goes into development. We go to the big fabric shows downtown. Most of the collection is produced in downtown L.A., which is nice because we can go see it right away.

Design is obviously only one part of creating a collection. What else goes into it?
Once it’s designed, you have to sell it, which is very important. There’s a lot of marketing involved. Whether it’s doing a cover or planning to add to a boutique, we’re constantly working on marketing and sales and developing relationships with different people, deciding where we want the line to be. It’s funny, once the line is finished and you’re set with samples, you kind of exhale, and then you’re like, “We’re only halfway done, let’s keep going.”

Tell us about XO Eco, your line of on-the-go bags.
I partnered with a company called Blue Avocado a couple years ago for a collection of reusable bags—everything from makeup cases to shopping bags to casserole pie carriers. It’s run by three very smart women, and I saw endless potential. We work with a fabric called Repreve, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. It’s amazing what you can do with recycled fabrics now. I do everything I can to live a green lifestyle, but when you can do it without compromise, that’s always ideal.

You just launched The Little Market. Tell us about that.
I launched The Little Market with my friend Hannah Taylor Skvarla. It sells fair trade products made by artisan groups that employ women, and we’re focusing on countries where women don’t necessarily have the same rights or opportunities as men. We’re starting with India, Nepal, Peru, and Bolivia. Our goal is to add four countries every year, and to actually go and visit the groups in these countries. Hannah does a lot of work with human rights organizations, so she’s really well-educated about the issues. She and I have been traveling together for years. When we go to different countries, our favorite thing to do is go to marketplaces because you find these amazing things you just can’t find anywhere else. So we came up with the idea as a way to combine two things we love—hunting for unique items and supporting the women who make them.

What advice would you give to aspiring designers or entrepreneurs?
Be prepared to work very hard and do something that you love.

What’s your favorite part of your job, and what’s the hardest?
The hardest part is balance—making sure you devote time to the people in your life as well as your projects. The best part is all of it! It’s getting to do something you enjoy.

Do you have any favorite trends for fall? What are you currently obsessed with?
I really love the menswear trend. It used to be a tougher look, but it’s gotten more sleek this season with all the tuxedo details. I’ve done a couple tuxedo-inspired jackets for both of my lines. I really like them paired with an ultra-feminine piece or with a simpler outfit. They just sort of elevate it. I’m also a big fan of leather. I’m a year-round leather person, but it’s more respectable once fall comes around, so I always get excited.

Best Dressed: 2014 Young Hollywood Awards



Hosted by Kelly Osbourne, the 16th Annual Young Hollywood Awards were held on Sunday, July 27, in Los Angeles; the stars really bringing their unique style to the blue carpet.

Young & Hungry star Jessica Lowndes was one of Hills2City’s best dressed, wearing a black and nude cropped top with a black cut-out skirt that featured silver details, by Three Floor.

Jessica accessorized with a pair of metallic Stuart Weitzman strappy heels and wore simple jewelry by Luv AJ.  The former 90210 star wore her hair straight and slicked back behind her ears.


Newly single Audrina Patridge was another of our favorites on the Young Hollywood Awards blue carpet.  Audrina looked summery and fresh in a white lace long sleeve cropped top and mini skirt, accessorizing with nude peep toe heels and a white clutch.

The 1st Look host wore her brunette hair in loose waves and wore dark nail polish on her fingers and toes.  Audrina’s make-up focused on her eyes with a smokey eye and lots of false lashes.


Vanessa Hudgens was honored with the Trendsetter of the Year Award on Sunday night, so it’s only fitting that her blue carpet look lived up to the title!

The Spring Breakers star gave homage to her favorite fashion era when she accepted her award, saying the 1970’s were “psychedelically amazing!”

Vanessa wore a blue halterneck Bongo crop top and white high-waisted Badgley Mischka pants.  She wore her hair in beachy waves and accessorized with silves bangles and an ostrich feather white clutch.

They’re Done




While her former co-stars on theHills Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad are preparing to marry their long-time boyfriends, Hills2City were sad to hear that Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan have broken up.

The couple first got together in 2009, but as Audrina herself described to US Weekly last summer, “We’ve been off and on for almost five years.  But we’ve been solid.”

Corey and Audrina had previously parted ways in March 2011, but soon were back together and weren’t shy in sharing their love via twitter and instagram.  Audrina has described Corey in the past as “the love of my life” and shared that they were heading toward marriage, but sadly it seems they couldn’t make things work.

A source close to Audrina spoke to US on Tuesday, July 29, explaining, “She’s single right now.”

audrina 2

Audrina kept herself busy while news of the break-up became public; the 1st Look host attended Comic-Con in San Diego on Friday, July 25, allowing make-up artists to transform her into Mystique from X-Men.

On Sunday, July 27, the newly single star partied with friends at Bootsy Bellows for Katy Perry’s stylist Johnny Wujek’s birthday celebration.  “She was having a great time hanging and celebrating with her friends,” a source told E! News. “She was not telling anyone about it and wasn’t giving any indication that it happened.”

Audrina also gave fans an indication of her mindset on Sunday, sharing her thoughts via twitter, “You can’t start the next chapter in your life if you keep re-reading the last one. #future #dreams #followyourheart”

Did Brody Jenner Just Diss Kim Kardashian?



Kim Kardashian’s wedding to Kanye West was certainly a highlight of Kim and the rest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s year (bar Rob Kardashian of course).  Someone who also missed Kim’s third wedding was her step-brother Brody Jenner, who told press at the time that he couldn’t attend the French wedding because he was working.

On his online show The Brody Jenner & Dr Mike Dow Podcast, Brody said in June, “Realistically, I had work commitments. And, you know, it was a long way away. It was in Paris, it’s not like it was right down the street. So that made it a little more difficult.”

The rumor was however, that Brody didn’t want to go to the star-studded wedding because his new girlfriend Kaitlynn Carter hadn’t received an invitation.

Brody and Kaitlynn were front and center for Kim’s ex Reggie Bush’s wedding though, posing with Reggie and his new wife Lilit Avagyan on their big day this Saturday, July 12, as well as sharing pics on Instagram.

Reggie famously dated Kim for three years, and Lilit was also pregnant with the couple’s first child at the same time as Kim was pregnant with North.

Brody has continued to insist that Kim wasn’t upset with his no-show at her wedding, explaining, “I wish Kim the best… I told her I wouldn’t be able to attend — she had no problem with it — and I think that that is all that matters, cause Kim was the one getting married.”

What do you think?  Do you think Brody is telling the truth or do you think Kim is feeling the burn?

Kristin Doesn’t Look Like She Just Had A Baby


Kristin 1eOnline

Kristin Cavallari only gave birth to her second baby Jaxon two months ago, and already the former theHills star is almost back to her pre-pregnancy weight.

The Fabulist co-host spoke to E! News on Thursday, July 10, and shared that she’s already lost 20 pounds from her pregnancy weight gain.  Kristin shared that she followed the same diet and exercise plan that she used to lose her pregnancy weight after she gave birth to son Camden.

Tell us about your post-baby workout routine.
I started working out when Jax was three weeks old. I’ve been working out four to five times a week for 30 to 45 minutes at home, doing tons of leg work like squats, lunges and lifting weights. I want to start Pilates again to focus on my core. I’ll probably get back into it in the next couple weeks.

Have you been focusing on any particular areas?
I’ve really been focusing on my legs and butt. My stomach needs the most work but that takes time more than anything and diet plays a huge role.

Did you find it was easier to lose the baby weight the second time around?
I’m still a couple of pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight, but it took a solid three months with Camden and I think it will be the same this time.

Have you changed your diet at all?
No, my diet is always the same. I don’t eat any toxic chemicals and I try to eat organic as often as possible. We eat a ton of veggies, chicken, grass-fed beef, bison and fish. We also love sweet potatoes and brown rice pasta. I either make a smoothie, oatmeal or eggs for breakfast and a salad or turkey sandwich for lunch. I have a snack in the afternoon—usually nuts with dried cherries, chips with hummus, or an apple and almond butter. I also love avocados with olive oil and sea salt and I put coconut oil in or on everything.

What’s Camden’s latest milestone?
We just potty-trained Camden which we’re really excited about! He’s also starting to talk, which is hilarious and a ton of fun. Jax is getting close to holding his head up on his own.

How are the two brothers getting along?
Cam is really cute with Jax. He gives him kisses and holds his hand.

Who do you think Jax took after more in the looks department? You or Jay?
It’s hard to tell right now, but he looks exactly like Camden when Cam was his age.

You posted a “mommy’s night out” picture on Instagram a few weeks ago. Have you and Jay had a date night yet?
Yes, We went to dinner for our one-year wedding anniversary on June 8th.

What is one item of clothing you were itching to get into post-pregnancy?
A romper! I couldn’t wait to wear this Stone Cold Fox romper—anything with a waist! In the picture (top photo, right) I don’t have any shoes on because I was running around outside with Camden.

Hills2City are happy for Kristin that she’s back in shape and seems so natural with motherhood and family life, however her ultra-fast weight loss means she is now one of those celebrity Moms who provide an unnatural view of what we ‘should’ all look like post-baby.

It’s one thing to look your best through healthy eating and sensible exercise, but it’s good to focus on the fact that it takes a woman nine months to put on the pregnancy weight, so naturally it can take just as long to lose that weight.  It’s also advisable to seek advice from your Doctor.

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