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How To Take The Perfect Photo This Summer


instagram laurenMTV/LaurenConrad

Now that summer is here, the parties and social events become more frequent and we’ll all be using our Instagram and Snapchat even more to capture those special moments.

Lauren Conrad’s Instagram is one of Hills2City’s favorites, the fashion designer sharing her tips and tricks to getting the perfect photo on a recent blog post.

She shares, “Every time I post an Instagram photo, I always see comments asking about what filter I use or how I got the lighting just right. Instagram is no doubt my favorite app. But the truth is that—as any avid Instagrammer knows—it often takes about 10 tries to get the perfect photo. There are also a few trusty tricks I turn to when I go to post an Instagram. And today, I’ll be sharing these tips for the first time ever with all of you.”

pic 2

Lauren’s photographer friend Yoni Goldberg advises that Instagrams don’t aways have to be square. Lauren explains, “While I prefer most of mine to be squared off, I do think some photos can look much better when they are horizontal or vertical.” She continues, “There are many apps out there to help you size a horizontal image appropriately for Instagram while keeping the background clean. Try using Whitagram or Afterlight.”

pic 3It’s also important to ensure your photo is straight, and to work on the right composition for your pic. Lauren says, “While I do like the way a centered photo feels, I sometimes find that my photos can become more interesting when the subject is not placed right in the middle. To find the right composition, I use the lines on the screen when I open up the camera because they divide the screen into thirds both horizontally and vertically.”

She shares, “The straightening tool is one of my favorite Instagram features that many people just skip over. But once you discover it, it can become your new best friend. I use the straightening tool when there is a horizon line through the photo, like a sunset, the base of a wall, or a beach.”

pic 4

Lauren thinks that lighting and filters also play a huge part in creating that perfect pic, saying “When it comes to taking a photo, there’s nothing more beautiful than natural light. I rarely ever use the flash on my phone, and I find that my photos turn out better when I have soft, natural light.”

She also thinks people have gone a little ‘filter crazy’, believing that sometimes it’s best to take a step back and work out if a filter is needed at all. Lauren explains, ” I have a few editing apps that I like to use on my phone (namely one called Snapseed) but I don’t often use filters. You’d be amazed at how far small changes in contrast, temperature, and saturation can go. When I do use an Instagram filter, I like to keep things simple and stick to Nashville or Valencia.”

For more photography tips from Lauren, head on over to her blog.  Hills2City will be getting our phones out today!


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