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Don’t Tell Mr Tell


lauren 3


It will be no surprise to long-time fans of Lauren Conrad or theHills that Lauren had her Bachelorette weekend in Cabo.  Using the hashtag #DontTellMrTell, the Bride-to-be and her besties were all over social media, sharing special moments from the weekend with fans, and bringing back memories of the Laguna Beach days.

lauren 1

lauren 2

Lauren was joined in Cabo for a four-day weekend from Thursday, June 19, by longtime friends Lo Bosworth, Hannah Skvarla, Jilly Hendrix and Jeannie Scharetg.

lauren 4

The weekend looked to be the ultimate girls weekend, filled with awesome new memories and cute little “Lauren” touches like the Bachelorette cookie!  One of Lauren’s friends shared with US magazine this week, “The trip was more about relaxing and taking time off than raging.  The activities were wholesome—for the most part!”


One of the fun touches of the weekend were the temporary tattoos all the girls wore, shared by Lo on her Instagram. Too cute!

In amongst all the fun however, Lauren had a firm hold on her morals, leaving a restaurant after the DJ made a homophobic joke.  Lauren tweeted the incident, explaining “The Office in Cabo does not allow same sex couples to participate in couple games. Had to walk out. #equality #StopTheHate”

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