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Spencer Pratt Is The Most Disliked Celebrity In America

E-Poll In a recent poll about the most liked and disliked celebrities in America, theHills villain Spencer Pratt topped the most disliked list.  He even beat OJ Simpson!   E-Poll Research is a market research agency dedicated to ranking celebrities and brand icons, so that advertisers can see which celebrity is going to appeal to their […]

If Spencer Pratt Wasn’t A Reality Star…

The time has come to discuss the myriad of possible careers Spencer Pratt would have had he not decided to go after theHills girls to become famous.  It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it. Master Manipulator We’ve all “had friends” who have fallen prey to a manipulative boyfriend/girlfriend.  Said boyfriend or girlfriend does […]

Spencer Pratt Arrested in Costa Rica

It was only a matter of time until Spencer Pratt’s antics turned from annoying to criminal. Yesterday, Spencer told TMZ he was arrested on weapons charges in Costa Rica as he prepared to leave the country.  He was cited for illegal possession of a firearm and released.  After doing some research to fact check the […]

Spencer Pratt Is Finally Silenced

Twitter Somewhere along the line, around the time of Heidi‘s plastic surgeries, Speidi got really quiet.  And we really enjoyed it.  They haven’t tried to inundate the news with their shameless publicity.  Or, at least it’s been more discrete and less annoying. With that, we present you with Spencer’s latest situation.  Monday, (yes it’s surprisingly […]

The Female Spencer Pratt?

From: TheRealOC2Nyc2Atl Some are suggesting Danielle Staub‘s recent promotional appearances may be brilliantly planned. A certain someone in Hollywood is currently master at this. Perhaps Ms. Staub belongs in Hollywood with people like him. Check this out: Is Danielle Staub really a cocaine-snorting former stripper with a criminal record? We don’t know for certain.But is […]

Spencer Pratt is Smelling Himself

Last night we watched I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. At first we thought Heidi and Spencer were semi-brilliant for going on this show because we got to see a different side of them- a human side.  But then it got out of hand.  Heidi showed a nymph side saying she couldn’t go three […]

Spencer Pratt’s Music Video for “I’m a Celebrity”

Spencer Pratt Loves Green

Anywhere with a television set or the internet knows Spencer Pratt loves money and does anything to get it.  Others have since reported that Spencer also loves the other kind of green. Now, Star is reporting that Spencer has a full on drug habit that he can’t kick. The Hills‘ villain has struggled with marijuana […]

Spencer Pratt’s Hospital Visit

After Spencer was spotted chowing down on some pizza at a homeless shelter, Spencer was sent to the hospital in an apparently unrelated matter.  He was preparing to get his shots for Costa Rica where he’ll be filming the upcoming reality show I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Spencer, of course, tweeted about the […]

Spencer Pratt Makes “Music History”

You know you lack talent when you are the only one talking about your “music” and how “great” it is.  But a lack of talent has never stopped Spencer Pratt.  But, in the end, we guess the joke’s always on us because he’s making money regardless.  Now, his song I’m a Celebrity is on iTunes. […]