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Jayde Nicole

Jayde Nicole was born February 19, 1986 in Scarborough, Ontario.  The brunette playmate and model stands at 5’9.

Jayde began modeling at the young age of six.  The following year, Jayde’s family packed up and move from Scarborough to Port Perry.  Today, Jayde claims Port Perry as her hometown.  When Jayde turned 11, she took a break from modeling because she had become “too mature to be doing kid’s jobs.”

When she turned 15, she went back to modeling after a a scout from a Toronto modeling agency saw her outside the Air Canada Centre as she was leaving a concert.  The model offered her an opportunity with his agency and Jayde accepted.  Jayde has since appeared in various publications and fashion shows.

Jayde momentarily attended George Brown College in Toronto where she studied hotel management, but dropped out to pursue modeling.  She went one step further and created her own agency named “A Touch of Class” based in Port Perry, Canada.

When modeling, Jayde got a controversial tattoo on her lower abdomen that reads “Respect” in blackmoor font.  Jayde got the tattoo after breaking up with a boyfriend as a reminder to never let another guy disrespect her.  The tattoo was placed strategically so it wouldn’t be visible when modeling on non-nude jobs.

It was Jayde’s mother who showed Jayde Playboy magazine for the first time and suggested that she pose for the magazine.  Jayde wound up following her mother’s advice.  She was Playboy’s Playmate of the month in January 2007 and was named Playmate of the Year in January 2008. She was preceeded by Kia Drayton and succeeded Heather Rene Smith as Playmates of the Year.

In August 2008, Jayde Nicole and then boyfriend Brody Jenner were involved in a bar fight with Joe Francis.  Both parties gave different accounts of what happened and filed suits against each other.  Recently, a judge ruled in Jayde’s favor on a cross-complaint Joe Francis filed against Jayde based on libel and slander.

Later that year, in October 2008, Jayde appeared in a Funny Or Die presidential spoof called “Playmates Heat Up the Presidential Debate”.  Also featured in the video were Playboy models Jo García, Grace Kim, and Christine Smith.  The video was shot in the same hall that held the October 7th Presidential town hall debate.  It was digitally altered to show the Playmates asking then Senator Obama and Senator McCain a series of questions.

In October of 2009, Jayde appeared in Fox Sports’ Poker Stars Million Dollar Challenge.  As a part of All in Magazine’s Poker Experiment, Jayde was paired up with various poker champions in preparation for the World Series of Poker.  Jayde became pretty successful at the game.  In addition to the skills she acquired from the poker professionals she also learned to use her looks to her advantage.  People look at her and think she can’t play, then she surprises them when she beats them.

Jayde is involved with charities and created her own called Lengths For Love.  Much like Locks For Love, Jayde’s charity encourages people to donate hair for wigs for pediatric patients.

As for her personal life, Jayde famously dated Brody Jenner until December 17, 2009.   While dating Brody, Jayde made numerous appearances on theHills where she had it out with Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari.

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