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CheckMate Bad Date Series: The Awkward Chipotle Date


From CheckMateSocial.com

I went on a bad date a couple months ago. First dates are usually really awkward, but this one was worse than usual. And it’s ironic because it started off well!

So he picks me up and we go to Chipotle. The car ride is fine, but towards the end he keeps staring at me while he’s driving. Hello! You need to focus on the road; I don’t want to die. We finally get to the restaurant, the line is extremely long and the restaurant is extremely loud. We just met so I’m not going to use my shouting voice; I need to speak in normal tones. So we couldn’t hear each other. After saying “what” numerous times, we stood quietly and awkwardly in line. I understand that we weren’t talking, but he started to text furiously on his phone, which was rude.

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CheckMate will be showcasing our Bad Date series. Real stories from real people with really bad experiences. The stories will make you laugh, relate and want to do better.

Drew Isn’t Charlie’s Angel Anymore



Drew Barrymore was a different kind of angel this past June 2 as she walked the aisle in her wedding to Will Kopelman. Drew has come a long way since her Charlie’s Angels days, swapping leather cat suits for Chanel couture.

The event, held at their $7.5 million home in Montecito California, was a fairytale backyard wedding full to the brim with couture, carats and celebrities. Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon were among the A-listers at the nuptials.  “The day was perfect,” Barrymore tells People, “Everyone we love and care about was there. It was as fun and meaningful as we ever could have hoped.”

The bride looked absolutely stunning in her couture gown that was specially designed for her by the man himself, Karl Lagerfeld! What more could a girl ask for on her wedding day? Drew completed her look with a beautiful veil and that special pregnancy glow. She is due to give birth later this year!

The newlyweds left the celebrations at the end of the night in a vintage Mercedes convertible adorned with pink roses headed for the san ysidro ranch hotel. Arriving and leaving in style, in true Hollywood fashion! Congratulations to the happy couple!

Baby Makes Three



Tuesday, March 20, was the day that Hilary Duff and husband Mike Comrie welcomed their new baby son into their budding family.

Luca Cruz is the talk of Hilary’s Twitter page, Instagram and now her interview with Parade magazine. The new mom opens up in the interview about her new pride and joy, choosing his name, motherhood and marriage and her husband Mike.

“I felt my heart grew the second I met him.  You feel so protective right away. You feel loving and nurturing right away. Everybody always talks about it, about how you don’t know love until you meet your baby, and you really feel that. There are no words.”

According to the Hilary, there is no sentimental meaning behind Luca’s name, “We just liked the way it sounded together.”

Hilary may have her hands full with her new baby but that doesn’t mean she has let other things slide. She’s still finding time for herself, hitting up the hair salon and the gym on a regular basis. She is an expert at multi-tasking after all; before balancing motherhood, being a wife and looking after herself, Hilary was juggling a music and an acting career.

Something tells us she will be back in the Hollywood game in no time.  For now though, she’ll be swapping movie premieres for diapers!

Nicole Richie Doesn’t Own Make Up


Although Nicole Richie is one of the greatest fashion icons out there, she recently made a bit of a shocking statement. Nicole told InStyle how hopeless she is in the beauty department. “I actually don’t know how to put on makeup — at all,”, she said. “I have to get it done every time I want to wear makeup. I do not know how to wear it at all. I don’t even own it,” she admitted. “I only own under-eye concealer, Maybelline mascara, and an eyelash curler.”

The Winter Kate and House of Harlow 1960 designer still is a fashionista in every way. Many of us want to steal her style every time she’s spotted out.

French Doctor Says Kate Middleton Can’t Be A Fat Queen



Pierre Dukan is a French doctor who created a controversial diet that millions of people all over the world subscribe to.  For years rumors have been swirling that Kate Middleton and her family are some of the subscribers to the Dukan Diet.  According to the British paper The Mirror the doctor is honored that the Middletons buy into his philosophy, saying, “The Middletons did more for fighting obesity in a week than I have done in 40 years working as a GP.”

The diet consists of 100 permissible foods and 4 stages to eat these foods. The controversy is over the small amount of foods allowed in this very restrictive.  Dukan even suggested that Kate began the diet because she “wanted the body of a queen and you can’t have a fat queen”.   Because that would be the most horrific thing to ever happen.  Not only is the comment harmful and rude, fat isn’t even a word that one would remotely associate with Kate Middleton or her sister Pippa.

While the diet isn’t recognized by any kind of medical sanction, the doctor thinks it is the answer to the obesity epidemic in in England.  Along with Kate, Pippa, and their mother Carol Middleton, some Hollywood stars apparently follow the diet as well.  Gisele Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez are two stars that are rumored to follow the Dukan plan.  Judging by the looks of all these ladies the diet definitely works but you still have to wonder about such a restrictive plan.

We suppose it just goes to show that no matter if you’re a supermodel, actress, or even a future queen we all worry about our weight.  Just make sure to take proper steps to maintain a healthy body.

Chrismas Gifts for the BFF


It was recently reported that Heidi Klum gave Victoria Beckham a Sprinkles cupcake every day for a year for her birthday last year.  That’s a good friend!.  Since we all can’t afford to splurge like that on our friends here’s list of gifts that are in a more realistic price range.  These are gifts that your friends will love and you may even end up buying a few for yourself too.

For the TV Addicts that you know and love why not give them a season or two of their favorite show?  If the series is no longer running you can also look into purchasing the entire series as a set.  This can be pricey with some shows that have been on the air since Kingdom come but Amazon and Ebay are good places to look for brand new series sets at a lower price.

For the Workout Junkie pick up one of the many iPod Nanos out there and a fun new way to workout.  The iPods are all under $100 with some of the smaller versions ringing in around $49.  They can be found almost anywhere online, the Apple Store, and of course Best Buy and other electronics stores.

Aside from music there are tons of new and fun ways to stay in shape.  One of the new trends is through something called Pure Barre which infuses ballet, pilates, and weights into a killer workout.  You will see results pretty quick, trust us! If you live in a city with a Pure Barre studio get your friend a couple of classes to try. You can get single classes for $20 each.  If you don’t live in a city with a studio you can also order all the materials you’ll need on their website and buy the DVDs to do the workout.

For the Sports Fan in our lives we have all things Victoria’s Secret Pink! Not only does Victoria’s Secret offer a wide variety of collegiate team apparel they also have Victoria’s Secret Pink Loves NFL and Victoria’s Secret Pink Loves Major League Baseball.

The majority of teams are covered and your friend will look super cute cheering on her favorite teams in these cute collections.   The collection includes sweat pants, hoodies, underwear, and t-shirts with some of the cutest sayings you’ll ever find on sports apparel.

If you have a friend that loves to cook or recently moved into a new apartment? For all of our Domestic Goddesses we suggest bright and fun kitchen appliances.  Kitchen Aid makes some of the cutest pieces for a girl’s growing collection of appliances and they come in a wide range of colors.

There’s also things like quesadilla makers, cupcake makers, and for the extra cutesy girl we all know and love Hello Kitty toasters, coffee makers, waffle makers and more.  You can find most of the Hello Kitty goodies online and the Kitchen Aid appliances at any major department store.  Macy‘s has a wide variety of great little kitchen items that your friend will love.

You gotta love the book lovers. If you have a best friend that loves to read, get her a set of books.  You can also get her a special edition of an old classic or maybe a trilogy of a new set of popular books she hasn’t read yet.  There are plenty of books ranging from YA literature to “chick lit” to books that are now being made into movies (think The Help and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo).

Makeup, nail polish, and other products are  great things to gift the Girly Girl in your life.  OPI has unveiled a couple of new collections for fall which are lovely.  You can always put together a little gift basket of great nail polishes and makeup for your friend.  Sephora and ULTA are two great places to find a wide selection of makeup, bath products, hair products, and nail polish.

We all love a little jewelry and Stella and Dot jewelry is a great way to gift the Jewelry Lover in your life with super cute bracelets, necklaces, and rings.  A lot of their pieces are featured in magazines as well as on some of of Hollywood’s starlets.  One of the great things about Stella and Dot is that you can find local girls that sell it in your area and for the entrepreneurs out there, you can even sell it yourself!

Team Apple seems to have taken over the world so why not give your friends some cute accessories for their iPads, iPhones, iPods, and iEverything. There are designer cases for all these products as well as some more affordable options.  And if you really love them you can get them this lovely $600 Hello Kitty crystallized case!

And if all else fails you can always go the gift card route.  While not the most original gift in the world you honestly can’t go wrong with these.   A lot of stores have cute little get cards that still offer a great way to be creative.

Look at H&M being all creative.

Best friends are hard to come by so it’s good to take care of them around the holidays. And if you buy them something fantastic you can borrow it too.

Hey, There’s Always Divorce!


 “What if Prince Charming had never showed up? Would Snow White have slept in that glass coffin forever? Or would she have eventually woke up, spit out the apple, gotten a job, a health-care package and a baby from her local neighborhood sperm bank? I couldn’t help but wonder…inside every confident, driven, single woman, is there a delicate, fragile princess just waiting to be saved.”-Carrie Bradshaw

When you’re in high school you think 25 is old, then, you turn 25. Of course we still have moments where we think we’re over the hill but you definitely realize that in the grand scheme of things the 20s aren’t that old. However, it seems that once you hit your mid 20s everyone decides it’s time to get married or at least be on the path to getting married immediately.

Something has happened in the last decade where people seem to be in this huge rush to get married and have kids all before they hit 30. It’s like rushing when you’re late to work, or rushing to get to an event on time, or rushing to find the perfect outfit before the store closes.  Only this is marriage.  Always thought marriage was more important than deciding what to wear.

Don’t have a boyfriend? Who cares! Go out and grab the first guy you can find and marry him. If it doesn’t work out you can always get divorced. That’s what starter husbands are for, right?

It’s almost like if you can’t find Mr. Right you can simply settle for Mr. Right Now. Marriage isn’t really about love and relationships anymore, it’s about who can have a bigger rock, a bigger wedding, and a bigger guest list.

On an episode of  Bridezillas this past Sunday (don’t judge me) one of the brides actually told the groom who was having second thoughts, “just come, we can always get divorced if it doesn’t work out”. This is what marriage has come to.  Planning on the divorce before you even have the wedding.

Take the most famous and recent example, Kim Kardashian.  A mess. It was painfully clear to anyone watching that wedding special that those two had some serious issues that needed to be addressed before they got married. Kim was 30, knocking on 31, and money had already been spent. So instead of taking a moment to step back and perhaps postpone the wedding they went through with it anyway. Her then soon-to-be-husband Kris told her she could substitute anyone into this day and be fine with it.  He may not seem like the brightest crayon in the box, but he pegged Kim pretty well. Kim ended up getting her fairytale wedding and her fairytale wedding special.  She just forgot to get the fairytale husband.  Thus, she got a divorce 72 days later. When did fairytales start ending up in divorce?

Somewhere along the lines the sanctity of marriage became lost on our generation. We spend more time thinking about whether or not we should buy that handbag than we do about whether or not we should marry this person.

Find Your Mate Based On Your Face


Everyday, the key to finding love and your perfect match is getting more scientific and more cynical. If finding love online or in-person wasn’t enough, a new website says you can find your mate through your face.

FaceMate® is a revolutionary new online dating site that employs sophisticated facial recognition software and a proprietary algorithm to identify partners more likely to ignite real passion and compatibility. We employ The Science & Art of Love™ in fine tuning the search for meaningful relationships. Scientists offer compelling data on romantic chemistry and findings prove that passion is subconsciously ignited when we spot someone whose facial features are similar to our own. Find Your FaceMate® offers a unique service to the ever-expanding market of online daters.

The site employs facial recognition technology to identify nine points of your face — your eyes, ears, nose, chin as well as the corners and center of your mouth – to find you a match. When it spots “face mates,” it alerts the pair.

Based upon the site’s blog they use stars to validate their claims. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel, Celine Dion and Rene AngelilNick Lachey and Vaneesa Minnillo, and Heidi Klum and Seal are just a few they believe share the same face.

Finding a mate with a similar face is not as appealing as the site is making it out to be. Hello, opposites attract. Plus, why would I want to look at, kiss, and daydream about myself?  But, it’s an interesting spin to add to the online world.

Have a relationship question for us?  Email us at info [at] hills2citynetwork [dot] com!

Own Your Own Fashion Store


Wanna own your own fashion business like Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, but don’t have the financial backing or the product help? Well now you can.  A new site called Shop My Label, owned by Rue La La, has now come up with an innovative twist which pairs retail e-commerce and social media. They officially launched Monday, September 19, 2011.

The social-commerce business allows you to work from home without coming out-of-pocket at all.  According to Racked.com:

Anyone (over the age of 14, of course) can curate an online boutique, which will then be gloriously named after them and promoted via social media sites like Twitter. On every sale that’s made, the shop owner gets a commission cut. Are you waiting for the catch? We can’t really find one, but we came across this little nugget of crazy: Boutique curators don’t need to pay any start-up fee, nor do they ever purchase the inventory they sell. They just get the money. And there’s free shipping!

You can choose 1,000 brands such as Jessica Simpson Collection, Nine West, Rachel Rachel Roy, and many more.

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#1 Trick To Feeling Sexy


According to The Daily Mail, a British survey asked women what they do to feel sexy, and the answers on the list and their ranking might surprise you.

The first tricks that might come to mind are possibly a little black or red dress, high heels, sexy lingerie, or skinny jeans that make your butt look good, but surprisingly those don’t make the list or the top five.

The number one trick women use to feel sexy is actually a spray of perfume.  Rounding out the top five tricks to feel sexy are, wear a big happy smile, paint nails, get hair colored or highlighted, and spend hours straightening hair. That last trick seems more like a chore, but the outcome is rewarding.

Other tricks do include wearing false eyelashes, waxing from head to toe, and wearing a short skirt.

This was a list compiled of twenty tactics used on a daily basis to make the women of the survey feel extra special. Although, realistically, we can’t feel sexy 100% of the time, these tricks may help boost those moments.

Sexy is good, but these tips all seem very superficial.  While waxing, showing off your legs, and our personal favorite high heels will definitely help, what ever happened to just wearing whatever makes you feel comfortable and confident?  Confident is sexy.

How does the list compare to your feel-sexy routine?

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