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Stephanie Pratt

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Stephanie Pratt was born April 11, 1986 in Pacific Palisades, CA.  She has two older siblings, a half sister, Kristin, and a brother, Spencer.  Stephanie stands at 5’7.

Stephanie attended Crossroads High School along with her brother Spencer and former Hills star Whitney Port.  After graduating high school Stephanie moved to Paris to attend American University of Paris.  A year later she decided she wanted to pursue fashion.

Stephanie had a taste of fame when she appeared on theHills.  She ran into her brother, Spencer’s, arch enemy Lauren Conrad at a club and notoriously yelled at her for hating her brother.  Ironically, Stephanie ended up attending FIDM (Fashion Institute for Merchandising) and having a class with Lauren Conrad.  The two buried the hatchet and became fast friends.  Stephanie is majoring in Product Development at FIDM.

In 2009, Stephanie Pratt revealed that she suffered from bulimia since eighth grade.  Once she began appearing on theHills, comparing herself to other girls worsened her eating disorder.  Stephanie has since received helped for the disorder, but admits to relapses.

Stephanie also has a history of drug abuse.  She started smoking marijuana at age 15 and moved on to other things.  She was arrested in 2006 in Hawaii when working at Neiman Marcus as a production assistant for Lost stealing $1,300 of merchandise.  Due to all the drugs in her system she passed out, and subsequently realized she needed help, and received it.  Stephanie has quit drugs.

On theHills, Stephanie’s storylines have been controversial.  She went on a dinner date with Doug Reinhardt, who Lauren used to date.  Then, Lauren got Stephanie a job at People’s Revolution, and Stephanie blew it off for a new boy in her life.  The two have remained friends.

While working at People’s Revolution, a PR fashion company, Stephanie told the owner, Kelly Cutrone, her real desire in life was to design handbags.  Stephanie has since designed some bags and debuted them on TV.  She’s still trying to find people to partner with her in the venture.

Fun Facts:

  • Fashion Philosophy: Between Bohemian and punk rock
  • She keeps a garment rack in her bedroom and looks at it to try to create outfits when unable to sleep
  • Rebecca Minkoff is helping her with her handbag line “Monroe”

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