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Whitney’s Wedding Weekend



While her fellow reality co-stars Lauren Conrad and Olivia Palermo are also engaged and planning weddings right now, something tells us Whitney Port’s wedding to Tim Rosenman is going to be a unique event.

Whitney and Tim, who are pictured here in New York City late last year are generally happy to stay behind-the-scenes.  Case in point, it’s hard to find many photos of them together!

The former star of theCity spoke to Brides magazine, revealing “We want to make it a full weekend celebration.  It’s just difficult finding a place that’s easy for everyone to get to and that won’t require our guests to spend a lot of money.”

Whitney shared that their main objective for the wedding is, “a fun environment for everyone.”

Tim is happy to let Whitney take the reins when it comes to most of the wedding plans, but he does have one stipulation, the bride-to-be says.  “Like one thing he wants is to make sure that there’s not a strict curfew where the party ends at 10, when it comes to design and décor, he will take a step back.”

So has Whitney found her dream dress yet?  She shares that she’s still looking, explaining, “It’s dependent on where the wedding is and what the dress looks like, but I don’t see myself going super glam.  I think less is more and I don’t want to worry about fixing my hair and makeup all night.”

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