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Hills2City Network is comprised of Hills2City and TheRealOc2Nyc blogs, respectively.

Hills2City is a blog about the individuals who have captivated us with appearances on various reality shows, or with booming careers in the Hollywood and New York City areas. Hills2City takes a unique look at these individuals, the fashion they inspire, and the perplexing lifestyle questions they create which we can relate to in our own lives.

From fashion critiques, advice, celebrity news, Hills and City hotspots, and lifestyle posts on everything from relationships to health, Hills2City is your one stop shop for compelling news that’s stirred, not shaken.

The blog is in no way affiliated with the individuals discussed on the blog, MTV or any of its shows.

We are based out of Los Angeles [Hills2City West] with writers in New York [Hills2City East] and in the other big cities throughout the world.



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Thanks Hills2Citiers!  Stay Classy!

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