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The Week That Was

For those of you who missed even a second of Hills2City last week, here’s a handy review. Let’s begin!

Whitney never wanted to become famous. [Read It]

Lauren reveals Paper Crown at this year’s Coterie. [Read It/Read It]

Olivia is featured in both Crash Magazine and Hola Magazine. [Read It/Read It]

Here’s the real scoop about why Whitney fell on Good Morning America while interning at Teen Vogue. [Read It]

Three of Lo’s lucky fans get a sleepover with her. [Read It]

Olivia graces the shows at London Fashion Week. [Read It/Read It/Read It/Read It]

Whitney and Lo give us their Dating Do’s and Don’ts. [Read It]

Olivia won’t give out her fashion secrets. [Read It]

Lauren dishes out her hair hits and misses. [Read It]

Heidi is not welcome in her former plastic surgeon’s home. [Read It]

Lauren knows Whitney doesn’t have a problem with her now-cancelled show. [Read It]

Looks of Olivia From Fashion Weeks’ Past

Love Olivia 26 via Fashion Spot

Remember when Olivia used to have long luscious locks? While her shorter hair makes her look more sophisticated, it’s always nice to see pictures of Olivia from past Fashion Weeks and see how much her fashion sense has changed. We think she’s evolved into a mature, sophisticated woman who is more experimental with her outfits. Do we hear a “yay” or “nay” from the peanut gallery?

Whitney’s Goal Was Never to be Famous

With how well known Whitney has become with her own show, her fashion line, and the release of her book, you would think that she was born to be in the spotlight. However, it’s easy to forget that Whitney was once just an intern at Teen Vogue who befriended Lauren at work and, well, the rest is history. Yet, in a new interview, she reveals that it was never her intention to become famous and gives us some insight into how she drew from her own personal experiences while writing her book.

Tell me about the book.
Basically it’s a lifestyle book for girls kind of going through that quarter-life crisis that is inevitable in all our lives where we all kind of move out of our houses and have to be on our own and become independent.

Did you screw up in any of those areas?
Of course! In all of them! In dating, choosing guys that weren’t necessarily the best for me and job interviewing, not knowing everything I needed to know and not being as prepared as possible.

Did you actually want to be famous?
No, never I went to interview to be an intern at Teen Vogue and I found out MTV was going to be filming a show there and they wondered if I’d be interested in doing a casting tape so I kind of went along with it and I never knew it was going to turn into anything like this. I’ve just kind of been riding the wave I guess. It hasn’t ever been like a goal of mine to be famous or to be on TV.

What else do you want to tell me about your book?
I think it’s a really great guide and it shows me growing up from when I was like 5 to now. It’s just a really fun book for girls who have all these questions.

Click here to read more from Whitney’s interview.

This Paper Crown is Definitely Not a Cut-out

Laguna Lovers

Enjoy a couple more photos of Lauren at Coterie in New York last week to reveal Paper Crown. What do you think of her latest fashion endeavor, Hills2Citiers?

Beastly, They Are Not


Kendall and Kylie Jenner looked stunning at the premiere of Beastly on Thursday, February 24 in Los Angeles. Both girls wore all black to complement their olive skin and dark hair. Even if the movie is called Beastly, Kendall and Kylie proved that the red carpet stars don’t have to be.

Victory Tastes So Sweet

Laguna Lovers

After opening up a new location in her hometown of Laguna Beach, Casey Reinhardt took her success one step further and won the latest installment of Food Network’s show, Cupcake Wars, which aired on Tuesday, February 22. Casey beat other cupcake shops in Philadelphia, New York, and L.A. in order to win the $10,000 prize and the opportunity to present her wares at Hollywood Walk of Fame 50th Anniversary party.

Of her recent accolades, Casey said:

“This month has been amazing. This success has gone well beyond my expectations and I could not be happier.”

“I’m so excited to bring our sweet treats to the locals of my own hometown. It is my pleasure to hand guests cupcakes from my Great Grandma’s irresistible recipe. Each one mixes love with the freshest ingredients to make the perfect treat.”

If you’re in the area, make sure to stop by Casey’s Cupcakes at either the Laguna Beach or Riverside locations in order to get the “Cupcake Wars Four Packs” which features the winning cupcakes from the show. The Four Packs will be available for $15 until today, Sunday February 27th.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Kardashian Approval, Then Comes Baby in a Carriage

Kim Kardashian has only been dating New Jersey Nets star Kris Humphries for 3 months, but you all know that 3 months in Hollywood is equivalent to 3 years. Perhaps this is why the basketball star has already met the Kardashian family and won their seal of approval. Step-dad Bruce is first to jump on this bandwagon.

“He’s a very nice guy. He’s been over the house. It’s very different for Kim.”

We all know how outspoken Khloe has been regarding her sister Kourtney’s relationship with Scott. Yet, she seems to have taken a different direction with Kim and Kris (yet still retaining her honesty), saying, “I’ve only met him one time, so I don’t really know. But I like him and I love how happy Kim is!”

So what comes next after in this fairytale romance? Marriage? Well, not exactly. Since Hollywood is literally burting at the seams with expectant mothers, you know that Kim wants a slice of that pie. Word on the street is that she wants to have Kris’s baby. That fact was made evident when she tweeted a photo of Kris as a little kid with the message, “I want my son to look like this.” Obvious much?

Another thing Kim hopes her future child with Kris inherits is his height. A source says that Kim is so taken with her boyfriend’s tallness that she’s coined a special name just for him.

“Her nickname for Kris is ‘The Roman’ since he’s so statuesque. Maybe that’s why she wants to have his babies!”

With these strong feelings at hand, it would seem like a no brainer that Kim and Kris would be taking the next step towards parenthood. However, it wouldn’t be a Kim day if there wasn’t some decisional see-sawing. A friend close to her says:

“Kim knows she’s not ready to settle down and be a mom just yet, with so much going on. But she really likes Kris!”

We shall see.

How ‘Bout Them Cowgirls?

The Fashion Spot

Enjoy a couple more adds with Olivia at the Matthew Williamson show in London on Sunday, February 20. We’re happy that the third picture afforded us a glimpse at her shoes because they are fabulous. An update from the brogues that used to be worn in the 20s, these shoes have a heel that would make any catwalk proud. Olivia’s outerwear also included a black fedora and fur jacket, mixing old school with modernista. And we think this is the first time we’ve seen Olivia with a cowgirl hat.  She’s always keeping it fresh.

How Much Does Japan Love Avril and Brody?


Continuing on their whirlwind international trip, Avril and Brody landed at Haneda International Airport in Tokyo on Friday, February 25. The skater girl and her Hills boy looked like a pair of cool cats as they strolled through the exit gates, and we love how Avril paired her punk outfit with a black Chanel bag, keeping it classy all the way.

Most people usually have one or two people to greet them at the airport. How many Japanese people showed up to welcome this couple?

And there you have it.

The Week That Was

For those of you who missed even a second of Hills2City last week, here’s a handy review. Let’s begin!

Hills2City was at Whitney’s book-signing of Tru Whit at the Borders in Century City. [Read It]

We started Hot Topic Tuesdays! Leave your opinions and thoughts for each one. [Read It]

Lo talks about her internship at Fox on Chelsea Lately. [Read It]

Whitney wishes her personal life was never featured on theCity. [Read It]

Get a first look at the new accessories line for LC Lauren Conrad. [Read It]

Lauren and Maura McManus get Paper Crown ready for Coterie. [Read It/Read It]

Kristin says Lauren’s not that entertaining in the nicest way possible [Read It]

Lo revisits the past and talks to her 17-year-old self. [Read It]

Could Lauren’s show, Lauren Conrad: Fiercely Fashionable, get picked up by another network? [Read It]

Kristin thinks Jay Cutler could be The One. [Read It]

Olivia is all over the internet, and you saw it first on TheRealOc2Nyc2Atl. [Read It]

For Lauren and Kyle, Valentine’s Day is all about practicality. [Read It]

Olivia is everywhere for Fashion Week. [Read It/Read It/Read It/Read It]

Heidi knows she’s not the right fit for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. [Read It]

Kristin talks about her experience on The Middle. [Read It]

Rumors abounded that theCity was cancelled to make room for Lauren’s new show – Whitney’s not jealous if that’s the case. [Read It/Read It]


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