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Heidi Montag And Her Mom Are Besties Now

Once in a while Heidi remembers that the media has left her out of the picture. Everytime she comes up with a new plan to regain the lost publicity. So, the current “new” plan consisted of displaying her rekindling relationship with her mom after two very dark years of not speaking to each other. After the […]

Heidi Montag Hits the Studio, Again

#IfAtFirstYouDon’tSucceed… When Heidi Montag released her debut album Superficial in 2009 she thought she would take the world by storm. The former Hills starlet wanted to make a mark on the music business after getting a pay out of $2 million for her debut album. It’s clear this never storming the world business never happened. […]

Heidi Montag is Headlining Famous Food

The trailer for Famous Food has been released. Mind you, this isn’t just any trailer, it’s a supertrailer. Are they hinting the show will be bigger and better than any reality show currently being aired? Why does that sound a bit like a McDonald’s advert? The supertrailer shows the cast under extreme pressure from having […]

The New and Improved Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag appeared on Lopez Tonight on Monday to promote her upcoming reality show Famous Food. This version of Heidi, we’d affectionately like to call Heidi 3.0, and here’s why: New Appearance The new Heidi’s plastic surgery is all settled in.  She looks like a human being again.  Further, she came on the show wearing […]

Today’s Heidi Montag Shot

Gossip Center After a nice vacation from Speidi’s camera-whoring, Heidi is back in front of the paparazzi lenses, almost daily.  But as long as her other half isn’t around, we can’t say we mind!  We even like it! Heidi grabbed an iced tea at Caffe Primo on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles, CA on Thursday, […]

Heidi Montag Voted ‘Most Negative Influence’

Gossip Center In a survey done by Australian magazine Grazia on body image, Heidi Montagwas voted the woman with the ‘Most Negative Influence’.  A staggering 81% of Grazia readers voted for Heidi and they certainly weren’t shy with their comments, saying “She’s the epitome of ridiculous.” The magazine termed Heidi the “new-gen Jocelyn Wildenstein” and the “2011 Official pin-up […]

Heidi Montag Reunites with Audrina

After weeks of teasing the media with photographs of reality TV rejects, and vague assertions of opening a restaurant for a reality show, Vh1 has made an official announcement about the project. Heidi Montag will be joined by Jake Pavelka, Danielle Staub, DJ Paul, Juicy “J”, Ashley Dupre and Vincent Pastore on the show titled, Food Famous. […]

Heidi Montag Wants to Join The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

From: TheRealOc2Nyc2Atl Well at least she’s a wife! Heidi Montag is trying to get a spot on next season’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  Her husband, Spencer Pratt, is more than ready to join the cast as a househusband and told Radaronline that his “people” are going to talk with Bravo Tuesday. “We would move to Beverly Hills in […]

Heidi Montag Turned Down “Dancing With the Stars”

We wil allow you time to pick your jaw up from the floor so we can explain why. Heidi Montag has repeatedly expressed interest in joining Dancing with the Stars, which is fully consistent with her desire to achieve fame at all costs. According to Radaronline, Heidi was officially offered a position on the show, […]

Heidi Montag Shows Off Her Battle Scars

Life & Style Magazine In a new interview with Life & Style Magazine, Heidi brings us closer to the trauma and battle wounds that she will forever carry from her 10 surgeries a year ago. Like she has voiced before, Heidi is still unhappy with the amount of damage her body has had to endure […]