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Is Audrina With Corey Bohan or Justin Bobby?

#RealLifeLove Zimbio He was her on-off boyfriend for years on theHills, but in season six Audrina finally got over Justin Bobby.  So it’s kind of interesting to see Audrina’s current man Corey Bohan taking on JB’s style.  (We’re using that term in the loosest way possible, by the way!) Audrina and Corey were out for […]

Corey Bohan Arrested for Public Intoxication

Everything seemed to be going great in Las Vegas this weekend for Audrina’s birthday celebration, but things didn’t start off so well. Corey, who just reunited with his on again girlfriend, Audrina Patridge, was arrested by Hermosa Beach PD on Friday, May 13, for public intoxication.  According to TMZ, Corey was charged with a misdemeanor […]

Audrina and Corey Bohan Back Together!

Celebrity Gossip/Getty After getting into a nasty twitter war that looked too bitter to come back from, Audrina and Corey Bohan were spotted together again.  Not only were they spotted, they were spotted engaging in heavier PDA than we’ve ever seen from them.  Making up is always the best part. Thursday, May 12, the reunited […]

Corey Bohan has a Sheen Like Night Out, Audrina Responds

Corey Bohan is moving on from Audrina Patridge and letting the Twitter world know about it.  Friday, March 18, Corey tweeted about a boys night out, writing, “Collecting ‘goddesses’ tonight with the boys!! This is all time. #winning.” The comment struck a cord with Audrina causing her to break her silence again, tweeting, “Winning???!!! . […]

Inside Corey Bohan’s House

ESPN Audrina Patridge’s ex boyfriend, Corey Bohan may have lost a hot girlfriend, but he still has a hot house.  Corey would like to welcome you on a tour inside his humble abode in Corona, California via ESPN. A quick preview here will show you his bedroom, kitchen, living room and garage. Oh, and the […]

EXCLUSIVE: Corey Bohan Calls Audrina Heartless, Insecure, & Blames Her For Trying to Keep His Story Quiet

After remaining relatively quiet following a breakup with Audrina Patridge, Corey Bohan is letting loose on twitter after he claims Audrina tried to keep his side of the story from the public. Last week, we told you that Audrina broke up with Corey while in Miami.  She was spotted with a new guy who she […]

Audrina and Corey Bohan Are Over!

Making for Audrina’s lengthiest relationship yet (we remember her saying back on theHills she hadn’t had a serious boyfriend yet), Audrina and Corey had a great run but sources tell Us Weekly it’s so over.  The couple reportedly called it quits over the weekend. The on-again off-again couple has broken up before, most notably back […]

Report: Corey Bohan to Propose to Audrina Patridge

In an interview, Corey Bohan hinted that he might propose to Audrina…but only if she wins that Mirrorball trophy at the end of Dancing with the Stars.  How’s that for motivation, or a lack thereof for the non marrying types?! Corey said, “To let Audrina know how proud of her I am, I’m planning a holiday […]

Corey Bohan isn’t Jealous of Tony Dovolani

Gossip Center/INF Daily After Audrina revealed that she hasn’t been able to spend much time with her boyfriend, BMX Rider Corey Bohan lately, one may wonder whether Corey is jealous of all the time she spends in skimpy outfits with dance partner Tony Dovolani. Audrina says Corey isn’t envious.  “Corey is supportive,” she told PEOPLE […]

Audrina Loves the Letter X [Back with Corey Bohan]

Gossip Center Audrina was spotted hand in hand with her ex Corey Bohan, this after recently breaking up with singer Ryan Cabrera. Audrina and Corey traveled to Las Vegas together and were spotted at the Encore Hotel Thursday night, July 8. You may recall, Audrina dumped Corey in October of 2009 claiming they had “conflicting […]